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#raquel ervin
dailydccomics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Icon & Rocket artwork in Static Shock Special (2011)
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snapiphany · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mother’s Day | Raquel Ervin
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dcexordiumhq · a month ago
striked characters are TAKEN.
Tumblr media
Andy Curry as Aquawoman
Jess Chambers as The Flash
Jon Kent as Superman
Sojourner Mullein as Green Lantern
Terry McGinnis as Batman
Yara Flor as Wonder Woman
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson as Nightwing
Garfield Logan as Beast Boy
Koriand'r as Starfire
Rachel Roth as Raven
Victor Stone as Cyborg
Tumblr media
Team Leader(s)
Barbara Gordon as Batgirl/Oracle
Conner Kent as Superboy
Donna Troy as Toria
Kaldur’ahm as Aqualad
Tim Drake as Red Robin
Wally West as Kid Flash
Bart Allen as Impulse
Cassandra Cain as Orphan
Cassie Sandsmark as Wonder Girl
Damian Wayne as Robin
Garth as Tempest
Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle
Jinny Hex
Karen Beecher as Bumblebee
La'gaan as Lagoon Boy
M'gann M'orzz as Miss Martian
Raquel Ervin as Rocket
Roy Harper as Red Arrow
Stephanie Brown as Spoiler
Tara Markov as Terra
Tula as Aquagirl
Virgil Hawkins as Static Shock
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mleigh305 · a month ago
With Milestone making a return and eyes on Static Shock for a movie; I seriously hope they do right by this one right here. Although it would be nice to see her make an appearance, I don't expect her to be in Static's movie let alone have much connection to him. However, if she made it to the big screen (Young Justice aside), here is my wishlist:
-Honestly this is the one I'm most prepared for to happen. Hollywood is dead set on recycling the same three fucking "black" actresses. Zendaya is too deep into the MCU so that leaves Yara or Amandela, which I expect one of them to come up as an option. Wanna see this shit go up in flames before it even gets off the ground? Cast one of those two or someone similar in tone. I'll add this warning for Virgil's love interests: Daisy and Madison as well. Since the cartoon fucked that up too.
2. Single Motherhood isn't Relationship Status Descriptor
- This probably points more to the handling of her in Young Justice but, I noticed this in the comics as well. If someone has proof otherwise lmk but I don't see anything that gives closure to what is going on in Raquel's love life. I think some people may have just assumed that because of Amistad she wasn't actively dating. Which is solid reasoning that is true to life but don't just leave people to guess. There is enough stigmas black women have to contend with when it comes to our dating lives why add more ambiguity.
3. Please No Trauma Porn!!!!
-Rocket no doubt has very compelling aspects of her that should be explored but please don't make her a sponge for trauma absorption. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of her being a single mom as a part of her origin. Again with the stigmatization that comes along with it for black women but also it's not really relevant anymore. Teen pregnancy is the lowest it's been in decades; likely because our parents who struggled as single parents put a lot of pressure on us not to make the same mistake. If anything that would be a more interesting arc to explore. Possibly getting pregnant and instead aborting/adopting, depending on how it's written ofc. My point being if their must be struggle and pain let it make sense for her development. Also let her be human about it too. Rocket might not see her self as a victim of her circumstances but that doesn't me she can't feel the weight of them. No more dehumanizing black women please!!!
Tumblr media
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dailydccomics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“This is an indictment of your law enforcement.”
Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition (2021)
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theartofthecover · a month ago
Tumblr media
Icon and Rocket Season One #1 [Textless] (Old School Variant) (2021)
Art by: Darryl Banks and Hi-Fi
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wrongyoungjustice · a month ago
Dick: Every time I hear someone talking about updog, I’m torn between not wanting to fall for it and wanting to help them complete their joke

Kaldur'ahm: Okay, but what is updog?

Wally: Updog is a long sausage in a bun, often served with ketchup, mustard, onions, and/or relish

Raquel: No, that’s a hot dog. An updog is when a new version or patch of an application is released.
M'gann: No, that's an update! You’re thinking of the fourth largest city in Sweden!
Conner: Surely, that’s Uppsala, where’s updog is the giant spider in Harry Potter
Zatanna: That’s Aragog. Updog is a symbol conventionally used for an arbitrarily small number in analysis proofs
Artemis: You’re thinking of epsilon. Updog is an upward-moving air current
Wally: No, that’s an updraft. An updog is the modern version of a henway
Kaldur'ahm: What’s a henway??
Dick: Oh, about five pounds
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undyingpeculiarity · 2 months ago
more pronoun headcannons except it’s the YJ team >:) (coming from a trans man)
Wally: He/him (t4t with dick :D)
Kaldur: he/she/they icon
Connor: S1, he/him...but S2, he/they
Meghan: she/her
Artemis: She/her transfemme
Zatanna: She/they transfemme (t4t with Artemis)
Raquel: She/her
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pandastix123 · 3 months ago
Team Year 0 as Disney Princesses
To be fair this was done with zero critical thinking/thoughtful research and only assigned by feelings and done in like 15 minutes.
Artemis - Elena M'gann - Anna Conner - Pocahontas Dick - Rapunzel Wally - Tiana Kaldur - Moana Raquel - Jasmine Zatanna - Elsa Roy/Will - Merida (or Meg)
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yasmineputristan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Teams for the Static, Icon & Rocket, and Hardware New Digital-First Miniseries
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