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#raraogaga’s fowl ravings

I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch so here’s who I think would main who:

Artemis- Moria

Butler- Rienhardt/ Soldier 76

Holly- Tracer

Myles- Winston/ Echo

Beckett- Wreaking Ball/ Bastion

Foaly- Sigma/ Symmetra


Mulch- Junkrat

Opal- Widowmaker

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Sometimes the way this fandom is so interlinked makes it feel like a giant group chat

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Here’s a gripe I have with the books: so many THINGS are mentioned, brought up, with no explanation and never go any where. This goes from fairies maybe being descendents of dinosaurs to all of the incredibly interesting parallels between humans and fairies and how the fairies pride themselves as being “better than mud men” when in actuality, they suffer from the same problems and it’s all just?? so good?? and it doesn’t go anywhere??

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I’d love to take part in all of the alexmis taking place in this fandom as of late, but I literally have no clue who this Alex guy is or where he’s from

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Because I apparently hate myself, I’ve been scrolling through the hartemis tag on here….time for bed 🥰

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9. Did you watch the AF movie? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I didn’t, unfortunately. I don’t have Disney+ and refuse to cave in. I watched and read just about every review on the planet, from fans and non-fans, and seen dozens of clips of the movie on YouTube, but I’ve never watched the movie. It doesn’t sound like I’m missing much. It sounds like a masterclass in what not to do with editing.

11. If you had to kill off Artemis, Holly, Butler, Juliet, Mulch, or Foaly, who’d be kicking the bucket?

I WAS DREADING THIS ONE >:( Probably Mulch? I’m sorry, man, I love you, but I could make it without you.

12. If you had to give Artemis a theme song, what would it be?

This is hard. I listen to a lot of music, but very few of the songs I enjoy are applicable to Arty. A pick based in my own music taste is Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon, but a more accurate pick is Runs in the Family by…(looking up how to spell her name)…Amanda Palmer.

…Speaking of theme songs, I am making playlists for (planned) Artemis, Holly, Butler, and Foaly. Foaly is the one coming along the best, and I have a few ideas for Butler and Holly. Artemis is taking the longest >:(

15. What’s your favorite AF headcanon?

Artemis eventually becoming a full time uni educator when he gets older (55-70) is one of my favorites.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ASK @chicken-scribbles! It was my first serious one, and I had a lot of fun answering.

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For People With Siblings: do you and your sibling(s) have like a group of Songs that you always play? Even if you have similar music tastes/like the same music, you always just play those few songs?

If this is common, what songs Belong to the Fowl siblings? I vote Space Oddity.

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I love how the two usernames in this fandom is either something Fowl related or complete gibberish.

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Would people be interested in a AF playlist? Maybe based of characters? Or maybe off books?

Would need ideas for songs though, and they’d all be really small..

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I have recently feel in love with fem! Arty and have decided to not do my homework due tomorrow but sketching fem! Arty after fem! Arty.. I have a design I like, but it’s more of an adult Arty. All of the sketches are like really bad?? I haven’t draw traditionally in a while and they were really quick, but I might post them later.

I think Fem!Arty would be pretty much the same as Artemis until book 3-5. Maybe she’d be more willing to give up crime? Wanting to make a name for herself, away from crime and the association with her father and her family? Maybe she’d feel closer to her parents? I don’t know.

Artemis in the book is taught to be a “man” and to act like a gentleman. We can assume that Fem!Arty would be taught to act like a lady and be very feminine. I feel like she’d realize rather quickly that all that’s really pretty stupid, and that she should act like who she is and that gender has nothing to do with that. That being said, I think there is a tendency to make strong, self-confident women more masculine, which is fine, but subconsciously inforces the idea that feminine=weakness. A female Artemis can run the family and save the world and wear skirts and makeup, because those two things don’t negate each other.

All of this is probably pretty incomplete and incomprehensible because I’m writing this anxious, stressed and with a bucket load of Advil in my system. This all might be completely off the mark. I’m haven’t really seen any Fem!Artemis and I’ve taken the mantle?? I’m really just gay and think a female Artemis would be hot. But I’d love to see some other people’s ideas of a fem! Arty. I don’t want to make her stereotypical but I feel like there would be a bid difference between a male Artemis and and female one. Why that is and what the difference is EXACTLY is losing me a bit..

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I don’t think enough people talk about how Angeline’s family is Russian?? Like,, the potential of Artemis being like, half-Russian?? Slavic Artemis??

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Well,, I did it! Artemis Fowl blog achievement completed!

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