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This lovely pet rat skeleton was returned to her owner last week. Raven had been in my care since mid September 2020 (today is 1.23.21), cleaned via natural water maceration.

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Also not to like. Add to the angst but I feel very validated by the fact that I sometimes go to tag posts about Rat, posts that DO NOT HAVE MOLE IN THEM, and I almost tag them “Mole” because I almost never type one without the other. And. I’m gonna be real, it makes that one scene in Don’t Carry It All hit.

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rr auf Instagram: “Papas Rat 002 #healerpoetry ❄️ @healerpoetry”

rr auf Instagram: “Papas Rat 002 #healerpoetry ❄️ @healerpoetry”

Immer …. Foto via rr auf Instagram


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Does almost accidentally getting the treat out count? Maple says if you end up eating the treat it counts in every way that matters

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