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#rat rambles
apologistza · 4 days ago
any time phil and techno are on an smp together they just lock arms and yell “package deal!” like 9 year olds when teams are being picked in gym class and i think that’s beautiful
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lionpaws · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
✨if he won't talk about his politics publicly there's probably a reason why✨
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saltwaterthievery · a year ago
i made a doodle for my friend that was so powerful it crashed clip studio not once, but twice 
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what it’s based on, in case you were wondering:
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gay-rat-with-a-tazer · 2 months ago
send me an ask like youre describing me to someone else
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apologistza · 6 days ago
you can say that phil encouraged wilbur to spend time with ranboo because he thought it would be good for him. or that he’s so blinded by his love for his son that he doesn’t see the issue in sending a known manipulator off with the most vulnerable soul on the smp. or that he sees both wilbur and ranboo being lonely and stir crazy and he wants to help. maybe it’s a combination of all of these things.
but mostly, phil is a tired dad who wants his adult son out of his attic for a day. and who can blame him
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lockandkeyhyena · 6 days ago
rats are gay culture. every single rat ever in existance has been gay.
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lokifvcks · 25 days ago
all of that and not a single jotun loki huh :/
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apologistza · 2 days ago
techno and phil both have an affinity for strays.
every night, techno will ask if they’re harboring any war criminals or children that he should know about. phil laughs at the implication that the two are mutually exclusive.
phil makes a game out of guessing how many new animals will be on the property each time he returns from a trip. techno lights up brighter than the sun when phil asks to be introduced to each of the unfamiliar creatures.
after lifetimes of war, they are surrounded by a family of their own making. sure, they have plenty of mouths to feed, but what a small price to pay for love.
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catnippackets · 8 months ago
by the way I ended up adopting the three rats I’ve been fostering over the past few months so here are my new babies!! I named them Polar, Flurry, and Aspen :)
Tumblr media
I call them the Rowdy 3
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popcornpages88 · a year ago
10, at Simm!Master: you’re beautiful and I love you and I want the best for you and you’re perfect I love you do you want some cuddles
12, at Missy: you’re not perfect but you’re trying your best also still my bestie
13, at Dhawan!Master: bitch
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apologistza · 5 days ago
wilbur sees ranboo, who doesn’t know the extent of what he has done — who he has been. someone who believes he can change. someone who doesn’t fear him or wait for him to slip up. someone who is roughly tommy’s age. and the floodgates open. every thought he has wished he could share with his little brother but couldn’t. admissions of guilt, the weight of others’ perception of him. he monologues and schemes just like he would with tommy. he builds a van for fuck’s sake
but it isn’t the same. ranboo isn’t tommy and wilbur isn’t the same person he was before l’manberg. things are different now. things are so different.
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bring-us-a-rat · 6 months ago
Me: guilt tripping will actually make me far more likely to scroll so nice try
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makotoisneat · 7 months ago
Gundham and Ibuki were both warrior cat kids. Gundhams favorite character was Squirrelflight. Ibuki adored all of the cats with "dumb" names. They both role played warrior cats and Gundham was one of those people who cared way too much about pelt and eye color accuracy. The two of them started an rp back when they were twelve and it's still alive. Souda jokingly joined in once but now he's deeply invested in their deep and intricate story. Gear named gears character smokeweed as a joke and now she has a character arc and friends and family. The rest of the dr2 cast is slowly being brought in too.
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dilfdeclan · 7 months ago
stop fucking calling riko a rat!!!!! there’s a history of comparing east asians (specifically japanese people) to rats!!!!!!! it’s extremely racist !!!!!!! use a different fucking insult
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bring-us-a-rat · a month ago
I like the phrase “gods creatures” because if all creatures were made by god you wouldn’t have to specify it, so this implies there are creatures that weren’t made by god and I’d love to meet them someday I bet they’re just bonkers
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borderlinerat · 2 years ago
Me: I’m fuckin pissed
BPD: ok lets activate the rage summoned from the depths of hell
Me: ok tone it down
BPD: bring it up??? Wanna channel Lucifer himsELF??? Gotcha
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fiendish-artist · 7 months ago
brain: are you pondering what i'm pondering?
pinky: i think so brain, but if you're gay and i'm gay, then who's flying the plane?
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