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#rat squeaks
forest--froga year ago
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Since it be the year of the RAT 馃悁 here are a few very good rat images!!
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rat-zuki4 hours ago
who IS lady-bakuhoe? kingkatsuki? never heard of her..
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rat-zuki2 days ago
had a dream that someone followed me and their icon was one of my baby pics and while i debated on what to do they messaged me 鈥済oogoogaga鈥 so i shit myself then deleted this blog
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rat-zukia day ago
honest to god i would be so much more powerful if i read my assigned readings for school with the same energy as reading a 200k fanfic before i get out of bed in the morning
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rat-zukia day ago
Okay but bkg & izu together
like conjoined at the hips or just within proximity
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rat-zuki2 days ago
i used to be so fuckin sensitive back in highschool or whatever stg i was actually an infp and i used to BAWL MY EYES OUT because i thought it was so mean that everyone bullied nicholas cage lol
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rat-zuki2 days ago
it鈥檚 a rare occurrence for me to lose my shit over a cosplay but holy fuck .. pls watch
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rat-zuki4 hours ago
absolute dread when i鈥檓 watching something and a character is at the point where they have to make a choice to either kill someone or to not. and i鈥檓 screaming, thrashing, ripping my hair out as i鈥檓 edged to literal shreds. shouting at the screen. KILL. DO IT. they collapse, start crying or whatever. all 鈥渋 can鈥檛.. i can鈥檛 do it.鈥 that鈥檚 literally my 13th reason and it makes me feel so itchy and angry and deprived. considering death.
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rat-zuki23 hours ago
the 鈥渋dk i try to avoid it tbh鈥 made me laugh out loud bc i鈥檓 the exact same way. like human interaction in person is just not something i wanna participate in. i got my cats, 2D men, & my bedroom, i could survive with just that, plus food & books lmao.
exactly lmao i鈥檓 honestly so content just chilling in my room all day. going out is exhausting and menial and i dread it
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rat-zuki2 days ago
I dont mean to come across to you as rude or such but will you be posting actual writing sometime soon?
naw sunshine
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rat-zuki8 months ago
Head empty only thot is Dilf Shouto
i鈥檓 going crazy over the idea of dilf!shouto. happy birthday, dilf!shouto! <3
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Shouto swore he鈥檇 never be like his father, and he isn鈥檛. He鈥檚 better, he has control, he鈥檚 responsible, he鈥檚 considerate of those around him. Most importantly, he channels his negative feelings in a way that鈥檚 positive: you.
You swept him off his feet the moment he laid eyes on you, completely and wholly entralling the aged hero. Sure, he has status, money, fame. But he doesn鈥檛 have you; chipper, young, fuckable you.
So, the first time he gets you in bed, he鈥檚 sure to do his absolute best. Thick striations of back muscle twitching and flexing as he forces the girthy head of his cock into your little hole.
You can barely handle it either, even after hours of teasing, dragging you around the city, grinding that sweet pussy all over his thigh. You鈥檙e something else. Small, precious, and unattainable.
But as you claw fire into his flesh, fingers desperately reaching out to tug at his bicolored locks, one simple word has his world flipping on his head. Something deep, something traumatic, something unshakable rising to the surface like a hidden beast. Your lips part, hips squirming under his hold,
鈥淒addy, please,鈥
That鈥檚 all it takes for Shouto to snap. He completely loses it, his cool, his control. Once was the stoic, calm hero. Now he鈥檚 hungry, he feels ravenous, needs to prove something to someone, but the only one here is you.
He shoves those cute thighs of yours up, flat aginst your chest, ankles past your head in an uncomfortable, choking stretch. Mouth gaping like a fish, you want to question him, but all wind is lost as he plunges that fat cock of his into you all at once.
Prickes of his trimmed hairs, happy trail, grinding into your slit greedily, pulling more and more of Daddy, Daddy like you don鈥檛 seem to get it through that head of yours; what you鈥檙e doing to the poor man.
He huffs, shoving his hair out of his eyes as he glares down at you, 鈥淚鈥檓 your Daddy, yeah?鈥 You find it in you to nod in between thrusts, legs quivering like mad.
鈥淒addy鈥檚 g鈥檔a take such good care of his鈥斺 He has to pause, gasping at the way your tight cunt milks him, harder than any woman he鈥檚 fucked in the last twenty years. 鈥淪uch good care of his pretty baby, shit.鈥
鈥淕鈥檔a do everything for my baby.鈥 You鈥檙e absent, completely fucked out as he rails you like a train, tears streaming down your face as he makes you cum over and over again, the sheets beneath you growing cold and wet and sticking to you so disgustingly.
He makes you cum nearly five times that night, or who knows how many. You can鈥檛 recall, besides the fact that you actually passed out with exhaustion, waking up in the wee hours of the night smothered by his warmth.
When you finally rise, with light streaming around the room, you find yourself alone in Shouto鈥檚 enourmous bed. But beside it, on the table, lies a note that you shove aside in favor of the pretty, black credit card glowing next to it.
The note reads: For my baby. From, Daddy.
Your heart swells. That鈥檚 right, he鈥檚 your Daddy, after all.
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rat-zuki3 months ago
I never felt pleasure from my boobs when touching them myself but then I imagined Bakugo being the one touching them and then I felt the horny.
you鈥檙e technically not allowed to do that because bakugou is property of 漏 @lady-bakuhoe 鈥 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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rat-zuki2 months ago
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rat-zuki2 months ago
Wait... you used to be a deku hater but turnes out to be a deku fucker?
things change, man.
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rat-zukia month ago
ok but w izuku since he is...a GOODY GOODY n u are EVIL. imagine tricking him into it <///3 dragging him into the girls locker room right when u know that girl who's been making eyes at him is abt to come in from practice. seducing and cooing at deku until he caves and hauls you up. fucks you right there stupid and silly in the showers. making direct eye contact at that girl when she walks to see what the noises are, clinging to dekus shoulder and moaning loudly for dramatic affect (though you don't have to fake the any of the moans anyway) n begging for his cum,
"i-izu. you love my pussy right? you're gonna cum in it?"
"yeah. fuck. love it so much, baby. gonna fill you up"
p-poppy.. poppy, poppy, omg.. poppy.. this is it, oh my god. it鈥檚 too much. too much for me.
izuku has no idea either, too enraptured in your godly pussy, doesn鈥檛 even take notice of the loud sob that breaks in her chest, pawing her stupidly fat tears away in disbelief as you put on the best show of your life.
but like you said, none of it is fake either鈥攊t鈥檚 just.. it鈥檚 just the fact that someone else watching, that she鈥檚 watching鈥攏ot just anybody. knowing that her little heart is absolutely shattering because of you. that power is too much.
it鈥檚 somehow gets even better when izuku shamelessly moans your name into your neck, his knees nearly giving out as he spits lewd declarations of his love; how much he loves your sweet cunt, how he wouldn鈥檛 trade it for the world, how no one else compares to you. you know his words are searing into her brain forever and you鈥檙e cumming at the sickening thought of her pain.
it鈥檚 precisely that鈥攖oo much鈥攁nd you love it.
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rat-zuki4 months ago
you're an alpha who's best alpha buddies with Katsuki and his 2nd in command at bullying Izuku for *years* for being a beta who has no damn scent. plot twist because he's been told to take suppressants for years because his smaller frame couldn't handle the intense anger that comes with alpha ruts. but now he's 25 and off the suppressants so uhm maybe watch out bc he's abt to make u recede into an omega real fast <333
jesus christ, christine.. this is like, oh my god. i鈥檓 actually stressing myself out over how delicious this is. let me entertain you.
WARNINGS : suggestive content, DUBCON, ABO dynamics, bully!reader, coercion, alcohol consumption, college au, language鈥攗h, sexy, alpha deku who is also very mean and uh, did i mention sexy? hehe.
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Being quirkless isn鈥檛 inherently a bad thing.
Even with 20% of the population being quirkless, an ever decreasing minority, it鈥檚 not bad. No, however, that falling twenty percent doesn鈥檛 have to deal with you, specifically the devilish combination of you and the menace of an alpha known as Bakugou Katsuki.
Also, probably an important detail: twenty percent of the population isn鈥檛 Deku. A beta鈥攁 beta with no damn scent, no less鈥攈ah! It鈥檚 laughable, pathetic, means to be subjugated to years and years of brutality, of abuse, of treatment overlooked because it鈥檚 almost poetically justified.
At least to you. But that was years ago, a forgotten fragment of your high school memories that practically doesn鈥檛 even exist anymore. Deku doesn鈥檛 exist anymore, not here, not at college, and definitely not at this trashy, house party.
He鈥檚 not in the last shot of your liquor, either, that you feel scalding down your throat, the only reason you came, anyways. This sort of.. thing doesn鈥檛 really suit an alpha like you鈥攁ll around you: betas, omegas, and threadbare excuses of 鈥渁lphas,鈥 more so, individuals jacked up on alpha supplements. Fakes.
Not real alphas, not like you.
Which is why, when, you鈥檙e seconds away from leaving, content with your fill of alcohol, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed, curl up and read a book, maybe鈥
鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥 A voice, rather deep, rattles from behind you.
You whip around, brows pinched together in disbelief because how dare anyone speak to you, and in that tone?
But once your eyes fall鈥攔ise鈥攗pon the towering, hulk of a man before you, chest first, then.. those green eyes you could recognize anywhere, those green eyes that used to flinch and spill over with weak, beta tears anytime you graced them with your presence. Now, dark, piercing, menacing as they glare down鈥攄own upon you.
鈥淭he fuck? What are you doing here?鈥 You spit out, wafts of cheap liquor making the man cringe, nonetheless he steps into your personal space and makes you tread away, but your back hits a wall. Without hesitation, your palms fly forward, your entire strength coordinated into two defensive blows to shove him back, but he doesn鈥檛 even budge.
Instead, his grip flies to your wrists, and you gape at the roughness, the way you feel so fucking frail, one simple motion and your bones would snap in half. You. An alpha.
鈥淕et the fuck off me, Deku!鈥 You flail, arms shaking this way and that, every trick in the book coming to surface but it鈥檚 all.. No use. He鈥檚 too strong.
鈥淒eku, hm? Haven鈥檛 been called that in years.鈥
You stand your ground, that familiar, intimidating rumble rolling through your chest, teeth bared, eyes drawn to slits, 鈥淟et. Go.鈥
He cocks his head then, corners of his lips twitching up in a sinister grin, something you鈥檇 recognize on yourself if you weren鈥檛 in your current position.
What the hell happened to him? How is he.. What is he?
Deku leans in, head craning down to bring his searing breath to the shell of your ear, letting the scent鈥攈is scent.. W-What?.. waft over you.
Before you can ounce up the strength to pull away again, Deku鈥檚 shifting his grip onto your waist, startling you as he tosses you seamlessly over his shoulder. You鈥檙e far too stunned to react in time, ears ringing as the scent of the sweat on his back violates your senses, makes your eyes water and your mouth go unbearably dry.
You hear hushed whispers as the messy crowd parts, only adding to your confusion, before you end up in a dark room, the door slamming and shaking at the hinges a moment later.
鈥淵ou fucking鈥斺 Your words cut off when he suddenly lifts you back up again, only to throw you onto what feels to be a mattress, your vision spotting from the force of the fall.
鈥淵ou know,鈥 he starts, dipping the bed as he stalks toward you, 鈥淚 heard a rumor that a feisty, little, alpha girl was planning to show up tonight.鈥
鈥淒eku! The hell are you鈥斺 his lips pull back, pink gums threatening you to silence before he continues, thighs and arms caging your much smaller form beneath him.
Since when was he this big?
鈥淣ow.. When I heard this, I didn鈥檛 know what to make of it. But then out of nowhere, I felt so much, hm, what did you use to call it?鈥 He clicks his tongue, a hand sliding beneath you to clutch at your neck, bringing your face to his.
鈥淩ight.. Disgust. So much of it that I felt like I was boiling alive, like my skin was on fire, like I was losing my sanity at the mere thought of seeing you again.鈥
Your heart thumps violently, sweat and heat pooling at your pulse point, blooming in your chest, between your thighs.
鈥淲-What the fuck happened to you?鈥
He laughs, so loud you flinch inadvertently, turn your cheek, but he jerks your head up again, dropping his gaze and his lips painfully close to yours.
鈥淚 think you know exactly what happened, Omega.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not a鈥斺 His hand jumps to your throat.
鈥淪urely you aren鈥檛 resisting your alpha.鈥
You find yourself blinking, staring up at him. Deku, with dark locks shrouding his face, full of intent, zeroed in on you, forcing you give in.
But you aren鈥檛 an omega. You aren鈥檛! So then why do you feel your panties sticking shamelessly鈥攄isgustingly, as he put it鈥攖o your cunt? Why can you smell yourself leaking, gushing over his words alone?
You aren鈥檛 an omega. You know this. You鈥
鈥淎re you trying to make me angry, then? Rile me up like the good old days?鈥 He asks, grinning down at you.
You hesitate, fear and cowardice for the first time in your life flooding your veins, an uncontrollable force pulling the words from your lips with the air from your lungs.
Deku hisses, hands slipping down your sides, your waist, gripping your hips hard and secure as he props you onto his thighs, your skirt flipping up and exposing all the messy slick he aroused clinging to your thighs.
鈥淕ood girl. What a good Omega.. Maybe I鈥檒l go easy on you. What do you think?鈥
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