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My Miraculous OCs, Lena and Claude, the Ox and Rat.

Claude and Lena were taking a walk, and since no one was around, Chee and Bullu slipped out to enjoy the weather. And Chee, being the troublemaker he is, snagged some mistletoe. 

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Chinese Rat Zodiac Coffee Mug

Chinese Rat Zodiac Coffee Mug
by mmemp_com

Classic Mug

Give a made-to-order mug to someone special or treat yourself.

Available in 11-ounce or 15-ounce
11-ounce: 3.8” h x 3.2” diameter
15-ounce: 4.5” high x 3.4” diameter
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Strong ceramic construction
Meets FDA requirements for food and beverage safety

Visit our store to view a great selection of gift items with this design

Chinese Rat Zodiac Clothing Accessories and Gifts

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Final pieces for my current University project (1/5).

I have illustrated the first 5 animals of the Chinese Zodiac (Sheng Xiao) for my project. I couldn’t complete all 12 as it was only a short project, but I do plan on completing all 12 after I finish University!

Enjoy the first, Rat! Happy new Year! 2020!

I’ll be posting one daily for the next 5 days!

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Posting my rat zodiac design idea I drew back in June just in time before the canon design gets revealed (on the right is the final design! the sleeves are a bit different). Thinking about dark+dagger prof…

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Yuki Sohma ~ He’s my favorite in Fruits Basket.

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Hindu Age of Kali Yuga > Chinese 2021 Year of the Ox

Hindu Age of Kali Yuga > Chinese 2021 Year of the Ox

I just visited with my Pennsylvania hometown friend Chris Erb in Taos, New Mexico over Christmas. One thing Chris mentioned was that we’re in the age, according to Hindus, of the “Kali Yuga”.  Among all that glistens, we are in a sort of dark ages, that lasts for uh, 432,000 years, from 3102 BCE. That’s reassuring. Not! 

And though I’m not Hindu, and sort of identify with Buddhism more than…


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These are back from January during Chinese new year. I found out that my Chinese zodiac is the rat and, so because this year was the year of the rat I drew some mices ❤️

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