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theycantalk · 6 days ago
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cat rationale
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intelligentdeviant · 8 months ago
from ‘A Farewell to Arms’
“There isn’t always an explanation for everything.”
[Ernest Hemingway]
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sisupsidedown · a year ago
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How much of myself can I keep to myself?
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elegantzombielight · 6 months ago
"Having been unable to strengthen justice, we have justified strength."
Blaise Pascal, philosopher and mathematician (19 June 1623-1662)
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bastillemxfans · a year ago
3 years later and @bastilledan still enjoys Rationale song just the same 🎶😌
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Error always has a motive and a rationale. The motive is usually lust (sinful or worldly desire) or spiritual pride. The rationale is a gutted and abused version of a glorious biblical truth.
Lee W. Brainard
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perdev3119 · 11 months ago
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rollypolymath · 12 months ago
The Human Protocol: The Emotions
The emotions are not real. There is merely physiological extremes and these run on spectrums of pain and discomfort. The problem with this is that we all assume, from our very earliest years, these emotions to be part of so-called human nature. Perhaps this is true, but only if we take the definition of human nature to be "the nature of humans from the perspective of humans". We hear of "anger" and we hear of "happiness" and all of the supposed universal Human states. What this means is that we have a de facto protocol underlying our primary means of communication; something which, when functional, relies heavily on the feedback provided through social interaction. This protocol, the emotions, only serves to confuse us and leave us vulnerable to extortion by anyone who sees and is willing to seize the opportunity, should it present itself. The emotions are always shrouding some irrational behavior, some agitated physiological bundle, and in this, they are used to justify that very same irrational behavior. What this means, and whether it matters, is not something well understood. This is worth further investigation.
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rexmorax · a year ago
i don’t know what you’re talking about. don’t think that’s right actually. the only song called High Hopes is High Hopes by Rationale. who is Braden Uno
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piezein · a year ago
Strange blog name. It’s a terrible pun, kidnapping words from two unfortunate languages.
The word piezein in Greek, means to squeeze or press. This is the root of the term piezoelectric effect, where piezoelectric materials accumulate electric charges in response to the application of mechanical stress, a.k.a my personal obsession in physics as of the moment (2020). The url of piezelin is a spin on this word and also the Filipino word pisilin, which means the same, to squeeze, to press. 
I’m starting this blog to help understand and collect my thoughts better. The crackle of what I perceive to be brain activity or perhaps mental stimulation is a bit overwhelming at times. This blog will serve to squeeze those little sparks out.
So, a little summary about what this blog will entail:
1. Personal anecdotes (i.e. about studying, school, politics, relationships)
2. Maths and/or Physics thirst (I’m not kidding, I could wax poetic about new lessons for hours)
3. Occasional films, books, and series (e.g. Star Trek, Nick Joaquin)
4. Short stories or ideas
Please send me a message if you would like to have a certain thing tagged. I do not reblog posts tagged with homophobia, transphobia, rape, violence, sex, suicide, and nudity. 
I post and will reblog posts about sexism, misogyny, fascism, and racism. 
I will try to tag sarcastic posts as I also have difficulty with discerning sarcasm, despite being quite fond of it. They will be tagged as #sarcasm. 
I do not use English exclusively. I code switch between Filipino, Hokkien, and Vulkhansu. I will also tag accordingly. 
I will attempt to add captions, should I post any images.
1. I am a Filipino undergraduate student, currently studying Physics. Let us assume that I am a minor.
2. As of July 2020, I have not received a formal diagnosis of autism from a licensed physician, however, I choose to identify myself as such and I do not think I need to justify why. For this reason I appreciate the use of plain language. 
3. I identify as being on the asexual spectrum. She/her pronouns please!
4. I am religious.
I think I’ll end the initialization here. 
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lyricallymnded · a year ago
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Tumblr media
lyricallymnded’s end of year celebration! | nikki’s favorite songs released in 2019
co-occurring // rationale.
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normalweirdoboy · a year ago
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Hey guys.
My mock tests are coming up this week so I gotta study a lot. TBH I am giving my very best so I must try. Also it's difficult being a teenager, all the emotional nonsense gets in between your rationale. *sigh*
So I might not be able to post much these day. Sorry guys. But I'll try to give the updates. I just want to thank all of u for the immense positivity u have shown towards my normalweirdo life🙂.
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musicrecsbynoora · a year ago
"If deliverance from the bitterness means I have to let you go,
Then I'll, I'll keep hanging on"
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