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“WHO” are my favorite rats? By this I’m going to assume you mean some of our ghouled rats hanging out in the Warrens or otherwise…

I’m, of course, always partial to Neil, who has become one of my favorite memes to pass around every April…


Templeton is another who earned his name because he practically ghouled himself by hanging around the Warrens long enough that someone started feeding him. And bah, I don’t have any more recent pictures of him, but he’s really starting to ah….fill out now. The blood tends to do that after they’ve been ghouled for a couple years.


These three are, from right to left, Gerry, Merry, and I think that’s Larry who the only bit you can see is the back and ears? They’re littermates and yes, the naming scheme was intentional. And…ugh. I think it’s annoying when anyone else names anything like that and here I am with rhyming rat names…


And as for rats that -aren’t- in the Warrens, there’s always Pie, who you can always pick out of a crowd rather easily. They were a pet store rat before “Sunshine” picked them up, but they’ve adapted well, from what I’ve heard.

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so so…

rats can tread water for three days !!!!! and they r naturally rlly good swimmers!

rats actually take care of sick and injured rats in their group!!

they have really good memory

some rats can visualize and recongnize emotions of other rats!



rats can lift one pound which is heavier than their body weight !!!

rats’ jaws are built like an alligator and can exert as much as 7000 pounds per square inch !!!!

and lastly to end this infodump i offer u this emotional rat

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Peter is capable of love! Peter loves the Marauders, in regards to his favourites it goes James >Sirius>Remus which is ironic considering Remus was Peters first friend; it also shows how Peter (initially, unintentionally) will cling to the top of the predator circle. 

Peter is complex because he’s not malicious, he doesn’t betray them because he wants to hurt his friends, he betrays them because he fears his own life which doesn’t make him definitively evil, in fact had The Order not been losing the war and Peter was never approached by the death eaters then he would live very happily and honourably by the Marauders.

This is not excusing his behaviour!! What he did was vile and despicable he literally offered up a child to save himself!! What I’m saying was that, this war was horrific and terrifying, people were disappearing and no one could figure who was responsible, why, or how, this was unfathomably evil magic so its understandable why Peter would feel the need to save himself.

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hello you delightful green child. ive recently discovered a great passion for RATS in my heart. please give me rat advice . --renfield

Look at that, boys, we’ve got another one!

First off, anything the average pet store tries to tell you or sell you is garbage.

Rats need plenty of space and enrichment, a fishtank filled with shavings and one exercise wheel doesn’t cut it, boss. Get yourself a double or triple decker wire cage setup, with several places to hide and sleep, and PLENTY of entertainment in the form of things to chew on, run through, or hide treats in. They WILL go through it, and fast. Especially if you’re ghouling your rats. They can chew through concrete if they get bored. Learned that one the hard way.
It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Cardboard box filled with paper strips? good. Plastic ball with holes in it to shove treats in? Perfect. Colorful wooden dangly thing? Sure. Rotate things out as they get bored of them, bring it back later. Make sure some of the things they bite are hard enough to wear those teeth down, because those keep growing even for ghouled rats…
Another thing is rats love company. Get your rat a friend, they do best when there’s at least two. They like being played with too, so take them out, give them a little affection every now and then. Let them explore. Let them sit in your lap. Their eyes bug out when they’re happy and content, this is normal.

For diet, rats can and will eat anything. But what is best for them is a balanced variety. There are a few good pelleted foods out there, but mix in something different for them every now and then, they aren’t picky. Seed mixes are nice, but rats will pick and eat only their favorite if you feed only that.

There’s too much to go over in one reply, but do your research. Look at multiple websites, and get advice from others who keep rats. They’re less biased towards making a sale and more towards making sure your animals are happy and content.

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the ladies are devious and clever and i love them dearly- astia is braver, and im working on getting her to interact with me on her own more, so i put a treat on the open door of the cage and had her come out next to me to grab it. she took it, dropped it off, and then came back for another treat, which i gave her because mara stole the first one.

and then she kept dropping it off and coming back to try and get more treats out of me, the cheeky little theif

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