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hehehehehe silly rats
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I woke them up. But look at them all inside the piggie!!!
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my sweet boys
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here he is! the silly baby!
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baby food for tha babies
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Trash rats
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omg-rodents · 2 days ago
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Cotton's daughter, Patchtricia, is a patchwork double-rex who's in naked phase right now. She's disgusting (affectionate).
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Cozy little black bean...
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ratsprophet · 3 days ago
Illicit Affairs (pt. 1)
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Bruno Madrigal x reader
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Note: this is probably going to be like 4 parts long, so if you like it and want me to tag you in the next part just comment:) also feel free to ask anything, I hope you enjoy
“Are you sure that’s everything you need?” You asked as you left the basket full of liquor bottles you had brought on the kitchen table. Your family had a liquor store and they had offered to bring the bottles for the party to celebrate that the Casa Madrigal had been rebuilt, which was going to be in two days.
“Yes, that’s more than we need, actually. Thank you so much for this, again. Everyone is being so generous”. Said Isabella with a smile, she had been your friend for some years, you were very close, and you were very familiar with all the family.
“You know, it’s nothing, I’ll probably end up drinking half of those” you smirked jokingly, and she laughed. “That would be fun to see, you better move out of town after that, though”. You both laughed. You often joked about that because apparently you were a different person under the influence of alcohol; bolder, braver, more sociable. Some things you did drunk you preferred not to recall when you were sober, not because you didn’t mean to do those things. Usually, everything you did was the things you actually wanted to do but didn’t have the courage to. Alcohol had the effect of preventing you from chickening out from doing fun stuff, like dancing, asking someone out, say things you meant. Although, some of those things had consequences that the sober you didn’t want to handle, so you’d rather pretend you didn’t remember them. It was fair, in your head, at least.
“You wanna hang out in my room?”, asked Isabella, “I still haven’t decided which dress should I wear for the party”.
“Sure, let me help. You know, I actually love the one you dyed with all those colors, have you tried with more dresses?”.
Her eyes widened as she had caught an idea, “I think I have the design in my mind”, her lips turned up in a smile and she started walking towards the door hurried, “let’s go!”, she commanded as she left out the door.
You hurried to follow her and to keep the pace, but when you were crossing the door threshold, you crashed against someone, you let out a groan as you tripped and fell on top of that someone. As soon as you could react, you lifted your head rapidly to find yourself staring at a curly haired man who looked at you with his eyes wide open, with a surprised expression on his face. The most awkward second passed when you both stared at each other, and you were trying to figure out when had you seen him before, because he looked familiar, soon your mind clicked as you recognized his features and put together everything, was it Bruno? Isabella’s Tio who was never a topic of conversation until just a few weeks ago? You had heard of him, rumors, but not much. Although, you had seen some paintings of him, in the murals of the family’s house or around the village, that you could recognize the hair, the characteristic green ruana and those… mysterious green eyes.
You suddenly remembered you were on top of him, so you quickly readjusted yourself and moved to the side without taking your eyes from his. He got up surprisingly fast and offered you a hand, which you took. You shuddered to his touch and didn’t let go of his hand right away, instead you held it a bit longer than expected instinctively, but then you felt awkward, neither of you had said a word, as he still stared at you with a confused face, like he was figuring something out in your face, but soon he gasped and his expression changed, just like had realized something.
“I-I’m sorry, are you okay?” He seemed genuinely concerned.
He was heading towards the kitchen when he says his niece walking unnecessarily fast out of it, so he turned his head to look at where she was going, failing to advert the girl who was also distracted and following Isabella. His heart was beating fast, for the adrenaline of the moment and how fast everything happened, and now he had found himself standing in front of a lovely-looking girl… he thought maybe she was half his age, how could he be thinking of her that way? But she was pretty, he couldn’t deny it.
“Yes, yes, I’m the one who’s sorry I shouldn’t have been running, erm, but yes I’m okay. A-are you?”, you stuttered, interrupting his thoughts. Only now, you let go of his hand, which had begun to feel natural to the touch.
“Me? Yes, I am… okay. Bye”. He awkwardly walked into the kitchen, and you thought about following him inside to introduce yourself properly, but Isabella’s voice brought you back to reality.
“(Y/n)!”, she shouted from the ending of the hallway, and you walked towards her, turning back to give glances to the kitchen door, “what was that?”, she asked with a strange look on her face.
“I- I tripped, I mean, we tripped and fell, I think I- “, you struggled to find the words. It had been an awkward moment, indeed. “No, not that, after… you know what, forget it. Let’s go”, she waved her hands and continued to walk to her room as you followed.
The people in town had started to switch opinions on him, for some people he was still the bad omen, the goldfish murderer, the creep; although, some people were able to see him with a new perspective, becoming the peculiar looking prophet, awkward, but fun, and sometimes… lovely. You could really see what some girls meant when they said he was somewhat attractive, when they found his clumsiness sweet. You had stopped to study his features, coming from his curly, messy long hair with some grey streaks that complimented his thick eyebrows, that furrowed when he was looking at you with that confused look on his face, with those big green eyes that showed a lot of emotion, and his big nose, his unshaved facial hair… it all came together to this man that you found very peculiar, interesting, even sexy…
“That was my Tio Bruno you fell over”, said Isabella, whose voice caught you off guard, “he doesn’t talk much to people he hasn’t met, but he’s… nice. I think you would like him”, she added as she opened the door to her room and signed you to enter.
“Maybe, yes, I think I would…” you said as you had a last glance at the kitchen from the threshold of Isabella’s room.
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angiethewitch · a day ago
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some more stickers, including shadow who I lost last year. he was the sweetest little baby.
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Look at #Potato when she was a baby! I was going through some photos and came across this one. I’d never had a #DwarfRat before and wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew about Potato was she was super small and was super speedy! She would zoom across the room lightning fast like Sonic the Hedgehog! 🐀💨💨💨
However, that changed pretty quickly….when she grew into her Potato-ness …. and eventually became a true couch potato! 🥔😂
For those who don’t know, dwarf #rats are just like regular rats, just smaller, with little tails, little hands and little bodies! I mean look at Potato’s perfect teeny faceI I want to gobble her up! Oh Potato! I miss you so much! ✨💕✨💕✨Happy #RATurday my #rat family!
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triangledoodler · 2 days ago
actually how did Camilo get the rats during his part in we dont talk about bruno because that brings up the question if they were just him as bruno and the rats or him as bruno and the rats playing along which further suggests brunos telenovelas were actually fire and the rats are amazing actors
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Here have some fresh wrat content for your troubles. some little guy
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Thank y'all for your support with the fuckin alcohol company getting my art taken down over the word "champagne"
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letsliketurtles · 18 hours ago
"Oh you're just in love with the drama"
Tumblr media
Camilo can't resist the opportunity to keep scaring people, even rats, with theatrics about his "7ft frame" uncle Bruno! Poor Antonio always has to save them from his brother after listening to the rats cry out their nightmares... 
Tumblr media
Now that Bruno is back home with them in the casita, Camilo can’t perform the same tricks as he used to. Scaring Antonio to go to bed early as their creepy uncle won’t work on him anymore lol! 
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cjbolan · a day ago
What if Bruno staged his rat telenovelas for everyone in town?
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rslashrats · 4 months ago
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shadowtherat · a day ago
More agility with Donut, this time combined with carrying a mini wiffle ball!
Trick tutorial on training rats agility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5Q-vAIpNME
Trick tutorial on training a rat to fetch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNsALU4xbzo
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justpastryvideos · 2 months ago
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