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I’m old-school, and like the original NTT personality.  Quiet, somewhat aloof (though caring deeply and growing closer to others over time).  Valuing non-violent means, but not a  pacifist  - wiling to fight for herself and others.  And with a compassion not present in her upbringing.  I personally preferred the earlier stuff before the “I can’t allow myself emotions bit” but that was okay, too.

On the other hand, the Teen Titans animated series personality was very popular, and has indisputably impacted later versions of the character.

I can’t comment on the version on the TT with Damian. I’ve always been annoyed that Gar and Raven weren’t allowed to grow up, but this was more. My brain simply would not compute Dick’s peers on Damian’s teen team, regardless of age compression. So I’ve read like two issues of that.

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Manage to finish working this art request for a special friend to me also like a son to me. His name is Raven, which  his character is a Raven. <3  I really had fun making this character.   I have to eventually get back into my animation grove cause he did ask for that request, but the only downfall is I have other projects like that. That needs to get done. Well one step at a time hopefully things can be resolve. Lately my day has been good but a celebrity really was interested in my work wanting it to be truly pushed out there. I am honestly excited and nervous at the same time. I’m shy a shy woman, but am like a shy fox. <3 

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