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#raven wcw

My 1993 art for Graphitti Designs’ Sandman IV T-shirt. It got quite a bit of exposure in the nineties, thanks to WCW wrestler Raven and the popular Roseanne TV sitcom.

2K notes

Back in 1997/1998, when Raven was sitting in the front row by the audience, I would’ve been trying to touch him, amongst other things, though security would probably have to take me away.


Professional wrestling is taking an edgier turn and direction by the late 1990’s.

The World Wrestling Federation, which was once like a live action Saturday morning cartoon with no cursing, blood, or sexual content, is becoming increasingly more violent, vulgar, bloody and adult-like by the end of the 1990’s.

And even WCW, which had a no blood policy during the 1980’s and 1990’s, is getting a little bit edgier by the late 90’s, but not enough.

Even during the late 90’s, WCW was tame in comparison to the WWF’s Attitude era.

One of the things that helped make WCW slightly edgier by the late 90’s was Raven’s Flock, a wrestling group whose leader was a former alumni in ECW, a wrestling company in the 1990’s notorious for being very violent and even downright shocking.

Someone from ECW, a wrestling company known for being very violent, bloody, sexualized and downright shocking now joining WCW, a usually family friendly wrestling company with a no blood policy?


Then again, before he was in ECW, Raven was in WCW playing a Pauly Shore lookalike named Scotty Flamingo dressed in all pink, that’s not very ECW-like, is it?

Raven’s Flock was like a spinoff of Raven’s Nest over in ECW, and even a former member of Raven’s Nest was in Raven’s Flock in WCW.

While many of the men in Raven’s Flock were very ugly, some of the men in Raven’s Flock were pretty hot.

At the end of 1997 was when Raven was growing his faction, Scotty Riggs joined the group, despite injuring his eye during a match with Raven, and Scotty was hot AF in 1997.

Raven’s sexy too, and you’re glad that Scotty has joined the Flock, and even Van Hammer is kinda hot when he wore makeup and that fishnet tank top that showed off his nipple ring.

Stevie Richards would be hot if he shaved that facial hair, however, near the end of 1997, he went back to ECW.

Billy Kidman wasn’t hot yet until his hair grew longer and wasn’t hanging over his face, as well as wore those white tank tops.

However, you’re unsure if you should have a gangbang with these men right now, and you’ve talked it over with them.

Van Hammer you’re unsure whether or not to do it with him.

To be honest, Van Hammer is a little bit ugly, and he was especially ugly when he grew that facial hair in Raven’s flock.

As Raven’s Flock grew, Scotty started losing his looks when his hair began hanging over his face and started growing facial hair, and another member they added named Lodi wasn’t that hot yet.

By the end of 1998, Raven’s Flock would sadly disband.

However, in 1999, Raven was still sexy, Billy Kidman was sexier than ever, Scotty didn’t have his hair hiding his face and shaved his facial hair, and Lodi was pretty sexy, even though he had those unsexy sideburns.

Yet, Raven’s Flock was no more by 1999, unfortunately.

Despite that, you’ve decided to have a little gangbang with the hottest men from Raven’s Flock for old time’s sake.

You’ve invited them to a motel room, where they undressed you until you were stark naked.

You were sitting on Lodi’s lap, your back pressing on his torso, and rode up and down his cock, his erection pumping inside your asshole.

You let Lodi fuck you in your ass since he’s the least attractive out of these 4 men, and it is kinda fitting he’s fucking your ass considering he played a gay man in WCW in ‘99.

Scotty is standing in front of you, pushing and thrusting his cock in and out of your twat, your legs spread wide open so Scotty can fuck you right in the pussy.

Scotty let his hair hang down, not tied back in a ponytail sometimes the way he looked in '99, he didn’t have that much facial hair and his hair was mostly dry.

You wanted Riggs to look the way he did in 1997, that was the sexiest he’s ever looked.

Scotty is probably the hottest out of all of these men you’re doing it with, that’s why you chose for him to fuck your twat.

Raven and Billy, meanwhile, were standing on their knees next to you, Raven on your left side and Billy on your right side, both of their erections pointing and sticking out in your face.

Your fingers were wrapped around their shafts, pumping and masturbating their dicks as you rode Lodi’s dick and Scotty fucked your cunt.

You leaned your face towards Raven’s genitals, wrapping your fingers around the bottom of his dick and pulled his erection into your mouth, where you started sucking his cock.

Your mouth went up and down his shaft while you sucked it, and you could taste the precum spilling out of his slit.

Raven has such a thick, big, juicy cock that’s filling up your mouth.

Your eyes shut just in case you get any precum in your eyes, that stuff stings and hurts like hell.

When you were getting fucked by two men at the same time, you were moaning with Raven’s dick in your mouth, your breath heating up his shaft.

Raven was turned on by this as well, slightly leaning his head back over how good it feels.

Raven, Scotty and Billy tried looking at you while you jacked off one of their cocks and sucked on the other, trying not to lean their heads back over how the pleasure their dicks are getting.

Some of Billy’s precum was trickling down his shaft, making it slipperier and easier for you to pump.

As you were getting fucked by Scotty, you’re imagining the man fucking your twat is Scotty in 1997, that’s easily the hottest he’s ever looked, bar none.

Having sex in the locker room or sauna would’ve made this gangbang slightly even better, it would’ve made you feel like you’re in a porn movie, feel like you really are getting fucked by some of Raven’s Flock and you get to have people watching you have sex, but in WCW, there’s a rule that people’s wives and girlfriends aren’t allowed in the locker rooms.


You really hope the neighbors won’t hear you having sex, but you’re moaning while you having a dick in your mouth, making your moans muffled and quiet.

When you’re riding on Lodi’s dick, the bed is bouncing up and down and squeaking.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about the bed rocking back and forth and nudging into the wall so much, a hole will form, because the bed is attached to the floor.

Blood is filling your clitoris up, and sometimes you’re arching your head back and rolling your eyes in the back of your head.

Scotty put his hands on your tits, squeezing and fondling them, his fingers tweaked your nipples a few times as well.

Your throat swallows any precum leaking out of Raven’s slit, and your lips as they go up his shaft can feel the little bump of his penis head.

Raven is actually Jewish and Jewish males have circumcisions when they’re babies.

Some of Billy’s precum actually is getting on your face, you can feel it touching your skin.

Your hand pulled Raven’s dick out of your mouth, which surprised him, but then you pulled Billy’s cock into your mouth, where you proceeded to suck his dick, swallowing any precum dripping down his shaft and out of his slit.

Your fingers wrapped at the bottom of Raven’s shaft pointed the tip of his dick at your face, where you began pumping up and down, masturbating him.

You wouldn’t mind having his precum on your face as well.

Your fingers can feel your saliva all over Raven’s shaft when you masturbate him.

You’re moaning while having Billy’s dick in your mouth, your moans are buzzing and vibrating around his shaft, which makes his cock feel funny.

Scotty has been playing with your tits for far too long, so now his hands slid down your skin to your hips.

Raven and Billy now have the chance to play with your breasts this time, and both of them cupped one of their hands on both of your tits, covering and shielding your breasts, giving your tits a few squeezes.

Their hands fondled and stroked your tits, you can feel their palms nudging and brushing your areolas and nipples.

Man, what if you came, but it was because of Lodi playing with your tits?


Raven and Billy saw Scotty tweak your nipples, so they both decided to tweak your nipples as well, running the tips of their index fingers around in circles on your areolas.

They’re taking you higher and higher by fucking you, and you’re not faking your orgasm.

Your heart rate is increasing by riding on Lodi’s cock, and Scotty’s heart is pumping faster thanks to the thrusts and shoves.

Your fingers wrapped around Raven’s shaft rotated and turned around his erection, something you didn’t do with Billy (though you should’ve done it and maybe you will).

Raven’s lips bit each other, his top lip pressing down his bottom lip, over you pumping his cock.

Some of Raven’s precum even is getting on your face, dripping down one of your cheeks, and you can feel his precum drip down your knuckles and down his shaft.

Your moans are muffled out from Billy’s dick in your mouth, your moans high pitched and whiny, that you hope the neighbors won’t hear.

Raven, Billy and Scotty would love to see your tits bouncing up and down while you’re riding on Lodi, maybe they even will.

You felt like you were gonna cum any minute now, and you eventually climaxed and reached the top, crying out when you had came.

Your twat had creamed while Scotty’s cock was still fucking you and inside of you, your clitoris pounded and beat when you came.

Your pussy’s even wetter now than before, but it isn’t over until all of these men cum.

Really, it would be better if you held their dicks in front of your face and slid your lips across their shafts, and that’s what you’re gonna do.

You pulled Billy’s cock out of your mouth and pointed their penis tips in front of one another, although not enough for them to nudge and touch each other.

Your neck stretched out to Billy’s shaft and placed his erection in between your lips, but not putting his dick inside your mouth.

Your lips slid horizontally all the way down his shaft until they reached his penis head, only for your mouth to shift over to Raven’s cock, placing his cock in between your lips, only to horizontally slide down Raven’s shaft.

Your lips could taste the precum that spilled down their shafts as well as their skin.

When you reached the bottom of Raven’s dick, your tongue pressed on his shaft, where you licked up his shaft as your head elevated up to his penis.

Raven and Billy are looking at what you’re doing to their cocks, and they absolutely love it.

Speaking of those two, they’ve been playing with your tits for far too long, now it’s Lodi’s turn.

Their hands moved away from your tits and slid down the outline of your hips.

One of Raven’s hands tapped Lodi on the shoulder, to which Lodi turned his head and looked at Raven.

“Her tits are yours now” Raven said, his index finger pointing at your chest.

Lodi’s eyes caught your tits, no hands covering your breasts.

Scotty, Raven and Billy all had turns to play with your tits, now it’s Lodi’s turn.

Lodi’s eyes lit up seeing your breasts, and he’s been anticipating playing with your breasts.

He placed his hands on your breasts, squeezing and fondling them.

Even though him playing with your tits is fun and all, do you want the least sexiest of all of these men to be the last one to play with your breasts?


Meanwhile, you continued to horizontally lick your tongue across Raven and Billy’s shafts, licking back and forth their cocks like an envelope.

Sometimes, your tongue rolled around one of their shafts, tasting the precum that spilled down their erections.

Their cocks are so juicy, sometimes you want to express how delicious their dicks taste.

And you did express yourself, moaning “mmmmmmm”, “mmmmmmm”, “mmmmmmmm” when you licked their shafts.

“Do I taste good?” Raven asked, looking at you and hearing the noises you were making.

You nodded your head.

Even Billy and Raven couldn’t help but lean their heads back over how good it feels from you licking their dicks.

You’ve been having sex quite a long time with these men, and the first man to surprisingly cum inside you was none other than Lodi.

He groaned when he came, his eyes tightening and he squeezed your tits when he jizzed in your ass hole.

Feeling him grab your tits and groan like that, yeah, he came inside you.

He didn’t even get a chance to tweak your nipples.

But he can now, and he had seen that Scotty, Billy and Raven were tweaking your nipples, so he should do it as well.

He placed your nipples in between the pads of his index fingers and thumbs and began tweaking and turning your nipples.

You’re a little bit worried that when he pulls his dick out of your ass, you’ll have cum leaking out of your ass hole and that jizz will get on the bed.

Despite not spending a lot of time playing with your nipples, he then put his hands on your hips and pulled you off of his lap, until his dick was no longer in your ass, and plopped you on top of the bed.

His jizz was indeed leaking out of your ass hole and getting on the silky comforter, but you can clean it up.

Hopefully you won’t have any feces slipping out of your ass after it’s been fucked.

You shut your eyes tightly just in case you might end up getting cum in your eyes, and since that might happen, you then directed Raven’s cock to point at your mouth, opening your mouth wide open so his cum will get into your mouth.

You actually pulled Raven’s dick into your mouth to have a better chance of getting his cum in your mouth, though hopefully you won’t choke on his cum.

You can’t decide who you want to cum on your face or in your mouth, or both: Raven or Billy, or even both of them.

Speaking of cum, Scotty’s been pumping his dick in and out of your twat for a long time, and he’s gotta release some tension.

He leaned his head back and he groaned, shutting his eyes tightly, as he jizzed inside your pussy, implanting you with his seed.

Someone came again, as they say!

After he had came and took some time to jizz inside your twat, he pulled his dick out of your pussy, where his cum leaked out of your pussy hole and onto the silky comforter.

His cum was dripping out of the slit of his penishead and onto the carpet, pulling a tissue out of a box on top of the table near the bed you were having sex on.

He squatted down on the ground and cleaned the cum off of the carpet with that tissue.

Eventually, pretty soon, Raven jizzed inside your mouth, groaning when he came, leaning his head back and shutting his eyes.

You wish you could get his cum on your face, but maybe next time.

Although, you don’t want cum to get in your eyes, that hurts.

You swallowed his jizz, and Billy was the last one to cum, where he gave you the money shot, jizzing on your face.

You shut your eyes tightly to make sure you don’t get cum in your eyes.

After this orgy was done and you, Scotty and Lodi were out of breath, you gave Scotty a blowjob, cleaning his cock off and swallowing his cum, and then gave Raven and Billy some blowjobs and cleaned their dicks off, swallowing their cum and precum.

You didn’t suck on Lodi’s dick, try to guess why…


One night, I was fantasizing of my female pro wrestling OC I created admitting she’d love to be gangbanged by some of Raven’s Flock on Howard Stern’s radio show.

And I have no idea what I was thinking.

Granted, some of the men in Raven’s Flock were definitely sexy, but others, not so much.

However, I imagined my pro wrestling original character I created saying that she’d only bang the hot ones in Raven’s Flock, not the ugly ones.

0 notes

Am I a fan?: YES! Holy cow, yes, I love him so much.

Favorite move: I don’t think it’s considered a move, but his arm chops are great!

Favorite match: I don’t know! I like all the matches of his I’ve seen.

Favorite feud: He had a little bit of a fued with Raven in WCW, and that was cool!

Favorite promo: Oh gosh, any of them, honestly. I love how excited he gets about anything and everything!

Dream match: Oh gosh. I don’t know! Maybe a handicap match against the Right to Censor? Knowing Stevie, he’d probably win.

Seen live?: No :(

Unpopular opinion: Don’t think it’s unpopular, but he SCREAMS autistic energy to me. He acts just about the same as me!

Thanks a bunch for the ask!

1 notes

There’s a word for people known as EGOT.

That term means someone who’s won an Emmy award, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award.

Is there a word like that for wrestlers?

Because one wrestler has been in the big 5 of wrestling companies in the 90’s and 2000’s: the WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA and Ring of Honor.

Who is that wrestler?


He changed his name and look he’ll mostly always be remembered for when he was in a wrestling company known as ECW, a wrestling company remembered for being very violent, edgy, and hardcore, at least by some people who think that’s what ECW was like.

Wrestlers bleeding profusely, getting smashed through tables, sometimes set on fire, and in more extreme cases…even being stabbed.

ECW wasn’t the only violent wrestling company he was in.

Besides being in the WWF during the Attitude era and even having a stint in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, he also was in TNA, which could also be very violent at times, and Ring Of Honor, which, again, could be really violent, especially in one match he was in with CM Punk.

Since he was in so many violent wrestling companies and bled profusely, you had an idea with him you shared.

You explained to him your idea with your words, and he grinned at your idea.

One day, sometime when he was playing his depressed grunge rocker character in ECW or even in WCW, or if it’s Raven from TNA/Ring of Honor or even the WWE you want, when he had braids circa 2002 or when he had that blond hair in Ring of Honor or that black hair he had in TNA in 2004/2005, you were completely naked, pressing your back on a hotel room’s bed with your legs wide open, while Raven was roughly pounding and thrusting your twat with his cock back and forth.

He was dressed in his grunge gear he wears in WCW/ECW, jeans cut off into shorts that reached his knees, combat boots, a flannel tied around his hips and a leather jacket, but he was getting hot under that leather jacket from fucking you, so he shed that jacket off of his arms.

That’s a good thing, because you want to do something to his back later on.

If it’s Raven in the WWE you want, he was dressed in his gear when he was in those companies, wearing his platinum blond hair in braids, shedding the jacket off of his arms and back and had no shirt under that jacket, and his kilt/skirt was pulled down at his ankles.

If it’s Raven in TNA or Ring of Honor you want, he let his hair hang down, not tied in braids or in a ponytail, and he had a kilt or skirt pulled down to his ankles.

He didn’t really have any face paint on like he wears in the WWE, TNA or Ring Of Honor.

He fucked you like an animal, shoving his dick in and out of your pussy fast and vigorously, one of his hands was behind your head, his fingers grabbing a handful of your hair and pulling it.

He didn’t pull it violently, enough to pull your hair out of your head, but he did pull it quite a bit.

You wish one of your hands could grab onto the back of his thick, curly hair, even slide down through his hair, and maybe you can pretty soon.

His other hand was pulling one of your nipples, pulling and stretching it out.

His fingers pinched your nipple, but not too hard.

He isn’t just pinching and pulling your nipple, but also tweaking and turning it.

Your nipples are very sensitive, and it feels so good when he plays with it.

The bed was rocking back and forth and creaking as he fucked you, hopefully the neighbors next door won’t hear you and the bed won’t bump into the wall so much a hole is made.

If y'wanna know what it’s like to be fucked by Raven, or at least ECW/WCW/WWE/Ring of Honor/TNA Raven, this is what it’s like.

Though, Raven’s depressed grunge rocker character is very mellow and mopey, but also quite sociopathic.

When he was banging you, your tits were bouncing up and down, and his eyes were squinting and his teeth gritted as he was thrusting in and out of you.

You were moaning and crying out while he was fucking you, your eyes closed and your mouth wide open, sometimes biting on your bottom lip as he banged you.

Blood is filling your clitoris up in sexual arousal, and your pussy feels like it’s getting wetter and wetter as he’s fucking you.

You aren’t faking this orgasm, no, he really is taking you higher and higher.

Your hands are trying to reach out and grab onto his back, so you can sink your fingernails into his flesh and scratch down his back.

Your fingers managed to touch his back, but you tried to make your hands and fingers slide up to the top of his back.

It’s probably no use, really.

His hand on your nipple moved behind your back, trying to squeeze in between the space of the bed and your back.

When the tips of his fingers reached your back, despite having short, stubby fingernails, he tried to dig his fingernails into your flesh and scratch and slide them down your back.

You could feel his sharp little nails scratching down your back, although his fingernails aren’t all that long.

Even though his fingernails weren’t that long, he tried digging them deeper into your flesh, the tips of his fingernails poking into your skin.

Your teeth bit into the bottom of your lip when he dug his fingernails into your flesh.

He leaned himself further into your body, until his face was close enough to touch your neck.

He slightly buried himself in the side of your neck, his face pressing on your neck, where his teeth bit a small portion of the skin on your neck.

He proceeded to press his teeth on that part of your skin, biting your skin.

He didn’t just bite your skin, but suck on your skin as well.

You can feel his breath while he breathes heavily from fucking you, as well as feel his sweaty torso on your body.

When he’s biting your neck, he’s marking his territory, telling you he’s yours.

Since he’s lying on top of you slightly, now is your chance!

You placed your hands behind his back, your fingernails poking into his back.

You dug and sunk your long fingernails into his skin and slid those nails down his back, the tips of your nails poking into his flesh.

He could feel your nails dragging down his back, scratching and poking his skin, creating visible scratch marks in his back.

Even though running his fingers down his back can be a part of rough sex, what happens if he wrestles and people see the scratches on his back?

Ah well, he can cover his scratches up with a T-shirt, especially if the Raven you want to read about in this fanfic is ECW/WCW era Raven who mostly wore a shirt in the ring.

Some could say Raven is the Kurt Cobain of wrestling, his WCW entrance theme was even a knockoff of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”, and there’s this photo of a shirtless Kurt flexing his muscles and you can see his back covered in scratches, perhaps from Courtney Love dragging her nails down his back.

Wonder if the scratches you’ll make down Raven’s back will be visible and won’t fade away for weeks?

As Raven penetrates and pounds his cock into you, he’s making you feel higher and higher on the inside, and you keep making high pitched, staccato like moans when he bangs you.

You feel like your clit is about to burst, and pretty soon, your twat creamed all over his cock inside of you, your clitoris throbbing after you had came.

Although, it isn’t over until Raven cums.

When you came, it made it easier for his dick to slide back and forth inside your twat.

While scratching his back is fine, you want to do other things to Raven besides run your fingers down his back.

One of your hands slid up from his back to the back of his head, where you slid your fingers down and through his hair.

Since you’re having rough sex with him and he’s grabbing onto your hair, your fingers grabbed onto his hair.

If it’s WWE Raven you want, you wrapped your fingers around his hard braids.

Raven’s WCW/ECW era hair was so thick and coarse, his TNA/ECW era hair was slick and easy for your fingers to slide through, and his WWE braids were rough and hard.

You pulled onto his hair gently, but not hard.

He could feel your hand pulling his hair, feeling it on his scalp, but you weren’t trying to hurt him.

Meanwhile, he’s bit and sucked your neck for a long time, so he let that part of your neck he was sucking free, leaving behind a huge, reddish pink hickey with his bite marks engraved in your neck.

His cock is filling up your pussy, his shaft stretching your tight cunt walls apart.

You wish that you could nibble and bite on his flat, broad nose while he fucks you, and maybe you can.

He wishes he could flip you around, lay you on his thighs and spank you, that would be something to increase this rough sex you’re engaging in.

“Ohhh God, Raven!!” you cried for him. “Harder!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”

He increased the pace of his thrusts, fucking you faster.

He’s been fucking you fast so much, you’re afraid the tip of his dick will break the space that has your uterus behind.

He also has a rather large and thick penis.

As he’s fucked you roughly, his skin was getting hotter and warmer, and he’s even sweating a little bit from fucking you so fast.

His heart is beating faster from fucking you so fast, and even your heart is beating faster from him fucking you.

“I-I’m gonna cum!!!!” he cried out.

He suddenly made a throaty groan and jizzed inside your twat, his eyes shutting tight when he had came.

A few seconds after he had came, he breathed heavily, like he was finished with a wrestling match, and slowly pulled his dick out of your pussy.

The tip of his penis dripped his seed onto the carpet, and his cum as well as a mixture of yours was leaking out of your pussy hole onto the bed.

Since Raven has done “dog collar matches”, where he and another wrestler have dog collars wrapped around their necks and they’re attached to a huge silver chain, you did think of wearing a collar and having a chain/leash where Raven pulls it while he fucks you.

Though, that’s a little bit dangerous, and autoerotic asphyxiation can kill you.


Dean Ambrose and CM Punk used to do some hardcore wrestling, Dean did really hardcore wrestling when he was in CZW, and I’ve thought of typing Dean Ambrose during his CZW days and late 2000’s CM Punk in this fic so the fem reader can choose either Dean, CM Punk or Raven.

Y'all would rather choose Dean or CM over Raven, no doubt…

1 notes

It’s RAVENNNNNNNN!! Raven and Tommy Dreamer win the ECW Tag Team Titles, ECW 1999!

19 notes

I bet some of you Timothee Chalamet fangirls are like “Who TF is Raven? Raven Symone from ‘That’s So Raven’? From 'Teen Titans’/'Teen Titans Go’?”

This Raven I’m typing about was a wrestler in the 90’s and 2000’s whose character he’ll mostly always be remembered for is playing a depressed grunge rocker.

He’s like the Kurt Cobain of wrestling.

You can either read about Raven or Timothee Chalamet, though I bet you’ll all pick Timothee…

I couldn’t decide who I wanted to type this fanfic about, they’re both hot!

Though I kinda prefer Timothee over Raven…

@hellworldprinc3ss, here’s a fanfic I’ve typed of Raven.


Raven has one of the best wrestling gimmicks ever.

What was his gimmick?

He’ll mostly always be remembered for playing a depressed, angst ridden grunge kid in WCW and ECW.

A gimmick that was perfect for the 1990’s.

And…he’s one of the few wrestlers that’s been in just about every wrestling popular company: WWF/E, WCW, ECW, TNA and ROH. How awesome is that?

And…he just so happens to Jewish.

If it’s Timothee Chalamet you want (which is what I bet you fangirls all are gonna choose)…

There’s many people in Hollywood who are Jewish, from movie directors to CEOS to actors and actresses and comedians.

And one of the many Jewish people in Hollywood nowadays is Timothee Chalamet, the latest “it boy” actor who people are saying is the next Leonardo DiCaprio.

I can see why they compare Timothee to Leo.

But enough about that.

Sometime during Raven’s wrestling heyday in the mid to late 90’s and 2000’s (when Raven didn’t have that awful facial hair he had during his time in the WWF), you were lying in a bed with Raven in a hotel room.

Raven was dressed in his grunge gear he had in WCW/ECW, although he wasn’t wearing any combat boots in bed, and he didn’t have any makeup on his face.

If it’s Timothee you want…

Timothee was sprawled out on a bed in a hotel room, and you were lying in bed right next to him.

Timothee’s hair was fluffy and slightly long, looking the way he did in 2017, like when he appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden’s talk shows.

This is my personal favorite Timothee.

One of your hands, specifically the tips of your fingers, were brushing up and down his chest, whereas your other fingers were playing with a few strands of his hair.

His eyes shifted to the right side and looked at you.

“You’re Jewish” you mentioned, your eyes looking at him and your lips grinning naughtily. “And you’ve got a big, juicy, spicy kosher sausage down there”

One of your hands moved over to his crotch and gently squeezed his crotch.

His mouth burst into an ear to ear smile, chuckling at you saying that, his face turned pink in embarrassment.

Even you couldn’t help but chuckle a bit and grin from ear to ear.

You know he has a big, juicy cock, you’ve sucked it and rode it many times.

“A big, juicy, kosher pickle” you added, even though referring to his dick as a pickle isn’t all that sexy. “With emphasis on the JEW-cy. Get it? JEW-cy? J-E-W-cy? And you’re Jewish!”

He laughed even more hearing that, his chuckle going into full blown laughter.

“I hope you aren’t offended by me making all of these Jewish sexual innuendos!” you confessed.

“I’m not” he admitted when he stopped laughing.

That’s a good thing.

Remember, in the 90’s, Raven once crucified the Sandman (a 90’s wrestler some could say Stone Cold Steve Austin stole his character from) on a cross when he was in ECW, and even the audience for ECW found this offensive and Raven had to apologize to the crowd immediately after he fake crucified Sandman.

“Y'know, Jewish men have circumsized dicks” you mentioned, which is actually true “And I’m hungry for your big, juicy kosher sausage and play with your matza balls”

You sounded sexy when expressing how you want his dick, leaning into him and your eyes looking at him while grinning naughtily from ear to ear.

He smiled sheepishly from ear to ear, chuckling at you saying that.

Where does she come up with this stuff?, he thought. And how does she know so much about Jewish culture?

Unless some of you fem readers are Jewish.

“Maybe even taste your matza balls too” you added, your fingers squeezing his crotch gently.

You could feel his hard erection and his nuts when you squeezed them.

His cock was growing harder and harder while you were lying next to him and caressing his chest and hair, and his shaft got even harder when you expressed how much you want his dick.

You lifted yourself off of the couch and sat on all fours on the bed, like how babies crawl, and displayed your ass in front of him.

You were wearing a tiny little miniskirt and a thong underneath, showing your ass cheeks off in front of him.

You dressed like this even before you got into bed with him, you had plans for him.

When you were standing on all fours in front of Raven, you were reminding Raven and referencing when some chick in ECW was crawling on all fours in front of him while he sat in the corner of the ring by the ropes.

This is reminding WWE/ROH/TNA era Raven of when he was in ECW and some babe in a pink nightie crawled on all fours in front of him.

“Am I giving you a hard-on, Raven?” you asked him, slightly wiggling your ass in front of him.

“Mmmmmhmmm” he admitted, nodding his head.

You smiled back at him and crawled towards his crotch area, turning your ass away from his face, where you undid his belt, separating the buckle from the strap, and slid his zipper down and unbuttoned his jeans.

“Do you want my ass in your face?” you asked him.

“Well, whatever you want” he suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

Confession: you don’t really wanna fart in his face, though you didn’t mention that to him, although you haven’t eaten anything that might give you gas.

He probably is afraid you might fart in his face too.

You then placed your hands on the sides of his pants and slid his jeans and his boxers down, until his bare naked genitals were exposed.

His erection sprung out of his boxers like a clown in a jack in the box, and your eyes were staring at the tip of his circumcised penis.

Your eyes could light up looking at the tip of his circumcised cock and you could nearly grin from ear to ear.

Your fingers wrapped around his shaft, and you leaned your head down into his genitals until his cock was inside your mouth.

When his dick was inside your mouth, you proceeded to suck on his cock, your head bobbing up and down his shaft as you sucked it, your mouth automatically going up his shaft while you sucked it.

Your other hand, meanwhile, moved to his balls, where you cupped his scrotum in the space in between your thumb and fingers.

You gently squeezed and fondled his balls, brushing the pad of your thumb above one of his nuts.

Your mouth could feel a little bump from his penishead/glans when you sucked on the top of his dick, your mouth going up from the bump, like a car driving over a bump in the road.

No, that bump is not herpes, it’s his penishead.

When you reached the top of his penis, you rolled the tip of your tongue around his glans (as its referred to), that’s where he was cut and circumcised as a baby boy.

Raven/Timothee, meanwhile, was looking at you sucking and licking his cock and playing with his nuts.

He grinned and smiled at you sucking his cock, and he enjoyed you sucking his dick.

His eyes rolled in the back of his head and his skin was getting warmer.

Precum was spilling out of his penishead’s slit and trickling down his shaft, and your tongue pressed on his shaft and licked up any precum that spilled down his shaft.

You began to use the tip of his cock like a lipstick, holding it up to your lips, where you brushed the tip of his penis across your bottom lip.

His precum lubricated your lips like it’s lipgloss, and luckily you weren’t wearing any lipstick or lip gloss while sucking his cock.

When his penis head reached the corner of your mouth, you shifted it up to your top lip, brushing and dragging his penis head across your top lip.

You could feel the slit of his penis head on your lips as you slid his penis head across your lips.

“You’re so juicy” you gushed and expressed while sliding his penis head around your mouth, your voice trying to sound sexy.

He watched you rub the tip of his penis like it’s lipstick on your lips, which was strange, but he doesn’t mind this.

Your other hand was trying to squeeze and caress his balls all while you’re sucking and licking his cock.

Your tongue licked up any precum that dripped down his shaft, his precum tasted salty but yummy.

When there was a drop of precum that trickled down his shaft, you licked up that drip of precum from his shaft all the way to his slit where it came from.

Since his precum is trickling down his erection, and while you enjoy licking on his shaft, you also enjoy sucking cock as well.

You put his tip in your mouth again, gently sucking on his penishead, sucking and swallowing any precum out of his slit.

You sunk further down his shaft, his shaft getting inside your mouth, until you reached where your fingers were wrapped around his shaft.

You sucked on his cock, your head going up his shaft while you sucked it, sucking up any cum that trickled down his erection.

He does have a hot, juicy (and JEW-cy) cock and precum.  

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” you mumbled while his cock was in your mouth, your onomatopoeia buzzed around his shaft, which tickled his erection.

Your wet, moist mouth lubricated his shaft, cleaning it from any precum dripping down it.

You moaned while you sucked on his cock, letting out some breath around and on his shaft, and your lips looked visibly perfect wrapped around his erection

Your thumb traveled around his scrotum and balls, the pad of your thumb stroking and caressing his nuts.

His balls were very sensitive as well and felt so fuzzy, like a peach.

Your throat, meanwhile, swallowed any precum that spilled out of his slit.

As you’re giving him a blowjob, you wonder if you should suck his balls afterwards.

Your mouth could feel the veins in his shaft while you sucked his dick.

The tips and pads of your fingers slid and caressed across his scrotum, your fingertips feeling gentle and soft.

Raven/Timothee is lucky to recline his head on a pillow, this is perfect for him: lying on a bed, relaxing, while you’re giving him head.

You’ve been giving fellatio to his penis for quite a long time, such a long time, that pretty soon, he groaned and shut his eyes.

The slit of his penishead released his jizz out finally inside your mouth.

Hearing him groan and finally cum inside your mouth, yeah, he came.

You swallowed his jizz inside your mouth and your tongue licked up any cum or precum that trickled down his shaft, cleaning any cum off of his dick.

When you couldn’t taste any cum or precum on his dick, you moved your head away from his genitals and crawled up to him.

When you were snuggled and close to him, your fingers played with strands of his hair.

If this is Raven that you want…

“I know you have Jewish ancestry” you mentioned “But you look like you could be biracial, like half black”

Raven’s eyes grew wide hearing that.

“You have such thick, curly hair and a wide, flat nose” you said to him “You even have some pretty full lips and your skin looks a little darker”

If it’s 2000’s era Raven you want (when he didn’t have curly hair)

“You had such thick, curly hair in the 90’s and have a wide, flat nose” you said to him. “Your lips also look a little bit full and you used to have some slightly dark looking skin”

You leaned into his face and put his nose in between your teeth, where you gently bit and nibbled it.

He can smell the sperm on your breath.

Raven’s eyes grew even bigger when his nose was in your mouth, and he put his hand on your chest, pushing you away, until his nose wasn’t in your mouth.

The sides of his nose had slight little bite marks on it, the nibble marks from you.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking confused.

“I just wanted to gently nibble on your nose” you confessed. “Maybe even suck your nose”

You’re crazy, he thought.

Even though he could giggle and chuckle at you nibbling on his nose, not taking it seriously.

Later on, you sucked on Raven/Timothee’s scrotum, licking and sucking his nuts, running the tip of your tongue on his scrotum.


I hope you don’t find this fanfiction offensive.

I wonder if people who love the wrestler Raven would think of this fanfic where the fem reader could also read about Timothee Chalamet.

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