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Part: 1 /??

It was past midnight when both Damian and his father arrived at the manor. Both father and son were away on a business trip, for almost a month. Damian was glad to be away from Gotham and faraway from his annoying adopted siblings. His older brothers and sisters would just torment him at any given time of day. Once, his two sisters gave him a full make-over while he slept, he awoke to a light pink blush on his cheeks, red crimson lips, and a light green eye shadow. He should had awoken at the smallest detection that someone had invaded his personal space but the night before his brothers offered him a cup of his favorite tea, with a heavy dosage of sleeping medicine. Never was he going to ever trust any of his siblings again.

Damian said goodnight to his father and headed down the hallway leading to his room, he was just passing the manor’s library, its doors slightly opened. At first it was nothing to Damian, till he noticed a soft light was emitting behind one of the bookshelves. Putting his bags down, he slipped through the opened doors. Staying close to the walls Damian fixed his emerald gaze towards where the glow was coming from. He noticed that the light was flickering meaning whoever was behind the bookshelf was using a candle as a light source. He could hear the faint sound of a book sliding from the shelf. It has to be a burglar, Damian thought. It was way too late for anyone to be in here, besides only three people in his family ever used the library to actually do some reading. None of his siblings would be caught dead in the library. Damian looked all over the room for any kind of signs to show where the burglar could had use to enter the premises. Nothing seemed out of place, strange that the manor’s security system hadn’t gone off. Probably this burglar was skilled and hacked the manor’s system. No worries Damian was trained in the arts of self-defense and he was a very skilled fighter. His late grandfather made sure to train him when he was a mere child.

Damian silently stepped towards the fireplace and grabbed one of the fireplace pokers. It wasn’t his katana, but any thing would have to do and use as a weapon. The young Wayne stepped silently and walked behind the bookshelf. He found his intruder crouched on the floor flipping through an open book, Damian couldn’t make out the person since they were wearing a thick black hood covering their body and face. It made no difference to him. No way in hell was Damian going to allow any of his father’s books be stolen. Some of these books were very important to Bruce for half of the library’s collection belonged to his late grandmother Martha Wayne.

Damian calculated every possible outcome before lunging towards the intruder. It was no use his target sensed him and managed to evade his attack. Damian, now on his knees thrusted the metal bar towards the hooded figure, but his opponent intercepted his blow with their hands. Making Damian stumble back, this gave the intruder a chance to get up and flee towards the doorway. Quick on his feet, the young Wayne grabbed a thick hard cover book and threw it towards the culprit’s feet, making them trip. Damian dashed forward, stood before the intruder and pointed the spear-like end of the bar towards the intruder making whoever was under the thick hood scream. Damian stopped, staying perfectly still, the voice it almost sounded like it belonged to a girl.

And the lights came on.

What the hell is going on?!” Damian looked up to find one of his older brothers; Jason Todd at the doors of the library. He looked disorientated most likely he had just woken up.

“Todd! I found this intruder trying to steal-” Damian was cut off short due to being knocked back to the ground by his own brother. This gave Jason a chance to remove the metal bar from his hands and flung it towards the fireplace. “Jason get off of me?!” Damian looked behind his shoulder seeing that his brother was boiling with rage. He then turn his emerald gaze towards the hooded figure, to find a pair of amethyst eyes looking back at him with fear. In that moment he could have sworn his heart stopped beating.

Just then Damian could hear frantic footsteps approaching the library. It was one of his older sisters, Cassandra Wayne. She was huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. “What’s going on? I heard a scream-” Cass was looking around the room till she ran towards the person, Damian was trying to apprehend. “Raven are you okay?!” Raven, was that the girl’s name? Cass slid the hood that covered the intruder’s face and Damian couldn’t believe his eyes. She was beautiful. The girl before him had dark purple hair that reached just above her shoulders. Her skin was a most beautiful pale grey color, it looked so soft.

“You know her?” Damian tried to question, but it was hard to speak having his face pushed into the thick carpet floor.

“She’s my friend you idiot!” Cass shouted back, as she hugged the frighten girl very tightly. “Raven are you okay, he didn’t hurt you, did he?” Cass asked as she turned Raven’s head in her hands trying to find any scratch. It was strange seeing Cass acting so motherly, even if it was a friend.

“I’m okay. Just give me a moment to collect myself.” Raven sighed as Cass helped her stand up. The dark purple hoodie she was wearing was so big on her that it cover most of her body. Damian could notice she was wearing some sort black cotton shorts just the ones his sister wore.  

“Damian Wayne, apologize right now!” Cass shouted.

“I will as soon as Todd gets off of me!” Damian grumbled, Jason finally loosened his hold on him and both brothers stood up. The young Wayne patted his trouser and restraighten his shirt before looking back to the girl he accidentally tried to apprehend. “I apologize for scaring you and almost assaulting you. I just got back from a trip and thought we had a thief in the library.”

His brother scoffed at his lame apology, crossed his arms and said, “how the hell would a thief even be in here with the state-of-the-art security system Bruce had installed in the manor, genius?”

Damian was about to answer his brother, when the pale girl; Raven stopped him. “It’s fine. It’s partially my fault as well. I shouldn’t had been in here at this hour.”

“Let’s go back to bed.” Cass said gently, patting Raven on the back leading her out of the library. Before the two girls exited, Cass turn around and her face became dark, a side Damian only ever seen once. “You! Don’t think you’re off the hook that easily, I’m telling dad about this!”

Damian wasn’t really into the idea of getting a lecture from his father nor whatever demise Cass had planned for him for treating her friend in such a manner. What was really eating Damian in the inside was the fact he royally screwed-up in front of a girl. A girl that liked to read it would seem. He never met someone so into books before, various thoughts ran through his head where they could be friends. Where they could share their favorite authors, their favorite passages, and probably watch movies depicted in the vary books they read. Well all he could do now was dream since he was certain Raven would want nothing to do with him after this fiasco.

“Way to make a good first impression dude.” Damian had forgotten his brother was still in the room with him. “You probably be the Wayne, Raven doesn’t like.”

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A/N: Hi again! I told myself to wait but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to share this little dialogue I wrote for a longer fic I am currently working on (along with many others lol)  hope it brings you laughs as much as I had fun writing this. Once I get the climax figured out for this fic (which will be on the longer side) I will be posting on my wattpad page (username: s03Rose). 


~ Simona R.

– – – – – 

Superboy: “So… let me get this straight, you found some new cloaked chick that wields some sort of magic and instead of calling for back-up - like you been told to do - might I add. (Superboy crosses his arms) You fought her head on?”

Damian as Robin (tied upside down on a light pole): “For the hundredth time Jon, yes! Now will you please get me down from here?!”

Superboy: “Cuz you said please I’ll help.” (Flies up to Robin)

Damian as Robin: “Hurry I don’t want the three idiots finding me like this. They will never let me hear the end of it-”

Red Hood: “Too late Robbie, Nightwing took plenty of pics for the bat-daddy.”

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@cayeeast​ 🥰 You are never too late, my inbox is always open. :) I hope Damirae?! I have to preface this:  I apologize in advance. I don’t really do fics like these - this is the first. But I want to grow, be a better writer, and try new things. I have never written anything like this before, so honestly, THANK YOU.



“More sauvignon blanc, Miss?”

A bottle of wine was withdrawn from the metal ice bucket, lifted by their waiter’s practiced hands. Beads of ice cold perspiration were congealing, beginning to travel downward as Raven swallowed another gulp of air. Though it was slight, her grasp began to shake around her cutlery. She had done her very best not to look at the bottle during the duration of the meal.

Now it was practically in her face, sweating.

Her breath hitched in her throat, as she watched the condensation continuing a steady drip.

It was quite possibly mocking her.

The moment seemed to stretch on before veering into uncomfortable, until both gentlemen glanced down at her untouched white.

“Malbec, sir?”


The waiter gently replaced the white before disturbing the red. He swept around the table to refill another glass for Damian, who murmured a polite thanks.

Damian fingered the long, thin stemmed wine glass and turned it towards himself in circles. Several rotations were completed to air out the liquor. He guided the blackened magenta beverage to his lips and sipped thoughtfully.


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There were too many places this could have gone, but I wanted Raven and Damian and a broken bed, and this how it turned out. I hope it’s alright!

Prompt List


“So… can you fix it or not?”

He shuffled his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose and stared down at the broken bed frame. But even through the lenses, it wasn’t quite clear. Again, there were questions, too many questions - and not one of them good. “So, can you?” Raven asked, re-centering his focus upon the task at hand. Damian knelt low, assessing the extent of the damage. It wasn’t just a loose screw or two, the whole frame, it had collapsed in on itself.

The way it looked. If the bed alone looked this way, he could only imagine.


There had to be a reason, some sort of explanation.

Damian stroked the broken bit of bed post and gripped, springing up what little life it was clinging to. The wood let out an awful squeak and a groan, before surrendering in anguish, falling to the floor. His electric-emerald eyes flickered over to the sorceress whose expressionless stare gave nothing away. Though, her tone hadn’t exactly been forthcoming. And so the questions hadn’t ceased, they had become sentient and started to multiply. Taking up roots, they grew until even his questions had questions.

One edged itself to the forefront of his mind and Damian wondered if he could even pose it to Raven: was this real - was she for real? To come to him like this in the middle of the night, in need of his help with her bed - her broken bed. He rose slowly, and approached her with his jaw tight and steps measured.

What had she been doing in this bed to cause it to break?

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New Universe DamiRae AU

This takes place after Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

New universe, new stories.

Despite their victory, the damage is already done. Constantine convinces Flash to create a second Flashpoint, after knowing he created the first while freeing him, to undo Darkseid’s work despite knowing the world will not be the same as it was before.

I stan that DamiRae will meet again in the new universe. Not gonna change my mind.

Headcanons about this AU:

Damian al Ghul


“The true Ra’s is gone… replaced by my son, Damian.”

  • He is raised by his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul, and by his mother Talia al Ghul
  • Through his mother, he knows Bruce Wayne/Batman is his father but he doesn’t care about him
  • Damian was not adopted by Bruce since his mother didn’t leave him to his father’s care
  • His grandfather died when he was 10
  • His mother Talia becomes the new Demon’s Head until Damian comes of age
  • The League’s goals of reforming decadent civilizations around the globe draws the attention of the Bat Family and the Teen Titans
  • He’s cold and ruthless, unlike his DCAMU counterpart
  • As a civilian, he secretly investigates Batman and the Teen Titans in order to take them all down
  • During his time as a civilian, he meets Raven and the Teen Titans
  • He finds his battles with the Titans, especially with Raven, amusing
  • He reluctantly teams up with the Titans when necessary, but still— he believes teaming up with them for the time being doesn’t change the fact that they were still his enemies




“Only the living have the privilege of saying they’ll fight to the last breath, and words like conviction and resolve don’t mean much to a dead man.”

  • Her origins is the same as on DCAMU. Raven unknowingly summons her father, Trigon and destroys Azarath along with her mother, Arella
  • She was adopted and raised by Zatanna and later with Constantine, while teaching her some magic
  • Zatanna and Constantine joins the Justice League, while Raven reluctantly joins the Teen Titans with Starfire as their leader
  • The team goes to the carnival to celebrate Raven’s one-year anniversary as a member of Teen Titans where she meets Damian
  • When Damian temporary teams up with them, she accidentally enters his mind with her powers

I think that’s it for now… 

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POV Raven:

This morning has been slow. Garth has been asking for everyone to go to the new circus in town. I couldn’t care less, but the others seem to want to stay home and be lazy.

I was meditating in the small garden outside when I heard the rustle of leaves. The intruders ora was excited. I couldn’t place where I have seen them from.

“Hello there, beautiful.” The voice sang as he came into view. I opened my eyes to see a boy, about the same age as me, with Superman’s logo on his chest.

“Who are you?” I said, levitating you the ground. I didn’t see the new comer as a threat.

“Where are my manners?” he bowed to me. “I am the new Superman.” He grabbed my hand and kissed it. “And who do I have the pleasure of speaking too?”

“I am Raven.” I took my hand back. “You seem young for a new Superman.”

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After months of being in the foster program Clark and Lois were on their way towards the adoption fair where they would meet orphans for them to take home, upon arrival Harley and Pamela spotted them “Clark! Lois! so glad you could make it here!” Harley said excitedly. clark and Lois went to the booth are they saw a bunch of kids playing in a bouncy house and carnival games. “So how does this work?” Pamela gave a clipboard to Clark “You see a child you like or have an interest in adopting and their age.” Clark looked surprised “thats it?” Pamela nodded “Yeah you could say like shopping for kids, it’s messed up but it’s like this so its easier to much up kids with parents quickly.” Lois looked at the teenager section “look at the kids over there.” as Pamela, Harley, and Clark looked where Lois was pointing. Pamela gave a sad look and frowned. “Breaks my heart. most folks want nothing with teenagers, of corse if you do, you could make room for an older child.” Clark and Lois hesitated for a moment. Harley jumped in all pumped and pushed the couple into the fair “GO! Go get yourself some kids and start as family!”

The couple smiled and looked around saw a few kids fighting and playing around hours passed and they liked none. Clark and Lois sat down and ate as Clark looked at the teenager section. “you know I’m sick of looking at that, hell I’m going over there.” Lois looked surprised as her husband walked away and she walked behind him trying to stop him. “Clark? Clark what are you doing?” “Well look at the over there! everybody is avoiding them! like they’re dipped in shit! im going to say Hi!” Lois ran behind him and grabbed his arm trying to stop him. “Okay! Wait maybe…” A teenage girl with black hair and Amethyst eyes and porcelain caucasian skin turned around hearing the couple talking. “They’re teenagers, Okay? They use drugs, Masturbate and they watch people playing video games on youtube. Were not equipped for any of that!” Lois argued as Clark responded.“ I’m just going to say hi.” “I know, I just don’t think you should do that.”

The teenage girl walked toward the couple while finishing her burrito and then disposing the other half in the trash as she politely got their attention. “Excuse me! Hi!” Lois looked to the side is as she saw the teenage girl and surprisingly she said a hey as the teenage girl continued “Hi! just umm an FYI we can all hear you.” Then her smile dropped to a glare as she continued.“Umm Dipped in shit, Master-bate so forth, Umm, You know we appreciate the concern but there is really no need for pity crazy we know how this works so just go on , Go mingle with the kiddies, And don’t give it another thought m'kay. Have a good day, Thanks ,bye-bye.” as the teenage girl smiled and left back with her group of friends. Both Clark and Lois looked surprised at what the teenage girl said as they looked for her name tag as is read ‘RAVEN AGE 15’.

Back at the office Pamela and Harley called Lois and Clark as Harley called them “So, you two went out and found yourself a teenager after all huh?” Clark stood up as he responded “we only met her for a second.” Lois jumped in “But she made a real impression.” Pamela smiled as she knew they were talking about Raven. “Oh yeah, Raven is such great kid, She does really great in school. Come on back.” As they walked to the back of the office. “She came into care four years ago when she was eleven. Took a lot to convince her to accept into placement in an adoptive home. Her father-” Harley interrupted. “Set the house on fire. Passed out with a crack pipe.” Pamela closed her eyes and took a breath as she continued. “What I was gonna say.” Harley interrupted her again. “Before I told it like it is?” “Before you jumped on in there is that her father made a lot of promise over the years. Never seems to follow through with them.” Clark looked at Harley and asked. “Where’s her dad now?”  "probably in an orange jumpsuit selling smokes in the yard.“ Pamela turned to Harley. "Harls I’m sure thats not accurate.”

Once checking the paperwork Pamela saw that Ravens father was finishing a sentence in jail. “ Huh, Turns out Raven’s father is finishing a sentience in county jail.” Harley smiled and chuckled. “Who called it? Who said it?” she was pointing to herself while Pamela walked back with he folder filled with Ravens’ paperwork. “You did.” “Yeah.” Pamela sat down as she opened looking at Ravens’ Father. “Looks like he’s never pursued reunification or contacted his kids in over two years so, yeah he’s pretty much a nonissue.” Clark felt sympathetic for the girl. “Thats terrible, What about the mother?” That caused Harley to laugh “What are you talking about 'mother’?” What are you doing comedy for us now,Clark?“

Pamela shook her head. "Harls we have plenty of mothers who have stepped up, but in this case, no ID’s or any birth mother or who she was. Look Raven’s Father is a product of the system and he never learned to properly take care of himself, muchness three kids.” Clark and Lois looked surprised “Three? Three kids?” “Oh,What?” Lois exclaimed. “Yeah, Three.” Pamela repeated. Harley got serious. “Yeah, Raven comes with two younger siblings; Conner and Lilith.” Lois looked shocked as she processed the situation. “Wait.Wait. So we would have three kids?” Clark sticked by Lois as he continued. “No. Two would be fine but theres no way we can do three. I mean we wanted…to… meet….” Harley pulled up two pictures of a little girl around the age of 4 to 6 and a boy around the age of 10 or 11. both Lois and Clark aww as Clark speaks up. “Why would you even show me this? They’re so cute. This is wrong."Harley nodded"This is them alright but don’t let the cute looks fool you, but listen were not gonna sugarcoat it, okay? Lilith is a handful, can be a brat at times, a wild…rowdy kid and Conner, well he can be a little bit fragile and emotional but likes to show off a little and Raven is strong-willed and she won’t trust easily.

Lois tried to imagine herself in Ravens shoes as she felt bar for the teenage girl. "god can you blame her?” was the only thing she said. Harley then took Lois and Clarks hand. “well but listen. we wouldn’t recommend this mach If we didn’t believe that with some structure and love… these kids could never blossom, Right?” Haylet let go of their hands and Pamela jumped in with more information. “Yeah and were hoping to get them out of their current foster placement.” after saying this Harley chuckled and mumbled a few words but they were loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. “the Wilsons might lose their meal ticket.” Pamela looked at Harley and glared at her. “Harley, please. Most of our foster parents are really terrific, caring people and yes there are those who only do it for the paycheck, but the Wilsons are not abusive or evil just maybe a little-.”

“Inbred?” Harley  added which caused Pamela to get a little mad but tried to keep calm

“Harley there is no evidence to-” but once again Harley interrupted.

“you’ve seen 'em ( looks at Clark ad Lois) I swear they look like brother and sister, I can’t tell 'em apart.” Pamela hanged the subject

“in any case id love to set up a visitation unless you have any other concerns?” Lois just nodded. “It’s just a visitation. So…”

Clark butted in worriedly. “I-I-It’s just… Is it a problem… You know, the whole white savior thing? Like the Avatar thing.” Harley gave him a puzzled look. “Avatar?” Clark continued while Lois gave him a confused look. “You know how the blue guys couldn’t fight off the unobtanium guys until the white guy showed up and pretended to be a blue guy?All I’m saying is, white-bread couple taking in little Latin kids. Are people gonna think we shouldn’t be doing that?” Pamela got offended by what he said so she grabbed a pen before saying what was on her mind. “You know what? We’ll go ahead and toss these kids back into the system and I’ll just jot you down for 'whites only’.” Lois and clerked stopped Pamela from writing down on their paperwork. “Hey! No, that’s not… Don’t write "whites only.” That’s not what he meant.“

Pamela placed the pen back and looked at the couple. "Clark,I appreciate your cultural sensitivity, but we have every color of kid in the system. And we have every color of parent.”

“Every color.” repeated Harley

“Just not nearly enough.” added Pamela

“Not nearly enough parents.” repeated Harley again as she grabbed Lois’s hand and looked at her and sincerely said “And listen. You’re gonna get some funny looks. And people are gonna say some stupid shit. But if you’re willing to love these kids who need a mom and dad, and somebody has a problem with that, you just ask 'em how many goddamn kids they’ve adopted.”

Harley wanted to be enthusiastic. “You ready to meet three kids?” Clark and Lois smiled “ Three kids? Yeah.”

“All right. We’ll set it up.”


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Night at the Wayne Casino

Got hit with some inspiration and time to write, so ask and ye shall receive @dcgzilla another part right away! Enjoy!

Part 5

Pale thighs…smooth and supple curves…the desperate cries for attention…the begging…

It all seemed too real, the dream was so vivid and he could easily recall every detail. It was so unlike the previous ones the nights before. He would forget small moments, words would be lost, her voice wouldn’t sound quite right either. But last night…last night’s dream was unforgettable. His body ached as if they had actually gone through the multiple rounds as he had imagined. He rolled onto his side facing toward the middle of the bed, he winced at the stinging from his back. Wait…in his dream she had raked her nails down his shoulder blades when he had made her reach her peak for the second time. 

Damian shot up out of bed and looked around trying to assess the situation he prayed he didn’t get himself into. Sure enough he was alone in his bed, he was missing his clothes but if he had as much to drink as he remembered then he probably didn’t want to waste the time changing into pajamas that late. He sighed in relief but it had turned into a groan when he gained sense of his morning wood. That dream sure was something. Luckily he had the night shift so he was able to sleep in, although it wasn’t a common practice, he obviously had needed it if the clock was correct and he had woken up at ten o’clock. 

He pulled himself out of bed and stretched, recoiling from the persistent stinging on his back. What the hell was going on? He rubbed his eyes as he made his way to the bathroom door where a full length mirror hung hoping to see if there truly was any damage to his person. Damian tried to piece together what may have happened, he didn’t think he had been drunk, he would never let himself. So he began replaying the night.

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Night at the Wayne Casino

Part 4

Damian looked the part, he may have stolen a few pointers from the years spent around Jason and Richard, but he was ready to finally get the information he wanted directly from the source. He wore a perfectly tailored Stefano Ricci silk dress shirt in a deep navy, with a few of the top buttons unfastened. He paired it with fitted black pants, a black leather belt with steel hardware, and matching black leather Tom Ford dress shoes. If he was going to attend a party, he was going to make sure everyone knew who he was, if they didn’t know his face, they would know by the sheer cost of his shirt alone.  

He was good at commanding a room, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to be the center of the party and get exactly what he wanted. It would almost be too easy, it was a setup for the woman and she would have to play right into his hand.

Damian decided that he would arrive right on time, which was considered early according to Jason. He wanted to scope the place out for details and have a plan in place. He was familiar with all the layouts of the rooms already, it was more to figure out the best vantage points when the place would be filled with bodies. It also gave him a chance to take his time ordering a drink. He often wasn’t a fan of alcohol, especially when he considered himself to be on the job, but he had to play the part. He had to admit that it did ease his nerves a bit.

Something about confronting the woman that plagued every waking thought, and dreams, made something close to excitement bubble within him. He’d finally be able to find out how soft her skin truly was, and if it matched what his brain had envisioned it to be….as part of the act to get her alone so that he could get a confession from Raven.

As the next hour came to pass, he had seen no sign of his target and it was beginning to look like a failed mission for him. He had endured countless women sliding their hands down his arms and some braver ones traveling up his leg. Unfortunately for them, there was only one woman’s hands Damian wanted on him. 

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‘A Little Adjustment’                                          a damirae fanfic

|| 4K+ || CHAPTER 1 ||

click to read the prologue

A year didn’t seem long at all since he left, yet here he was in Jon’s car who unexpectedly showed up to pick him up from the airport and insisted Damian to sleep over. And for some reason he agreed not wanting the first thing he heard were the scorching voices of his brothers at the manor. 

Though he had to say, the city looked the same. To say it almost felt nostalgic passing through the city at sunset. The modern colored skyscrapers towering over one after the other, watching the citizens go on with their normal lives as if nothing bad can happen. Hell, even banners of heroes and his father’s business were still plastered at every corner of the street. It was all the same. They even passed the academy, yet Damian didn’t feel reluctant towards it, knowing ever since he attended there he’s been wanting to get the hell out. Except the last day, where he felt hesitant to leave, because of her. 

After informing Jon about Raven’s powers and their encounter prior from his departure, that was the last time he ever spoke about her, to anyone really so he could forget her

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This is gonna be a long one, I took the advice from @bourniebna and made it longer but also making it into two parts and leaving it on a semi-cliffhanger. Thank you everyone for the support and love! Enjoy! 


Damian found himself on the third floor, a place he thought he would never be. Filled with rooms upon rooms of well equipped and private spaces for massages, mud baths, facials, and anything and everything a five-star spa could hold. He would never require the services provided here since he disliked physical contact unless it was necessary or it was self-initiated, which it typically wasn’t. Damian kept it simple with occasional handshakes or a pat on the shoulder.

When it came to women, he had been with a few. His name was enough by itself to get him laid easily, and where that wasn’t enough, his physique helped greatly. Anything that wasn’t strictly helpful to his endgame seemed inefficient and he always strived for maximum efficiency.

Here he was crossing the threshold to the Wonder Spa, a highly rated and regarded spa for ultimate luxury and innovation in experiences. He approached the reception desk where the two top ranked masseuses and overall spa managers sat preparing their completely packed schedules for the day, Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Sandsmark and Stephanie Brown.

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Shadows and thorns

Part IV.

Ahsan Manzil, the main residence of the royal family had been silent and mostly empty after welcoming the visitor, royals and nobles last night. The silence had been as comforting then as it was now as Damian did not want this conversation to be heard by the wrong ears. Even in his own chamber they had to be cautious so the Prince had given orders to the servants that he and Jon were not to be bothered. Not even Timothy Drake who had helped come up with this plan in the first place, was there. Damian did not wish to catch the eyes of his grandfather’s spies.

Richard Grayson watched his good friend and Prince pace restlessly in his royal chambers for what it seemed like an hour. Damian had to announce the betrothal to his Grandfather and the whole kingdom before the tourney ended. Yet, the man stuck himself in deep thoughts, instead of actions. That was unusual. It was the first seeing his friend grossly unsettled.

Damian felt his pulse elevating slightly, there was a dull pounding in his head. His plans for the day included persuade Jon to join his cause, with the house of El by his side and the Shadows,he was positive his strategy could assure the other a noble houses, the coup endeavor would succeed. Here he was, ready to tell his best friend, the man he trusted with his own life, the ploy to overthrow his grandfather who was no longer in condition to rule. Damian was aware that his words could be considered treasonous if anyone else heard them, and anyone who knew his grandfather, Ra’s wouldn’t bat an eye to order his own flesh, his only grandson’s execution.

He also admitted to himself, he felt conflicted for what he was about to ask Jon as it shamed him a bit. It was an unbecoming and unfair task to put to Jonathan when the man only ever strived to be as honorable as possible. But the Al Ghul house had to do what was necessary, the security of his nation was in danger. Damian would not disappoint his people, letting them suffer the King’s ruthless cruelty. It was enough.

“May I enter, your Grace?” The soft and gentle voice of Jonathan El resonated, pounding on the copper covering Damian’s chamber massive wood door. The door opened a crack, revealing the imposing figure of Richard. The servant step aside and let Jon inside the room, handsomely dressed, with a shy half-hidden smile. Damian stopped wandering around the room instantly, standing next to a ormolu mounted, ebony and fruitwood table, several rolls of paper lying there. Damian gave his friend a serious look before speaking.

“I urge you to keep the words from this room secret for the nonce.” The crown Prince continued. "In time, I will reach out to other houses, but for now I would rather my plan be of the utmost secrecy.” The somber expression on Damian’s expression made an impression on his friend, for the characteristic smile on Jon’s friend disappeared as he frowned. Jon looked shocked, but composed himself after a few seconds, confusion in his expression was an obvious thing, but who could blame him.

Both Richard and Jonathan. Each man nodded solemnly, aware of the implications of their actions. If the prince asked for their silence, it meant even speaking with the prince about this, was possibly considered an act of high treason, punishable by death or any other punishment the King saw fit.

“The King is paranoid. He thinks the other Nations are plotting against him and he is preparing for the battle before they take action first.” The heir of house El’s frowns as he takes a seat, his mind completely muddled. Damian continued after giving him several seconds to process the information. “I believe the King is no longer apt for the Al Ghul throne. You know what they call him, Jon. The demon King. And each day it’s worst. I’m deeply concerned for the realm.”

He saw the dark haired man’s face turn to stone, an understandable reaction considering who his grandfather was, the Demon King commoners and nobles equally called him, and when a cruel King as Ra’s was, sends a party to your lands, it is a reason to be concerned.

“Damian, you understand what it means. My house..” Jon muttered severely. His sapphire eyes widened at the revelation, frozen in his seat. The words that just left his Prince’s mouth were dangerous if listened by the wrong person. He had a clue were the conversation was going and a chill climbed up his spine. What his friend wished to ask him. Treason, was the word crossing his mind incessantly.

“I need you Jon.” His old friend said a harder note coming into his voice.

"What will you do?” he asked in a serious tone, staring expectantly at the young heir, man in front of him, and Damian had never felt so pressured before in his entire life. He did not want his friend to be severely punished, bring dishonor to his house name. It was a matter of life and death now. Theirs and his people.

“I’m sorry Jon. It must be you. You’re my only trusted friend from a high-born house I can share my idea with.” He continued, giving Jon an apologetic glance, asking silently for his help when he needed it most. “For reasons I can’t say, we must be wary now. We may have enemies in the realm.” He breathed darkly, his green eyes narrowed.

Jon considered carefully and wisely the prince’s petition. Treason was involved. A coup was required for Damian to take the throne. He had chosen his friend as his king, he had sworn him his sword and his support in his attempts at ushering change in the Kingdom. Damian wanted to call a Great Council, members from the most influential noble houses of Nanda Parbat, who would speak on behalf of the others, considering their needs and interests. Jonathan was resolved to stay by his friend and prince side whatever may come.

“When the time comes, you’ll have my support, my friend.” Jon exhaled in agreement, promising his word and sword to his friend, feeling a pressure in his chest and head built to new heights. But he was willing to risk his head for his friend and the future of Nanda Parbat. “Now all you must do is marry and have a heir as soon as possible. Have you chosen a bride already?” He stood and placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder, smiling warmly at him, with genuine affection.

A vivid image of his lovely Rhachel’s slender waist curved with pregnancy came to his mind. He closed his eyes, remembering, feeling the sudden urge to see her and hear her daring, charming voice, touch her flawless fair and silky skin. “I have. There’s some arrangements to be discussed before I can announce it publicly.” He took a deep breath, changing direction for a moment. “I hope to take the throne with as little bloodshed as possible.” He sighed as he thought of the battle to come, rubbing a hand over his tired eyes. Only then he noticed just how tired he was, his fatigue mounting considerably. Exhausted of his grandfather’s madness, his wickedness. The things he did to his father.

“Now you must tell the details about this Lady. Who’s the bride to be of Damian Al Ghul?” Jon asked curiously, a perky and boyish smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he began patting on his boyhood friend’s back. "Rhachel Roth from Azarath.” Damian breathed with a broad smile on his lips. She was a beauty, truly stunning with those moonlight locks and amethyst eyes on fire, but he knew what hid under that beautiful exterior. He let out a musical, wholehearted chuckle the moments Jon’s eyes were wide open by the surprise, and proceeded to delineate with precise details the situation to his cheerful, gentle friend, who was overwhelming him with numerous questions.

The corner of his eyes catching a glimpse of Richard’s face, trying his best to repress a mocking chortle.

Rhachel Roth was a storm and Damian Al Ghul was unexpectedly and helplessly falling for her.


A hot bath was already waiting for her, when she reached her chambers, a bed full of pillows in silk covers that seemed so tempting after her long day were calling her in. A mound of different bright colored fruits rested upon a bronze recipient in a wooden table next to the balcony. She walked to the balcony and looked out. She could see the night sky adorned with ancient and brilliant stars. The wilderness stretched before her in a never ending landscape of dense forests and rolling hills. It was as if the was discovering a whole new world, her eyes roaming across mysterious lands that would take her weeks to ride through with Melchior. If only she could stay. But she couldn’t. At least she could’t complain of her accommodations. It was a glorious and majestic palace.

The single thought of her wedding made her sick, thinking of all the people that would be attending, people she didn’t know expecting her to act like the princess she was supposed to be, a dutiful, committed wife and queen. After that, her old life would be gone. She’d say goodbye to her home and Constantine. Everything she knew would be left behind and a new beginning awaited her in Westland. With Wallace West. Not Prince Damian. She did. She was struck breathless the moment he saw him but she didn’t allow her lips confess the truth. It didn’t matter how much they longed for each other.

She lowered her body underneath the covers of the enormous bed, curling up on a pillow. Her mind filled with thoughts of Damian. Damian sleeping beside her, his hands circling her waist, holding her heart-shaped face, her legs entangled inhis manly ones, her hands tenderly wrapped around him, his vivid eyes looking deeply into her violet ones. Her rational mind stopping her deep romantic nature from demanding what she wanted, from asking for that quenching. She wanted it to come freely, like flowers that are given and not requested. She fell asleep gradually, dreaming of his dark haired prince, with olive skin and emerald eyes, his lips wandering every inch of her pale skin.


“My Lady Roth. It is time to wake up.” A young was shaking her shoulders gently. “Lady Rhachel, please. I brought a present from the Prince, for you. “ The woman continued shaking her shoulder with more strength now. She finally blinked open her amethyst eyes,wincing at the sunlight streaming through the windows. The woman she did not recognize sighed with relief and smiled at her enthusiastically. “Oh finally! My Lady, I’ve brought a present from the crown Prince. You must wear it for the tourney.” The unknown woman tmurmured as she pulled back the dark duvet.

“You look dreadful, my lady.” The maid told her blatantly. Rhachel blinked at her words. This lady was evidently brutally honest. “Apologies, Princess. I am your maid in waiting, Korinna Anders.” She covered her mouth when she realized she had spoken out of term and bowed to greet her formally.

“My maid in waiting? A present?” She sat up on the bed, studying the woman in first of her. The had bronze complexion, dark red locks and green eyes that remind her of limes. She seemed to be a candid and good-natured woman, someone she could trust she hoped.

“The prince ordered me to come here and serve only you. I apologize for disturbing your sleep, my Lady.” The red-haired woman said calmly, curtsying low as she opened the box she had been carrying. Out of it she pulled the most splendid gown she had ever seen.

“I found myself utterly exhausted after the feast.” She told her new maid in waiting as she almost stumbled getting out of the bed. The maid passed her a robe and a basin of cold water. She splashed it over her face. It was revitalizing, the weather was too hot for her liking today. “It’s exquisite. Will you help me put it on?” She asked softly.

Kori as she called her in her head fetched her breakfast while she cleaned herself up, and by the time she was finished, there was freshly made bread and fruit waiting for her.

Eventually she had to stand to get dressed, and the cloth came away. She shook her head in bewilderment. What were Damian’s intentions sending her a gown? Hidden motives she thought. The maid laced her up into a heavy magnificent gown.

The bodice, embroidered with pearls and diamond-like shiny stones, tightened her already small waist in a way that accentuated her curves, the cleavage seemed to adapt to the form of her breasts, leaving a little uncovered area at the center of them in a way that it almost made her blush, her shoulders were bare and left her back free of any fabric in a V shape. The skirts were a vision in shades of pink and light lavender silks.

Her long white hair had been braided in several braids down her back, adorned with small white roses and lilac flowers. Wisps of loose hair fell around her face, tendrils wild and romantic-looking. Her reflection in the mirror astonished her. She felt beautiful. Desirable. Was that really her?

“You’re a beautiful sight to behold, my Lady. You’ll take the breath away from all the Lords and Knights.” Kori’s words assured, speaking incessantly about her blinding, unique beauty.

She was ready to attend the grand tournament. If Damian wanted to play with fire, both could play it.

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‘A Little Adjustment’                                          a damirae fanfic 


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“Aw man how much longer till lunch I’m starving.” Jon groaned impatiently, leaning against his chair, acting as if the hunger was going to end him right then and there. 

“Relax. We only have half an hour.” Damian didn’t even lift his head away from the textbook he was reading, the study of hidden techniques of the katana, Of course, the academy would never actually have this in their library so he had to take a part in bringing his own interests from home. Even though he knows every little thing there is to know about his sword, it was the only thing that interested him while passing time during his study hall. 

“Hey look, that transfer is in our class.” Jon leaned in across the table nudging his head to where a young girl sat on the couch displayed across from them, “I heard her name is Rachel. Some people have been talking about her already. They say she gives off like a bad vibe or a scary one, something like that. I mean she does look rather anti-social” he paused, thinking. “Just like you! You should talk to her.” 

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