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emmesse96reborn · 2 days ago
Today I was talking with a friend of mine about the Ravenclaw common room and what would happen every time any of those 17 yo teenagers came back to the dorm drunk, completely wasted or you know- eeeeee not sober in any sense
Cause the door would still ask its questions
We came up with two scenarios
Tumblr media
Solution n 1
Tumblr media
Or even better solution number 2
Tumblr media
I live for those deep queries
And this is why there’s no 7th year Ravenclaw is present on a Monday morning lesson
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Ravenclaw: Look, I'm glad we're all on the same page.
Ravenclaw: But it’s the last page in a book titled “We’re all going to die”.
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thebeautyofsadness · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when Hozier said "Oh, your love is sunlight" except I am only truly myself when the moon comes out. I long for the warmth and light that comes with sunlight but when the time comes, I cower back into the cold and the dark. The sunlight reaches for me but it only leaves burns on my skin. I was not made for your sunlight but there is nothing I could ever want more.
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hogwartshousefriends · 2 days ago
Ravenclaw: This is worse than when you punched through that vending machine.
Slytherin: I didn’t pay for that candy to get stuck on the coil.
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Slytherin: Would letting someone win at chess be sapiosexual bottoming?
Hufflepuff: Will anyone in this godforsaken group learn the skill "think before you speak?"
Ravenclaw: Actually it might be
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Okay, guys, I’ve decided to found a gang.
We are the Beautiful Ghosts.
No, you don’t have to be pretty to join.
Join if …
… you are more song lyrics and book quotes than an actual person.
… and 90% of your personality is stolen from book or TV show characters.
… you feel alone and misunderstood.
… all you ever wanted was to be wanted.
… you are a kind and soft person but you have (darkish) gray morals.
… you have to make up fake scenarios in your head to get through the day.
… you hear this voice in your head that screams that everyone hates you and you’ll never be good enough.
You are not alone! We need you now! Let’s unite!
Write your name or however you want to be called in the comments if you want to join and reblog.
If you don’t want to join please reblog as well so that we can find our lost brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings around the globe.
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Tumblr media
RAVENCLAW: "Variety, individuality, peculiarity, eccentricity and indeed crankiness are agreeable to the British mind; they make life more interesting." –Dorothy L. Sayers (Unpopular Opinions)
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Gryffindor: Slyth’s got a point, we are always together, It wouldn't kill us to meet some new people.
Ravenclaw: Uh, for the record, it could kill us to meet new people. They could be murderers, or the carriers of unusual pathogens or really fucking clumsy.
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cassandranauvall · 2 days ago
Favorite ship dynamic ???
Character A who is prickly and stubborn and guarded and makes themselves hard to love and Character B who took one look at that bastard and was like Regrettably, That One. That's the one I want.
— AR
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accio-hogwarts-bullshit · 16 hours ago
Ravenclaw: You know the sound a fork makes in a garbage disposal?
Hufflepuff: *nods encouragingly*
Ravenclaw: That is the sound my brain makes all the time.
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is-the-owl-vid-cute · 2 months ago
This is your unfriendly reminder that you cannot ethically participate in the Harry Potter, fantastic beasts, or any other fandom based on the works of jkr.
You can’t “Miku wrote this” out of this one, and I am going to start blocking people for having hufflepuff or whatever in their bio when I see it or having any icon related to the works of jkr.
She’s a horrible excuse for a human being and I hope she rots soon from all the hate in her heart.
You cannot ethically partake in fandom of works by an author who uses her popularity and money earned from said work to lobby against trans rights to the point the UK has disproportionately high rates of transphobia in both social and legal standing because of her. Her influence has also reached American legislature as lawmakers have cited her and groups she is a part of.
You cannot ethically consume media where the bankers are one of the most disgusting caricatures of Jewish people I have ever seen in my life.
You cannot ethically consume media that appropriates and twists Native American culture.
You cannot ethically consume media made by a woman who believes “biological sex” determines your worth as a human being and character as a person in terms of trustworthiness as kindness. This line of thinking is distressingly parallel to white supremacy doctrine and pseudoscience touted by eugenicists, and even on its own it’s highly intersexist, transphobic, and if I may be so bold, misogynistic.
You cannot ethically consume media from a woman who uses her social media following as a weapon against anyone who speaks against her and threatens legal action for someone highlighting a troubling implication of one of her statements instead of addressing it like an adult. Not to mention the fact she posts pictures of any threats/hate she gets and posts it as “proof” that trans activists are inherently evil, deranged, and a danger to women.
And if we want to tie this back to my blog theme, you cannot ethically consume media that has caused an unimaginable spike in the exotic pet trade of owls on a global scale, which is objectively harmful and dangerous to both the animal and moron who bought it. You cannot imagine the amount of snowy owls, one of the most difficult to keep owl species due to their high-stress nature, that are kept as pets, or suffered traumatic injury and rushed into educational programs without consideration of their suitability as an ambassador animal explicitly because Harry Potter events are profitable and owls grab public attention better than hawks primarily because of Harry Potter.
She is a terrible, miserable person, and since this is tumblr and not Twitter, I can happily say I hope she gets hit by the down with cis bus.
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hogwartshousefriends · 2 days ago
Ravenclaw: I am a hot, smart woman with an ass that doesn’t quit.
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babyanimalgifs · 4 months ago
Young Raven landed on our deck today and has decided to stay. He is insanely friendly. 
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