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Okay, let’s talk about the first fictional man to steal my heart: Draco Malfoy.

So, the other night I was watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with my mom and when Draco kicked Harry in the face on the Hogwarts Express she asked why I liked him…my only answer was that “he didn’t choose this life for himself, so there has to be something hidden there that Rowling decided not to show us.

But, having since read Deathly Hallows I think she did show us: she showed us Draco’s truth with his friends and the reality of his situation within the ties of everything. 

Throughout the series, we as the readers accept Crabbe and Goyle as two mindless goons that he keeps in tow because of their families blood-status. But in the Room of Requirement we see Crabbe stand up against Draco’s intentions and discredit him. Because the Malfoy’s have fallen out of favor with Voldemort there is no standing for Crabbe to offer respect to him. Okay, and if Draco didn’t care about the two individuals he was constantly frustrated by, why did he still manage to save the unconscious Goyle and mourn the death of Crabbe after all is said and done.  He still cared about his friends who followed him around for six (probably seven because he went back to Hogwarts and was only home due to the holidays until the Malfoys were punished) years. He had a heart for them, even if he never truly showed it throughout the series. 

Draco deserves so much more than what J.K. Rowling gave him, because a bully is only a bully if they were also bullied (*cough* Lucius *cough*). Which is why I truly love a good Draco fanfiction

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I got Ravenclaw makeup from @my-many-artifacts for Christmas! This look went wrong in so many ways but I still ended up liking it

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What coming will come and we’ll face it when it does

Rubius Hagrid

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Ron *after shower* : Hermione, what is that shampoo you use? It made my hair so soft.

Hermione : Which bottle, darling?

Ron : The red one on the bottom shelf. Smells great-


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Why Harry never let Ginny cook?!?!?!

Harry *on the phone* : Babe, do you remember the cake you made for me yesterday ?

Ginny : Yes…

Harry : What was in it?

Ginny : It’s a secret ingredient, I can’t reveal!!


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How is Heat Working?

Slytherin: Gryf?

Gryffindor: Sly

Slytherin: if I’m always cold…wouldn’t that mean I’m always a warmer temperature than what is around me? If it is cold and I’m cold naturally, then shouldn’t it feel like my normal temperature?

Gryffindor: Sly-

Slytherin: also, how can the temperature make me feel colder than it? It should only feel cold till I become that temperature. Ice doesn’t get colder than the freezer. Boiling water doesn’t get hotter than the fire heating it. Why can I get colder than the temperature around me? That doesn’t make any sense!

Gryffindor: right but-

Slytherin: or you! You always are warm so the temperature should feel freezing to you since you are warmer than it by a lot and it has a huge temperature difference but you don’t even mind it! It’s not fair

Gryffindor: you are not fair

Slytherin: *looks to Gryffindor with a raised eyebrow* excuse me?

Gryffindor: ….

Slytherin: ….Gryf?

Gryffindor: you literally need to pause and breath. I have no idea…. we should ask Ravenclaw

Slytherin: …. why didn’t I do that in the first place?

Gryffindor: because you aren’t smart

Slytherin: …. yeah, fair enough

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When you grow up watching things like Chronicals of Narnia and Harry Potter the only thing you get sad about is the story ending but as you get older it’s so much deeper. Like they’re growing up and can’t be a kid anymore. I never realized really how real the stories are. Like as a child all you want to do is grow up so fast that you sometimes miss all of the adventures. I’m going to live as long as I can and adventure and never let the child inside of me go. You need to charish what you have while you have because it’ll be gone before you know. Like the stories end because they can’t keep being a kid. Like all of the imagination goes when you grow up. And I don’t want that. For as long as I can I’m going to laugh and cry and scream and run and dance as much and I can and I encourage you all to do the same. Childhood sadly doesn’t last forever. As much as I wish I could ignore it. So I’m going to go sing and dance and live and adventure for as long as I can. I need to make some memories.

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Tomorrow is National Hat Day so who else would we think of but the Sorting Hat? …And maybe the lime green bowler hat. Join the Hogwarts Discord at

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The other day my friend asks me why I love Gryffindor so much when I’m clearly a Ravenclaw and first of all ✨awe✨ she overestimated my intelligence. But can we just talk about the fact you have to answer a riddle to get into the dorms? Put aside my pudding for brains for a second and let’s ask ourselves what the fuck am I supposed to do if I’m running for my life and need to get into the dorms. Unable to answer the riddle and becoming increasingly frustrated I’ll set fire to the school and take as many people down with me as I possibly can

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it's gonna be dangerous
* not looking up from their book * good for you
you aren't gonna stop me ?
nope .
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They don’t want to sound to desperate so they give out hints, but everyone knows. 

Gryff: “I don’t understand geometry… are you good at math?”

Raven: “Geometry is so easy and I’m actually so good at it and it only takes me like five seconds to do a problem.”


Raven: “I basically taught my teacher how to do proofs.” 

Gryff: “So do you know anyone who could tutor me?” 

Raven: “I mean… you’re not going to find anyone as good at math as me.” 

Gryff: “Could you tutor me?”

Raven: *internally cheering* “Yeah, I mean, if you really want me to…” 

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Working hard is important but there is something that matters more: believing in yourself

Harry Potter

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Ravenclaw crew💙 (¾)

[ravenclaws are known by their intelligence, learning, wisdom and wit]

anyways, I liked how this turned out, we have boomer, mike, brat and princess in ravenclaw now :) dont judge me

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Humming bird patronus protect those with fierce yet free spirits. We’re very quick and you’ll never see them coming- literally and firgurivily. We relish life and love the small things that bring us joy. We’re often under estimated even though we could kick ass. Although not the coolest looking I love my patronus!

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