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#ravenpuff writes

Now that I’m finally getting around to editing and reposting my various Fahc fics, I wanted to make this post just to explain what I plan to do moving forward (Instead of having to do this over and over).  Bear with me, as this is going to get a bit long as I feel like there is a lot I need to say.

I want to say firstly that, going forward, I am still going to be using the Vagabond in my fics.

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trying to find a gender neutral term I like for boyfriend/girlfriend is hard.

Like I know there’s partner, but I don’t particularly like that. And S.O./Significant Other is good but it’s also long.

I thought about maybe just shortening it to “his others” but I dislike that also.

I think soulmate works in certain contexts, but I write so many actual soulmark series idk if I want to use it

Maybe heartmate?

I think before I’ve had a character just call his SO’s “my heart”. So I could see that.

Heartmate is cute…

But I don’t know.

I know a lot of words exist but none I can think of vibe with me.

But if anyone has suggestions please lmk.

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Can’t sleep

But hey

I can finishing editing the first of my fics that need to be done. Think just for my own joy I am going to be also making Gavin and Jeremy nb here because why the fuck not.

I still… am not fully sure if I want to repost or just edit the existing fic. Maybe by the time I finish I’ll know what’s right

I feel like it’s important to add the first fic I decided to go back to edit was my Christmas fic because one, it was probably one of the easiest, but also I’m fucking ready for the holidays and enjoy the idea of posting a Christmas fic in the middle/end of October.

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Trying to decide if I should fully take down stories and upload them again to scrub him from my content, or just edit the current story up on ao3 and change the tags and just do it that way.

I don’t want to loose the comments on one hand but also some of them definitely mention his name

And the Vagabond was never him but I did use his name before and I don’t want anyone to think there’s still a connection there, that I’m like in any way on that fucking asshole’s side because I’m not

Ah what to do what to do.

These are the questions that plague me and keep me awake when I should be sleeping

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Well, that’s one chapter edited. One of many.

But hey, it’s a start.

Still fucking love the name “Logan Theodore Ipomoea Alexander Flynn”. I cannot wait to get to break the full version out.

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Things that are making me laugh tonight, whilst my hands are being a pain, is thinking about Bucky and Peter teaming up to confuse the fuck out of Steve with memes.

This will probably be a longer fic at some point but:

Peter: “Dad, is that a weed?”

Steve: “This is a pencil-“

Peter: “I’m calling the police!”

Peter: *quickly arranges the numbers 9-1-1 on Bucky’s arm.*

Bucky: “911 what’s your emergency?”

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God I love coming up with long ass names for my characters. The Vagabond now officially has a name that is, to quote Geoff “As long and stupid as your hair is.”

His name is Logan Theodore Ipomoea Alexander Flynn.

Better known to friends as Lo or Loganberry (or sometimes, just Berry), or V.

Or if you’re Jeremy or Gavin, better known as Teddy.

Or Morning Glory to Gav.

Jeremy and the twins (his brothers) also call him LoLo.

As I find the time, I’m going to be working general backstories and such for all of the Fakes. All stories going forward will be written based on these characters, although some small facts may change for au’s (Such as currently, there are slight differences for my Family Soulmate au from what I consider to be the “canon” of the Vagabond’s story), but it should still hold the shape of the character.

As for old stories, for on going series updates will be made but beyond that, I am not sure how much I will go back and change. I might have the energy for it in time but I currently do not.

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Currently going though my ocs that I haven’t really got a chance to use to see if any of them might fit as the new Vagabond. I have a few options, although various aus may shift the background slightly (Like in the family soulmate au, where the Vagabond is an orphan, or in my chat fic which will likely be the only one where the twins are not the canon little brothers of the Vagabond)

So rn I’m considering using:

Theodore Elias Fredrick Lee III, who has the world’s most ridiculous name because he was born to a rich and (on his dad’s side) some amount of royalty connected family. (also I’m always looking to throw more names at him so if you have some that might fit hmu). I like Theo because he has a variety of names you could call him: Teddy, Theo, Dora, Lias, Mr. Rich and Fancy, etc. Plus a criminal with a bunch of names? Hilarious to me.

There’s also Alex Hayes, who I’m fond of as he was raised by a single father who he loved dearly, even though they hardly ever saw eye to eye in the fact they were very different people. Alex came out as trans at a young age, and while his dad always supported him and was willing to fight anyone who went against his son, well Alex was always more into fashion and musical theater than he was into the sports and cars his dad loved.

Connor James is a particularly intriguing option, because Connor grew up with parents who had once been apart of a life of crime themselves. When Connor was born they decided to leave that life to protect their son, and never told him about it until he was 16 and the life started to catch up with them. They did teach him though a variety of self defense skills, how to shoot a gun, everything he would need to know to protect himself after they were gone.

My final option is Mason Taylor. An artist from a family of old money, who always had too much pressure from xyr parents to always be the best, to always do better. He grew up being told he would take over the family company one day, but that’s the last thing xe wanted. Xe wanted to paint. It was what he was good at. Especially landscape photos, drawing animals and plants was his passion.

I would love to hear opinions on who seems to be the best fit for the Fakes. Obviously I would extend the story line for the chosen character and add in the twins as well. I might also use some of these backgrounds and last names as inspiration for the rest of the Fakes, who I will be changing just a bit to distance them fully from those who inspired them, as I want it to be clear these were never supposed to be AH so much as inspired by them and the community.

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I’m still thinking about my oc’s.

Chalius, the twins,

Fucking Theo and Logan and their platonic marriage, and the fact Theo will sing love songs to Logan while his girlfriend is sitting in the same room.

I just

I love all of them, all… 15? 16? (I’ve lost track) of them.

I really should get back to that story.

At some point.

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Anyways I’ve been thinking a lot about my ocs today, particularly Charlie and Julius.

And I just,,, fucking love them. The feral science bros. Chalius. Robin and Bear.

They’re so,,, wholesome? Like everything about them is so good and they’re easily my favorite characters I have ever made.

And I just think about them all the time. The way they grew up together, how Charlie became Julius’s friend way back in preschool and they became bonded from the moment they met.

The way Charlie was like Julius’s only family because his parents fought so much. His dad only ever talked to him to tell him he was working hard enough, needed to practice more. His mom was hardly ever around, and when she gave him little attention unless it was specifically to rule up his father.

How Charlie made a game out of chasing off Julius’s teachers for piano, vilion, singing. How Charlie would stay until he was forced home so Julius could use him as an excuse for not doing work, say “Sorry, Charlie was bugging me again.” As if he didn’t love having him there.

How the two were practically inseparable, even in school. Best friends and everyone knew it.

Until Julius’s parents got a divorce and overnight he was swept away by his dad without ever getting to say goodbye.

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Every time someone brings up what happens I just feel exhausted.

Emotionally… just drained.

I feel like in a few months maybe I’ll look back and process this shit but right, personally, I just want to move on and forget.

I may be keeping the character of the Vagabond but I have not and I will not ever defend anything that he has done. But the character? Belongs to me.

I might change up the first name as well as the last in future fics. I’ll be certainly changing last names and building up separate stories a bit for each of the fakes, because as I’ve said before they were never AH, only inspired by them.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back and edit old fics. Possibly in time I’ll do some of them (With my chat fic probably taking priority as that is the one I am most invested in continuing).

But just to be clear the Vagabond I write? He’s *mine*.

The Fakes belong to the community and they always have.

I feel like I’ve said this a lot, but I’m just very exhausted over the entire thing and I just kind of want it to be clear where I stand in all of this.

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Current Mood: I’m stuffing the Fakes into a bag and running off. These are mine now.

I’m going to be separating them from AH as whole. I don’t know exactly what that entails yet (because truly in my head they have always been separate. I’ve said before and I’ve said again, the community introduced me to Fahc, and I was immersed in the community’s version of them months before I ever watched AH play GTA and saw kind of them as a slight version of the characters. Everything about them, save a few references and of course the names, were inspired by the community).

I will be keeping the Vagabond in my stories. I will probably be changing some last names and small details (and maybe some chat names in my chat fic au although that will probably take me a bit, I’m not the best when it comes to names).

I probably won’t… I don’t know exactly right now what my tagging should or will look like. I obviously won’t use the full name tags anymore, but possibly will continue to use the fahc ones depending. I’m kind of looking to the community for guidance here.

But I am not giving up on these stories or these characters. Finding them on ao3 might be the hardest though because I am going to stop tagging them I think in the way I have. So if you want to keep up, make sure you’re subscribed to the series.

And if you don’t want to see that content? Well you might as well leave. Or I’ll try to come up with a tag you can block that will allow you to not see it.

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Oh wait

I just remembered the teenage delinquent Larry au.

Y’all I love that au because it’s just Larry being forced to work at the museum as community service, the night guards going “Don’t open the pharaohs tomb, he’s evil.” And Larry going “Cool so I’m going to open it” the moment he’s left alone.

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I don’t know what I’m going to do with my content yet.

I feel like I need to take some time off to think about it.

I want to keep writing Vagabond content. My feelings about Ryan aside, The Vagabond was always a character for me. Most of what I base the Vagabond is what the fandom made, and that goes with all of the Fake AH Crew.


I don’t want to make decisions when this is still all so new. I take a long time to process things.

I put three years of my life into some of these aus. and some of them have some of the content I’m proudest of writing (The chat fic au is one of my favorites. I love my family soulmarks idea).

But again, I need time to process.

And if anyone has feeling they’re willing to express *respectfully* on this, I’m happy to hear them.

Just to be clear though, fuck the people who fueled all this out of hate and spite and are finding joy in what has happened. Or think they’ve done a good thing.

Whatever the fuck happened, it was no one business but Ryan and his family’s. So fuck y’all for spreading it across the internet.

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I promise I’ll stop posting about this. I just don’t know what else to do.

“Must Have Done Something Right”, the au, means the fucking world to me. As far as aro projection goes, I have never done more than in that fic.

Fuck it

I have projected so fucking much on the Vagabond period. Every single fucking au that I have

Some of them are three fucking years in the making of content.

And what the fuck am I supposed to do with that now?

I needed that outlet. I need this character who has given me the chance to express things I’m too scared to otherwise.

And what, I’m just supposed to give that up now?

I fucking separated cast from characters a long long time ago in my head. Because that’s the only way I could write them. He created the idea of the Vagabond but this fandom fucking built it up and now Im supposed to abandon that?

I’m so-

In the time I needed the Vagabond most

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Every time I think about Peter and Daisy it just makes me so happy.

Just 8-year-old Peter with a dog as big as him, that follows him everywhere, is very protective, but she technically belongs to Steve don’t worry Tony they didn’t get a dog behind your back.

And Peter gives her a cape sometimes and puts on his own mismatch of hero pieces and they run around as the Super Flower Pals, trying to fight evil and sadness and bring light to the world.

And Peter will fall asleep behind Daisy on the floor or on the couch so no one can see him

She’ll sit between him and everyone else on days he wants to be alone.

And he definitely talks to her all the time and counts her as one of his best friends and she really seems to understand him.

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Is it my sleep deprived brain

Or is Brittle Buddies actually a good name for the Gavin, Ryan, and Jeremy team?

Because apparently officially it’s Team Squad, which is stupid and funny, but also impersonal and not what I was hoping for in a team name for this particular Fahc fic (my chat fic, in case anyone is interested).

And Brittle Buddies is about the best I could come up with.

I’m happily taking either opinions on the name or other suggestions. I just kind of want the three of them to have a nice name that isn’t just “Team Squad” because they’re an absolute joy to write together causing chaos.

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Oooh yeah no that’s definitely not too generic, I actually kind of love that idea for Fiona. Them all being memes would be perfect, especially if like some of the crew doesn’t understand the memes they get and Fiona has to explain only half the time she can’t get through it because she’s laughing.

Jeremy would definitely have an Uno reverse card. Idk about the others but I’m very open to suggestions (I love the idea of one of them just having lines like l ll ll l_ for loss but idk who that would fit best).

Books for Geoff could be interesting. Real books you think or just like generic books that don’t have a title but are just like aesthetically cool looking?

Although the mustache idea is also very funny.

Maybe it could be like the cool aesthetic books (so no real titles or anything) with a mustache on the front of them all?

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