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#ravens arms

And while I get the feeling the ending was kind of rushed action-wise (or maybe I just read it too fast. Maybe), I gotta say I really, REALLY, liked it.

For some reason (probably due to the edgy-gritty-shitty-everything-sucks kind of “adult” fiction that’s on fashion lately) I expected someone to turn out bad, a back-stabing bastard. Specially the adults. But no. As disfunctional as all of them were they turned out surprisingly wholesome, in their own ways. And I’m not sure I can describe how happy that makes me.

I love how the relationship between the foxes shines when they are facing the FBI agents, their steadfastness (is that a word?). They make it work.

I also love the fact that both mayor villains (three, counting Lola) end up dead, even with the looming threat of Ichirou.

I love how incredibly manipulative Neil is and that he uses this power mostly for good, to fix and bridge the gaps between his teammates, and to keep them safe. That is not an usual trait to see in a main character.

And the relationship between Neil and Andrew. I love that too. Is such an unhortodox thing. Even then, no matter if its a fling or something more serious, no matter how violent it is, or how much violence surrounds them, it’s still based in absolute trust and understanding. So many times a character’s trauma and issues are used as a way to make the relationship “dark”, to give one or both of them toxic traits they must overcome or to make one hurt the other in order to have a reconsiliation, or growth. Neil and Andrew never do that. From the very begining, before there was anything to call “something”, their relationship has been about negotiation, and respecting the terms and boundaries they set. They have to learn about each other’s pasts, and they do, but they never trespass any boundary in order to do so. They didn’t need to know the whole truth to learn where the lines were. The truth only serves to explain why is there, but every line was respected before it was explained. I would probably give my right arm to see more relationships like that, even in media that’s suposed to be all romance and fluff. Is incredible the amount of toxic bullshit that overflows from romantic, fluffy media.

And even if the action actually was rushed, at least it shortened the amount of time I had to suffer trough the pain and incertainty of it all.

10/10 would recomend (and will read again)

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ok but i love when in books at the beginning stages of a relationship where nothing is set in stone, one of the characters will try to downplay the relationship but the other is just not having that.

like andrew minyard and baz pitch really both said “there is no ‘this’” to their boyfriends who weren’t their boyfriends yet and they both turned it around and acknowledged that there is in fact a ‘this’.


can we give a round of applause to neil josten and simon snow for coming up with my favourite lines in their books!

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