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In Irish twins au, Taemin and Ravi just do not have good luck with picture day in preschool.

The first year, Taemin is so grumpy about getting his picture taken, he’s so upset, he refuses to cooperate the entire time. His hair gets all messed up and his cute little outfit that Gwiboon picked out is all crumpled and messy. But he finally managed to take a picture after his teacher had the idea of bringing Ravi to take the picture with him. Taemin still looked grumpy, but it was kind of cute seeing his pout next to Ravi’s big smile. Gwiboon and Minho hope for a better photo the next year.

But then the next year, both boys are in the last group to get their pictures taken. Their adorable outfits are beyond ruined, Taemin managed to get a black eye the night before when the boys were playing, and both of them are a little tired because it’s right before nap time. Gwiboon and Minho just sigh when they get the photos back a couple months later. “Next year,” they say.

Then it’s their last year of preschool and she put them in matching outfits, combed their hair perfectly, and dropped them off with strict instructions to try and take a nice photo. Taemin ends up spilling juice down the front of his shirt, and Ravi currently had a bad habit of making silly phases at the last second before the camera clicked. But they both looked absolutely adorable in their sibling photo, and Ravi even hugged Taemin in such a way that it hid the stain on the front of his shirt, and they had giggly smiles on their faces.

“We’ll have to send this one to your grandparents,” Gwiboon gushes to both of them when she gets the photos back. “Look at my handsome little boys.”

Minho brings a copy to work to keep on his desk, showing it off to anyone who comes to talk to him.

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In Irish twins au, Taemin and Ravi both keep their cribs until Taemin is almost three years old. Until then, Ravi had perfected the fine art of climbing out of his crib. It was what made Gwiboon and Minho realize they were definitely old enough to sleep in little toddler beds. Especially since he had started teaching Taemin how to climb out as well.

But Taemin also still hated sleeping by himself, especially if the nightlight forgot to get turned on.

“Brother,” he whines, pulling his blanket around himself tight and hugging his stuffed animals close. “Brother!”

“I’m coming, brother,” Ravi whisper-shouts, wobbily climbing out of his crib to scurry over to Taemin’s. He flops down inside, and Taemin lifts his blanket to give half of it to Ravi. Ravi cuddles next to him and pats his cheeks. “Big brother will protect you.”

“Monsters,” Taemin whines, hiding his face in Ravi’s chest. Ravi pouts at him.

“Silly baby brother,” Ravi whispers. “There’s no monsters.”

Ravi hugs him and kisses his head. Taemin falls asleep quickly once Ravi is next to him.

Come morning, Ravi is helping Taemin climb out so they can go jump on their parents’ bed to wake them up. Some mornings they just go into the living room to watch cartoons, or to the kitchen to find snacks or juice boxes.

Some nights (only if the nightlight is on), Taemin will shakily climb out of his crib to go plop himself into Ravi’s. He really just does not like sleeping by himself when he’s little. Ravi doesn’t mind at all. He thinks it makes him an even better big brother to help Taemin sleep better by keeping away the imaginary monsters.

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#Vixx8thdebutanniversary #I❤VIXX #alwaysbyyourside #loveyouall #myubgroup #6kings #kingsofconcept #N #leo #Ken #Ravi #Hongbin #Hyuk #mytreasures #st🌟rlight #family #happyanniversary #Vixx @ravithecrackkidz @hsh0705 @leo_jungtw @hongbiiiiin_93 @achahakyeon @keken_0406

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VIXX 8th Anniversary🌟

별빛 고맙습니다.
앞으로도 잘 부탁해요💙💛

Ken’s Message: “Hello everyone I’m VIXX cutie main vocal ken. Finally, it’s VIXX’s 8th anniversary. I would want to thank our family, babies, members, our company jellyfish staff, and CEO. It’s the 8th anniversary, though there’s 7th anni and 6th anni and I’m thankful for it, because it’s the 8th anni, so I want to say my heartfelt words, I’m really really thankful and I love you. My album has been released, it’s called "greeting” and the title track is “Just a moment”. Hope you will like it. I miss you so much my babies and our members, I’m really thankful"    

Ravi’s message: “Hello, I’m Ravi Finally, on 24th May, it’s (our) 8th anni! During this period, there were lots of good moments and also difficult moments, thank you for always being my side making it more wonderful and brighter. Now I really want to meet everyone on stage and spend time with you. after this period, I hope we can spend more time together. I’m really thankful for being with me for these 8 years, in the future, for a longer time, I hope we will be together. thank you”

Hyuk’s message: “Hello everyone, I’m VIXX maknae hyuk! It’s already VIXX… no, without knowing, it’s (our) 8th anni. Congrats for VIXX 8th anni Truthfully, recently there were times that is difficult and hard, and you might be feeling sad, which I can understand that. But because like in the past, now or even in the future, if there’s VIXX by starlights side, starlights by VIXX’s side, I believe this would give starlights strength and overcome it. I hope the time we could make good memories again will come soon. Once again, I want to sincerely congratulate on (our) 8th anniversary, thank you so much (for your effort). In the future, please do take care of me well too”

trans cr. @kimjyans

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Today, I won’t be celebrating VIXX’s debut anniversary this year because…Is it just me that I am tired of useless negativity for too early and too late? This is why I filter tags (Sometimes temporary, sometimes not). And also, I didn’t get enough sleep every night that I kept taken naps. To be honest, I’ll be grouchy if I cannot sleep well so that is why I kept ignoring every useless negativity. It’s not worth it.

I am sorry but I don’t wanna hurt everyone’s feelings. I just don’t want upcoming heartbreaking moments please. It’s just..I was too afraid of leaving someone forever. 😔

I am going to logout for a day and login again for the celebration of EXO Baekhyun’s first solo comeback and then, taking a break for a couple of days or weeks. The useless negativity is all over my head and I want to delete it forever like this.


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There is a hermit, on an island in the frozen north, who knows where to find an Elder Scroll. On a calm and clear morning, after buttered oats and coffee, the Dragonborn and her guide lace up their snowshoes and cross the cold to find him.

The Dragonborn trudges ahead, tall and tireless, doing the arduous work of breaking trail downhill. The Archmage of Winterhold stumps along a few paces behind; he’s had more practice with the snowshoes, but he’s older and stiffer than his companion, and one of his legs doesn’t bend as readily as it should. He winces, sometimes, when his staff sinks too deep into the snow. 

The Dragonborn’s forgotten his name. It was something Dunmeri, she thinks, something ash-tongued and tricky that had sounded like rattle, or ravel—

“You can see Azura’s shrine from here,” says the Archmage. “Above the ridge. Look there.”

The Dragonborn looks. The sun is bright as spellfire on the snow, and she has to squint to see—but there it is, a statue, on one of the distant crags that nip the sky like teeth. It’s a likeness of a woman, grim and proud, carving the clouds with what looks like a sickle. 

With a wry smile, the Archmage says, “Beautiful, isn’t it.”

“Evil things often are,” the Dragonborn agrees. 

In the silence that follows, the crunch of her snowshoes is uncomfortably loud.

A slow, mortified understanding dawns on the Dragonborn’s face. She closes her eyes with a wince. “You worship Azura.”

“I worship Azura,” says the Archmage.

The Dragonborn contemplates rolling herself down the hill.

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“I love you, you’re my everything to me

Even after ten years, it’ll be like only one day has passed

I won’t change, I’ll make your heart race every day

I promise you, my love” — VIXX - Thank You For My Love

This 8 year feels like miracle to us. Thank you so much for all the hard work. Thank you very much for always make us, Starlight, happy in this past 8 year. We’ll wait for you and let’s always take care and love of each other ♡


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