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#raw truth

To day was a total and utter wast of of what little patience I may have left. I can literally feel the line about to snap into several pieces. Saying I came close to Losing it would be understatement and there I sat in the bar surrounded by tools drowning what ever problem they may have or battling the daily insecurity’s civilization has brought to our doorsteps. Born dying and barely making a living all so controlled yet crazy all at once. It wares a person down to the most basic of emotions eats away at what progress they struggled day and night for. I wonder if I’ll ever understand the meaning of this. This path we reach for but never grasp it tears at my soul mixing and matching what ever it wants. Playing me for a fool and a idiot like a fiddle. I trip but reach out trying to make it in time but the fall doesn’t end and that’s life it’s all a moment nothing more every moment it’s self and nothing else beyond or behind they’re not important because if you look away from this moment you could miss the best parts of this wild ride of a story that has everyone on the edge of there seats. You’re born dying while trying to Live and that story in entirety is life The end of it is death

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