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A brilliant way to wear a Union Jack during My Chemical Romance’s performance December 2, 2011 at London Wembley Arena in Wembley, London.

The concert is part of The World Contamination Tour to promote the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.’

[photo credit; emma webb]

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 I feel like Burn Bright by MCR is a serious Gen Z mood, especially right now during 2020. 

The world is burning for a lot of us, (talking about America but could very much be applied to other countries), what with the seriously shit police brutality, the pandemic, the shitty economy, etc. Yet we still stand tall. Gen Z right now are the ones that are taking the shit, we stand tall even when we can’t keep going because we know that the adults that came before us couldn’t get their act together.

We have no fucking will to keep going sometimes, yet, we fight for others. 

“So give me all you’ve got
I can take it
We walked alone in your city lights
Did you make it?
We lit the fire and it’s burning bright”

We’re constantly taking the worst; living through an era of a shitty and hate filled president; school shootings; environmental damages; police brutality; discrimination, yet we take it, and we walk alone. 

They made it, and we’re just burning it down.

“We stole the fire
And it’s burning bright”

But now it’s our turn, and we’ve stole the fire, and we’re gonna make those people pay.

“They always told me that
“You never get to heaven”
With a love like yours”

Also once again a throwback to the LGBTQ+ community because this is what it can be like living with (A.) religious parents (who are hateful), (B.) in the South were things are usually more conservative.

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also happy late birthday to The Black Parade you’re such a beautiful album mwah happy 14th <3


all i do is take moving pics of orange trees when i go skating so here ;)

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