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December 6, 2020


I just really like him,,, so i made a messy lil portrait

Fun fact: I decided to go to infinite and beyond with the canvas size so both of these pictures weigh nearly 20MB each-

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(I know. I have to get on a computer to enable that apparently. I’ll do it soon)

Absolutely. He may act all stone like and I don’t care, but you can’t not notice the way his eyes light up when anyone gifts him anything, not limited but also including plushies.

If you want to pick one out for him, I can help. It’ll be our little secret ;)

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Lets stop making fun of the different versions of Cancer by MCR !!

My Chemical Romance’s original version IS SAD BUT BEAUTIFUL.

Clem Turner’s mashup of Cancer x As The World Caves in IS ASTOUNDING.

Twenty One Pilots.

Chloe Moriondo’s cover of Cancer IS SOOTHING.

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akdkdksksk thank you ray you are so amazing

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lucy when i tell you i cackled I LOVE PUNS thank you this has made my night 💓

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So I’ve often thought about Saeran’s hair and how he would/could change it. I wanted to draw a bajillion variations on haircuts and practice different hairstyles while I was at it, but I lost steam after about this much lol. The fact that he has been bleaching and straightening his naturally wavy red hair just gives him such a potential range of looks.

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Little Family Sim Dump

So I got bored playing in my new save file & wanted to see new faces as townies walking around, so I’ve been creating new Sims for that. I made this adorable little family last & I absolutely love them haha! They’re available for download on the gallery, no custom content was used! I may or may not have accidentally forgot to put a father daughter label for Sasha & Rai (my bad I thought I did!) but it’s an easy fix in your game! Sorry about that. But yeah they come with a little bio explaining a little bit about them. I will try to build their home & upload it to the gallery as well. Enjoy!😊

Available on The Gallery!

OriginID: GrimseySims

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Brooklyn Nine Nine themed asks

yes the q’s are from the characters on the show so some are v out of context oop— (just work with it okay? u got this)


Season 4

Jake Peralta - how long did it take for you to like me?

Amy Santiago - who would wear a diaper during a test?

Rosa Diaz - who do you think used to do my pigtails?

Ray Holt -

  • a.) what’s the plan, son?
  • b.) BONE?!

Terry Jeffords - he scratched you up real bad didn’t he?

Charles Boyle - am I just a piece of meat to you?

Gina Linetti - how was I supposed to know there’d be consequences for my actions?

Scully - wait, you assume I wanna eat that turkey?

Hitchcock - right, what’s your deal? you single?

Doug Judy - is it a crime to steal bread to feed your family?

Kevin Cozner - do I have to teach you high school statistics?

Adrian Pimento - what rhymes with juicy heinie?


Season 1 || Season 2 || Season 3 || 5 || 6 || 7

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