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#raya and the last dragon

Disney said ✨biceps✨

Also if you look at their proportions, it’s safe to say that Raya is quite tall (or at least taller than Moana)

One step closer to having a muscular Disney princess 😭😭

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As someone who just can’t wait for Raya and The Last Dragon…

I must say that the March 2021 release date and the song used in the trailer is kinda timely considering that:

  • March is the founding month of the Philippines and it would be 500 years since the country’s discovery in 1521.
  • The trailer song is titled “Start A Riot” (by BEGINNERS and Night Panda, btw) and there’s currently a protest going on in Thailand against their prime minister and the monarchy.

Is it coincidence? I. THINK. NOT!

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