moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Raya, yawning: my crush is dating such an idiot
Sisu, confused: y-your crush is Namaari. You’re dating. The idiot is you????
Raya: I know what I said Sisu
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theartofmelyy · 2 days ago
Hummm... she may look badass, but i'm hundred percent sure she enjoy love songs.
Tumblr media
Lil situation :
Raya : *walks and drink her bubble tea like a fish cause it's summer*
No one :
Namaari : *looks at raya and is listening to Dua Lipa "Love Again"* damn.
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princessrayaofheart · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Since it’s still pride month, I just want to greet a happy pride month to the ship of Raya and Namaari
My favorite ship, I love them
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rayaari-my-beloved · 2 days ago
So once Raya and Namaari get married, does that mean Namaari also becomes the protector of the dragon's gem? And if so, she would probably be losing it and nerding out because of it; so much that Raya teases her and is like "I think you are more excited about this than our wedding".
But Namaari seriously is so happy about it, that after she is named the protector she just loses it and starts crying.
Now, i have no idea if this would be after the wedding ceremony or just any other day. So if it is on the same, poor Namaari she will be so dehydrated because she wouldn't stop crying all day.
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adorascake · a day ago
can we have some sleepy kisses and some pillow talk for rayaari? we need more soft moments for these two ✨
I think this is from the touch ask game so ill include the link lol. just a short one, so it won't go on my ao3. 14+, please. enjoy<3
touch asks
Raya’s heart was full.
She knew that was sappy and something only people in love talked about, but she had become a sappy person in love.
Lying on her back in bed, Raya had a full view of her bedchambers, darkened by the night but still visible from the light of the moon. Yet, she only had eyes for the woman curled around her, face resting against Raya’s bare chest and moving with every breath Raya took. Her dark hair, undone from its braid, spilled over onto Raya’s tan skin, curling and molding against Raya’s breasts and sternum. Her eyes were hazy, carrying a fading lust that left tiredness in its wake, and her fingers slowly traced the scars along Raya’s stomach and sides, long and perfectly manicured nails skimming down to her thighs and tracing stretch marks on top of the scars.
It was a warm night, and they were both coated in a thin layer of drying sweat from multiple rounds of lovemaking, so the blankets had been discarded, kicked to the foot of Raya’s bed in a crumpled pile. Raya would pull them up eventually, as she always got cold while sleeping, but for now, she was content with watching Namaari’s quiet display of devotion to her body, as though she didn’t already have it memorized after over two years together.
Raya was also more than happy to take in Namaari’s post-sex state, the sweat along her arms and the strong curving muscles of her back, the flush on her cheeks and the bottomless black sea of her eyes, brown beneath the sunlight but impossibly dark and pretty in the night. 
With a pleased sigh, Raya shifted to lie a little more on her side, rather than her back, so she could properly face her partner. Namaari still rested in the crook of her neck, but didn’t protest the change in positions. In fact, her eyes lit up, greedily roaming down the expanse of Raya’s body, covered in love bites of her own doing.
Raya brought her hand up to run through Namaari’s loose locks, usually so poised and put together but messy now between Raya’s fingers. She hooked her ankle around Namaari's, bringing her thigh up to rest over Namaari’s leg.
“What if I just never let you go?” Raya mused softly, the only sound in the room. Letting go was the last thing she wanted to do. Part of her prayed the morning would never come, because with the morning came duties, responsibilities, and most of all, having to remove herself from her lover’s embrace. Morning ended the magic that surrounded the night, where they could do as they pleased without fear of being interrupted, where they could drop their masks and be their authentic selves with one another, where it seemed like time was nothing more than a nonexistent construct.
They only had a few days with each other, with Namaari visiting Heart after them not seeing each other for over a month due to busy schedules, and Raya intended to make the most of it. A long distance relationship was hard enough, but one with another princess was nearly impossible. Somehow, Raya and Namaari beat the odds, but they still struggled when apart.
Namaari hummed, a gentle smile painting her lips. “You know, if we were married, we wouldn’t have to be apart as much. In fact, we would be together more often than apart.”
Raya chuckled. “That would work out perfectly for you because then you could finally get all those desperate of-age Fang people off your very sexy back. The most suitable woman in the world, off the market.”
“You think my back is sexy?” Namaari asked, squeezing Raya’s hip gently. It wasn’t a genuine question and they both knew it.
Raya pulled her hand out of her hair to flick her nose lightly and reach down for the hand at her hip to lace their fingers together. “Don’t be cocky.”
“I wasn’t,” Namaari retorted, though mischief twinkled in her eyes. “Anyways, you’re one to talk. How else am I supposed to make the Heart princess all mine, with suitors practically lined up all the way to the bridge ready to win your hand.”
Raya scoffed and pulled their bodies closer together, feeling Namaari’s soft skin press against hers. “You’ve already beat them,” she argued, though her voice wasn’t much higher than a murmur. “There was never even a competition. I’ve been yours since the first day we met.”
“And I’ve been yours since then, too.” Namaari tilted her head up to brush their foreheads together. Raya’s eyes fluttered close as they kissed, sweet and short but full of love.
Marriage wasn’t a new topic for them. They had been talking about it for roughly seven months now as their relationship grew more serious and solid, and while they both agreed they wanted to get married one day, they were in no rush. They were only twenty one, and neither of their parents would be stepping down from chief anytime soon, so there was little pressure to tie the knot (aside from the persistent elders, who Raya tended to ignore).
“You know I love you and plan on making you my wife eventually,” Raya said once they parted, keeping their foreheads together. “Not now, but…soon. I want to enjoy every moment with you as much as possible. One step at a time.” After six years of running, Raya wanted nothing more than for her life to move slowly so she could take it all in, rather than have it pass by her in a blur while she evaded some threat.
“Your pace is my pace, my love.” Namaari kissed her jaw as she played with Raya’s fingers. “Whenever you’re ready, I am.”
Raya’s breath hitched. Despite their countless serious discussions about their future, it still never ceased to amaze her how all-in Namaari was, how she was ready to drop everything to marry Raya the second Raya was ready because she was that in love with her and had no reservations.
Tilting her head back in, Raya pressed another kiss to Namaari’s lips, this one open-mouthed and warm as their breaths mingled together with each exhale. Those simple words were enough to make Raya fall in love with this amazing woman all over again, except even harder this time.
Their kisses turned sleepy, the exhaustion from the day and from their evening activities catching up to them. Raya’s limbs grew heavy, her eyes tired. They pulled apart, Namaari stroking Raya’s cheek with her thumb.
“One day,” Raya murmured, lips brushing against Namaari’s. “Very soon.”
“And when that day comes, I’ll propose.”
The corner of Raya’s lip curled up. “Not if I beat you to it, Dep la.”
Namaari met her eyes, something flashing in her own that made Raya’s stomach flutter with excitement. “Challenge accepted.”
They talked about their future wedding after that, how big it would be, what traditions they would keep from their lands, where they would travel as newlyweds after the wedding before settling back into their royal duties, and more, until words became too hard to form in their mouths and their eyes were too heavy to keep open.
Raya brought her blankets back up to the top of the bed and covered herself and her lover with them before settling back down and wrapping herself around Namaari until their bodies were practically one.
As she drifted off into sleep, she thought, yes, her heart was indeed full.
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shy-peacock · 49 minutes ago
I made a thing and I absolutely hate tumblr and trying to link things so good luck if the link actually worked 🥲
Prompt/Chapter 29: Running Up That Hill
Rated M for my THATS a lot of angst
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anniex5down · 23 hours ago
I just reached #13 of RATLD WIPs.
After having a stroke last month, I legit thought I wouldn't be able to write because I struggled so hard with coming up with words. But I am absolutely happy with #13.
I am using it as a challenge for a slow burn 👏 it's modern, Namaari took over as head of her mom's company after she graduated. Raya is two years younger and just recently graduated high school. They grew up across the street from each other as bffs 🥺
I don't wanna share too much but-
Tumblr media
I have NO idea what subject Raya is pursuing but 🤷‍♀️ we'll figure it out. Maybe on old stuff... what's that called?? 🤔
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angelltheninth · 3 days ago
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Pairing: Raya x Namaari
Tags: smut, nsfw, post-canon, arranged marriage, cunnilingus, fingering, face sitting, nipple licking, first time, awkward conversations
Word count: 3.9k
A/N: This was so much fun and ended up way longer then I thought it could be and with way more feels.
Tumblr media
Raya and Namaari have never felt so awkward in their life. Which is something they’ve thought many times in the past few months. The first time when their parents told them that the two should get married. Their immoderate answer was no. Their relationship was in a good place. Pining. It was good. And really after years of trying to kill it each other while not giving into the far off desire to fuck, it was only natural to follow it with the awkward pining as they rebuilt their friendship. And it had been going on for over a year now.
Yet this was for the lack of a better word pushed upon them due to… well lots and lots of tensions between Fang and everyone else. Honestly it came to no surprise to Virana, or Namaari for that matter.
An arranged marriage seemed like a quick, and a rather brash decision. Namaari had heard whispers around the palace, how a marriage would perhaps help soothe her intimidating image. It wasn’t like she was opposed to getting married one day, especially to Raya, but it all seemed too fast.
For Raya the announcement came as a shock. She enjoyed her friendship with Namaari, learning about each other, taking trips to visit each other, the banter, sparing sessions, the glances. The woman who once made her blood boil would now made her heart flutter with just a glance. It was oddly comfortable to fall into that routine.
And now it was all shattered.
The only reason they went along with this was because even they could sense the growing tension between Fang and the other lands. An alliance with Heart would for sure strengthen Fang’s standing and aid in their attempts of mending broken ties. They understood that. It was their duty. The fact remained that neither of them wanted their marriage to be out of duty, they wanted it to be out of love, which they were pretty sure the other warrior felt on some level, but neither had the guts to speak up.
All of their friends showed up at the ceremony, and the dragons as well, which included Sisu who cried during the whole thing, saying how it was about time. The party was nice, lost of food and drinks and music and laughter. They were almost able to act normally around each other again. And then it all came crashing down again when time came to go to bed.
They stood awkwardly next to each other in what used to be Namaari’s room. Now it was their room. Of course this also meant that until the couple built their own home, Raya’s room back in Heart would also be their room.
Namaari glanced over at Raya, she was frozen stiff, with her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides, looking around like she’d never been there before.
With a deep breath Namaari walked to the bed, closed her eyes to talk herself into going through with this without chickening out and sat down. Her eyes landed on Raya who rubbed her arm awkwardly, face slightly flushed as she took step after slow step toward Namaari.
“Hey dep la.” Namaari offered a small smile, attempting to defuse the tense air around them.
“Namaari.” Raya nodded stiffly. Well this wasn’t working at all. Next Namaari tried touch. When her serlot was nervous a little scratch under her chin and a firm pat on the head tended to ease her nerves. With Raya she tried caressing her hand. Her touch was gentle, her thumb touching across the back of Raya’s hand. Instead of relaxing Raya flinched. Namaari’s eyes winded as she pulled away quickly, wincing at her own stupidity. Of course she couldn’t just touch Raya out of the blue like that, especially tonight. “Ok. Ok. I can do this.” Raya said to herself.
She looked down at Namaari. The Fang princess was confused to say the least about the sudden look of determination on Raya’s face. And even more so when Raya grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed her onto the bed, straddled her hips, and cupped her cheeks, a bit up hard actually, and brought her lips down to Namaari’s.
This was nothing like their kiss at the ceremony. That was soft, a little bit awkward, and barely lasted a few seconds. This one was much harder, rough and sloppy. Namaari groaned, “Wait, wait, Raya hold on.” Namaari pushed her away and was met with a frowning face above her.
“Why? Aren’t gonna… you know…” Raya shifted on top of her, seemingly completely unaware of the effect that had on Namaari.
With a heavy sigh Namaari leaned up on her elbows, “We don’t have to dep la. I don’t want to make this any more awkward for you. Dragons, I’ll even sleep on the floor if you want.”
Raya frowned further, “I can’t let you do that. I can handle you trust me.”
Namaari snorted “Handle me?”
“Well… I haven’t ever actually slept with someone but I know what to do by myself. So it can’t be that different when touching someone else.” Raya looked away, her eyes looking awkwardly from side to side.
“Oh it’s very different.”
“You’ve done it before?” Raya looked back down at Namaari, eyes wide.
Namaari shrugged, “A girl gets bored doing the chasing all the time. Plus its fun. There are a lot of beautiful women in Fang.”
A few things stood out to Raya there. First, lots of beautiful women. How many times has Namaari done this exactly? How much more skilled was she? Can Raya actually satisfy her?
Second, it was fun. Does that mean none of the relationships were serious? Or was there someone Namaari liked a lot but couldn’t be with now? Raya was pretty sure Namaari liked her back, and if she didn’t she hated the thought of standing between Namaari and her love.
Third, and the thing that made a bit of hope bloom in her chest, Namaari said she was tired of doing the chasing. Namaari chased after Raya for years. Or did she just mean she liked the attention all the other women gave her? It wasn’t surprising really, Namaari was smart, beautiful, handsome, witty, and pretty fun to be around when you actually got to know her.
“I can hear you thinking dep la. What’s on your mind? This doesn’t work if we don’t talk.” Namaari tried to soothe her again, tilting her head just a little, which made some of her hair fall across her eye.
Ok, one step at a time.
“Do you have a lot of experience with this?”
“Huh? Well I mean… I haven’t been with that many people. And I don’t think experience has a lot to do with enjoyment of it. Sure there are always things to learn, but for me its always about listening and doing what feels good for my partner. And of course her doing the same for me. It’s a mutual give and take.”
Raya pushed her lips in a thin line, still not completely sure if that was what she wanted to hear. One one hand she felt slightly less pressure, but on the other hand what if she didn’t do what made Namaari feel good? What if she messed up? What if Namaari doesn’t find it fun like she did with her previous partners.
“Relax dep la. We can go slow. Or we can not do it at all. Like I said, I won’t push you.” Slowly Namaari smoothed her hands over Raya’s thighs. This did seem to help some as Raya visibly relaxed and sighed as her shoulders released some of the tension there, “But if you want… I could show you? Take it slow like I said. I’ll do anything you like. Just tell me. Talk to me Raya. Please.”
The word please got Raya’s attention. She still wasn’t used to Namaari being so… soft around her. Namaari was, as Sisu put it, a hard shell with a sweet centre. It made Raya laugh real good when she first heard it. But she was starting to see that there was some truth in it.
“I don’t really… I mean I know what I like, sort of. But Namaari that’s not my point. I don’t want you to force yourself to do this with me either.” Now it was Namaari’s turn to frown.
“Force myself?” When Raya was silent, once again avoiding Namaari’s eyes, the Fang princess couldn’t help but laugh, “Raya, do you really think I would have let you stay on top of me like this, to kiss me, if I didn’t plan on taking off my clothes the moment you gave the go ahead?” Namaari’s words made Raya’s ears burn, “Trust me, the only thing I’m forcing myself to do is not to jump you right now. Which I will only do if you tell me you really want this. But until then all of that is on hold.”
Raya gulped and looked back at her, “Really? So you’re ok with this? You really ok with… with me?”
“Of course I am dep la.” Namaari opened her mouth but stopped short. She closed it and made a frowned face of her own, pondering of she should say this. Well if Raya was gonna be her… her wife, then she should be honest, even if Raya didn’t feel the same, Namaari still owed it to her to be honest, like Raya had been with her, “I’ve been thinking about it since… dragons since I was a horny teen. But back then bedding the enemy seemed like a really bad idea. For all I knew you’d turn around and kill me while I was eating you out.”
Not a bad way of going out though, if Namaari was being completely honest with herself.
“E-Eating me…” The words made Raya’s head swirl.
Some of Namaari’s usual confidence when it came to situations like this was coming back, “Or when I was finger deep in you. What ever you like more.”
“I… don’t know…” Raya’s breathing started to quicken, her palms got clammy and her pupils dilated.
“That’s fine.” Namaari’s hand moved up to Raya’s hips. Dragons, her skin was warm. Namaari liked to think it was because of her. “Like I said, we’ll take it slow yeah? And if… you want to stop, or feel uncomfortable, or want to try something different, just tell me ok? I promise to do the same.”
“Comunication.” Raya repeated, remembering what Namaari said earlier. “Ok. I promise.”
“Good.” Namaari’s eyes dropped to Raya’s lips as her tongue licked her own, “Can we… try the kiss again?”
Raya nodded and bent down, “Yeah.” She whispered against Namaari’s lips before the space between them vanished. Namaari pressed into the kiss, her hands rubbing up and down on Raya’s hips in further encouragement. It felt wonderful to kiss like this. There was none of the awkward tension anymore. Awkwardness yes, on Raya’s part mostly, but it was slow, soft, their lips moving against each other, slowly falling into sync.
Namaari was pleasantly surprised when Raya swiped her tongue across her lip, asking for entrance which Namaari more than happily granted. The feeling of their tongues together made Raya moan into Namaari’s mouth, and though her technique was barely there she was eager to learn judging by the way she prodded and swirled her tongue around Namaari’s trying to mimic her movements.
“Can I touch you?” Raya whispered against Namaari’s lips, her hands slowly traveling down Namaari’s biceps.
“Let me take this off first ok?” Raya nodded and moved away, but not before kissing Namaari one more time, it was so fast but made Namaari so happy. It seemed… casual almost.
Namaari untied the sash around her hips, which was followed quickly by her lifting her white shirt off and tossing it to the side at the foot of the bed. She appreciated the way Raya’s eyes took in her muscles. She’d seen her biceps lots of times as Namaari liked to show them off, but she never got a good look at Namaari’s abs before.
Raya looked her up and down, heart beating fast. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to touch Namaari or run. And she was making out with her just moments before. Maybe it would help if they had an equal playing field. With only slightly shaking hands she lifted her top up and above her head, hearing Namaari’s breath hitch.
Both women were now in their chest wraps, eyes taking in every new part of exposed flesh.
Dragons was Raya breathtaking. She wasn’t as muscular as Namaari but that was to be expected given their different upbringing. While Namaari spent her time training, Raya spent it on the road, always looking over her shoulder. Both lifestyles left scars, some felt by each others blades. Namaari was suddenly overcome with the urge to kiss each one, but that might be the kind of intimacy that they needed to build up towards.
Instead she sat up and reached behind her back, slowly unfurling her chest bindings, keeping eye contact with Raya. Of course once her chest was bare Raya’s eyes traveled down to them. Namaari let her look as long as she wanted. She noticed Raya licking her lips as her eyes zeroed in on Namaari’s stiffening nipples. It seemed like the Heart princess wanted to do more than touch. Well in that case Namaari sure as hell wasn’t gonna stop her.
She circled her arms around Raya’s back, bringing her closer, pushing her chest closer. Raya gulped, her eyes going back and forth between Namaari’s face and her breasts.
“Go ahead dep la. You can touch, taste, bite, whatever you want.”
“What-Whatever I want…” Raya repeated, her throat suddenly dry.
“Whatever you want.” Namaari whispered, her voice deeper and dripping with want. It sent a bolt of desire straight between Raya’s legs, which made her hips roll. Namaari’s arms tightened.
Raya licked her lips, keeping her gaze on Namaari’s as she bent her head down and took a stiff nipple in her mouth. Namaari took a deep breath, keeping completely still as she let Raya have her fill, altering between her breasts, sucking, nibbling and moaning around Namaari’s stiff nipple each time she took it into her mouth.
“Dep la… this is really nice but… I really want to touch you too.” Namaari bent down and kissed Raya’s forehead.
Raya hummed as she let go of her nipple with a wet pop, pampering Namaari’s breasts with kisses, “Okay.” She sounded confidant but froze as soon as Namaari’s hands circled her hips.
Namaari frowned, “Can I try something?” She waited for Raya to nod. She smiled and brushed their noses together, before she kissed the top of Raya’s which made the fellow warrior giggle. She seemed a little more relaxed. Slowly Namaari lifted her off and laid her on her back, down on the bed, lips lavishing every part of Raya’s body they could reach. Lips, neck, shoulders, the swell of her breasts, her abs, her hip bones.
Her fingers dipped below the band of Raya’s pants. She placed kiss after kiss above the line as she waited for Raya’s responce, which came with her lifting her hips to allow for Namaari to finally get her completely naked. As her clothes hit the floor Namaari took her time looking over Raya’s naked body for the first time, hopefully the first of many.
“You’re beautiful Raya. Absolutely stunning.” Namaari ran her calloused hands over Raya’s soft, yet toned thighs. She laid on her stomach and spread Raya’s thighs slowly. Raya’s cunt was already glistening from arousal but she wasn’t ready yet, Namaari wanted to do this right, “I’m gonna take such good care of you dep la.” Her lips latched onto the soft, sensitive skin of Raya’s inner thigh while she lifted her other leg over her shoulder, hand going under and over, smoothing from Raya’s hip to her knee and back. “I’ll make it so good for you. So fucking good.”
She slowly ran her hand between Raya’s legs, her middle finger circling Raya’s opening, teasing her by dipping inside quickly before spreading the wetness up to Raya’s clitoris.
Namaari grinned smugly when she felt Raya’s heel dig into her back.
She continued rubbing Raya’s clit in slow, deliberate circles watching as more and more slick wetness dripped from her hole. She wanted to taste her. The moment she introduced her tongue into the mix she was rewarded by a half moan, half gasp from Raya. And by gods, did Raya taste good.
“Oh wow.” Raya’s hands ran over Namaari’s undercut and through her hair.
Namaari thought it was high praise that she rendered the normally very talkative princess to just two words while only using her tongue.
She decided to go a step further. With her hands firmly cupping Raya’s ass cheeks she tilted her hips upwards, before pushing her tongue inside Raya’s cunt. “Fuck.” Raya’s grip on her her tightened, and though it stung briefly it also told her Raya wanted more. Her pace started off slow, licking inside and out, gently mouthing at the sweet source of Raya’s juices, unable to keep the appreciative hum from her voice.
Once Raya relaxed a bit more Namaari dove in properly, mouth and tongue working like she’d been left out in the desert sands and Raya was the only thing that could quench her thirst.
Raya’s back arched off the bed as she came yelling Namaari’s name. Namaari hummed, keeping her mouth on Raya, easing her though her orgasm, only backing away once Raya pushed her.
“That was quick.” Raya only chuckled at Namaari’s comment as she wiped her mouth and chin with the back of her hand. “Don’t worry, I take it as a compliment. I didn’t expect you to last that long for your first time anyway.”
“Good thing… I learn really fast…” Raya’s chest rose and fell quickly as she caught her breath. “How can I return the favor dep la?”
Namaari quirked a brow, “Are you sure? You don’t have to right now. Like I said, we can go slow.”
“And I’d like to slowly…” Raya licked her lips, “Make you come all over my face too.” That statement alone made heat shoot thorough Namaari’s whole body. “So I’m asking again Namaari, how can I return the favor.”
With a gulp Namaari felt her ears starting to burn. She was the one who told Raya to communicate so here goes. “I wanna sit on your face. And also have your fingers inside me.” Namaari usually have no problem being blunt about her desires, but Raya made her feel a bit more self conscious.
She could see Raya’s eyes darken, “Get up here then.” Raya laid her head on the soft pillows and waited.
There was just a hint of a commanding tone in Raya’s voice and it had Namaari ready to listen to her every word. And just like that she found herself practically tearing off the rest of her clothes and bracketing Raya’s face while the Heart princess looked at her with a smug expression, “What?”
“Nothing.” Raya tone was equally as smug, her eyes now focused on the dripping cunt above her. She bit her lower lip. “Just surprised how good you are at taking orders when you’re horny. That’s good to know.”
“Raya…” Namaari grit her teeth and narrowed her eyes in a hopefully dangerous glare, but it only seemed to make Raya smile wider.
“Yes?” The tip of Raya’s pointing finger caught on Namaari’s opening, slick dripping down her hand and knuckle. If she wasn’t currently between Namaari’s legs Namaari would have retorted. But as it was she desperately wanted to feel Raya’s mouth and that feeling won over any irritation she might have felt. Instead she bucked her hips, her cunt squeezing around the tip of Raya’s finger.
The Heart princess got the message loud and clear. She thrust in slowly, completely in awe how it felt different from when she’d finger herself. It was warm and tight and incredibly wet, but this was Namaari. Namaari was squeezing around her finger, taking her deeper and deeper until Raya’s entire finger was enveloped in a tight, welcoming heat.
“You were right.” Raya looked up at the woman above her, her body tense with pleasure of Raya’s finger inside her, “It is different. I think I prefer this actually.”
“Good.” Strong hands ran though Raya’s hair in encouragement. Slowly Namaari’s cunt made contact with Raya’s mouth. Raya’s technique was sloppy but Namaari could tell she had the spirit, trying her best to mimic what Namaari was doing earlier. “My clit dep la, suck it.” Raya didn’t expect the new rush of wetness between her legs when Namaari said those words but she more than welcomed it. Both women moaned in unison as Raya’s lips closed around the little bud of nerves. “Just like that Raya, keep going.”
Raya’s free hand kept a firm grip on Namaari’s thigh, anchoring her.
Raya moved her finger faster, alternating between sucking Namaari’s clit and licking through her folds, eyes closed in complete bliss at her wife’s taste and encouraging whimpers.
“I wanna ride you.” The words came out as a needy growl.
“Yeah?” Raya doubled her efforts with her finger, hitting that sweet spot over and over, listening to Namaari’s voice get higher and higher, her cunt tightening more and more, “Can you come for me first?”
“Fuck.” Namaari didn’t expect Raya to be so confidant. How could she possibly refuse. Her inner walls tightened and spasmed around her finger. However Raya was quick to remove it and push her further up, her tongue filling up the emptiness and letting Namaari grip her hair as tight as she liked as she rode out her orgasm on Raya’s face, her expression one of complete ecstasy and bliss.
Namaari fell forward, her forehead leaning against the wall, her hips raising just enough to cup and caress Raya’s wet cheek.
“I’ll… I’ll get you something to wipe that off dep la.” Raya merely hummed as she watched Namaari back away and on shaky legs walk over to get a bowl of warm water and a fluffy looking towel. She sat on the edge of the bed and offered it to Raya who gratefully accepted it and cleaned her face. Once she handed it back Namaari did the same.
She put the towel and the bowl back on the table she took them from and crawled back onto the warm bed, taking the soft sheets with her and draping them over her and Raya.
“I think…” Raya started as she looked sideways to Namaari who kept her eyes on the ceiling, “We still need to talk about this. But I’m willing to try and make it work, beyond just the physical part cause I think we got that covered pretty well so far.”
Namaari laughed, really laughed, and it filled Raya’s belly with butterflies. It was a wonderful sound, one that she always liked but now it had a whole new level of joy to it, “I think we can do it. Together.” Namaari’s hand found Raya’s under the sheets.
“Together.” Echoed Raya as she turned and snuggled into Namaari’s open and inviting embrace.
This was just the start of their life together, there was much more to come, many more things to face, but at least they could go to sleep knowing they’ll face it side by side.
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rayamagicdragon · 6 days ago
First Kiss Rayamaari
Sisu would set the perfect scenario for Raya and Namaari to kiss for the first time. It would be embarrassing but fun at the same time.
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moon-spirit-yue · 2 days ago
Namaari, cuddling with Raya: geez, you’re practically all over me
Raya, slowly moving away: oops, sorry dep la!
Namaari, pouting: what are you doing? Come back and be all over me
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adorascake · a day ago
why would i need therapy when i have a photo album saved for rayamaari art?
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shy-peacock · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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anniex5down · 7 days ago
Something that bothers me about the whole "Namaari has long nails and can't be the dominant" is that I HAVE LONGER NAILS THAN HER and have 0 issues being dominant with them.
+ Namaari could shorten two nails or even file them suckers down when she isn't in a dry spell too busy chasing down the love of her life.
+ She was raised by two older ASSASSIN lesbians who handed down sacred information of wlw nail care and tricks. I bet she could use her nails for play and ripping out an enemy's throat, just like any weapon she was trained with.
(Tip: run your nails over the bottom of your lip to test your nails before you get funky. You will be able to feel if you need to file. No one likes getting cut up with ragged nails. TRUST ME. I KNOW *WINCES*.... Totally going to add this in a spicy fic now....)
That's my 1000 years of experience as a lesbian. Thanks for coming to my talk, I didn't want to ramble or get too deep with TMI. *hops off soapbox*
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yourfavoritebook · 14 days ago
Ok, take this as my shitty contribution to the fandom.
Tumblr media
Reference: https://ar.pinterest.com/pin/136093219976845292/
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ao3feed-rayaari · 20 days ago
by AnimalGirl225
Raya and Namaari are traveling from Talon back to Heart after several days of rain. Raya gets too close to the edge of a flooded river and falls in when the bank collapses.
Words: 2950, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/F
Characters: Raya (Disney), Namaari (Disney), Tuk Tuk (Disney), Virana (Disney), Benja (Disney)
Relationships: Namaari/Raya (Disney), Namaari & Raya (Disney), Raya & Tuk Tuk (Disney)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Peril, Hurt/Comfort, Danger, Non-Sexual Intimacy, Rescue, Caretaking
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indianaclems · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Raya : sommeone said food ???🤤🤩
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aly225 · 15 days ago
by AnimalGirl225
Raya and Namaari have a lot of baggage to work through now that Kumandra is whole again. Before they can become lovers, they must become friends. Before they can become friends, they must reconcile old hurts.
Words: 2395, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/F
Characters: Raya (Disney), Namaari (Disney), Sisu (Disney), Pranee (Disney)
Relationships: Namaari/Raya (Disney), Namaari & Raya (Disney), Raya & Sisu (Disney), Namaari & Sisu (Disney)
Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt, Guilt, Anger, Anger Management, Healing, Apologies, Reconciliation, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Friends, Beginnings, Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, LGBTQ Female Character
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moon-spirit-yue · 20 hours ago
Red string of fate soulmates au because I think it’s really funny:
Raya: *mindlessly messing with her string while she’s on Boun’s boat*
Sisu, yawning: hey where did you get that string? I’ve been meaning to ask you
Raya, surprised: you can see it?
Sisu, nodding: yeah, can’t everyone
Raya, shaking her head: no, humans can only see their own string. I guess dragons are different
Sisu, shrugging: looks like it! So, why’s yours attached to Namaari
Raya, sighing: I try really hard not think about it
Boun, overhearing the whole conversation: wait wait wait, you and Namaari are soulmates?!
Raya, blushing: no! We just happen to have strings attached at the pinky that only we can see! Big deal!
Boun, spluttering: that is the exact definition of a soulmate!
Raya, frowning: no
Boun, throwing his hands up in exasperation: how on earth have you escaped her for so many years?! She can find you at like any time ever!
Raya, groaning: it takes effort, Captain Boun. A hell lot of effort
Sisu, confused: what can’t you just like, cut it?
Boun, shaking his head: nope! The string of fate isn’t corporal, you can’t just cut it!
Raya, nodding: yeah, what he said! It’s corpora, no chance of cutting it!
Sisu, deadpanned: you already tried cutting it, haven’t you?
Raya, slouching: with every sharp object I can find. Once I got so desperate I tried slamming a rock on it. Obviously, my attempts were in vain
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theartofmelyy · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
💫 Lil sketch 💫
Hogwarts / wizarding world AU :
Namaari is a slytherin and Raya's a Griffondor, they have to work together to make a potion but.. raya isn't really "made for that" you know what i mean 😭😂
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