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#rayah writes ����
sleep3deprived · 9 days ago
Hellooo may I request a kuudere s/o with tokrev characters with baji,draken and any charc of your choice :) thank you!!
Tokyo Revengers with a Kuudere S/O
Pairings: Baji Keisuke x Reader, Ryuguji "Draken" Ken x Reader (Seperate)
Warnings: Some language and suggestive jokes
Genre: Fluff, Comedy ?
Requests: OPEN
Note: Hi!! This was interesting to write but I enjoyed it, thank you for reading! :D
Tumblr media
Baji Keisuke
Tumblr media
It’s funny because not a lot of people expected you to end up with somebody like Baji
Like if you look at him, this eccentric, over-the-top, and energetic person
And then there’s you
Someone whos calm, and always collected.
Not that it’s a bad thing
It’s amusing at times though
When you notice Baji acting up, or wanting to start a fight, one word of his name from you and this boy is walking off like he almost didn’t just want to pummel someone
“You wanna fight, huh? Ugly ass, better get outta my way before-”
“Oh wow, look a pet shop, let’s see if they have any cats!”
He tries his best to make you flustered.
And it works ??
The most he’s gotten out of you so far is a deep blush where you hid your face in your hands.
He doesn’t hold back and uses anything to make you lose your cool.
“I’m really hungry right now. You have anything?” You asked him. Cool and simple.
“Oh baby, if you wanted me, all you have to do is ask.”
You didn’t know whether you should cringe or blush
Honestly, the first time you and Baji met was entertaining
All you see is this boy who didn’t believe in love at first sight till he saw you
And all you wanted to do was mind your own business, but no.
Here comes a teenage boy, who is now holding your hands and asking you out and you trying to get out of the situation
“Please, marry me!”
“A date then!”
You look him up and down “No.”
Apparently, you were also new to the school, and after some persisting, and him tuning his hyper down with you, you eventually said yes and found him to be a genuine person.
Sure, on the outside you come off as a bit blunt and calm, but with Baji, you experience emotions that no one else gives you.
Tumblr media
Ryuguji “Draken” Ken
Tumblr media
What can I even say for this one?
It wasn’t like this was never seen to happen
But it’s also like it never will either
Some middle ground honestly, depends who you ask
But, it’s not a bad match I guess
Draken actually likes how chill you are
He spends sm time with Mikey doing random shit, mans needs a break
Over the time you and Draken have been dating, he’s come to understand and learn your cues of anything really
Like when your walking and take a hold of his sleeve to drag him to a shop you want to see
Or if you two are ever at a party or hanging with others and you start being way too blunt, he knows you want to leave
One of Draken’s favourite things though is when he makes you laugh
Sure, you chuckle, giggle and laugh at things with him a lot, but I mean laughing laughing.
So Draken sometimes makes it his daily mission for it to happen at least once a day maybe
The reason he realized it was when he was lecturing Mikey, in return had Mitsuya lecturing Draken for going along.
Which led them to all start yelling embarrassing moments with each other
God, you tried to hold in your laugh so bad but once it came out, the boys just stared at you
“Holy fuck, that’s your girl.”
“Yup, that’s my girl”
Like you can’t blame them
You’ve never laughed like this ever in front of them so it was pretty much a surprise.
You should’ve seen the way Draken was looking at you
The way you laughed made you look...ethereal
The slight flush of your cheeks, the way you titled your head up, your hair falling back
You looked beautiful
Which has now led to Draken doing anything he can to see it again
And when he does, he feels like the luckiest man ever.
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goth-dean · 9 months ago
to whom it may concern, i will be spelling it “Cass” one (1) time in my fic. because fm!jensen doesn’t know any better. he will learn and then after that it’s just “Cas” as usual. please don’t kick me out of the desticule. 
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mimabeann · 10 months ago
Cognitive Dissonance
Eloi struggles to maintain control as something in him forces him to try to kill a woman with a face he knows all too well. 
Timeline-wise this is before Raisa meets Vell, but after she leaves Corellia.
Note: There’s some mind control and mild implied PTSD in this, just a heads up.
Tumblr media
Eloi sat down at the small cantina to order a drink. His head had been buzzing all day, he felt pulled to let his feet carry him somewhere. It felt urgent, and yet... He knew what always happened when he followed this urge. It was never good. He mumbled his thanks and exchanged credits with the bartender as he took his shot and downed it. The feeling was getting stronger now, his thoughts were getting clouded and he wanted to run. But then he saw her and felt his body tense. No, no, no, no, no. Not this again. His feet carried him forward, carefully tailing the woman and remaining just out of sight. She looks exactly like the other ones. His heart sank. They always looked the same. He tried to resist as his traitorous hand activated his com and a voice that was his but not his spoke in a quiet monotone, “Hunter Four to base, I’m in pursuit of one of the targets now.” “Carry out your duty, Hunter Four.” A cold voice responded before hanging up. He shivered as he pressed forward. He felt sick. He knew what the voice had just directed him to do. And every ounce of him hated it. But he found himself unable to resist. He watched helplessly out of his own eyes as he closed in. The best he could hope for was that maybe she’d end him before he could kill her. At least then he’d be out of their control. He frowned at the thought. He lunged. She side-stepped effortlessly and knocked him to the ground, holding him there with an outstretched hand. He struggled against the unseen force she was using to hold him back. Good, maybe she can stop me. She seemed to study him as he struggled against her hold. 
“Who sent you?” She questioned him, concern evident in her eyes. She didn’t know. Oh stars. How many of them don’t know? A look of panic crossed his face but he couldn’t make a sound. “You’re running too, aren’t you?” He frowned. If I could, I would. He thought bitterly. "You’re trapped...” At first he’d assumed she’d meant by herself, but this moment would be the subject of a deeper realization later. She took a step back, and took a breath as she let him go, locking eyes with him as he involuntarily lunged at her again, he nearly had her when her voice hit him like a brick. “Forget.” 
Everything around him turned to a bright light. He felt himself hit the floor. When he came to she was gone. It was dark now, he’s been out for some time. As he sat up a small sliver of paper fell from his chest and onto the ground.
Here’s your chance. - Rayah
His mind, for the first time in days, was quiet. He stood up, dusting himself off. Hoth. He’d go to Hoth. It was where people went when they wanted to fall out of contact, right? It was as good a place as any for him to dig for some answers about what they had done to him. Thank you, Rayah. I won’t forget this.
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narrowsgate · 16 days ago
- Alias: Rayah - Timezone: CST - What you’re most excited for!: To get to know everyone that I’ll be writing with when the site opens. - Face reserve?: Stephen James - Occupation reserve?: Mechanic shop owner - Rare species reserve?: Fenrir - Subplot role reserve?: Flint Pack Beta - [Optional] A GIF, quote, or lyric that represents you: 
Tumblr media
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jordanianroyals · a year ago
‏Why Princess Rayah She only writes in English on Twitter, even when she writes about things in her country or about father/family? Even Prince Ali uses English more and princess alia on Instagram only English I found this unacceptable for a prince to speak in a foreign language more than the language of the country
I respect your opinion and I understand where you are coming from but you gotta see the full picture. Twitter is not like a Whatsapp group where you speak to a very specific group of people. Many Twitter users use the platform to promote their opinions/work etc that is generally aimed for ALL people in the world and the global lingua franca is English so it makes more sense to write in English. The Jordanian protest right now doesn’t get noticed by people from outside the MENA because most of the tweets are written in Arabic (I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for some anons here). In Raiyah’s context, her American side of the family probably doesn’t speak Arabic and her husband, Ned, has only started learning she works in academia and is pursuing a PhD degree in the US which means she spent majority of her life speaking, writing and reading in English. That kind of environment can really changed the way you speak and Raiyah is probably more comfortable in English.
About Ali and Alia, I don’t follow them online but like I said I can see your points. It would be nice if they can do something like Rania, putting both English and Arabic captions in one post?
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nebris · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Devshirme[a] (Ottoman Turkish: دوشيرمه‎, devşirme; usually translated as "child levy" or "blood tax")[3] was the Ottoman practice of forcibly recruiting soldiers and bureaucrats from among the children of their Balkan Christian subjects.[4][5][6] Those coming from the Balkans came primarily from noble Balkan families and rayah classes.[7][8] It is first mentioned in written records in 1438,[9] but probably started earlier. It created a faction of soldiers and officials loyal to the Sultan.[10]  It counterbalanced the Turkish nobility, who sometimes opposed the Sultan.[11][12] The system produced a considerable number of grand viziers from the 1400s to the 1600s. This was the second most powerful position in the Ottoman empire, after the sultan. Initially, the grand viziers were exclusively of Turk origin, but after there were troubles between Sultan Mehmed II and the Turkish grand vizier Çandarlı Halil Pasha the Younger, who was the first grand vizier to be executed, there was a rise of slave administrators (devshirme). They were much easier for the sultans to control, compared to free administrators of Turkish aristocratic extraction.[13] The devshirme also produced many Ottoman empire's provincial governors, military commanders, and divans during the 1400s-1600s period.[14] Sometimes, the devshirme recruits were castrated and became eunuchs.[15] Although often destined to the harem, many eunuchs of devshirme origin went on to hold important positions in the military and the government, such as grand viziers Hadım Ali Pasha, Sinan Borovinić, and Hadım Hasan Pasha.
Ottoman soldiers would take European Christian males, aged 8 to 20, from Eastern, Southern and Southeastern Europe, and relocate them to Istanbul,[16] where they would be trained. The fact that many were taken forcibly from their parents has been the subject of criticism. The devshirme was often resented by locals[17] though some Christian families volunteered their sons, as service offered good career options, specifically Albanians and Bosnians according to William Gervase Clarence-Smith.[18][9][19] Recruits sometimes used their positions to help their family.[20] The boys were forced to convert to Islam.[21] Muslims were not allowed into the system (with some exceptions), but some Muslim families smuggled their sons in anyway.[22]
Many scholars consider the practice of devishirme as violating Islamic law.[23][9][19]David Nicolle writes that enslavement of Christian boys violates the dhimmi protections guaranteed in Islam,[24] but Halil İnalcık argues that the devshirme were not slaves once converted to Islam.[25][c]
The boys were given a formal education, and trained in science, warfare and bureaucratic administration, and became advisers to the sultan, elite infantry, generals in the army, admirals in the navy, and bureaucrats working on finance in the Ottoman Empire.[2]  They were separated according to ability and could rise in rank based on merit.  The most talented (the ichoglani) were trained for the highest positions in the empire.[20]  Others joined the military, including the famed janissaries.[26]
The practice began to die out as Ottoman soldiers preferred recruiting their own sons into the army, rather than sons from Christian families. In 1594, Muslims were officially allowed to take the positions held by the devishirme and the system of recruiting Christians effectively stopped by 1648.[9][27] An attempt to re-institute it in 1703 was resisted by its Ottoman members, who coveted the military and civilian posts. Finally, in the early days of Ahmet III's reign, the practice of devshirme was abolished.
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shawnximagine-blog · 4 years ago
A/N: Hello there! Sorry if I’m not active anymore. School has been busy and I’m still adjusting with my University life. But here’s a imagine for all of you (not requested!). I will  start writing the remaining requests and I promise to post it as soon as i finish it. And also, I will update Kid In love series soon! This is not edited so sorry if there are a lot of typos or any errors. Also REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!
It’s been 3 years since I last saw him. Funny thing is that we’ve never been together, but I feel like I just had my break-up with my first boyfriend. I love him but I guess being honest with him is a bad idea. Today, for the first time again I’ll be seeing him at Ian’s birthday party. A few months ago he started liking my Instagram photos which is shocking to me. We follow each other but he never liked even a single photo that I posted. But these last few months he’s been liking my Instagram photos. But I don’t want to assume anything, we all change. Maybe he just really like my photography I don’t want to assume anything more.
‘What should I wear?’ I asked my best friend, Maine.
‘Uh, I don’t know!’ Maine comments while she’s busy scrolling up and down on her phone.
‘What ya lookin’ at?’ I asked.
‘Fan comments.’ She said. She’s still focuse on her phone.
‘What?’ I asked and slightly laughing. ‘You have fans? Since when?’ I jokingly asked her.
‘Stop it. Shawn’s been liking your Instagram photos and he’s fans are going crazy about you two! Ya know, people thought you guys were dating.’ She said. ‘Wait, did you guys really dated?’ She asked.
‘Nah. We never dated. I guess confessing to him my feelings is not a good idea!’ I said and I continued looking for a nice dress to wear at Ian’s birthday.
‘But when he started avoiding you, you look like you just broke up with him.’ She said.
‘I guess I was just really into him that time.’ I said.
‘What about now?’ She asked and I paused for a minute. I don’t know what to say, I still do have feelings for Shawn but everything’s clear to me now that he doesn’t have feelings for me.
‘Not anymore. I don’t want to push myself to someone who doesn’t love or like me.’ I said. ‘You know what, let’s just go to Pull and Bear. I want a new top to pair with this one!’ I said as I raised my denim skirt.
‘You’re the queen of changing the topics!’ She jokingly said and I winked at her.
We drove to Pull and Bear blasting some Dua Lipa since we’re so obsessed with her. It’s crazy to think that tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with Shawn and seeing Shawn’s fans comments on my Instagram photos makes me nervous without any reasons. I’ve been seeing comments like, ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N IS ALIVE.’ ‘WAIT ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER?’ ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N AND SHAWN JSANHUIHEUWHEU’ ‘MY Y/N AND SHAWN HEART IS SO ALIVE U GUYSNABDBHIBDHW’ everytime I post a photo and Shawn likes.
Maine and I walked inside Pull and Bear and the first person we saw was Aaliyah with Karen. I got so nervous because its been 3 years since I last saw them. I don’t know if I should go out or what but I’m already here and what’s the point of running out if I’m reuniting with Shawn tomorrow. Aaliyah and I met gazed and I smiled and that’s when she realize it was really me. She run into me and Karen followed.
‘OH GOSH Y/N!’ Aaliyah said excitedly and hugged me so tight. I miss this girl. She’s all grown up now, I’m sure Shawn is getting crazy of how big Aaliyah now is and I’m sure he’s a crazy brother when it comes to Aaliyah’s suitors.
‘I miss you!’ I said and hugged Aaliyah back. When Aaliyah and I pulled away I hugged Karen and she hugged me back.
‘How have you been?’ Karen asked. ‘We missed you, it’s been like what? 3 years?’ She said and smiled at me.
‘I’m fine. How are you? Aaliyah, oh gosh you’re all grown up now!’ I said as I look at Aaliyah who’s smiling so widely and Karen who’s also smiling so widely.
‘He missed you.’ Karen said. I stopped for a moment. But I just smiled at her, because right now to be honest I don’t know what to feel.
‘I missed him too.’ I said.
‘I hope you and Shawn will be okay. You guys will make a cute couple, you know?’ Karen said seriously. That’s when Maine popped in thankfully.
‘Oh, hey Liyah. Hi Karen!’ Maine said with her joyful voice.
‘Hi, Maine. I missed you!’ Aaliyah said and hugged Maine.
‘Me too! We should do our usual girls night soon ya know!’ Maine suggested.
‘OH GOSH, YES!’ Aaliyah said excitedly.
‘That’s sound so much fun, am I invited as well?’ Karen asked and we all laughed. ‘Hey, I’m a millennial as well.’ Karen added.
‘Of course, you’re very welcome!’ said. ‘Oh, we gotta get going we still have some errands to do!’ I said. Before we left we hugged each other tight and we exchange numbers to stay in touch with each other. It was amazing to see them again. Aaliyah became the little sister I never had and Karen became my second mother.
This is the day, the day that I will see Shawn. I was pretty nervous but I keep on telling myself that I’m going there because it’s Ian’s birthday. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m there to celebrate my friend’s birthday and enjoy with my friends and aquintances. I put some light make up and wore the pinkish kind of floral crop top that I bought at Pull and Bear and paired with my denim skirt and my favorite white shoes. Maine and I went straight to Ian’s place and when we arrived the first person I saw was him. I feel like everything and everyone stopped at that moment. But thankfully Geoff was there to greet us.
‘How are you kid?’ Geoff asked.
‘Great, how are you oldie?’ I asked.
‘You’ll get there, Y/N!’ Geoff joked and told us where Ian is.
I saw Ian with Matt, Meg, Leah, Rayah, Lyall, and the person I want to avoice, Shawn. But I still walk into their place with Maine beside me.
‘OH GOSH! Look who finally showed up and give time to her friends!’ Ian joked. He hugged me as I greeted him happy birthday.
‘Shut up, Ian!’ I said jokingly.
Maine hugged everyone and I did as well. But when Shawn was standing there I don’t know if I should hug him but I did hug him.
‘Hi.’ He said as I pulled away with our hug.
‘Hello.’ I said.
Everyone felt what I felt. Awkward. That’s why Lyall decided to break the awkwardness with telling a corny joke. I went at the not crowded part since I’m not the life of a prty kind of girl. I just want to sit there and look at the people, enjoy the music, enjoy the laugh that I hear, enjoy every moment.
‘Hi again’ Shawn just popped in.
‘Hello again.’ I said.
‘You look gorgeous tonight.’ He said and looking straight into my eyes but I looked away immediately.
‘Thank you. So are you.’ I said. ‘Congratulations on tour!’ I said.
‘Thank you.’ He said. ‘What about you? You continued interior designing?’ he asked.
‘I did!’ I said. ‘Can you believe it? I followed my instincts and not my parents?’ I said and laughed. Back then Shawn would always tell me how I always tend to my parents, to him, to Maine, and to other people. That’s one of the reasons that he told me why me and him would not work out.
He just smiled and looked at me again. I feel like I’m going to melt with how he looked at me but I pretent like I don’t care.
‘I’m proud of you.’ He said. And that’s when I looked at him.
‘Thank you.’ I said and smiled.
‘I have always been so proud of you, Y/N. Maybe back then I was just so scared to lose you.’ He said with his eyes full of sincerity. But I tend not to say anything but just listen to what he wanted to say. ‘I have always been in love with you. Even before you knew you’re in love with me. But I was just so scared because I care about you too much that I don’t want to lose you.’ He said.
My world stops with everything that he’s confessing right now.
‘And I thought back then that if we remained friends things will be more better, that it will work out. I remember when you told me that you love me, my heart was so happy but my mind kept on telling me not to, because I can’t give you everything. All those things that I told you that day was a lie. I love you before, I love you now and I will love you in the future.’
‘Shawn-‘ I said but he interrupted me.
‘It’s okay, Y/N. I understand I hurt you and what I did was an asshole move and I know that-‘ I cut him off with a kiss that I’ve been wanting to do since earlier.
It was the sweetest kiss. Both of us don’t want to pull away. We don’t care what these people would say, but tonight, it was magical. It was like a dream. But I’m glad it wasn’t a dream, I’m glad that this is my reality now.
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divanquotes · 2 years ago
Thomas Thornton, The Present State of Turkey, 1807
Page 91: Divan, or council of state.
Page 115: the spirit of the customs and institutions of the Ottoman eludes the transient observation of travelers. This latticed window which conceals the grand signor while he overlooks the divan, and which is essential to the nature of the Ottoman government … is supposed by some gentlemen, who have been admitted in the suite of an ambassador, to be there for no other reason than to give the sultan an opportunity of “gratifying an princely curiosity” by peeping at foreign ministers. De Tott …. still more ridiculously asserts that he is placed there from the mutual fear of himself and his viziers, as in that situation he can neither assassinate nor be assassinated.
Page 117: Eton is predetermined that the ulema are priests, and that the interference of ecclesiastics in the affairs of government is both injurious to the subject and odious to the sovereign: In his opinion the folly of submitting to their guidance has, in no instance, appeared more disgustingly conspicuous, than in the Turkish nation; and on no scene are the mutual contentions of the sultan and the ulema carried on with more virulence than in the divan, which “as its members are swayed either by the party of the sultan, or by that of the priesthood, serves to determine the relative power of these two distinct bodies.” The easy-askers, the only members of the ulema who have seats in the divan, are not, however, the representatives of the priesthood, but, as their name imports, the judges of the army; a dignity created by Murad the First, and after the taking of Constantinople, divided between two magistrates by Mahomet the Second. His first summoned them to assist in the deliberations of his council, which until that period had consisted only of four viziers; but he limited their functions to that of superintending, in the presence and under the control of the grand vizier, the judicial proceedings of his sovereign tribunal. The mufti, though had of the law and the Ottoman magistracy, never attends the divan, as it is thought derogatory to his dignity to exercise any judicial power.
Page 411: From the seraglio they go in solemn and ostentatious procession to the patriarchal church, where prayers and ceremonies are performed similar to those which were formerly observed at the inauguration of the Greek emperors. They are accompanied to their principalities by the Turkish officers appointed to install them. They make their public entry into the capital of their new sovereignty with a great display of magnificence, attended by the metropolitan and dignified ecclesiastics, the members of the divan, and the chief boyars. They assume, from the ceremonies which are practiced, the title of "God's Anointed;" but this vain pageant, this painted bubble, raised by intrigue, by purchase, or by favour, dependent on a breath, removable at the will of a tyrant, and reducible to its original nothing, is conducted to a mimic throne by the Turkish officer, who witnesses and ridicules the vanity of the slave, whom his hand raises to authority and invests with dignity.
Page 415: The president of the divan in each principality is the archbishop Divan or or metropolitan, who is considered as the head and oracle of the Jaw, because of the ascendancy of his sacred character over the minds of an uncultivated and superstitious people. The other members of the divan are the great public functionaries, whose titles of dvornik-mare, logotheti-mare, spathari or hetman, vestiar-mare, etc. correspond with those of chief justice, chancellor, generalissimo, and treasurer. Many of these officers are men of the first class of nobility, and natives of the country, especially the treasurer, in whose situation an intimate acquaintance with the financial resources, and the most efficacious methods of extortion is essentially necessary. The inferior members of the divan have no voice either in deliberating, or in deciding, on any measure: they merely affix their signature to all public acts.
The divan is the high court of judicature. It receives appeals from the inferior tribunals, and its sentence, if confirmed by the prince in the extraordinary sitting which is  held twice in every week, is final. The criminal tribunal is composed of noblemen of the second class, who must have passed through the inferior offices of the divan. All criminal proceedings are examined every Saturday by the prince himself, who is attended on this occasion by, the armasc, or governor of the public prisons.
Page 416: The boyars, who compose the divan, and who arrogantly assume the rank and honours of hereditary grandees of the country, are in reality only rich proprietors and unfeeling tax-gatherers. The boyars of the most ancient families indeed assert, that they are the descendants of the Slavi, and are of a distinct race from the people, who have sprung from the alliances of the Romans with the original Dacians; but the chief distinction among the nobles is their wealth and possessions. The great majority of the Moldavian and Wallachian nobility owe their creation to the sultan's vaivodas, for even these ephemeral beings, these fleeting shadows of royalty, are presumed to confer by their breath a permanency of dignity; and the man whom once they have delighted to honour, retains, after his removal from office, the title, the honours, and even the privileges of nobility.”
Page 417: Powers of the divan. The collective powers of the nobles, considered as a corporate body represented by the divan or great council, are specious and nugatory. The divan indeed appears to intermeddle in the management of public affairs, but it possesses no real authority; for every thing is in fact conducted by the prince and his ministers. The divan is more especially authorized to superintend and control the receipts and expenditures of the public treasure, and the signatures of its members are necessary to give authenticity to the annual statement of the accounts. Yet their signatures are a mere formality, which in fact serves no other purpose than to prevent the boyars from making representations to the Porte against the prince's government, as it virtually annuls any accusation on their part of his having harassed the country by oppressive taxes, or levied contributions without their concurrence.
Page 419: The divan effendi, or Turkish secretary, is the only Mussulman in the service of the prince. His business is to write official dispatches to the Ottoman Porte, to read and translate the firmans or orders of government, and to give judgment, (jointly, if required, with a cadi dispatched for the purpose from one of the neighbouring fortresses,) in all disputes, in which the interests of Mussulmans are involved. The divan effendi, though ostensibly an. agent of the prince, and receiving a large salary for his services, is however to be considered rather as an officer of the Porte, and an authorized inspector over the prince’s conduct. His influence is consequently great, and by overawing the prince by his presence, he assures the observance of that submission and respect for the turban, which is the first and most durable impression on the minds of the Greeks.
Page 421: The dvorniks, or chief judges, are men versed in the practices of the divan and courts of law, and acquainted with the laws and. usages of the country. They name the judges of the departments. The vestiari, or grand treasurer, is removable from office as well as the other ministers of state ; but the third treasurer, 'who principally conducts the business, and whose situation requires experience and local knowledge, is considered as permanently possessed of his office. The armasc, or governor of the public prisons, exercises an, immediate jurisdiction over the chinganehs or gypsies.
Page 422: The laws of Moldavia and Wallachia arc professedly those of the code of Justinian, but they are neither studied, understood, nor followed. All suits are determined according to precedent and established usage, which are unwritten and arbitrary. The judges constantly refer to the practices of the court and capricious traditions, so that all decisions are ultimately left at the mercy of the reigning prince. Hence naturally arise confusion and disorder; for as the sentence of a prince is not binding on his successor, contestations are interminable, and are continually reproduced. Suitors present their petitions to the prince in public or in private, according to the rank of the petitioner, the nature of the case, or the character of the prince. These memorials are read by the third chancellor, docketed, and referred to the appropriate tribunal, or to a prelate, if the case properly falls under the cognizance of an ecclesiastical judge. If the parties acquiesce in the sentence, it is definitive; otherwise appeal is left open to the divan, and thence again to the prince in council.
Page 430: On the death or deposition of a prince the divan assembles, and immediately assumes the administration of public affairs. All immediately assumes the administration of the public affairs. AH the creatures or dependents of the prince are removed from office, and other persons are appointed who continue in authority until the arrival of hiis successor. "The caimacan, or lieutenant of the newly created prince announces the nomination of his master, but does not interfere in the affairs of government, farther than in Superintending the collection of the prince's revenues. The fallen, sovereign is immediately forsaken by his courtiers, is always treated with neglect, and sometimes with insult and reviling. He returns privately, and without pomp, to Constantinople, where he retires to his seat in the Fanal or on the shores of the Bosphorus. With the usual modesty of rayahs the princes reassume their former habits of submission, and the exterior of humility. They are followed in the streets only by a single servant; but at home they are surrounded by a princely and titled household: they allot to particular officers distinct portions of service, and pass the day in planning new schemes of ambition, or in receiving the secret homage of their clients and vassals.
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sleep3deprived · a month ago
One Last Compliment
Pairing: Miya Atumu x F!Reader
Words count: 941
Genre: Fluff, Hurt, Angst
Warning: Mentions of death/dying, Language
Note: Hey guys! Fun fact, I'm currently editing this while I'm in school and thank God no ones near me to see bc that'd be embarrassing...ahaha
random update: why's my principal here *aggresively and quickly changes tabs*
ANyWays, hope you enjoy!!! This may or may not be based on a true story...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why did you let your dad drag you to this thing?
I mean, sure you wanted to go before, but now after realizing that your parents were going to be there at your secret boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding, you just want to crawl in a hole and die.
How were you supposed to figure out that your boyfriend’s cousin’s dad and your dad were friends? Much less, on good terms enough to be invited to his son’s wedding?
Now, instead of being able to talk freely with your boyfriend, away from school and parents, you’re pushed right into the vicinity of being overly cautious of making sure your father doesn’t catch either of you staring.
Atsumu told you about the wedding a few months ago, after complaining about how annoying getting a suit fitted was. You jokingly said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if I attended?” which resulted in him replying “No, ‘cause ‘a can’t keep ma hands off ya and if ya came with yer family, yer dad would have ma head. ‘A need to be on his good side for future reference!”.
Honestly, you wish you never had to keep your relationship a secret. But you had to explain to him that if your father- one who doesn’t want his little girl to grow up and date just yet- realizes she’s been in a secret committed relationship for the past many months, you might as well start planning your funeral.
But it can’t be controlled. However, you know you love Atsumu, and that there’s gonna be a future with the both of you, together in some way. So you weren’t very worried. Just unbelievably sure.
You just hope you can keep the secret of being together long enough to last.
Unfortunately for you, even if you wanted to spend time with your loving boyfriend at the wedding, him being one of the groomsmen made it take up all his time.
You blow the hair blocking your face out of the way, “And here I was looking all cute for him…” you pout out.
It’s a good thing you decided to put some effort into yourself today, you guessed. Besides it being a wedding and for Atsumu, somehow he got you to introduce yourself to his grandma, aunts, cousins- who you’ve made good friends with- even his fucking family friends!
You’re basically accustomed to his whole family now.
‘Shit, this might as well be my wedding.’
“Y/N-nee-san! Save me!” A small voice screamed, grabbing onto your leg.
You looked down to see Atsumu’s little cousin, one that you’ve gotten pretty close to. “Atsumu-nii is chasing me!”
You took her into your arms while you find your boyfriend run into the lounge area towards you too.
“Oh no! The scary monster is coming! I’ll keep you safe!” You tell the little girl, holding her in a way to keep your lover away.
“Monster?! Ya fell in lo- Ya know what- fine!” Atsumu says grumpily while continuing to attempt to grab his little cousin.
Both you and the little girl laugh out. You put the small one down onto the ground “Quickly! Go run away from him before he catches you!” You tell the small child while you deal with the other man child.
Once you see the child out of sight -including the area being secluded- you find Atsumu pouting when you turn back. You giggle at his antics, taking his cheeks into your hands, “I was just joking ‘Tsum ‘Tsum.” You let out a chuckle at his behaviour.
“Well, at least put some of yer attention on me! I’m startin’ to think ya like ma cousins more than me.” He tells you with a pout.
“That’s ‘cause I do. And you’re the one walking around all busy, Mr. Groomsman.” You eye at him slyly. He gasps in fake shock, putting a hand out to his chest.
“It’s not ma fault! I wanted to talk to ya more, but the damned pictures took forever…”
“And here I was thinking you’d shower me in some compliments.” You sigh out humourlessly to him.
He looks at you amusingly, before noticing him being called by some of his family members.
“Yeah! I’ll be right there!” He says right before leaving you.
Before he does, he’s right behind you, putting both his hands on your shoulders and leaning over to put his lips against your ear and whispering against it.
“Of course ya look beautiful. Especially in white. When you spin ‘round in yer dress, it’s like looking at an angel.” He says into your ear, leaving goosebumps against your skin. The feeling of his hot breath against your neck still there.
Right after Atsumu finished his sentence, he runs back to his duties, leaving you alone, a blush dusting your cheeks, biting your cheek as an attempt to suppress the smile that crosses your face.
Years later, you constantly think of that moment. You’ve been with a few men here and there, but none have ever given you a compliment as beautiful as that.
You can still feel the emotions you felt after receiving that compliment. The warmth that spread through you, how genuine he was.
Remembering how excited he was to introduce you to his family, his brain already planning for what could have been you two happily together.
After all this time, you still think about him here and there. You would be lying if you said he didn’t leave a lasting mark on you. The memories, his touch, the feeling of security and endless love.
Yet every day, you wish that compliment wasn’t one of the last ones you got from him.
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goth-dean · 7 months ago
good morning everyone, just wanted to let you all know that i just killed john winchester
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mimabeann · a year ago
WIP Sampler
I was tagged by @starknstarwars & @actualanxiousswampwitch! Thank you both so much!! 
Rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!
Tagging: @wilvarin-chan, @a-muirehen, @shimmersing, @dottiechan, @cinlat, @rainofaugustsith, @bitterotter, @reflectionslegacy, & anyone else who sees this and wants to join in (no pressure & sorry if you’ve already done this and I missed it! Between Tumblr’s notifications and my schedule lately I’ve been missing a lot of stuff).
Just a heads up, most of these have super basic titles because I usually do titles after (unless I have an idea around something specific)... And since I don’t do drafts and I usually write in 1-2 sittings, here are all the prompts/ideas I have scribbled in my notebook. (Skipping the ones sitting in my inbox, but I have more there too).
& = friendship || / = romantic relationship
Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar’tome: Gemma/Skir’mir AU [Part 4]
Force Bond: Gemma/Skir’mir
Tending Wounds: Gemma/Skir’mir
Wayward: Skir’mir
Reprieve: Reine
Dreadfully Dull: Reine
Better than Alderaan: Reine
Loss and Lost: Reine
Crush: Reine/Iniko
Fawning: Reine/Iniko
Pixie Sticks: Reine/Iniko
Loop Holes: Reine
Leaving Home: Eraaven
Birds of a Feather: Eraaven & Quirin
Oh.: Eraaven/Rautt
Training: Adrastos
Coruscant: Adrastos
Assassins: Valerius
Social Hour: Valerius
Chance Encounter: Rhu’n/Arun & Eri/Neth
No, You First: Er’yne/Aden
(Unnamed to date) SoR Events: Er’yne/Aden
Payback: Eri & Addy & Er’yne/Aden
The Lament: Anthe & Ranul’f
Reunion: Ywyane/Sylph
Kissing: Merri/Arius
Bike Ride: Merri
Reunion: Pyx/Perry
Waking Up: Pyx/Perry
Meeting Os: Pyx & Osebeorn & Calea
The Aftermath of a Nap: Raisa/Vell
Dart: Raisa & Dart
Nightmares: Raisa/Vell
Don’t Trust Rayah: Raisa/Vell
Echoes of the Past [Part 2]: Raisa & Vell
Family Ties [Part 2]: Re’lusniss
Tython: Ar’nen
Out of Commission: Ar’nen/Numi
While the Fun Lasts: Errond/Arca’sia
Breaking the One Rule: Aullus/Yen
Mixed Up: Hermi’na/Hex
Taco Night: Hermi’na/Hex
Lightening: Hermi’na/Hex
Complications [Part 2]: Indi/Bianca
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As a native of Spain, Pope Calixtus carried with him the ancestral Iberian obsession with the Muslim threat, something that had been part of the peninsula’s culture since 711. He had been deeply disturbed by the fall of Constantinople in 1453, two years before his election, and he avidly listened to reports of subsequent events in eastern Europe. “He ascended the Papal throne,” Fusero writes, “with one great and all devouring project in mind—to free Christian Europe from the Turkish scimitar which, more especially since the occupation of Constantinople, had been pointed at her throat. All his efforts, all his thoughts, all his political activities converged on this one end.” Very few European Christian rulers shared his intense concern. Preoccupied with their own territorial rivalries, the Europeans had done little to prevent the conquest of Constantinople, and their subsequent efforts against the Muslims were halfhearted and ineffectual. This state of affairs made the cities of Europe seem easy pickings to the Turks; their wealth and women seemed available to anyone with the pluck and determination to take them. In the 1450s, in the wake of his victory, Mehmed II began calling himself Caesar and styling himself the emperor of Rome, leading an army three hundred thousand strong and preparing once more for attack. Pope Calixtus issued a clarion call for funds and troops to fight the Turks, but the response was tepid. The threat seemed too distant, too ephemeral, particularly for northern Europeans and for the warring northern Italian city-states. Pope Calixtus resolved to defend Christianity on his own. To raise money, he introduced an austerity program at the Vatican, a reversal of course after the free-spending ways of Pope Nicholas. Calixtus ordered gold and silver plate from the papal treasury to be melted to raise money for armaments. When a marble tomb was unearthed and found to contain two mummified corpses dressed in robes of gold-woven study them, but to sell them for the value of the gold they contained. Calixtus also drummed up support by encouraging public admiration for religious warriors. He was the prelate who had pressed for the reexamination of Joan of Arc’s life, which recast her as a God-fearing soldier of liberation against an invading force. Her legend grew as that taint of heresy dropped away. As a result of this review of her case, which happened when Isabella was six, Joan of Arc was declared innocent, rehabilitated, and placed on the path toward sainthood. “Only on the battlefield does the palm of glory grow,” Pope Calixtus once said. His preoccupation with Christian self-defense intensified as reports from eastern Europe grew more alarming. Turkish troops were headed for Hungary and up the Danube River. In 1456 Turkish troops engulfed Athens; recognizing that no assistance was at hand, its residents opted to survived and were allowed to follow their own religious traditions. But the people who had coined the term democracy were labeled rayah or slaves by the Ottomans. During Calixtus’s pontificate, and using the funds he had stockpiled, the pope engaged in the strongest counterattack organized by the Christian world to that time. the Greek Isles. Elsewhere the city of Belgrade, besieged by the Ottomans, succeeded in holding them off. But Calixtus was eighty years old, and he had been selected for the papacy because of his declining health. In the summer of 1458, when Isabella was seven, he grew ill and was reported to be dying.
Isabella: The Warrior Queen by Kirstin Downey 
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6:01 AM (Drabble)
Warning: None
Word count: 792
Tumblr media
“Wake up, Y/n…” Your boyfriend tries waking you up. He already knows just how much of a struggle it is to get you to wake up, but if he doesn’t then you’ll be late for work. And if you’re late, you’ll go around complaining about how he didn’t wake you up all day.
Hajime doesn’t really win either way.
He shakes your shoulder again, even trying to use his hand to brush your hair, “Come on, you gotta wake up. We’ll both be late to work then.” He tries telling you in an effort for you to get up.
“Ughh…5 more minutes..” you groan out, your voice muffled by the pillows.
“I already gave you ‘5 more minutes’ now you really need to get up. I’ll open the curtains then.” Hajime threatens you with.
You hated when the curtains were opened while you were sleeping. It makes it difficult for you to sleep, along with someone turning off your noise machine. Having Hajime threaten you with that meant he was being serious.
“Okay, fine. I’m getting up…” you tell him, hoping he’ll leave the room.
“I know how you are babe. You’re gonna go back to sleep.” At this point, Iwaizumi is trying his best not to let his frustration get to him but if he pisses you off in the morning, he knows you’ll be in a bad mood the whole day.
God how he hates you not being a morning person.
Hajime takes his chances and walks up to the curtain of your shared bedroom and starts counting to 3 “I’m gonna open them if you don’t get up..”
Only to be met with silence.
He sighs and starts counting and at the count of three, opens the curtain.
Because of him not giving you a proper warning, the bright sunlight hits your eyes right away, making you squint and hide under the covers, but also lose some of your sleep. At this point, you knew that you had to get up.
“I’ll get your coffee ready since you’re up now. You also have around 35 minutes to get ready since most of it was spent waking you up.” Your lover says for the final time, walking out of your room.
After getting ready, and also being put in a bad mood, you come back to the kitchen to be met with coffee made by your boyfriend…whom you are annoyed at.
“So wanna tell me why today was harder to wake you up than others?” Hajime asks you while taking a sip from his mug.
Usually, this short time of 5 minutes is spent with both of you talking since it’s the only time you have for each other in the morning, but with your face having a sour look, Hajime doesn’t want to annoy you any more than he already did.
You thought about the question he asked you till you realized he had no idea why you were so difficult this morning. “I stayed up late working on something for work.”
“How long?” Hajime tries really hard to remember yesterday but he was just so tired when he came home that he ate and passed out on the bed.
“I don’t know…till like 3-4:30? Something like that…” you tell him without paying any mind.
“Why would you stay up that late? And on a workday?” Hajime asks you.
“Well, it’s not like anyone else would’ve finished it for me. There’s a reason I asked you for like 5 more minutes.”
Iwaizumi starts to feel some guilt. A small part for waking you up the way he did, putting you in a mood, but mostly for not noticing how late you were up last night.
Hajime walks up to you sitting and stands you up so that he could hug you from behind, with you relishing in his presence.
“‘M sorry for not noticing how late you were working. And waking you up in the ways you hate.” He apologizes, his voice muffled a little by your shoulder.
“Mm, it’s fine. At least I got an apology. Also never wake me up by turning off my noise machine. Curtains I can live with but not the damn machine.”
Iwaizumi chuckles at how quickly your mood changed, kisses your shoulder, neck then your cheek.
“Fine, I promise I’ll never do that. As long as you don’t stay up so late to make me do it.” Hajime says to you.
“Deal.” You say while reaching over a little to peck his lips.
“But apology not totally accepted unless on one condition.” You say to him.
“And what’s that?” he muses at you.
“Can you bring pastries home?”
“Eh, why not? It’s already on my way home from work anyways.”
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Haikyuu!! Boys and Religious Places Ft. S/O
REQUESTED BY: @sexyandcringe
Requests: OPEN
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x Reader, Kuroo Tetsuro x Reader, Suna Rintarou x Reader, Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader (Separate)
Warnings: Maybe some language ? (I honestly can't even remember)
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Note: This is based off of a request I got, AND I FINALLY FINISHED IT AHAH (yes I am working on the next one I've just been really busy lately) But this isn't exactly the request I received because I didn't want to say something disrespectful when I have no knowledge of it, so I generalized it and made it something in relating to how I feel ?? But I hope your enjoy and lmk if anything is off
Buy me a Kofi (don't feel pressured)
Tumblr media
Miya Atsumu
Tumblr media
I love him omg
Seriously, have yall seen him?
When Atsumu and you got together, you told him that he’d have to make an effort into appreciating your religion
Not in a “omg convert right away” but more like a
“Me and my ex broke up bc he didn’t like how i was in touch with my religion”
And he had no complaints about it, he didn’t mind learning something new
So when you invited him asking if he wanted to attend your local place of worship, he didn’t mind going
Let’s just say, it was a new experience for him
He was surprised at how kind people were
Even though he doesn’t follow it, everyone there was unbelievably kind
Although it was also loud
He thought something bad had happened
But it was just everyone getting ready for prayer…
He didn’t really know what to do when everyone started to pray
So this boy just watched them while he was in the corner.
You came to get him later and he just asks the question
“Wait, so what did that loud voice at the beginning mean?”
“Oh, no wonder i didn’t understand it”
“But why do you have to do that?”
You answered as many as you could and if you didn’t know, he would come back to the place of worship and would ask the head priest
It warmed your heart how he cared about you and took the time to learn about you.
All of you.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro
Tumblr media
He wanted to go bc he loves learning about you
Like it can be the most random things too, he doesn’t care
So if it means learning more about your religion, he has 0 complaints
So you thought, “why not take him there”
When you took him to your religious place/area he was careful
Careful in a sense where he was trying to be as respectful as he can be.
Kuroo followed whatever rules he needed to
Even one’s he didn’t have to or that don’t apply to him
While everyone was praying, he was pretty quiet because he didn’t wanna interrupt
Asked questions here and thereafter everyone was done what they needed to do and were just mingling
Knowing Kuroo he probably lost you somewhere so not he’s making friends with the uncles and aunties
You had no clue until an aunty comes up to you and says you’re lucky to be with kuroo
He’s lucky he even landed you but okay
"You better not let any of this go to your head"
"Too late, already did!"
Anyways, after he found you outside ready to leave he kept saying how you two should come back more often
And how you two are both invited to dinner by an uncle
You’re now switching where you go to pray.
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou
Tumblr media
Suna was never really religious
More like, he never really understood how Gods and religion works so he never really bothered to care about it
Sort of like he’s an atheist but not really
He really just indulged in holidays because why not? It’s nostalgic
Suna is one of those Christmas whore prove me wrong
So when his S/O is pretty religious
Religious enough to go to places of worship is pretty religious to him
He will reluctantly go ahead with you
He would never admit but he was a little nervous.
Especially since you mentioned that you two were going to meet some people from your extended family
So he did as much research as he could online
Some may or may not have been reliable
Honestly, he’s mainly doing this to make you happy because you put so much effort into him
Also, he doesn’t mind learning something new
Back to Suna not being very religious
Because of that, he doesn’t care where you take him
When you guys got there, the amount of people he had to talk to and introduce himself to
He was uncharacteristically nervous because he knows how family talks and since this is extended family, he knows full well to show how much he loves you.
Not nervous nervous but like, you could tell he was different than his usual demeanour
But he didn’t really have an issue with it
In fact, he doesn’t mind going back there again
This time he can be more prepared to meet your family
Suna would do anything for you, and if it means meeting your extended family, he’ll do that to
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
Took you so much convincing
Not because he didn’t want to see more about you but because
“No thank you y/n. I’m perfectly comfortable where I am”
After a while of you asking you just stopped because if he didn’t want to go, you wouldn’t pressure him
This is also the reason why he said yes
He can’t stand you feeling down because of him
When you got there he sanitized everything he could
“Since when did so many people come to pray? I didn’t see any of you guys here to pray after the global pandemic?”
Sakusa would NOT STOP roasting these people under his breath.
He was a little overwhelmed with so many people, so he held your hand so tight
If your place of worship segregates people, he’d wish it didn’t
Like how dare you take him to a crowded area only to leave him alone.
You weren’t even gone for very long but still
He ended up going outside to wait for you where he met some nice aunties
They exchanged tips on how to clean
Honestly, you didn’t know how to feel when you found him
But you were happy he was at least somewhat comfortable
“Next time we come here, let’s at least come at a day with fewer people”
You were just happy he said next time
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sleep3deprived · 4 months ago
Stars - Drabble
Pairings: Akaashi Keiji x Reader
Word count: 398
Genre: Heavy angst, fluff if you squint
Warnings: Implied reader death (please don’t read if it can affect you and cause you harm. this is my official warning ⚠️) Poorly proofread, probably not gn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The stars shine a little brighter with you.
Akaashi can’t help watching you from the corner of his eyes, the way you moon glows over your face, illuminating all your features. Truly breathtaking.
He wonders if it’s possible for you both to stay this way forever. Unrealistic he knows, but when he looks back at it, it’d be the only thing he would wish for.
“Tell me Keiji, are you afraid of death?” You ask him.
“Well that’s a morbid question, don’t you think?” Akaashi can’t help but look over at you concerningly. I mean, you do tend to ask random and quite gruesome questions, but this was different than the other times you’ve asked.
“Depends on how you look at it. But are you?” It’s a genuine question from your end. I mean, death can mean anything to different people, so there really isn’t a right or wrong answer.
Akaashi sighs, racking his brain for a fitting response, “I mean, I never really thought about it. What about you?” He asks back at you, curious for your intake.
“I don’t know honestly. I mean, if I die right now, leaving you, my friends and family, then hell yeah I’m scared. But besides that, I think it’s actually really peaceful. Death is just misconceived.” You say to him.
Akaashi looks at you with amusement. He’s never really thought of it like that, and wants to know more of your intakes. You notice Akaashi looking at you and you start to chuckle, “If that makes sense, I don’t really think-” Akaashi interrupts you before you could finish. “No! I understood it fine, I’m just surprised at how you view it.”
“Like what? A crazy person?” you chuckle out.
“No, like you’ve put too much thought in it”
“Fair enough.”
Akaashi remembers that day almost perfectly. The stars couldn’t compare to your beauty, and with all of them shining in the sky, to Akaashi, you shined the brightest.
He just wishes he could have kept that shine. The ones in your eyes at least. Now all he has are lifeless ones staring right back at him, the star once within you put out and the pulse in your body gone.
All Akaashi can do now is go back to staring at the stars alone and on behalf of you, only to realize, the stars shined a little brighter with you.
Tumblr media
Note: Hey guys!! so this is pretty dark i can’t even lie but i wrote this when i was feeling like absolute shit (as you can tell) but before everyone comes at me asking if i’m okay, i’m fine, this was me 2 months ago cause schools a bitch and cut off 2 friends.
AnYwAyS enough of me rambling and life dumping, hope you enjoyed this. BUT AGAIN I AM NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY IF ANYONE DOES ANY HARM TO THEMSELVES AFTER READING THIS. This is because I have my warning right at the top and if you continue to read beyond that, is now your responsibility. The last thing I need is to get cancelled for everyone else’s doing.
thank you, and hope you lovely pple enjoyed it :)) <33
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sleep3deprived · 8 months ago
Me staring at my laptop while I write:
Tumblr media
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sleep3deprived · 4 months ago
hey cutie! congrats on 100 followers <3 may i ask a match up for jjk? I'm from Argentina, I really like to dance, sing (even though I'm the worst singer ever), bake, draw and learn new languages! I'm always been an artistic person and I've been told to be quite hyperactive, charming and funny ! I'm an enfp and a libra with gemini moon and aquarius rising. Currently, im at my first year of college (psychology major).
oh! I identify as she/her and I'm bisexual :)
ps: English is not my first language so im sorry if there are any mistakes
Hi love!! and thank you so much!! and don’t worry, i understood you perfectly!! <333
and i match you up withhh…
Tumblr media
Nobara Kugisaki and you are the kind of couple that compliment each other.
Nobara has never been one with patience, so you usually end up becoming the one to hold it for the two of you.
Your softness is something that she can’t help but adore. She just finds you admirable and oh so adorable. How could she not? The way you bake her different sweets, always eager for her reply on the taste, or even when you sing, because even if it’s so off key, she’ll listen to you sing for as long as she can.
You’re just so…charming. She can’t help but wonder how she landed someone as amazing, endearing and beautiful as you.
“Honey…!” Kugisaki calls for you from another room.
“I’m on the table!”
“What are you doing?” Nobara lowers her head to see what’s written in your notebook, only to find incoherent words to her and some drawings.
“Tu-es très belle. Tu-es ma vie.” You say to her.
“Uh, as cool and hot as that sounded. What does it mean?”
You look up at her, you eyes meeting hers, “You are very beautiful. You are my life.”
Nobara lowers her head to give your nose a kiss, her cheeks slightly dusted pink.
“And you are mine.”
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sleep3deprived · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello there!!
How are all of you doing? Call me Rayah, I’m a girl, going by she/her!
Drink some water and eat something if you haven’t already, and get some sleep too because god knows you need it, dehydrated pumpkins <3
Anyways, welcome to my blog, where I guess I write from time to time, I also have an AO3 account, so if you see my work there too, don’t be alarmed!
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Tumblr media
100 Follower / Birthday Event - (7) CLOSED!
Tumblr media
Kindly leave my page if you are !!
Tumblr media
About me: HERE
Request rules: HERE
Tumblr media
Recent Works:
Haikyuu!! Boys and Religious Places Ft. S/O
Chapter 1: Kill the Director- Semi Eita x Reader
Tokyo Revengers with a Kuddere S/O- Baji Keisuke x Reader, Ryuguji "Draken" Ken x Reader
Tumblr media
Works In Progress:
Midnight Dance- Miya Atsumu x Reader, Part 1 (0%)
Bollywood Songs That Remind Haikyuu!! Boys of You (5%)
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Haikyuu!! Main Masterlist
Kill the Director Masterlist
Tumblr media
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mimabeann · a year ago
Breaking Ties
I don’t know why my muses are being angsty this morning, but they are. Fair warning, Raisa is sad... This is the first time she feels like she has to run from someplace that she had an attachment to.
In case I haven’t talked much about it (since I can’t write in chronological order to save my life), Raisa was taken by the jedi as a kid. She’s an empath and she’s always struggled with the “no emotions” part of the Jedi Code... And with the “no attachments” part too. Euan was her former mentor and master who she had a romantic relationship with.
Tumblr media
“Raisa, they know. They know everything. I’m so sorry, it just...” Euan’s voice shook. “It was the only way.” Raisa could feel Euan’s pain. Oh no, no, no, no. This couldn’t be happening... He didn’t. He did. He told them. The Council knew everything.
Raisa felt her whole body start shaking as her stomach dropped. “You told them it was me? Euan? You were supposed to leave me out-”
Euan cut her off, his holoprojection looking panicked, “I did what I felt I had to Raisa, they can help both of us-” Raisa felt anger building inside her as she clenched her fists, angry tears running down her face as she cut him off in turn.
“No! They can help you, Euan. You betrayed my trust and so did they. You promised Euan. You swore.” She sobbed, running a hand through her long hair, she felt herself sinking to the cold metal floor of her ship as tears started streaming down her face. “Good bye, Euan. Don’t come looking for me.” She switched the holocomm off. 
Another sob wracked through her. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You should have left earlier than this. Shouldn’t have gotten involved. Shouldn’t have trusted him. You shouldn’t trust people. Didn’t you learn that growing up? Idiot... 
Raisa squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to blink back the tears, everything hurt. She’d been laying on the floor for what felt like hours. You have to believe in something. Don’t give up on people. It’s okay. You’ll get through this. Find something to fight for. Keep moving forward. Change your appearance. Find someplace new. Something out there is worth this. You’re stronger than this.
She wiped the tears from her face and stretched before sitting up. Plot a course for the nearest planet... Corellia, if she was remembering right. Then cut your hair, change your name. Rayah has a nice ring to it. She smiled weakly. It’s a new start.
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