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muselexum · 11 months ago
How do you need to be loved?
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Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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eustasssimp · 7 months ago
How OP Men would react to you burying your head in their tiddies (pt. 3)
thank you for all the love on this series y'all, and thanks for waiting! it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, have some more tiddy headcanons <3 Crocodile, Rayleigh, Doflamingo under cut :) SFW wc: 0.8k
pt 1, pt 2
Candidates for part 4: Franky, Killer, Sanji, Usopp (accepting requests for more, not exclusive to men)
Tumblr media
- This man would not let you near him, much less touch him, unless you were in an established relationship
- The chance to put your head on Sir Croc's honkers chest would probably when you're seated on his lap. This seems like a man who, in absolute privacy, likes having his s/o on his lap.
- He see's his s/o as his property, and what safer place is there other than his lap?
- This man is enormous, and he’s obsessed with feeling powerful, so he’ll love how small you feel against him, how tiny your head is compared to the broad expanse of his chest.
- I mean, the guy could fit your head in one of his hands, imagine how tiny it would be on his chest?
- If he was feeling soft (a rare moment indeed), I could see him making his chest a little softer from sand so it would be more squishy for your head to lay on. again, an absolutely rare occasion that would mostly happen in the early mornings, and he wakes up to the sight of you curled up next to him.
- He’d tolerate your head on his chest a lot more if you gave him genuine compliments. he doesn’t want his ass kissed, Crocodile definitely sees that as a form of cowardice, but this man is a slut for someone worshipping him (again, love power).
- You can’t help but feel it as a way for him to express his love. The man isn’t big on pda, but if he lets you sit on his lap with your head in his chest in his office? where anyone could walk in? well, that might as well be the same as him letting a public declaration of his love out to one of his casinos.
Tumblr media
- I can see him finding you when you're down, in a rough spot, or just generally not having a good day
- Though he would never say no to you putting your head on his tiddies, he'd enjoy it a lot more if it brought you comfort in the moment.
- He would bring you onto his lap, cradle your head to his chest, and let you wrap your arms around him as tight as you could. If you wanted advice, he'd give it. With his age, he knows he can be a source of wisdom for someone younger than him, especially someone like you who's still in the middle of their young and reckless years
- He'd have a gentle smile on his face feeling you against him, and you'd be able to hear the steady beating of his heart from where he held your head against him.
- His fingers would card through your hair, occasionally taking his fingertips and massaging where your scalp meets the top of your neck.
- He'd do his best to soothe you, comfort you, make you feel safe
- Rayleigh would chuckle when he hears you call his pecs "tiddies"
"They're muscles, doll." The dark king's fingers one again found their way to your scalp, massaging your scalp gently. "You don't get to be a pirate of my stature without having some muscle on you."
"They're tiddies," Your voice is soft, but insistent. "They're too squishy to be anything else, Ray"
The older man chuckled, the thought of flexing his muscles to prove you how soft they really were flashing his mind. Ultimately deciding against it, that it was a point to prove at another time, he decides to play along. "Well, I'm glad you like my tiddies then, darling."
- Over all, the first time would be a soft, secure moment shared between just the two of you.
Tumblr media
- You wouldn't ask Doffy to put your head on his tiddies, he would put your head on his tiddies.
- A little like Crocodile in that this is just a power trip for the ex-warlord
- Unless he likes you, aside from being his s/o, you would only get the opportunity if he deemed you worthy. It's not something you get to do because you want to, it's something you get to do because he allows you to.
- Expects you to dote and fawn over him, worship the very ground he walks, as you lay there on your chest. (maybe not if s/o, but he still expects compliments on high from them).
- This is a man who has whatever he wants, or can take whatever he wants, he wants you to show why you deserve the chance to feel his tiddies.
- Is all about you proving your worth. I feel like he'd ask you questions, make you prove to him that you're devoted to him, and him alone.
- Deep down though, he's extremely satisfied with having his s/o on his chest because there is no one better suited to protect them than himself. Your health and wellbeing are what he puts second most to himself first.
- If you two were alone and you fell asleep with your head on his chest, he'd chuckle softly to himself, petting your hair like the prized pet you were. He'd inform the whole of Dressarosa that he was not to be disturbed, and if someone disrupted your slumber they'd pay for it with their life.
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the-flaming-spade · 3 years ago
30, 32, 34, 36
//This one’s cover’s some NSFW topics, you have been warned. HC’s under the cut…here we go!//
30. Sex
//It would have to be with a s/o, Ace is not a one night stand kind of man. Its a symbol of love and trust with him, to see Ace naked and vulnerable.
He is willing to be a top or a bottom, depending on the mood of his s/o. He can be really possessive and will leave bite marks wherever he can reach, don’t think you’re leaving the bedroom without a dozen hickeys from Ace.
Being rough and commanded is fine, to an extent, if he has a panic attack due to memories, respecting him saying no means the world to him.
He can be very frisky when he is in the mood. Groping, banter and teasing are all fair game. He especially loves making his s/o blush and a stuttering mess. With some gentle convincing and patience he is willing to try somethings, if it means a lot to his s/o. After sex he is all for cuddling, either holding or the one being held.//
32. Birth
//During the pregnancy he is the most doting father. Mother has weird cravens? You bet anything he is either up making it himself, going to get the food. Pickles and chili? He isn’t judging. His s/o and baby want it and their going to get it, no matter what time it is.
In modern its easier for him to accept having a child. In regular verse he is terrified of having a child, terrified of the entire world hating the child simply because of who their father is. He never wants what happened to him and his mother to happen to his s/o and their child.
He would be by their side throughout the entire labor, patting sweat from her forehead and coaching her through it, the whole time internally panicking because: “Is it suppose to hurt that much?! Why is it taking so long?! Oh fuck she’s gonna break my Goddamn arm!”
After the labor, when the child is finally placed in his arms, the look of pure love and awe would over take his ebony eyes. This tiny person in his arms was made from love. He can’t see this ‘horrible demon’ that his bloodline demands that he, and any offspring from him, should be. All he see’s is the sweetest little thing in the world that needs him. He would tell his s/o what an amazing job she did and would just be so overwhelmed by everything he would need to sit down, but he’s got the biggest, dorkiest grin on his freckled face.
The nurse would have to fight him to take the baby, because Ace isn’t putting them down for anything. Like, they will have to go get Marco to get the baby from his arms.
After giving birth, he would be doing everything for his s/o, to the point she needs to tell him to just stop hovering over her. She will also have to tell him to stop picking the baby up every 5 mins. And you can be damn sure, that he has, and is, reading every book he can get his hands on about raising a baby. Also, knowing that they can’t raise a baby on a pirate ship, Ace would have scoped out an island, had a home built or purchased, and will be living there the first few years of his child’s life.
Ace wants to be the father Whitebeard was to him, that his child will know that they aren’t a mistake, that they never have to question if it was a good thing they were born. The rest of the world may hate them, but their father loves them with all his heart. And you can be damn sure that Ace will fight EVERYONE that tries to hurt his child or s/o. He would keep their existence hidden from the rest of the world for as long as he could, so they could have a somewhat normal life.//
34. Affection
//PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection), are not easy for Ace to show. You never know who is watching and if they would mean harm to his s/o or not. Ace is terrified that loving him would put the other in danger and that worry and concern keeps him distant around people he doesn’t know. He may link his hand in theirs, especially if their in a crowd and it would be harder for people to notice a small thing like that. He will certainly stand close to them, as if a reminder to them, and himself, that they are there and he is keeping an eye on his s/o and the people around them.
When he’s somewhere safe, you can bet your ass he is a lot more affectionate with his s/o. Brushing their hair back, stroking their cheek, hugging them and holding them close, nuzzling into their neck, he does all of that.
He will pull them into his lap, if they are just sitting together, and just hold them. He will bury his face into their chest and just enjoy their scent and warmth. Almost like its a comfort to have them there. And he is totally into the pet names, (cough Moon Dragon cough). But if there is a pet name for his s/o you can bet he calls them that, just as much as he calls their real name. If their shorter, or sitting, he will rest his chin on top of their head.
He will also put his hat on top of their head. His orange hat is special to him, its part of his identity and holds a visual representation of the question he asks himself: Is it a good thing I was born? Words aren’t always easy for him to say, so sometimes he will place the hat on top of his s/o’s head and just smile and walk away. His way of letting them know that THEY are the answer to his question and that they are the most important thing in his life.
If you think he won’t buy the cheesiest gifts, just because they make him think of his s/o, you are wrong.
Like, there’s a little figurine in a shop, does his s/o need it? Probably not, but it made Ace think of them so he would get it and leave it somewhere he knows they’ll find it.
Or, respectfully, they made a comment about liking something and he will wait till they leave the store, or go with them and come back later, and buy it for them without shame or hesitation.
When he is having a hard day, he can be slightly clingy, simply just needing to hold them until he can regather himself.
Giving little kisses on the cheek, neck or wrist when he can sneak them if their somewhere PDA’s might not be in their best interest, or full on kisses where they are somewhere he feels comfortable.
He would definitely get one of those necklaces or bracelets that have two halves, usually in the shape of a heart and would wear one half all the time. His brothers and family are welcomed to tease him about it, but anyone else will get an earful. Also, he is the type of person, especially if he’s fully relaxed, will just sweep his s/o off their feet and nuzzle their noses together.
He can be so freaking cheesy, but as long as his s/o is happy than Ace is happy. They mean everything to him, the only person that means as much to him as them is Luffy, just a on a different level. Also, total snuggler if they are sitting somewhere (or in modern their on the couch and watching movies) kinda like a big dog who thinks he can fit on your lap.//
36. Sacrifice
//Ace’s life means less to him than his s/o, they are is everything. The reason he keeps going when he feels like he can’t, the reason he pushes harder back against the world when it pushes against him. They (along with Luffy) are the reason he refuses to let the world devour him completely in darkness. They are the one ray of light in a bleak world that, if he didn’t have, he may not have a reason to keep going.
With that being said, if it was between him living or them living, he will chose them every time. Ace would lay down his life for anyone he loves, if that’s what his life is good for, than at least he can guarantee they survive.
During Marineford, Ace came to terms with his death. He had literally been on death’s door, he had confided in Luffy his inner most thoughts and feelings, and although he no longer wishes for his own death, he will throw his life away for someone he deems more important. Now, does that mean if there is a chance to do something without dying will he take it? Yes, because he promised Luffy (and most likely his s/o) that he wouldn’t die.
This also means he works on keeping a level head in battle, an ongoing process as his temper can burn very bright and make it hard for him to think of anything else than destroying the person that has either wronged him or the people he loves.
Now, if we are talking about someone sacrificing themselves for him, Ace will have none of that. His life is not worth them trading their lives for. If someone moved to take a blow that was meant for him, he would try to, desperately, get them out of harms way.
The entire time he would be yelling at them about how stupid they were and that they shouldn’t be so reckless with their life and that they have so much more worth living for and he is the last person they should be willing to die for, that he isn’t worth their blood being spilled.
And yes, Ace is aware he is being hypercritical, that he holds someone else to a different, and higher, standard than he holds himself and truly he couldn’t care less.
Sacrificing himself for someone more important is done without a second thought, but he is also well aware that his devil fruit does give him added protection against most things, and after training with Rayleigh, he has a good understanding of Armament, so their aren’t many things he is afraid of truly hurting him. Their are only two people in the world, that if Ace was shielding someone from them, would he be concerned that he would actually die. Akainu and Blackbeard, and given what he knows they can do, especially Blackbeard, he rather go through that again then let someone he loves suffer.
Against those two, especially Blackbeard, Ace is well aware there is a high chance he would not escape with his life…and he would not let the person he cared for and was defending anywhere near that man. Never would he wish what he endured on them and if they tried to sacrifice themselves in order to protect them, he would certainly knock them out, with regret for hurting them, and make others get them out of there. He would face down his greatest fear, just for the small chance that the people he love would get away. Ace’s life means very little to him, he finds worth in protecting the lives of the people he loves.
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