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mayvaava · a day ago
Small rant about Allison’s Characterization
Aight so, been seeing a lot of “they ruined Allison’s character development”, and “this was super ooc” and “why did they do that? It doesn’t make sense”.
YES Allison doing that to Luther was fucked up and pretty unforgivable but it wasn’t entirely out of character so idk what y’all are on about.
Regardless of comic knowledge (in which she also does this), they hinted at this side of her and her powers in season 1. With Allison losing everything that made her want to not use her powers and be a good person, I’m not entirely surprised she regressed so hard.
Allison, on some level, has always been a little selfish, I mean she’s literally a rich and famous movie star this isn’t shocking. When we meet her in season one she isn’t at her worst behavior like some of the other characters and I think for that reason it was easy to forget what lies underneath but, “I heard a rumor that you love me” lives in my head rent free.
Let’s also not forget that she wasn’t allowed to see Claire because she was constantly rumoring her, taking away her agency and ability to be her own individual person at such a young age too, instead of actually properly parenting her. And then in season 2 they hint at it again by showing how she can get carried away or overtaken by her powers. Not that the bitches she hurt didn’t have it coming but, Rays reaction was supposed to signal that she was going too far or something. (Personally it’s whatever but the musical queue’s and such gave the vibe, to me anyway, that she enjoyed the power trip)
All I’m saying is, fucked up as it was, it was fairly in character. This side of her has always existed and has been pushed down but always there. But now with all the trauma and hopelessness she’s regressed back to how she was and is being extra self destructive on top of it. And I hope they will address the Luther stuff, but everything else she did was just as bad as the rest of the characters, so it’s pretty silly to come at her for that.
But yea I hope she has a redemption arc (?) or gets called for the SA, but everything else she did? Idk she was in her dark arc, they’ve all been there.
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c0ffeeb1ack · 2 days ago
YES they brought ray back this season YES YES YES raymond chestnut my beloved (even if it’s only a flashback i appreciate it)
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mozzzz05 · a day ago
I’m not saying Allison’s anger isn’t valid but Claire wouldn’t exist even if Harlan hadn’t killed their mothers and the Umbrellas did exist in that timeline but grew up with their original mothers. Theirs no saying that Allison would have become an actress or met Patrick or had a child and even if she did there would still have been the other Allison kicking around
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elnavegador · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Rewatching the second season and having feelings about them.
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Rays ‘Theres a giant dead white boy on our couch’ line
Is severely underrated
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ilargeicontradictmiself · 2 months ago
Yusuf Gatewood appreciation for bringing a little bit of stability in my life by providing good performances out of the blue for characters that could have been annoying and/or irrelevant and making me really really like them actually
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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viktorhargreeves · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Umbrella Academy | 2x01: “Right Back Where We Started”
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cardigan-ns · a month ago
Little Freak
Pairing: Diego Hargreeves x Gn!Reader
Summary: Allison’s wedding, forgotten gifts. Love. And annoying siblings.
Notes: implied smut, established relationship. This is a long one shot- I got carried away! Umbrella Ben is alive. Dave and sissy are in this timeline. Allison is marrying Ray! Also probably like tons of spelling mistakes.
Tumblr media
Here you sat, atop the kitchen counter watching him write the RSVP for Allison’s wedding, beside you, repeatedly clicking the black pen. “Why didn’t she just put her number on this goddamn invitation, I mean, do you see the point of sending her mail she’ll never open!” He looked up to you, frustration written all over his face, family events were hard for him, you understood him completely. “She’s just being old- fashioned, don’t worry, she’ll open it.” You traced circles along his hand to reassure him, you smiled slightly at him as he lifted the card to your face. “15 dollars on a stupid wedding card, she better open it or I’m taking it back!” Diego sat on the counter with a huff and you chuckled at his attitude, “You’d keep a wedding card addressed to your sister?” He confused you sometimes but you sort of understood what he meant. “Oh shut up!” He slammed the pen on the table and you lifted your hands up in defence jokingly, “Sorry, please don’t attack.” He just rested his head on your shoulder in defeat, “I probably won’t even get there on time, the wedding is tomorrow, I don’t even have a gift for her!” You rested your head on top of his and put your arm over his torso, “Well, we have 5 hours until our plane takes off so… buy some airport perfume or something?” You tried to lighten the mood and he did laugh but you knew that the world famous Allison Hargreeves probably wouldn’t want some airport perfume as a wedding gift. “You know what! Screw the damn RSVP, we’ll be scandalous and show up ‘uninvited’ how’s that sound?” He spoke, his words vibrating from your shoulder where he lay, you could feel his smile on your skin as he spoke. “Diego Hargreeves.” You joked and hit his arm.
An hour went by and You and Diego were shoving last minute essentials into your suitcases before the taxi arrived. “I think we are the most unprepared people on the planet!” You yelled over to Diego who was in the bathroom down the hall, putting his Deodorant into a clear bag along with his shaving cream. You on the other hand we’re adding Diegos pyjamas to the suitcase, since he ‘forgot’. He failed to realise that klaus loves to wake people up at the stupidest hours in the morning and probably wouldn’t want to see his brother naked beside his best friend. “You think? I heard that Viktor had his shit packed last week for this thing!” You scrunched your face at Diego’s words, you guys loved to wait until last minute and the stress creeping up forced you to do it. “Speaking of being unprepared, how long has that taxi been waiting outside?” Diego shouted over to you, you froze for a whole of 5 seconds before checking the alarm clock beside the bed. “Shit!Shit!Shit!” You quite literally threw Diego’s close in and shut the suitcase before running out the front door. Diego bolted out of the bathroom and to the taxi, not caring that he forgot to lock the door. “Shit! My suitcase-” he yelled as soon as he put his seatbelt on and the car was already starting to move. “It’s in the trunk, dumbass.” You pointed over, “you forget I was using it to pack your stuff which you forgot?” You used quotations with your hands when saying forgot, Diego just smirked and looked out the window, “thank you.” He muttered.
The whole of the city was just covered in traffic, bumper to bumper and you let out a tired sigh, Diego’s hand rested on your thigh as he snored into your neck, you’ve been in the taxi for all of 45 minutes and he’s already sleeping, oh this flight would be fun! The driver turned around and shrieked slightly seeing your boyfriend using you as a pillow, she just smiled, “if the traffic clears up any, we should be there in 15 minutes.” You smiled to her and she turned around. You gazed over to Diego who looked oh so peaceful resting on you his chest rising and falling as he slept. You decided to close your eyes for the remainder of the journey, after all, you needed to rest before this wedding. Beside him.
You were awakened by the loud blaring of a car horn, you and Diego shot up in panic and the driver just giggled, “Sorry to wake you, but you guys are at the airport now.” Diego looked angry that he was woken up, he yawned quite dramatically, as you payed the taxi driver and made your way into the airport. It was filled with crowds of people ready to travel, a majority of the siblings booked the same flight as you both. Five said he’d just blink there using his power and Luther was already there since yesterday with Grace and Pogo so it was You and Diego, Klaus and Dave, Viktor and Sissy and Ben all on the same flight, how chaotic.
As you boarded the flight you saw Klaus and Ben arguing over where each of them were putting their luggage. “I sit here so I’m putting it here!” Yelled Ben trying to get his brother to move his overhead luggage. “Not fair asshole, I put it there first.” Then Dave walked by seeing that they were having trouble, “Klaus, there is literally and overhead compartment beside our seats, just put it there and leave Ben alone.” Dave always knew how to ground klaus, he always listened to him, we loved Dave Katz. Sissy and Viktor were in the rows between Ben and Klaus, “Do you need a drink? Are you feeling any better?” Viktor asked Sissy who you assumed has a sore throat, Harlan sat with headphones on watching a movie beside them and you already noticed that Diego made his way beside Ben. “Thank God your beside me, I was scared klaus hacked my phone and found out what seats I booked so he could sit beside me.” Ben rambled on and on about klaus not leaving his side the whole morning and Diego just laughed as he sat beside his brother. “Well Ben, you’re stuck with us for a whole 2 and a half hours!” You spoke as you lifted your luggage into the compartment and sat beside Diego. “I’d rather it be you guys, honestly.” He smiled and turned back to the book he was reading.
“Baby, did you pack my headphones?” Diego didn’t even need you to answer as he saw you take them out of your back pack, “you wouldn’t shut up about your dream of forgetting them last night, and I didn’t want to hear you complain the whole flight so, here you go.” You smiled to him and kissed his cheek. “What would I do without you?” He whispered as he held your hand in his. “You’d have a freak out over turbulence, and hold onto Ben for dear life.” You laughed at him, he just squeezed your hand as he realised the plane was going to take off shortly. “I’m still going to freak out over turbulence. With it without you.” He closed his eyes shut as the flight attendant walked by with a tray of food, seeing the tray shake slightly made him incredibly nervous. “Hey, it’s all okay, we haven’t even taken off yet.” You soothes him but his eyes remained closed, you looked down to his phone then to his earphones on his lap, you lifted them from him and plugged it into his phone. “Here, try listening to music.” You handed him his phone and he smiled, “you want an earbud to listen too?” He asked and you nodded.
The plane took off an hour ago and their had been a few complaints from passengers about Klaus’ need to laugh so loud at anything Dave said, most of those complaints were from Ben. You could practically feel Ben’s smirk anytime a flight attendant told Klaus to ‘keep the volume down’. Diego had drifted off to sleep after you playing with his hair to get him to calm down because of his fear of flying. You stole the other earbud from his ear, so you could listen to music on your own phone. “Get off me!” You heard Ben complain as Diego’s head fell on his shoulder, “sorry, he’s a cuddler.” You laughed as you moved Diego away from ben, you just allowed your boyfriend to rest on you as, what other choice did you have? A few more minutes passed until you felt a tap on your shoulder from no one other that Dave, “Hey, how’s it going?” You smiled up at him, you and Dave had become really good friends since he and Klaus first met, he was the funniest guy, always knew the best jokes to make. You noticed that Ben had moved from his seat and sat beside Sissy, due to the fact that Diego’s snoring annoyed the shit out of him, it annoyed everyone. And that the seat was free beside the couple. Dave sat beside Diego and the both of you talked until the flight attendant asked everyone to return to their normal seats. “Well I’ll see you when the plane lands.” He smiled and went back over to a sleeping klaus. When Ben returned he sighed and rolled his eyes because Diego had turned his sleeping figure to face his seat, it made him irritated. “I love my brother, so much, but I hate it when he sleeps. Even when we were kids, he wouldn’t stop snoring in my face, it was only me he did it to.” Ben took his seat and began to annoy Diego, for pay back. He hit his cheek until he woke up, “Fuck off ben!” He turned over to face you, peaceful with headphones on, secretly not wanting him to find out it was all your plan. Diego glared daggers at you and removed on earbud from your ear, you turned to meet his tired eyes, “morning sunshine.” You teased and he took his earphones back. “We are just about to land, so not another sound out of you two, understand?” He pointed to you and Ben and placed the earphones in his ear, relaxing ever so slightly.
Once the plane landed we all found our way into a bus which took us to the hotel. “Hey, so it turns out that we have the room next to each other, isn’t that amazing.” Klaus laughed mockingly and You, Dave and Diego all yelled, “No!” Diego tried to move away from his lively brother but with no luck. Every other seat was full. “I just want this day to be over already!” Diego mumbled under his breath but you heard him loud and clear. “Hey, you guys! Did any of us buy Allison and Raymond a gift?” You heard Viktor shout from across the bus, the rest of you looked to each other and said in unison, “Shit!” Then the bus came to a stop, just outside the Hotel you were staying at. It was so beautiful, so beautiful that it cost 7 months of saving for you and Diego to pay for it.
“Holy Christ it’s beautiful!” Klaus applauded as if he’d won the jackpot, you all exited the bus and made your way through the golden double doors. “I want to sleep so bad.” Diego laughed, “we are going to our room, now!” You smirked up at him as you reached the desk. “Room for Hargreeves please?” He asked the man serving us to be met with his utmost confusion, “Oh, sir, I’m afraid we must’ve quadruple booked your room, there are four Hargreeves staying this weekend apparently.” Ben, Diego, Klaus and Viktor all looked at each other and let out a laugh. “We’re all Hargreeves.” They said in unison and then the man asked for their first names. The confusion was resolved and you got the key for your room. To quote klaus, “It’s Beautiful!” You gasped, grabbing Diego’s hand and walking into the large room. “Isn’t it just…” klaus yelled through the wall, he really wasn’t kidding, he got the room beside yours! Diego raised his eyebrows and gave his brother the middle finger, that he couldn’t see.
It was getting late, 11PM to be exact, Diego was already closing his eyes at the thought of sleeping in bed, he dragged himself over to the queen sized bed and jumped onto it, sighing happily. You on the other hand we’re looking at the room service menu, “You hungry?” He asked, now looking at you adoringly, you smiled while looking down at the menu, “…for food yes.” You answered Diego, shooting down his eager request. “Damn, that’s a shame, I was kinda hoping for some-” then you saw a figure standing beside you, looking down at the card in your hand, “Hoping for some what? They got shrimp if you want something fancy.” Raymond smiled over at the two of you, that when you realised you left the bedroom door open. “Hi, Ray! It’s so good to see you!” You stood and hugged your future in-law, he hugged you with a tight grip, so happy that you could make it to his wedding. Diego but his bottom lip in embarrassment at what Ray just walked in on, “Hello Raymond! How’s it going?” You could practically taste the awkwardness radiating from Diego. “Well, Diego, just checking up on all the Hargreeves, majority of my folks haven’t made it yet, my mom is having some car troubles so my sister is going to help her now as we speak.” You frowned at the thought of his family not being able to make it on time, but your sure the Hargreeves have made him feel just at home already. “Shit man, sorry to hear about that. Talking about the shrimp yeah we should definitely get it, isn’t that right honey!” Diego shot you a look as if to clear the tension, there was no tension but Diego gets flustered when people walk in on him in a bedroom. “Yeah, is the shrimp good Ray?” Raymond smiled looking over at the menu now on the table, his eyes glossed over everything on it, “Ohh, they have killer garlic bread too, you should get some. I’ll catch you guys later.” He smiled then walked out to go find Ben. “Oh, garlic bread?! It’s like he doesn’t want us to get any tonight..” You let out a sound of shocked laughter which made Diego grin, “Oh shut up!” You laughed hitting his arm.
As a way to celebrate Sissy had brought some champagne to your room, “Got a little surprise for you both.” She opened the door to your room and almost dropped the glasses in her hands at the sight of both you and Diego on the bed. “Shit!” Diego cursed, putting the covers over both of your now sweaty naked bodies. “Oh god no.” You muttered now seeing the scene unravel in front of you. Sissy ran out of the room in a state of shock, leaving the glasses of champagne outside the door, unharmed. Diego brought his knees to his chest and his hands to his forehead, “No, Viktor is going to murder us!” You sat facing Diego’s side, your hand on his knee, still in a state of embarrassment and shock. “Poor Sissy, she didn’t ask for this. All she wanted to do was celebrate-” Diego looked at your hand on his skin, watching as you traced your fingers up and down his thigh, “-guess we just beat her to it.” Diego finished off your sentence, and you shot him a glare, “You asshole Diego Hargreeves!” He watched as you chuckled in between words, and dragged him back down under the covers.
Dave was walking down the hall to find sissy at his bedroom door waiting for someone to open it, “Hey, sis what’s wrong?” He asked taking Sissy’s arm in his, worried at her scared expression. “I just walked in on Diego and y/n.” She looked at Dave, almost laughing in shock. “Oh, well no point knocking on our door, Klaus and I were down in the bar having a couple of drinks with Raymond and Ben, waiting on Allison and her bridesmaids.” Dave tried to lighten the mood, “Seems like you got the shock of your life, but believe me, you aren’t the only one it’s happened to. Remember the family vacation to Greece, happened to me. Not long before it happens to Ray.” Sissy began to laugh as she saw Viktor walking down the hall, looking at the lonesome champagne glasses. “They not in their room?” Viktor asked, wondering why Sissy and Dave were laughing over at the door where you and Diego were. “They’re in their room alright.” Sissy laughed and as Dave was about to elaborate, Diego opened the door with nothing but a bathrobe rushed onto him, reaching for the champagne glasses until he looked up to see half of his family outside the door. Viktor’s face quirked as he finally caught onto what happened to Sissy, and Dave simply waved at his brother in law jokingly. “Diego, I’m going to kill you!” Viktor smirked shaking his head. “Sorry. I didn’t know we were getting any visitors. Sorry sissy.” Diego gave Sissy a sympathetic smile raising the glasses slightly as if the say thank you then walked back into the room.
“Well, that was fucking awkward.” Diego sighed, handing you some champagne and getting back into bed. You gladly took it from his hand and kissed his blushed cheeks, “Well, at least you apologised, baby.” You held in a laugh and took a sip of the drink in front of you. “Everyone is drinking in the bar, you wanna go? Get some shrimp?” Diego winked at you as he got out of bed to try and get some clothes on, you did the same. “You always gotta be such a tease, don’t you?” You laughed, pulling your shirt over your head, messing your hair up a little. “Let’s go!”
At the bar you found everyone around a circular table laughing at something Viktor had said, “Speak of the devils.” Allison sounded through the room and everyone began to stare at you and Diego, hand in hand walking into the bar/lounge. “Lovely to see you too, sis.” Diego retorted, and sat beside Klaus and you sat beside Ben. After a few drinks had passed and the DJ began playing some music, did everyone forget the embarrassment you, Diego and Sissy faced earlier today. I’m fairness it’s did take Dave and the other about 3 months to stop talking about the Greece incident so you though it was only fair for them to joke. Diego on the other hand did not. He hated drawing attention to himself yet did it so often anyways.
After the long night you barely got many hours of sleep, everybody was up until all hours in the morning consuming alcohol and sharing embarrassing stories of one another. Klaus told one of Ben the first night he stayed at college, let’s just say it ended with Ben in a boys room, 3 blocks from his college.
You didn’t want to wake up from the so little sleep you had, but the wedding was today, you were going to party late all over again. Diego was surprisingly already in the bathroom getting ready as he loved to let you stay in bed and rest until like 5 minutes before you had to leave. He was in there quite a while, you could hear him rummaging through you bag.
“You forgot the toothbrushes!”
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elmostoejam · a month ago
everyday i wake up and remember that raymond chestnut will not be in season three and everyday i am in pain
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aye-of-newt · 5 months ago
yeah sure the “sibling is protective when other sibling starts dating someone” trope is great but all of the Hargreeves immediately accepting Ray as their new brother with unbridled enthusiasm was the best choice any writers’ room has ever made
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capinejghafa · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the swedish job + random hargreeves family reunions/first meets
family barbecues are about to get real weird.
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spooks-in-the-eighties · a month ago
gonna make a list on things i want in this new season because i have no one else to tell:
FAMILY BONDING!! i really just need them to stick together and realise that that can be a family, despite how r*ggie raised them
road trip. i need this for my health
i honestly wanna see how lila will bond with the hargreeves. i think her, allison and klaus would get on so well.
no new romance plot lines!!! please!! i know this is gonna be controversial to some fans but i'm sick and tired of problems being solved by brand new love interests. let them grieve their partners jeez. it always annoyed me that some people were like "oh dave's dead? the love of klaus' life? oh well, get him a new lover it doesn't matter" - please no more.
the only romance i will except is if dave comes back. or ray. and i don't mind the lila/diego thing as long as its done well.
five having a break. just a little one.
KLAUS' OTHER POWERS. i need to see him use telekinesis. i will pay for this.
kinda wanna see them struggle. contrasts my "i wanna see them all happy" thoughts but my horrid mind wants them to suffer :)
kill klaus please. just for a little bit.
then bring him back obviously they're my favourite.
some heart-to-hearts between the siblings.
group hugs.
i don't know whether i want the sparrows to be completely evil or whether i want to see them turn against r*ggie.
viktor and klaus :')
i need to see luther being the comfort sibling
like, he's the one they go to for hugs.
the new ben being scary as fuck. justin is gonna eat that up!
i can't think of anymore rn. also sorry about the love interest rant - needed to get it off my chest hahaa
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stevenrogered · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ray + meeting his brothers-in-law
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i-seeaspaceshipinthe-sky · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're my brother-in-law.
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allisoooon · 14 days ago
which sibling would’ve gotten along better with Raymond, Sissy and Dave?
I would have loved a proper scene between Ray and Diego.  Part of it is that Ray has had a few traumatic experiences from white people over the color of his skin recently, let alone the number of traumatic experiences he’s had in the past, so I think he’d be more comfortable with Diego than with Klaus or Luther.  The rest is that they could be chaotic good bros tearing shit up.  At the very least, Diego would have so much respect for what Ray does, and while he definitely resorts to violence where Ray would not, I think Ray would still relate to him more than any of the others apart from Allison.  Though I’d also love him and Ben to talk literature, since that’s what Ray used to teach.
Sissy?  I’d want her and Allison to go shopping.  Allison would make her feel so girly and elegant, the way Sissy wistfully talks about.  Put Sissy in some flowy cottagecore dress.  She would still be a badass with a shotgun, but she’d have so much fun exploring how she can express her softer side.  Klaus would enjoy coming along, too.  He’d be Sissy’s greatest cheerleader.  Can you imagine Sissy coming out of the fitting room in something beautiful and getting dual gasps from Allison and Klaus?
I would want Dave and Luther to have bro time with a six-pack, but instead of watching sports, they’re watching some kind of nerdy shit because they’re both nerds.  Beer, chips, dip, and watching a space shuttle launching on the news.  Or maybe Stranger Things or Game of Thrones.  Depending on what they’re watching, Five might join with a glass of dry sherry.  Diego declines joining them, just steals a beer, but winds up standing behind the couch and watching the entire thing anyway while making fun of the others for being so into this nerdy shit.
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sweetpastillas · 16 days ago
emmy saying allison is facing her physical and mental trauma after what happened to her,,
my brain has jumped to the theory: the feds have gone after ray
on the news report after kennedy's death that counts the hargreeves' and who they are, allison's the only one with a tangible loose end. diego is an unnamed "cuban" man with no known origin, klaus' cult would have no straight answers to give to those looking for him, sissy would have moved with harlan quick, five as a child hostage would prove to be a cold case without parents to claim him, and no one would go after jack fucking ruby on luther's behalf.
so who do they have left? the husband of allison chestnut, as she was so named plainly right there, labelled as a "radical" and the leader of a movement
and Knowing 1960s dallas cops, they would not take mercy on this man. whatever happens to him, whether he got off or not, it would still hurt allison in new 2019 to hear about it. it may even shift the perception after what happened after the sit-ins, knowing that she was the first to come in and protest
so besides losing the existence of her daughter, allison would also have to face the fact that ray had either lived well to the end, or was unjustly punished for the assumption that they were behind jfk's assassination
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alice-blogs-things · 5 months ago
An Observation
Allison 🤝 Klaus 🤝 Vanya
Finding the right person in the wrong time period
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c0ffeeb1ack · 5 days ago
i want to live in allison and raymond’s house so badddd the color scheme is so warm and cozy like they’re living inside a sunbeam! perpetual golden hour in that house 🥺
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circumstellars · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then do it. Please, God, explain.
↪ {TUA} {cast+} |  ☕
Tumblr media
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aye-of-newt · 4 months ago
If Ray had decided to come with Allison he and Klaus would have ended up as a strange sort of default best friends by virtue of being the two poor sods who had no clue what was happening at any given moment. Confused Kings comparing notes because no one tells Klaus anything and Ray has no context to make sense of anything that he is told.
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