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Heridas que parecen raspones, te vas y en mis zapatos no te pones, te tiras al abismo y no respondes, en estos campos tus néctar más, no pones, que cruel lo pones, dejas sangre y ¡que cojones!, no me explicas solo corres, gritas furia y dispones, vas tan alta que no necesitas los tacones, te sobre pones ante cualquiera de las situaciones, si pintan mal las cosas, tu solo corres, si no gritas, te escondes, tu te indignas, mal me pones, no soy más que uno de los peones, no soy más que otro hombre.



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Get down.

Quédate con la despedida del gueto

De ese tamaño es el dolor que cargo en mi pecho

Que con voces de musica disco se repitan esto:

“La soledad es la única que puede dar el presupuesto”

Me duele de verdad como se acabo todo

Paso de brillar tanto a volverse lodo

Paso de una manada a volverse un lobo.


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Esta ruptura abisma a 2 corazones, separa el desencuentro que nos pinto el destino, pero en esta historia no fue el tiempo fue el asesino, más bien quien sino vino a advertir lo que se vendría, a veces despertó y me alegró que hayas echo lo que hiciste, por que es como meterle el dedo a las cicatrices, pero al final me dejaste con quien siempre fuiste y me dejo claro este verso que es aún más triste “a cuantas manos estuviste dispuesta a dejar tocarte, pero a las únicas que quisieron levantarte las cortaste cual mano de ladrón”.


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I found out it was Psychonauts: In The Rhombus of Ruin’s 4th anniversary, so I made some art of my fave part to celebrate. Of course it had to be my man Oleander! Poor him, but at least Raz has come to help and save Oly with a mermiad tail! 

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I don’t usually post pencil doodles but I haven’t done any finished works for a hot minute, so have some minis of best boy Raz.

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Raz and Benny make a delivery and are stuck in Randomland and Benny freaks out, while Raz tries to stay calm. Things are getting weird behind those doors whatever they do, they shouldn’t peek in them, especially Benny. Based on Spongebob Season 12 Episode Spongebob in Randomland 

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 Ya no sé de mí, ni de ti, ni de en si, ya no se si me fui, si perdí, si caí, ya no se si rendir, entregar, destruir, viejos aires susurran que todo acaba aquí, estas letras se encontraban aquí entre un borrador, como a parador de maniquí y eme aquí cavando lo que faltaba del hoyo, rompiendo las vigas, volviendo todo escombro, una dulce cruz cubrirá todo y no por respeto a dios si no para dejar una última alegoría al destino en este cruel episodio.


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Días claros, noches grises.

Ya no puedo dejar de estar triste, la distimia ya no deja sentirme, ni semanas ni meses servirán para irse. En mi cabeza retumban las promesas que te dije, pero que no cumplimos. Finalmente es mi soledad lo que me rige, el recuerdo de tu adiós unta de yodo mis cicatrices. Nunca pude ser feliz no sé por qué finges serlo, pero la despedida te pinta igual de bien que todas las mentiras que dices. Ya no hay días desde tu partida solo noches con sabor a ti, bebo whisky que lleva el recuerdo de tus besos, cada trago es más amargo. Cada gota de alcohol me promete matar tu recuerdo.

-Cada día te alejas más, cada día te busco menos.

ℝ𝕒𝕫. & Alma-Fragmentada🥀

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Not bad at all! 


Fells w/ a S/O Who’s Snuggling a Plushie of Them:

Red: Literally has to clutch the doorframe and turn away for a few seconds. Probably screaming into his hands as his face turns red. You’re going to kill him. You’re going to literally kill him. He’ll quickly check to see if you need a blanket or anything then teleport away to go and scream into his hands some more. Where’d you even get that doll?! Was it Wine? 

Boss: Congrats, you managed to make him a stuttering and bumbling mess. Probably wakes you up and can’t even get a coherent sentence out. Just points at the doll and goes, “ME?!”  

Raz: What the frick!? NO! You’re woken up by him tossing the plushie and wriggling his way into your arms. If you needed to be cuddled you should have said so! Anytime he sees the plush he’s tossing it from your reach. How dare you give your cuddles to that thing when he’s literally right here.

Rus: He’ll get super giddy and just join you. You look so snuggly he can’t resist! He’s an attention hog so you might wake up and not find the plush and him in your arms instead. It warms his heart that you missed him enough to snuggle a little doll that looked like him.

Plum: Uh, what? The doll’s condescending stare matches his own and he gets annoyed with it and uses his magic to fling it somewhere. He’ll cover you up and kiss you on your forehead, letting you know he’s home before snuggling you himself.

Cash: He’s on the floor, hand on chest. Dead. You actually did kill him. If you wake up and ask him what he’s doing he just tells you that you killed him and offers no further explanation. 

Wine: He’s smug. The smuggest smile ever is on his face. Chances are he made it for you. He might have even used some of his old clothes to make it so it smells like him too. He sees this as a win….He also might take pictures. You’re literally so adorable.

Coffee: Ohhhhh, that’s so cute! He might make sure that you’re really asleep and won’t wake up and he’ll carefully curl around you and snuggle into your back. You’re just so precious and he’s glad that you love him.

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This is my first time writing and posting

   On what should have been a normal Middas afternoon, filled with spying and gathering intel has turned into a world of pain and agony. It was easier to name what didn’t hurt than what did. Being blown up did that to a person. In hindsight this one should not have hidden behind a barrel of kindlepitch, wasn’t his best idea in a while.

          As the Khajiit lay in agony, a steady growing pool of red was spreading around him, a Wood Elf mage in Queen’s Eye leathers surveys the battle field. The Bosmer mage was making note of the wounded, when she heard raspy breathing and groans of pain. The mage followed the sounds to find a familiar Khajiit laying in a steady growing pool of blood.

             The Wood Elf being a fairly new recruit to the Queen’s Eyes and thus only knew this Khajiit by tale of others. It was Razum-Dar! 

            "Oh, Y'ffre!“ The Bosmer mage cried out upon reaching the most well known Eye of the Queen. The mage dropped to her knees to closely inspect the severity of the Khajiit’s wounds. Upon closer inspection the mage noticed that most of the blood was coming from the wound in the chest area. Around three large gashes surrounded by burnt and singed fur and some flesh. There were several other wounds but none as life threatening as the ones on his torso.The smell was gruesome and gut wrenching, the mage could barely stand it. 

          The Bosmer mage at this time was happy she studied the art of restoration magic, with that thought she started the tedious process of magically stitching his largest wounds closed. She heard a groan and looked upon Razum-Dar’s face to see to her surprise he was very much awake; and watching her.

          "My name is Unwen, and I need you to stay awake,” Unwen stated, “ I am a fairly new recruit to the Queen’s Eyes.”

          "This one is Razum-Dar" the Khajiit made his name known even if the Bosmer knew who he was. He was awake and coherent enough to remember his name which is a very good thing. The two continued to talk even if the conversation was one sided, with Unwen doing most of the talking. Razum-Dar gave out one word answers or groans to show he was very much awake and thankfully alive.

   It was early evening when Unwen finished magically stitching his torso. After hours of healing the sounds of fighting were taken over by sounds of victory. Such is good meaning that this one can be taken to the healers to get the rest if his wounds and burns healed. Razum-Dar was thankful to Unwen and wished the pretty Bosmer would heal him completely but understood she has limited healing capabilities. Not even the healers would be able to heal him completely, he owed Unwen his life and a drink.

Unwen finished healing Razum-Dar and used the last of her magicka to send a mage light spell to alert the others she found more wounded. She then started to mix a salve of alchemical ingredients that Razum-Dar didn’t recognize. Unwen then started to apply the salve to his burns; Razum-Dar hisses in pain.

 "I know it doesn’t feel good right now but this salve will help with the burns.“ Unwen states sympathetically. It wasn’t long after that the Queen’s healers found us and loaded Razum-Dar for transport.

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a big happy birthday to my boyfriend @draguito ❤️❤️❤️!!

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Aún recuerdo aquel Mayo y esa bella incidencia, un desencuentro en el universo, nos puso lejos, pero al corazón nos lo puso cerca, yo vivía de dolor y de infinita melancolía, viniste y con tus acuarelas le pusiste bellos matices a mi vida, te metiste con esa voz en lo profundo de mi alma , pero esta partida le pone clavos de soledad a mi espalda, te quise abrazar de lejos quitarme de encima esta añoranza, pero con el paso del tiempo se lapidaron mis esperanzas.

Aquí no sé si quede algo, con tu partida todo se fue esfumando, lo perdí todo aunque me cuestiono si tuve algo. Realmente vivo sin nada esperando encontrar un “todo” que llene el vacío que fue quedando a medida el tiempo fue pasando.

ℝ𝕒𝕫 & •₲🔥

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Le conté a mamá lo que me hiciste, la ultima barrera que nos pudo unir acaba de ser pasada. 


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Jamás pensé que el momento de decir adiós iba a llegar, esperaba que la promesa de “juntos para siempre” no fuera sólo una ilusión. Pero eventualmente pasó, el cuento llegó a su final y él se alejó sin más.

Me dejo con un campo de batalla impío, me dejo el alma rota y un corazón vacío. Se dio la vuelta cuando todo empezó arder y cual si fuera una sombra en mi memoria, solo me quedan los destellos del ayer.

Sin mirar atrás, sin reparar en las heridas que estaba dejando… se fue. Como si el tiempo vivido no significara nada y como si su silencio todo lo explicara.

ℝ𝕒𝕫 & Natt

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Spongebob Season 1 Episode Valentine’s Day because it is Valentine’s day after all :) Happy valentine’s day everyone :) This is one of my fave episodes of the first season, like my second fave of the first season. Hope you enjoy :)

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Happy Valentine’s Day 💕🐸 drew this little Raz for my girlfriend 💖

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Raz: My Name…

Oleander: …Starts With a “D”….

Raz: Is Razputin!

Oleander: Grrrrrr! (Growls while turning his head away)

This bit from the #Psychonuats intro is hilarious and here it is drawn in my style. Idk why it is funny, it just is. #Spoilers 

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Somos una díada que jamás se volverá a repetir, pero entre el silencio de un desencuentro el desenlace de esta historia nos obliga a partir. Ojalá hubieramos resistido un poco más, ojalá, no hubieras huido a la primera tormenta, te fuiste, sin antes verme brillar. Y antes de tu partida ya te demostraba los destellos, todas las acciones que habría echo para que no terminara este bello sueño, pero tu lealtad estaba mas que podrida, no me di cuenta de como eras y así en un instante me arrancabas mi vida.

ℝ𝕒𝕫 & Camila

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