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A new Psychonauts AU is now formally born: Now introducing a smaller AU for #psychonauts! The grocery store AU. Oleander is butcher, his worst nightmare, Milla is a baker, Sasha works at the cash and the bags, Raz does produce, and Lili works with flower related stuff :) I hope you enjoy this is a fun smaller AU only featuring these five main characters! Feel free to draw them if you want :) (I would really like if you to do Oly as he is my fave, if you were to draw them) Watch out for more drawings and misadventures in this Grocery Store AU! :) Stay Tuned :) I did post one with Milla and Oleander earlier, so yeah :)

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Dipper: The Lamby dance probably still ranks somewhere in the top ten.

Mabel: Completely mixing up the MK’s birthdays and throwing a party for Coraline on Raz’s birthday.

Norman: Walked in on Mitch and his boyfriend on second base (coincidentally also his awakening)

Neil: Accidentally played a ‘yoga video’ instead of his presentation for a class presentation.

Coraline: Trying and failing to sneak into Wybie’s manga stash that he keeps under his bed.

Wybie: Got caught simping donating four hundred bucks to his favorite vtuber.

Raz: Talking big shit about how he absolutely can nail ten backflips in a row and then completely eating shit after just two.

Lili: You know that scene in GF where Mabel practiced kissing with a leaf blower? That but with Lili and a picture of Raz.

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Raz: What made you give up the life of a warrior hero?
Elton: What’s he doing?
Mikhail: That’s a ripple dissolve. He must be having a flashback.
Elton: Does he know we can’t see it? Should we give him some privacy? I don’t know the protocol for flashbacks.
Milka: Is he back? He’s back.
Raz: Well judging by the time you spent staring off into space I’m guessing something pretty bad.
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