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Razzle had like 5 orgasms in a roll and passed out XD

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My version of Alastor and Charlie’s children

Auros - he’s standing to the right of Charlie , a tall, pale, blond  young man in a white coat. He is 26 years old. As for his character, he was a true gentleman, calm and serious, always able to listen and help and he loved a justice. But he was not so timid. He could always fight back against his abusers. He did not like conflicts and always tried to solve everything with his mind, not with force. He also always stood up for his sisters and younger brother if they got into trouble (and this was very often)))

Samantha or just Sam. A redhead in an orange suit. She’s 17. In character, all went to the mother, I can not add anything more about her. She loved the French language and especially to sing songs in French. She is very positive and kind.

Cherry.To the left of Alastor. I know that there is already one Cherry Bomb (they were similar in character.) in the series, but I can’t imagine her with another name.She’s only 13. While she is a child and she has a very violent and impudent character, but when she grows up, she will become more indifferent and calm.

Cole. He’s 5. The youngest child in the family. He is surrounded by Razzle and Dazzle. While he is still a happy and cheerful baby, but when he grows up, he will become one of the most terrible creatures of hell. He always respected his parents, although sometimes he did not listen to his mother, but his father was always an authority for him. Perhaps because he was afraid of Alastor. Of all the children in the family, he will grow up the most evil and cruel. Even Lucifer and Alastor will be proud of him. In adult life, he and his older brother Avros will be bitter enemies.

Alastor, Charlie, Razzle, Dazzle © Vivziepop
Auros, Samantha, Cherry, and Cole © SeoGETIE

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i love the idea that razzle and oliver sit there and watch porn together XD poor razzles so embarrased, she is all red faced meanwhile oliver is enjoying the show

“DAAAM raz, i see somebody is into massive cocks huh?”

“s-shut up”

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