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#rbr answers

Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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What don’t I struggle with as a writer? 😅 Seriously though, right now, the hardest part is finding time. With my toddler, I’m very much all hands on deck.

Removing the aspect of time, and focusing more on technique, I think I struggle most with compelling dialogue. There are times I hit it perfectly- it’s appropriate and natural, has depth to the words. But most of the time I fight with the feeling that my dialogue is clunky or is not enough/too dramatic.

It’s why I’m trying to do more conversation-heavy one shots in a new series - Its my way of throwing myself into the deep end.

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