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#rbr answers

Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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That sweet, sweet validation from complete strangers (and a few friends).


When there’s a scene that’s full of emotion, the prose is flowing perfectly, and I’m able to convey that *moment*, painted in emotions and sensations… It’s a high.

I’ll blast out that moment, sit back from the computer and smile (and if it’s a sweet moment, give a little happy dance) and that will make my night. It’s the satisfaction of years of practice paying off.

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What don’t I struggle with as a writer? 😅 Seriously though, right now, the hardest part is finding time. With my toddler, I’m very much all hands on deck.

Removing the aspect of time, and focusing more on technique, I think I struggle most with compelling dialogue. There are times I hit it perfectly- it’s appropriate and natural, has depth to the words. But most of the time I fight with the feeling that my dialogue is clunky or is not enough/too dramatic.

It’s why I’m trying to do more conversation-heavy one shots in a new series - Its my way of throwing myself into the deep end.

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I have been told that I do the angst thing a lot. But for what I enjoy writing? I like the small stories, drabbles, One-Shots etc. The challenge of a small story contained, which encourages more word play. Symbolism, patterns and thematic elements are usually more poignant, and it forces my hand to be more creative. More times than not, I fail, but I learn something. Which is why I usually come back to this style when I’m stuttering on a bigger story that I’m writing.

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If you mean the different styles of writers in the show? I enjoy the slightly different perspectives the different writers offer to the same characters, but that there’s a singular story arc they all follow closely, so the characters don’t feel ooc.

Now, if you mean, how do I as a writer view the overarching writing of RWBY? Well, overall, I feel like the story has a good arc, compelling characters, and enjoyable lore.

Are there flaws? Of course! Nobody’s perfect (I mean, I know for a fact that I’ve got a lot more flaws in my stories than RWBY’s writers have had). Despite the timing of my answering this after the last episode we had, which has caused a lot of division in the FNDM about bad writing (not going to spoil anything– it’s an ask, and I don’t want anybody being ruined from the surprises along the way), I do believe that the writing overall is good.

Would I do some things differently? I mean, yeah. But that’s more preference on my part.

Is there pacing issues? Sometimes, but sometimes it’s a good break from the heavy emotional rollercoaster they put us through on the lore-light volumes. And vice versa. It can’t all be lore, or you’d have LotR which, while being one of my favs, is too lore heavy for casual reading/watching. You risk isolating your audience if you do too much of one or the other. So balancing that is an ongoing challenge.

My two biggest gripes?

First, they have a hard time creating/sustaining/flourishing relationships, and either making them realistic, or compelling. This new season shows the benefits of bringing in the other writers, since we’re starting to see that change. Renora, Bumblebee (say what you will, but it’s actually been a pretty good rendition of friends to lovers, slow-burn arc) both show that they’re starting to grasp and display good, healthy relationships, and how they can have challenges and still survive. Yes, some of it is more implied than shown, but these are small arcs, small snippets. And the cast is too large to give us enough time for more (mini-gripe, but it has given me my birb man, so it’s mini) but that’s where fandom fills in the gaps.

And my second gripe? Well, it’s related to the writing, but not the writing, per se.

I love that you want to be involved with your fandom, CRWBY, I really do - but please stop telling or hinting at things about the plot. If it’s not hurtful, don’t tell us. Let us speculate. Let us guess. Let us be wrong (or right). Don’t get into the theories. Don’t get into the ships. I think we’re all seeing the results right now of having gotten too involved with the fandom. It’s happened before, but this time… I think they might have learned this lesson the hard way.

So overall? They’ve created compelling characters and stories that I enjoy.

And wooooow did that become longer than I anticipated. Sorry anon, if this was more than you bargained for! I don’t usually get into this kind of stuff, but I’ll answer/talk more, if you guys want!

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Um… I don’t know? You’re on Anon, Anon. Was it a post you liked? Did you accidentally follow me when scrolling past one of my posts? Was it your post I liked?

Like, your guess is a good as mine.

It’s not like I have any capability to control your notifications, and um… Chill it with the attitude, mkay?

And if this is a joke- it fell flat.

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Dear Anon that sent those kind words about my Flown North/Hummingbird Fics…

Tumblr on mobile is really sucking hard right now. It did nothing but screw both how your question was shown to me and then deleted my answer when I saw the full statement.

As to those kind words…

Thank you so very much!! I can’t express how much it meant to me to see what you said. ❤️


Originally posted by elentori-art

I really needed that today, so I greatly appreciate it, Anon!!

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