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I have no idea whether anyone is interested in the MCU in my feed, or in Stony as friends or something more (this works as both). I did want to work with this song and found it fit Tony’s POV pretty much perfectly, so I went with it.

And it’s pretty damn dark.

But hey, it’s my first MCU themed video I post and I wanted to share it with the 1 person who’s interested😂😂


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Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes is gayer than BBC’s Sherlock ever was. 

And I’m so here for it. 

(Also, I’m so here for Bobby, but that’s another thing entirely.)

Praying next year will indeed deliver the third installment, as Bob and Jude keep promising.🙏🙏

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I really hope he’s donating or having dialogue to educate himself and his family. I hope he’s in conversation with Cheadle and Evans and Ruffalo and Holland about supporting since they seem close. I sincerely hope that he’s doing anything to better himself, but the black square on RDJ’s feed? that’s nothing but performative politics. if that’s the only “activism” you do, it’s performance. not active support. With his huge ass platform, I definitely expect much much better.

(and clearly this is a personal opinion. if that’s something you disagree with, then that’s your lane. i’m on mine, but damn… disappointing but vaguely unsurprised.)

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Watched Dolittle this evening with RDJ as the doctor and, I loved it. It had so many bad reviews, but I love his grasp on the spiral of manic insanity through the character’s “inconsistencies.” I actually really really enjoyed the mania of the story. Definitely glad to have it on my shelf.

I also enjoyed the animals. Actually… With all the nuances of time in between, this might have worked well as a miniseries. (Shrug). Anyway. End of my short review. If you are looking for something light and fun with just some drops of angst, I suggest it.

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