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bruce: how are we going to get in?

thor: do not worry, my green companion, i am thor, god of thunder, former king of asgard, protecter of all nine realms, and wielded of mjolnïr.

thor: *smashes window with mjolnïr*

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Being a High School Student on A Marvel Set


Pairing: Marvel cast x teen!reader

Warnings: none, does crying over a math question count?


  • You were one of the younger actresses on set.
  • Though you were just a few years younger than Tom Holland.
  • Being a high school student and balancing your acting career was pretty difficult, not gonna lie.
  • Your days would consist of schooling in the morning on set, by mid afternoon you would have lunch, film your scenes for the day, take a break and do some homework, and then shoot some other scenes before calling it a day.
  • Everyone was aware that you had school from 8am till 1pm, so the cast made sure to not bother you around those times or make too much noise near the area you were having school.
  • Everyone except Robert followed that rule, but for a good reason. He would check in around 12pm and bring you some little snacks.
  • “Hi, sorry, she hasn’t eaten since breakfast.” He would say to the teacher that came to set everyday.
  • “Gotta make sure she’s got enough fuel in her body, don’t mind me.”
  • Oh yeah, Robert made sure you had a space on set just for your schooling. It was like the Downey Village tent but smaller. He even had a box full of school supplies in case you ran out.
  • The tent had windows so sometimes the other cast members, (Evans, Mackie, and Hemsworth) would peek in and make silly faces at you or wave. The gesture would make you giggle and it definitely made your schooling hours more fun.
  • When you’re done with school everyone would greet you.
  • “About time you joined!”
  • “How was school, kid?”
  • “Did you have a good day at school?”
  • The cast would make sure you’re not stressing over school so much. If you’ve been cooped up in the tent all day, someone would ask you to accompany them to craft service or a walk around the set so you could have some fresh air. Also for a mental break.
  • It would usually be Sebastian, Elizabeth, or Scarlett. They always made sure you were taking care of yourself mentally and physically.
  • If Benedict or Tom Hiddleston were on set they would mediate with you. I just feel like they would like meditating, Robert too.
  • One day they found you face planted into your Geometry textbook, sniffling and they heard you whimper.
  • “(Y/n), sweetheart what’s wrong?” Evans and Mackie were the ones to find you.
  • You removed your head from the textbook and wiped your tears with your sleeves.
  • “The math question. I’ve been doing it over and over again and it’s WRONG every time.”
  • “You’re crying over a math question?”
  • “Why do I need geometry anyway? It’s not like I’m going to find the angle of my pizza before eating it.”
  • Anthony would shut your textbook and the two men would take a seat on either side of you.
  • They would calm you down before opening the textbook again and helping you.
  • “It’s ok to not get it on the first try. You’ve just learned this, don’t be so hard on yourself.” Chris comforted you.
  • “You could ask any of us for help, all of us are willing to help you.”
  • Chris would volunteer to help you on math questions. He was actually good at math, apparently it was one of his favorite subjects in school.
  • When he would get questions correct in a row he would mumble, “Nailed that one too, I still got it.”
  • Anthony would try to help you as well helping Chris explain the questions, “I told y’all, I studied math in high school.”
  • Whoever was free would help you to the best of their abilities.
  • You would turn to Benedict or Hiddleston to help you with essays so they would sound proper.
  • They were amazed to see how organized you were when it came to your work and being on top of things.
  • You would take naps on set. Sometimes on your chair. Most of the time it was on someone’s shoulder or lap.
  • Since you’re on set, you couldn’t go to prom. You didn’t even have a prom.
  • Tom (Holland) heard how upset you were about not having a prom and mentioned it to the others.
  • They surprised you with your own prom on set after a short day of filming (Which were purposely short, because the Russos were in on the surprise.)
  • Scarlett and Elizabeth had a dress ready for you to wear.
  • Tom gave you your corsage since he was the one who gave the idea of throwing you your own prom.
  • Everyone was dressed nicely, including the crew on set.
  • It wasn’t something you expected and you ended up crying.
  • “NO DON’T CRY!”
  • “Aww honey, you look beautiful!”
  • “Group hug!”
  • You danced with everyone. The moment made you realize how much you were thankful for your Marvel family.
  • They even threw your graduation ceremony and party.
  • Like it was literally a full on ceremony, led by the man himself, RDJ, and had appearances from Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Feige, and the Russos.
  • Everyone was taking pictures of you and your diploma, they were a bunch of proud aunties and uncles.
  • As a surprise they flew your family out to see you.
  • Again, you cried. You’ve missed them so much. They thanked everyone on the cast and crew for helping you graduated and being there for you.
  • Of course the cast brushed it off because they would do anything for you. You were family and their baby.
  • When you enter college (IF you wanna go to college) they would do it all over again.
  • Because they loved you:)
  • This shit made me soft I want to cry.

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clint: where the hell is wanda?

peter, looking out the window: well, it’s raining outside…maybe she melted?

steve: i understood that reference!

vision: shall i look outside for a pointy hat?

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clint: what are your plans after we defeat thanos and survive the endgame? any plans to settle down? ‘retire’ with nick? …maybe come live on the farm with me and the kids?

natasha, breaking the fourth wall and looking straight at the russo brothers:…if i survive endgame

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