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mcu characters as quotes my apush teacher said last year

peter: “wow, you know mr. krabs?”


“i like webs”


“lady bugs are good”


“seven yeets war”

rhodey: “dont throw stuff at men who have guns”

tony: “innovation from hell”


“life is hard, life is lonely”


“i don’t mind chewing a butt for an hour”


“not sexy enough”


“kind of a man hoe…yeah i said it”


“fly baby, fly”


“up and down the boot, theyre italian”

thor: “bugs bunny is actually smarter than most people”

steve: “don’t be a little punk”


“every god bless america day”


“even more stronger”


“you got the sunlight like abe lincoln did, true story”


“you want a street fight now?”


“all that nice jazz”

bruce: “i can teach circles around those people in my sleep”


“everything is terrible”

nat: “not like that stop being a freak”


“you don’t need a significant other that bad”

clint: “disney lied to you”


“kumquat black market”

pepper: “there’s something about being able to write on paper that turns people on”

scott: “i got my own little click at home screw being social”


“butt naked thief”


“talk to the hand because the face don’t understand”

bucky: “i’m never okay any day”


“i’ll punch you in the face”

loki: “i love you guys, sorta”


“it’s terrible, but that’s fine”

fury: “you fired my boy, now i’m all mad”


“all the human bodies, and no ac”

carol: “movin’ and grovin’ baby “


“are you finishing trying to take yourself out with a pencil?”

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if y'all wanna request an irondad fic then put it in asks and I’ll try to do it as soon as I can :)

some rules though!!


- if it’s based off of a song, make sure you tell me the song AND the artist so I can listen to it

- if you want a specific point of view, or want it centered more around tony or peter more than the other, let me know!

- if you have it, you can submit your ao3 name too so I can dedicate the work to you. if you don’t want to or don’t have it, I will still post it on here along with every other work.

- give me as detailed of a description as you can. I wanna get it the way you want it to be!

- be patient!! I’m a busy person - I’ve got high school work and college work to do, as well as things around my house and a job - I will get to your request eventually! I’ll let you know what I’m working on :)

- I really don’t like writing things about infinity war and/or endgame, so please don’t ask. I know a lot of people enjoy it but it’s really just not my thing. However, I do really enjoy writing fluff.

I wish you guys the best and I hope you guys enjoy what I write! :)

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