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i was tagged by @theosvangogh ty babes <3

what is the colour of your hairbrush? blue

what is a food you never eat? pickles

are you typically too warm or too cold? too cold

what were you doing 45 mins ago? listening to music and reading fanfic

what’s your favourite candy bar? mars bars

have you ever been to a professional sports game? yes, basketball

what’s the last thing you said out loud? “he’s got 27 tattoos” while singing along to i would by one direction

what is your favourite ice cream? cookies and cream

what was the last thing you had to drink? a cup of tea

do you like your wallet? it’s alright, does the job

what is the last thing you ate? strawberries

did you buy any new clothes last weekend? nope

what’s the last sporting event you watched? they were playing a football game at the pub, if that counts

what is your favourite flavour of popcorn? i don’t particularly like popcorn. buttered i guess

who is the last person you sent a text message to? one of my best friends

ever been camping? yeah, earlier this year

do you take vitamins? i’m supposed to, but no

do you regularly attend a place of worship? nope

do you have a tan? not at all

do you prefer Chinese or pizza? pizza

do you drink your soda through a straw? if one is given, then yeah

what colour socks do you usually wear? white for school, otherwise i don’t have a specific colour

do you ever drive above the speed limit? only accidentally

what terrifies you? aside from mice/rats/possums, loneliness

look to your left, what do you see? a wardrobe

what chore do you hate most? the dishes

what do you think of when you hear an Australian accent? nothing, i am australian

what’s your favourite soda? sprite probably

do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? drive thru all the way

what’s your favourite number? 247

who’s the last person you talked to? like out loud? my sister

favourite meat? i don’t eat meat often, so when i do i only ever eat beef

last song you listened to? the song currently playing is A.M. by one direction, the one that just finished was diana by one direction

last book you read? the gravity of us by phil stamper, i’ve nearly finished it

favourite day of the week? saturdays

can you say the alphabet backwards? yeah, it’s not that hard

how do you like your coffee? i don’t

favourite pair of shoes? my docs or my yellow converse probably

time you normally get up? on school days 6:30-7:00 am, on weekends anywhere between 8 and 12

what do you prefer, sunrise or sunsets? sunsets

how many blankets on your bed? currently one

describe your kitchen plates. plain white

describe your kitchen at the moment. probably tidy?

do you have a favourite alcoholic drink? alcoholic lemonade

do you play cards? i can hold my own in poker, but i don’t play often

what colour is your car? i don’t have one, my dads car is white though

can you change a tire? nope

your favourite state? of the usa? idk california maybe. of being? gayby

favourite job you’ve had? i’ve only ever had one, a barista. so that, i guess.

i’m tagging everyone from @mythsociety and everybody in the ‘enjoltaire rights babey’ discord server

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