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elenafishersps1a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally got my game working again. Gonna rob Lemoyne National Bank. I have a good feeling about that place 馃檪
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micro-trans-actiona day ago
"in 1800's they would have been hanged for being gay" bruh there's canon vampires, giants, aliens, ghosts, and magic, this clearly ain't the real 1800's. I think arthur and charles can kiss a little.
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revswanson13 hours ago
I might have already said something about this but just bear with me for a moment. Uncle is an incredibly underrated character and people are honestly super mean about him. Yes, the jokes are funny and I understand that it's literally ~The Thing~ that he is lazy and useless and doesn't work/messes up when he does. But Uncle is great.
First of all, it's explained in a few camp encounters that Uncle had a really rough childhood, living and making it alone- his parents dead. Imagine a nine or so year old kid trying to make it on his own, hungry, scared... No wonder he wants to just chill out. Especially somewhere he feels safe- near Arthur's tent, under a tree and the warm sun, or so on.
And somehow he ended up with Dutch and them; his loyalty to Dutch is clear. But it isn't blind. When the time comes, and it does... He knows when to cut and run. He's intelligent, he's just not the type to brandish big words or massive plans. He's cunning, but not in a malicious way. I think Dutch likes that about him: he isn't useless to Dutch, or the gang. He has wisdom and he's the kind of guy that knows things, hears things, sees things... Keeps em to himself until needed.
He tries to get people to open up, he's very empathetic and emotional and he wants to have PEOPLE. Can you blame him? He even gets Charles to laugh a few times, and his jokes and his banjo playing and his drinking lighten up the camp even during the darkest days. He is truly a light.
He has his skills like anybody else, and maybe he isn't a strongarm or a mastermind or rolling the dough in for camp- but he's loyal to what matters, like Arthur says. This is proven when he gives his life in RDR1 to protect the Marstons, declaring that the enemy should get off of *their* land. It isn't because he is a leech or because he feels he owns something he doesn't, it's because the Marstons gave him a home and it IS *their* home and THEY are his home.
Before that, the Van Der Lindes were his home. "Camp" was his home. He loves Arthur and John and everybody, and despite what they say- they love him too. They take care of him like they take care of one another. Simple.
I only wish he had gotten to die in peace sleeping in his attic bedroom at Beecher's like any old man should.
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theretherefenton20 hours ago
*Jack drawing on John's gun*
John: What are you doing?!?
Jack: Just making it pretty.
John: You're ruining it!!!
Jack: Your face ruined it! You're a dumb raccoon.
Arthur, sipping his coffee: Accurate.
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amorgansgala day ago
hey hello馃挄 I saw the open requests so I was encouraged to send you one, well how about something about Charles Smith being possessive and jealous of his wife? I love what you do and you are talented, thank you in advance and finally love from Mexico 馃挄鉁 馃惡
Hello! So I actually have a bit of a hard time imagining Charles as possessive or jealous. He just strikes me as quite a chill dude. Arthur, Dutch and Bill yes, John and Javier maybe, but Charles just seems so level headed. Protective Charles though鈥 absolutely! So here鈥檚 smidge jealous, more protective Charles. I hope that's ok and thank you for your very sweet message :)
When Charles meets you for the first time that鈥檚 when he鈥檚 slightly more jealous than when he鈥檚 married to you. After all, by that point he has no reason to doubt your loyalty, especially if you are his wife.
He meets you in a saloon and you are busy talking to another man. It鈥檚 the only time he really feels any frustration, though it mostly turns into him thinking that the man you鈥檙e speaking to is incredibly lucky to have your attention.
He starts to think about how he could get it. Would it be best just to try and talk to you while you have a moment? What would he talk about? He鈥檚 not one for doing daft stunts like Sean to garner some lady鈥檚 attention, but for the briefest moment he is slightly tempted.
Fortunately, you soon end your conversation and head over to the bar to order another drink. You鈥檙e right next to him! Of course, Charles looks as cool as a cucumber, but inside his mind is racing and he鈥檚 trying to figure out what would be an interesting conversation starter.
Unfortunately, his mind is blank and as it looks like you鈥檙e about to leave, he goes with, 鈥楽o鈥 how are you?鈥
Fortunately, you think he's sweet and rather easy on the eyes! You talk for most of the night, until he asks if he can take you away from prying eyes and kiss you.
As far as things go it is a perfect kiss, stars shining overhead, Charles tenderly cupping your face and hiding you from view of anyone who could pass by.
When you鈥檙e married you couldn鈥檛 ask for a more attentive and caring husband. No request, large or small, is ever too much for him.
The only time he really gets slightly jealous is if another man is flirting with you, despite the ring on your finger. And he never gets angry or annoyed with you, but he may just tuck you behind him slightly and use his sheer presence to remind the man that you鈥檙e already taken!
His aversion to PDA is bit of his downfall, as he鈥檇 love to show any man who was interested in you that you鈥檙e his by kissing or cuddling you. But he鈥檇 also rather not do that in public, so he just stews and then later when you鈥檙e alone he鈥檚 all over you.
He pretends that his sudden burst of affection has nothing to do with that, but you鈥檝e cotton on quite early and know that he just wants to show you how much he adores you.
The bigger part of this slightly possessive/jealous streak appears more in how Charles is protective of you. He knows you can handle yourself, but he always wants to show he supports you when you鈥檙e dealing with arguments with anyone else.
If you鈥檙e in the midst of a gunfight, then Charles always keeps one eye on you and will shelter you with his body if needed. Afterwards, he will always gather you to him and tuck your body close to his, so he can keep you safe.
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nickytheimp2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hosea is so tough he doesn't actually need a chair to sit on. He uses chairs only out of politeness because he doesn't want to upset other gang members. But sometimes he just forgets himself.
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amorgansgala day ago
Can I request Javier and Charles with a really short s/o? Like 5鈥0? Thank u :)
I have done a bit of digging into how tall Charles and Javier are believed to be, because their heights aren鈥檛 mentioned in game. Anyway, for the sake of argument Charles is 6ft4 and Javier is 5ft9. Here's Charles Smith and Javier Escuella with smol reader.
Charles Smith
It鈥檚 not really a surprise to Charles that he鈥檚 usually the tallest person in the room. What is a surprise is how small you are in comparison to him, you barely reach his shoulder.
He instantly feels quite protective over you, then feels a bit bad for feeling protective. You鈥檙e more than capable of looking after yourself, you don鈥檛 need him to be watching over you (literally or metaphorically).
He does at one point accidentally bump into you, which sends you flying. Charles is immediately apologetic and he鈥檚 getting very closed to Arthur levels of guilty boah who will sit in his box of shame forever!
When you鈥檙e dating, he finds it hard not to pick you up to kiss you. He鈥檒l always stoop down, but it would just be that bit easier if he could lift you up to meet him.
There鈥檚 also the temptation he feels to put you somewhere high up, like a tree branch or a balcony and watch you get a little bit annoyed at being unable to get down. He would absolutely never do it, but he does feel sorely tempted.
Outside of camp, when there鈥檚 no one around, he does make every excuse to lift you up into his arms. Bridal style, over the shoulder, picking you up around your waist. He loves it. When he holds you he gets a real kick over how much you nestle into his chest and how small you feel against him.
Javier Escuella
Think it鈥檚 very neat you鈥檙e so small. Who needs to be crazily tall, when you are the most perfectly neat, packaged sized human!
He doesn鈥檛 have quite the same protective streak as Charles, thinking that it鈥檚 more reasonable that as a smaller person you would have more fire in you.
He鈥檚 seen enough times in town when you鈥檝e robbed someone that they鈥檝e tended to underestimate you because of your height, but knows full well you can bring someone down twice your size.
Hell, you鈥檝e brought him down and haven鈥檛 even lain a finger on him!
He suggests bringing you along on some robberies where you could wriggle through holes or tight spaces. How much you feel up to that is not very clear or if it would be really necessary for a robbery. You get the feeling that Javier might just want to see you and your butt wiggling through a tight hole!
Javier loves to have you on his lap. It鈥檚 one of his favourite things to do with someone he adores, but seeing your feet unable to even touch the ground and having your arms cling around his neck is definitely the best thing in the world in his eyes.
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