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wintersongstress · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RED DEAD REDEMPTION II  • scenery [69/?] —The Islands of Flat Iron Lake
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hoseadadthews · a day ago
John: What's nostalgia?
Arthur: That's when you miss something that's really old.
Hosea: I'm back!
Arthur: We've missed you.
John, under his breath: Nostalgia.
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theretherefenton · 2 days ago
When you rescue Jack, the first to greet him in Shady Belle (except for Abigail, of course) is Hosea. I had never noticed that.
He just shouts "Jack, Jack, Jack!" and you can just tell from his voice that he's happy, like real happy – something we don't see quite often in the game. Usually, Hosea is just this calming, almost soothing and wise presence who leads a bittersweet life, knowing he's near the end.
It really made my heart skip a beat to hear him so incredibly, beautifully and genuinely happy.
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Arthur..... honey, sweetheart, sunshine, man of many talents........
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What in gods name is this cursed creature drawing 😭
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runandhide21 · a day ago
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Tumblr media
I made this lovely gif to remind you all that winter isn’t only dark and cold, it can also be cozy and snowy! Have a nice winter! | Redbubble | VK | Instagram |  Twitter
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hoseadadthews · a day ago
Hosea: *cocks gun* Go to bed, Arthur. This is ain't a request no more. This is a threat.
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foundynnel · 14 hours ago
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my-dear-hosea · a day ago
Arthur: *Shoves Hosea out of Dutch's line of sight, knowing he's in the middle of eating Dutch's leftover stew* It was Micah
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queenxxxsupreme · 2 days ago
For more Construction Arthur, he and his s/o have a kid (for context I used to do this when my dad went to work but he worked for an auto body shop)
His kid wakes up early like he does but they sneak to the living room and sit on the couch but very sleepy. Arthur comes in to get his boots when he notices his kid on the couch. He gently picks them up so they can sleep with Arthur’s s/o. His kid wants to go to work with him but Arthur says when they are older. He puts them in the bed and lets them sleep.
A/N: OMG I absolutely loved this prompt!!!! It was so cute and so fun to do!! I might have added more to it but I hope you like it nonetheless!! This is my first actual construction!Arthur fic :)
Arthur groaned as he heard the painfully familiar sound of his alarm going off. He turned over with the intention of sleeping just a few more minutes. But a foot rubbed against his shin, urging him to wake up. Then there was a hand on his arm, weakly rocking him back and forth.
“Bear?” You groaned in your sleepy state.
“Hmm. What, pumpkin?”
“The sound is going to wake the kids.”
Arthur blindly reached over to turn the alarm off, successfully finding the button on his third attempt. He was still for a few moments, listening for the sound of movement anywhere in the house. But all was silent.
“What’s on your plate for today?” He turned onto his back and rubbed his eyes. He let out a yawn as he forced himself to open his eyes and stare at the ceiling above. If he kept his eyes shut, he was sure to drift off to sleep again.
“Cleaning the house. Charles and Lucy are comin’ over for dinner. Remember?”
“Ah, yeah.”
“Abigail said that her and John might come over too with the kids.” You shifted around on the bed so that your back was to him.
“Hey, what do you think you’re doin’?” Arthur propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over to kiss at the back of your neck.
“I am trying to go back to sleep, Mr. Morgan! Will you quit it?” You giggled, trying to push him away. Your attempt was weak and pointless, though you weren’t really trying to stop him.
You rolled over on to your back. This put you directly against his body. With Arthur still being propped up on one elbow, he could lean down over you.
“Shhh, pumpkin.” He chuckled, putting his finger over his lips. “Don’t wanna wake the baby.”
“You need to get ready for work before you end up late.” You placed your hand on his chest as he tried to lean down for a kiss.
“How about I just don’t go in today? Maybe spend the day with you instead?” Arthur took your hand from his chest and kissed the underside of your thumb and then the inside of your wrist.
“Then I’d never get to cleanin’.” You tugged your hand away from his lips and grunted as you turned over on to your side so that your back was, once again, to him. “It’s far too early for you to be making reckless decisions, bear.”
“Oh, I don’t think so.” He snickered. “But, if the missus says so then I reckon I can’t go against her word.”
“Wise choice.”
“I’ll come back to give ya a kiss before I leave.” He promised you as he clambered out of bed.
A little while later, Arthur Morgan shrugged into a jacket as he walked out into the living room. He was about to cross the room to get his boots when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.
Sitting up on the sofa was the eldest of the two Morgan children, Henry. Though he was sitting up, he was dozing off with his head propped up by one little fist underneath his chin.
Arthur shook his head as he approached his son.
“Charles Henry.” He scolded softly, kneeling down in front of the boy. Henry jolted and blinked a few times before bringing his hand up to rub his eyes. “What are you doin’ out of bed at four in the mornin’, little man?”
“I wanna go to work with you, daddy.” He yawned.
A smile tugged at the corners of Arthur’s mouth.
“Sweet boy.” He scooped Henry ip into his arms and began to take him to his own bedroom. “When you’re older, little man. You’ve still got some growin’ to do.”
“Daddy! No!” Henry whined and wriggled in his father’s arms, flailing his arms about.
“Come on now, Henry.” Arthur stopped in the hallway. He didn’t want Henry’s sleepy tantrum to wake up his sister or draw you out of bed.
Arthur placed Henry on his feet, keeping one hand on Henry’s shoulder as he knelt down to be at the four-year-old’s height.
“Now you know a little fella can’t come build things until he’s all big and grown. He needs all his muscles. He needs to be able to lift heavy things and to drive the tractors and things. Little fellas can’t reach the pedals, and that ain’t safe.”
Henry frowned, his bottom lip puckering out to show just how sad and displeased he was.
“Tell you, little man.” Arthur looked down the hall in the direction of the bedroom he shared with you. “Maybe one of these days I can bring you to work and show you around for a little bit. How does that sound?”
“Okay.” Henry nodded his head, bringing his hand up to rub his eye.
“Good. Now let’s get you to bed.” Arthur picked him up and rubbed his back. “‘Sides, if we’re both gone, who’s gonna help momma take care of Daisy?”
As Arthur pushed the door to the room he shared with you open with his shoulder, Henry looked around the room.
At the foot of the king-size bed was Carson, the family dog. He didn’t lift his head, but he wagged his tail at the sight of the father and son.
“You wanna lay in here with momma and Daisy?” Arthur quietly asked Henry, who nodded his head.
Arthur had expected you to be awake since you had woken up with him earlier, but you were sound asleep on your side of the bed.
He placed Henry down on his side of the bed and held the blankets up so the little boy could snuggle underneath them and get closer to his mother.
“Be good for momma today, little man.” Arthur leaned down on to the bed, tucking in the side of the blanket that was towards him.
“I’m always good.” Henry giggled.
“I know.” Arthur smiled proudly. “I love you, little man.”
“I love you too, daddy.”
Quietly, Arthur moved back around to your side of the bed. He kissed your cheek and brushed some of your hair out of your face. Next, he moved on to six-month-old Daisy Jane. The side of her crib was lowered, making it possible for Arthur to kiss her forehead and brush his fingertips over the back of her tiny hand.
“Love you, sweetpea.”
Knowing he could spend all day standing over her, watching her and admiring her, Arthur forced himself to leave. He put the side of her crib back into place and made his way out of the room.
He needed to get to work.
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