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asras-apprentice · 3 years ago
QUESTION, do you think Asra and the apprentice were together before they died or was it like an unrequited thing on Asra's end? bc i keep reading conflicting things!
ok, I think that they were either together or there was some heavy flirting that was leading into something more before the plague hit. it’s not confirmed, but this is just based on the vibes that I get, like the flashback that the apprentice got back in book vi, when they were getting ready for the masquerade:
“What about this one for you, then? It’s your color.”
“You say that about every color.”
“I can’t help it, MC, you look radiant in everything… Fine, what about this one?”
“Asra! Do you want me to blind people?”
“I’m already blinded by your beauty.”
like. wow. I’m also clued in by the way asra reacts when you kiss him for the first time in his route in book vi, chapter 3:
There’s something cautious and hopeful in his expression. Neither one of us dares speak and break the moment. I press a hand to his chest, walking both of us back to the rough bark of a palm tree, and he goes willingly. The leaves above us grow to shelter us from the rain, the tree bending to protect us… and I kiss him like he’s the air I need to breathe. The whole world falls away until it’s just us, until nothing else matters. Arms wrap around me as Asra surges forward, kissing back with an edge of desperation I didn’t expect. Kisses trail down my face as he follows a path from my lips to my jaw. Is he… shaking?
like, take it as you will, but this feels a whole lot like asra has kissed the apprentice before and was under the impression that he would never get the chance to again. other than that, there’s just the familiarity that the apprentice tends to feel when they’re around asra in his route. feeling like they fit together perfectly when they embrace or hold hands without knowing why, or when they dance together and it’s expressed that they feel accustomed to doing so without any memory of dancing with him before. so yeah, that’s about where I am with that.
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realitynotfound · a month ago
I do have something to admit, I text with my friend like that but in the group chat. We don’t get embarrassed about it because it’s not embarrassing because it’s not real. Fuck dnf honestly/lh
no because that's exactly what it should be like. you joke with your friend about it, and you don't care bc it's a joke. you do it even publicly bc it's a joke, therefore it has no meaning. you don't get flustered over it, you don't get protective over it, you don't treat it like it's a big deal because it. is. not.
i literally have no words to defend them or justify their behavior, but i think we all know why they act the way they do now, don't we?
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platoniclokiimagines · 3 years ago
You and Loki playing pranks on everyone in honor of Friday the 13th, making everyone think they have bad luck (and esp freaking Tong out)
Friday the 13th is your favorite day of the year
right after Halloween, that is
it’s always been lucky for you, so you’ve never understood why everyone was always so wary about it
you have to explain to Loki why it’s supposedly a bad day
“The number thirteen is supposed to be bad or unlucky. Something to do with the devil or demons? I think? Probably.” “But is it true, though?” “No. I mean, it’s just a bunch of superstition.” “I see.” “So people tend to think it’s just an all-around unlucky day.”
and Loki nods
and then looks at you with a shit-eating grin
and you can tell what they’re thinking already
you guys are always in sync when it comes to pranking
so you plot
and set some plans into motion
with some help from Loki’s magic
you switch the milk and orange juice into opposite cartons
you put an air horn behind every door you know people will use when they come in
the rest of your pranks, you have to wait for people to actually be present to do
like waiting for someone to get a water bottle and then poking a hole in the bottom of it when they aren’t looking
so it starts leaking all over them
Loki switches the salt out for sugar when Bruce is making dinner that night
no one says anything about the macaroni being so sweet
but you both can see it in everyone’s faces
you convince F.R.I.D.A.Y to play the Friday the 13th theme whenever Tony comes into the main room
you knew that Tony in particular was especially superstitious
and you hoped that Tony would react as great as you imagined he would
and he so did
the second he walked into the room, and the piano started
he nearly jumped out of his skin
and wheeled around so quickly it was comical
“Nope. We are not doing this. Not today. Good bye.”
you and Loki just about die laughing
and later that night, when everyone is talking about the various weird experiences they’ve had throughout the day
and they’ve all mentioned it being weird because it’s Friday the 13th
you both finally admit that it was all the both of you
and everyone just sighs collectively
and looks at each other like they’re on The Office
and Thor just really quietly goes
“I knew I didn’t put orange juice on my cereal this morning on purpose.”
and everyone just ends up rolling with laughter
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asras-apprentice · 3 years ago
Hi so I just got in to arcana, I already know what happens in recent chapter but I'm just a little confused from somethings I've seen. Was it ever stated/hinted that mc was dead already when asra was with Julian?. It seems odd for asra to be with him if mc was still alive. Did he sleep with Julian for comfort hm. What do you think it is?
oh BOY ok so this is actually something that i’m having a hard time answering. what i can say is that i’m like, 99.99% sure that the apprentice was dead when asra was at the palace researching the plague cure. which i don’t think he was actually doing- i think that he was using the library to look into dark magic that might bring the apprentice back. he seemed pretty confident that he could do it, too- and it appeared that he was using julian as like, his blood magic guinea pig. like, hey look! there’s this guy who likes pain AND is totally down to overlook this blood magic i’m doing! but don’t get me wrong, the devs have made it known that they both knew exactly what they were getting out of the relationship, and that there was no manipulation or abuse involved. julian might have felt something for asra but he KNEW that it wasn’t something that he was going to get back at that time:
“I can’t give you what you want, Ilya.”
“I’ll take what I can get.”
y’know? but it was definitely implied that the apprentice was already dead at this point:
Faust: “Where?”
Asra: “To a place I can’t follow, yet. Don’t worry, Faust, we’re getting close.”
so anyway, asra and julian may or may not have been physically fucking but it was DEFINITELY kinky and julian was DEFINITELY into it. that boy will get turned on by a goddamn papercut. 
the weird part is how asra felt about julian. now, it might have been partially because julian was in asra’s space a number of times where he may not have been wanted (because asra was at a serious low point mentally) that there were moments when asra seemed to only tolerate julian at best. but also, asra is a pretty easygoing dude. wherein arises the theory that asra knew that the apprentice had been working under julian before they died and that asra knew that julian had neglected to see when the apprentice started showing plague symptoms (subsequently failing to act on aiding the apprentice). which julian shouldn’t necessarily be blamed for because, let’s face it, it was probably the peak of the plague and he must have had a LOT on his plate, and there also probably wasn’t much that he could have done anyway. but… that is a WHOLE other can of worms. there’s obviously a lot of backstory that we just haven’t seen, moments in which their relationship shifted in one direction or another (positively or negatively), but it never seemed like a romantic direction. at least not coming from mr. asra “you and i know who my heart belongs with” arcanagame. 
there’s so much to unpack, and a lot that we don’t know, but i hope this helped you a bit… sorry for going on a bit of a tangent.
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realitynotfound · a month ago
I'm sorry but it's so funny to me that Dream wanted to expose George with the 'fucko' text because George jokingly called him gross for the text he sent during that stream... he wanted to call him out for being equally as suggestive as him, but in the process managed to make HIMSELF look worse and down bad with the drooling emote he sent in return like... boy
you see anon, that's kind of a pattern they have.
george exposes dream > dream exposes george for revenge > dream is the one getting backlash bc even if he's exposing george for being clingy or suggestive or whatever, he also shows his reaction to george being like that which is not... very platonic, or friendly, or "normal" at all.
it can also be just dream trying to expose george and then being the one to get exposed. like when he released the "i am gonna eat your ass" "talk to me" "you'd like that" texts. he wanted people to focus on george being clingy, but instead we all focused on the (badly) cropped out "i am gonna eat your ass" bc it's significantly worse.
now, he could do all of this stuff to get a reaction from us, but when he panics over an emoji and gets flustered whenever people point out the weird things him and george do that he himself made public, i really don't think that's the case.
as you said, it really is funny :')
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speaknow · 3 months ago
three emojis means she's releasing THREE rerecords at once
this fandom would collapse... ok let’s do it @taylorswift
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lettheladylead · a month ago
i had to scream about this separately vs in the tags but gOLDIE LOOKS SO SOFT IN HER WEDDING OUTFIT I 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰
Tumblr media
a simple lil dress
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dearlytea · a year ago
aw take ur time!! i feel the same about my insta, and i want u to know we’ll always be waiting for you.
:(((( don’t make me cry into my earl grey tea omg
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reavenedges-lies · 18 days ago
Do you think the league will retire 87 like they did with 99?
I don't think so!
I love Sid and his number will absolutely be retired by the Penguins at the very least but I genuinely think if the league tries to retire his number league wide there would be outrage. In my opinion, Mario's # should be retired before Sidney's does and if they did Sid's there would be a push for Ovechkin's as well.
They're great no debate, but if we retired every Greats number we would run out of numbers very quickly! So hopefully they do but I wouldn't hold my breath for it
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epitheterasedgen · a year ago
This is wired but, Sylvie and Molly get kidnapped, and Gio has to save them. (Love your btw)
NOBODY kidnaps Giovanni’s minions except for him
I imagine he’d seek the help of his other boys; however, for the sake of simplicity (and drama) we’ll say that for whatever reason he can’t involve them
He’ll work with whoever he needs to to get them back
And fight anyone without hesitation
His powers may be silly (soup that is too hot) but he’s trained them enough to give people second-degree burns
Enemies usually stop laughing after that
And for times when his powers aren’t enough or his stamina has run low... well, there’s always his trusty bat with a knife taped to it
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asras-apprentice · 2 years ago
My apprentice would probably be a drow bard
is…….is it possible to fall in love instantly
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reavenedges-lies · 20 days ago
Well first off you're absolutely gorgeous, and secondly I absolutely admire your want and ability to make friends
Love you Vic and I hope you're having a great day so far 😘❤️
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aw3zom3zauc3 · a year ago
Where do you get your stuff for your cosplay? (I live in America)
I just use stuff out of my closet, my family’s closet, or buy stuff from stores or online.
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asras-apprentice · 2 years ago
I honestly have no idea how to play dnd but I think I'd make Gil a elf cleric.. :0c
you know what neither do i!!! i’m gonna figure it out as i go along
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reavenedges-lies · 21 days ago
For the ask game: Quick
Goalies don't need me to throw hands for them but i absolutely would anyways
Send me an NHL player and I'll tell you if I'd throw hands with them or for them
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bleusarcelle · 4 years ago
24, 63, 133 :3
Lmao, alright, alright, I got it.
24) Favorite style of clothing
Eh, how to explain? I like casual clothes mixed with formal. I usually wear formal jeans, or jeans in general with bright blouses and with either tennis or flats. 
Dark blue, black, purple and dark pink are usually my color clothing. Something green, but people tell me that purple goes really good with me?? So *shurgs* 
63) Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
Of fucking course to both. Like?? Honestly, you canNOT tell me something like Trump exists and GHOSTS DO NOT! LIKE??? That’s proof enough that the supernatural is out there!!! Anything is possible!
And the Aliens, Co mE On!! People actually believe that the Earth was lonely until we were smart enough to think for ourselves??? Like, NO! FKSDFJSDLK
*whispers* I know they are out there. 
133) Broken a mirror? 
Uh, yeah? I think yeah! Psh, that’s probably why I’m a failure at relationships, lmao. I was like TEN! I do not deserve this shit of bad luck. 
Thank you
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reavenedges-lies · 21 days ago
Throw Hands: Zach Aston-Reese 👀 Pascal Dupuis, James Neal, Kris Letang and Tyler Seguin.
Y'all Should Know Better Than To Ask If I'd Throw Hands With Reeser!- Yes absolutely 10 million percent would throw hands with
Pascal Dupuis- 10/10 would throw hands for again tbh. Got into a fight in HS over him and won lol
James Neal- I actually don't know with this one. Probably for him just because he is one of Geno's boys
Kris Letang- I feel like I could take the Tissue Paper Penguin. I'd throw hands with him to defend Alex's honor after Kris chased him wearing a clown mask. Other than that for him 100%
Tyler Seguin- Throw Hands with him just to throw hands!
Send me an NHL player and I'll tell you if I'd throw hands with them or for them
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bleusarcelle · 4 years ago
3,10 and 27 of that one thing you reblogged
3) Three fear: 
Not being able to help someone or to comfort them in some way when they need it. It makes me feel like a failure.  
Of finding myself and not liking the person I will meet. 
Losing opportunities, chances, etc. 
10) How tall I am
I’m 1.56 meters. Not sure how tall that is in Feet tho? The point is that I’m really tiny. 
27) Meaning behind my URL
OHHOOH, BLESS YES. OKAY SO: It’s nothing woah, tbh? When I started tumblr in the year 2011 I waslike ‘Oh yeah I’m going to have a super duper nice cool URL….and it wasjust my name….pretty boring and pathetic, tbh.
SO! It was like a few years later that Iwas like, PSH I’m gonna change it! So That night I stared at my laptop screenfor like legit 15 minutes and then just started looking around my room until myeyes fell on a couple of Crayola markers near me.
So I was like *shurgs* ok. I startedreading their description and I caught the one named Bleu Sarcelle, and it wasa pretty color, so I was like OK. 
Turns out it was not available so I waslike HECK NO. So I just switched the U with the E and TA-DA! BleuSarcelle!
Thank you! Sorry if it sounds silly….*shurgs* *Jazz hands* 
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reavenedges-lies · 23 days ago
Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s been a fantastic day 👏🏼
Thank you for the birthday wishes lovely!!! It's been great day so far! I've already started in my birthday dinner and my parents bought a cake instead of me making one lol!
Tumblr media
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