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𝐒𝐐𝐔𝐈𝐃 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: ʏᴏᴜ ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴀ ʙʟᴏᴡᴊᴏʙ/ᴇᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴏᴜᴛ
⌦ genre: smut, fluff
⌦ pairing: cho sang-woo x fem!reader, seong gi-hun x fem!reader, ali abdul x fem!reader, jang deok-su x fem!reader, hwang jun-ho x fem!reader, pink guards x fem!reader, in-ho(frontman) x fem!reader, the salesman x fem!reader, kang sae-byeok x fem!reader
⌦ summary: part of squid game reaction series- you give them a blowjob/eat them out
⌦ requested: no
⌦ WARNINGS: smut, oral fixation, oral cock warming, oral sex (m.f.receiving), 69, sloppy blowjob, masturbation, facial, cum swallowing, voyeurism, public oral sex, road head, age gap, dubcon (for the salesman's part) pervy yandereish salesman, mentions of stalking, degradation, praise, sir/daddy/master kink, mentions of anal/dp, gangbang idk what else
⌦ word count: -
MINORS DNI PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
①②⑧ ᴄʜᴏ ꜱᴀɴɢ-ᴡᴏᴏ ①②⑧ (663 words)
Tumblr media
your knees collided with the hardwood floor of yours and sang-woo's shared apartment, the bruises sure to appear in a couple hours not bothering you in the least; all that was running through your mind right now was the urge to have sang-woo's dick balls deep down your throat.
he'd just been sitting at the dining table going through his paperwork when you had waddled down the stairs, hands covered by your long sweater sleeves and eyes bleary from just having woken up.
it was some ungodly time at night but you found it hard to sleep when you weren't wrapped cozily in sang-woo's arms, tossing and turning in your light sleep until you'd given up and ventured downstairs to wait with sang-woo till he had finished his work.
you had greeted him with a quick kiss to his lips which he returned, still completely immersed in the papers, before making your way to the couch that was sat across from the dining table and laying down so you could admire his side profile as he worked. this was a regular occurrence unfortunately, you waiting up for him.
usually you just fell into a light sleep as the sound of pen on paper and rustling sounded throughout the home until you'd be woken up by sang-woo carrying you into your bedroom. tonight however, you couldn't help but notice how good sang-woo looked.
his thick thighs that were covered by his fancy dress pants almost made you drool, god you wanted to ride them until they were covered in your slick. his sleeves were pushed up his arms exposing his strong forearms to your greedy gaze, you remembered how they tensed up and how his veins popped out when he fucked his fingers into you with all of his might. it made your core throb wildly when you remembered how just this morning he had eaten you out until you had to roughly push his head away from your abused cunt because you couldn't take anymore.
you couldn't return the favour then as he had to rush to work, but there's nothing stopping you now. well nothing except his damned work. he's very focused and rarely lets things distract him when he is working but you were sure you could change that. and plus, he deserves a break.
so despite the tiredness fogging your brain, you sluggishly got up from the comfortable couch and made your way to sang-woo's hunched-over figure. he was so focused on his oh so important work he didn't even notice you plopping carelessly down onto the floor and crawling under the wood table, stopping once you were in front of him and perching on your knees.
sang-woo only realized you were under the table when he felt your small hands fumbling to undo his belt and pull his zipper down, leaning back in his chair so he could see you in front of him.
"and what are you doing, little one?" sang-woo's deep voice broke through the silence, chuckling when you jumped a bit and peeked up at him with big eyes from between his long legs.
"i'm repaying you for this morning, sir." you said innocently, pulling his pants down just enough for his hardening cock to rest against his toned stomach. you looked up at him while resting your head on his thigh, giving a light kiss to the underside of his shaft. you were happy to finally have his attention, and his cock in your mouth honestly.
one of sang-woo's hands came down to gently move some of your hair away from your face as you eagerly took his tip into your mouth, humming happily against his cock when the taste of his pre-come hit your tongue. sang-woo's head tipped back, hands knotting into your hair he groaned out a 'good girl' when you took him all the way into your throat, not even gagging when his tip hit the back of your throat. he had trained you so well. (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )
④⑤⑥ ꜱᴇᴏɴɢ ɢɪ-ʜᴜɴ ④⑤⑥ (822 words)
Tumblr media
it was early in the morning, the sound of birds chirping and light snores filling the golden hued room. you had been awake for a little while, unsure of what had woken you up but grateful none the less as it allowed you to admire gi-hun as he slept peacefully, features lit up beautifully in a soft glow due to the morning light that streamed through the curtains.
it made love and admiration bubbled up inside of you to see him like this, so calm, so at peace. gi-hun had gone through a lot in his life but now things had gotten better, he had a good relationship with his daughter mother and sang-woo. he had also gained two daughters; them being sae-byeok and ji-yeong who you both speak to almost daily. he had gained friends in ali and strangely enough, jun-ho and deok-su. everyone was safe and happy, he was happy.
oh he was more than happy, you could tell from the way the blanket tented near his hips. how did you not see that before? taking one more glance at his face before you helped him with his problem, you knew why you hadn't noticed his painfully obvious boner. simply because he was too pretty. nuff said.
you shuffled over to his side of the bed, resting on your knees between his legs and laying down on your tummy. you hastily moved the blanket away from gi-hun's body so you would have access to do as you please, the both of you having agreed a while ago that this was something you were one hundred percent fine with either doing.
gi-hun's morning wood slapped up against his stomach as you pulled his boxers down, making him stir and grumble lightly in his deep slumber. you giggled quietly when you saw his hand move up to groggily itch his nose, head turning before his snores resumed once again.
your hand looked small as it wrapped around his large dick, tugging the smooth skin up and down slowly while you admired his pretty cock.
gi-hun let out a little whine when you licked a bold stripe up one of the prominent veins on his long cock, leaving spit shining in its wake before you took his red tip into your mouth and sucked gently.
this seemed to knock gi-hun out of his deep sleep, eyes fluttering open to be greeted with the soft morning glow lighting up your shared bedroom and you nestled between his legs looking so damn happy with yourself as you happily slurped at his rock hard cock.
"good morning sunshine." you pulled your swollen lips off of his cock with a 'pop', still pumping him with your hand as you greeted the sleepy man who didn't seem to register what was happening just yet.
to be honest, there's nothing you adore more than waking gi-hun up with a nice blowjob, the sight of his sleep glazed eyes and the way his hips would gently rock with the bobs of your head as desperate raspy whines left his mouth never failed to fill you with unfiltered lust and love for the man laid out before you.
"mmm, morning my sweet girl," gi-hun's deep morning voice muttered to you, sleepy eyes connected with yours in a sweet gaze as you went back to slowly suckling his cock, "you having fun down there?"
humming against his cock, you nodded as best as you could while you were sensually taking half of his shaft down your throat causing gi-hun's hips to buck gently into your mouth.
he was always more sensitive in the morning, something about the intimacy and pure love that buzzed between you both made gi-hun feel like a horny teenage boy that could cum just from the sight of boobs all over again, despite him being half your age.
the grogginess was still ebbing away at him as his hands reached down tangling his long fingers into your hair to gently help guide your mouth up and down his throbbing length, not having it in him to be rough this early in the morning and just wanting to appreciate the feeling of your wet mouth wrapped snuggly around his cock.
after minutes of lazily bobbing up and down gi-huns dick, you felt his grip tighten in your hair and his soft thrusts into your mouth get more desperate the closer he got to coming.
his eyes squeezed shut and he bit his lip hard as his orgasm hit him, long white ribbons of cum spurting from his twitching cock and straight into your awaiting mouth, you were sure to swallow every drop before pulling away with one last soft kiss to his sensitive cock.
"are you alright old man?" gi-hun was panting with one arm thrown over his eyes as he came down from his high, a blissed out smile on his face and more than ready to cradle you in his arms and fall into a peaceful sleep after the mind numbing orgasm you had given him.
"oh i'm more than alright, angel. c'mere and cuddle this old man."
(⌒_⌒ ; ) i am so very soft for this man
①⑨⑨ ᴀʟɪ ᴀʙᴅᴜʟ ①⑨⑨ (451 words)
Tumblr media
soft giggles were escaping from ali's plush lips as you kissed down his body, in turn causing you to giggle along with him though trying to be as quiet as you could so you didn't alert anyone to your crude activities. apparently ali was ticklish, who knew.
"shhh, we need to be quiet baby." you said through giggles while trying to calm yourself and him down, it was hard to do however when it made you so happy to see ali's bright smile and happy eyes.
"i'm trying but your lips are tickling me." ali had to slap a hand over his mouth when you disappeared under the thin blanket that covered you both, laying down between his legs and pulling his length out once you were completely submerged underneath.
you had snuck over to ali's bed once you were sure everyone else was asleep, or at least you were hoping they were, as you had been doing since the second night of the game. at first it was purely innocent, you would lay next to each other and quietly tell each other about yourselves but eventually it escalated into cuddling, which then further escalated into you riding ali in the pitch black room, since then it had been a routine for you to come over to his bed every night once it was deemed safe.
his hips bucked up erratically when you shoved his whole cock into your mouth while your hand played with his heavy balls, his reaction was almost comical with the way his mouth dropped wide open and his back arched from the bed with a cute little whimper.
the reaction made you smile around his cock as you leisurely sucked him off, wanting to take your time pleasing him because in here any day could be your last so you wanted to savour every moment that you got with ali.
"mmph- baby it feels so good." his voice was whiney and muffled beneath his hand when he spoke, he could never not talk during these times, just wanting to praise you and let you know how good you're making him feel.
he couldn't see you but he could see your figure under the blanket bobbing up and down, sometimes pulling off to suck at his balls or to place loving little kisses all over his cock, both made his toes curl and eyes squeeze shut.
in your little love sick bubble neither of you noticed just how loud you really were, disturbing those on the edge of sleep and those still awake every night with your noises. no one said anything however, letting you have your own little slice of heaven in this fucked up place.
①⓪① ᴊᴀɴɢ ᴅᴇᴏᴋ-ꜱᴜ ①⓪① (654 words)
Tumblr media
"deok-suuu," your needy whines resonated throughout the small car as deok-su drove through the dark and desolate streets, one of his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly and the other resting lovingly on your upper thigh while you drive home from date night.
the intimate touch turned you on more than it should have, you could already feel your juices soaking through your panties from the feeling of his cold rings against your skin.
"what little one, why do you keep whining like a brat huh?" deok-su knew what you wanted, the tone of your voice when you whined out for him and the way you were squirming in your seat was a dead giveaway but he wanted to hear the lewd words fall from your lips.
"i want to suck your cock." you stated very bluntly, knowing deok-su would never turn you down or judge you. he had long ago taught his little slut to express her wants and desires so he could fulfil them all. plus, he had taught you most of what you knew about sex and sex related things. before you had met deok-su you were just a pretty little innocent thing, waiting for him to come along and make you his dirty whore.
thus when you met and he had introduced you to all the sexual things you were missing you had quickly become addicted, craving his cock every second of the day, just craving any part of him really. so you really had no shame telling him what you wanted, it also helped that he loved hearing slutty words leave your pretty lips.
"oh, you want to suck my dick huh? is that why you've been squirming in your seat like a desperate whore all night?" deok-su mockingly spat at you, purposely trying to get you flustered though you were far beyond getting embarrassed by now, head way too fogged up with the need for him. "well get to it then, show your daddy how much you need his cock."
in your excitement and determination to get to his cock, you managed to hit your head lightly on the steering wheel making deok-su to chuckle yet not caring in the least as all you wanted to do was get his pants and boxers out of the way so you could pull his dick out and please this fine ass man like he's never been pleased before.
you sloppily unbuckled deok-su's belt and zipper, pulling his thick cock out and with absolutely no hesitation at all you took his cock as far down your throat as you could, choking yourself on it harshly causing deok-su to swerve the car for a split second.
"damn little lady, are you tryin' to make me crash this car doing that shit to me, holy fucking shit." deok-su breathed out incredulously, although despite his words he wasn't complaining at all in fact he held your head down for several seconds, a primal growl leaving his mouth as he felt your throat spasm wildly around his cock.
"you know what little one, since you want to be a brat just to get your slutty lips around daddy's dick, why don't you keep my cock warm for the rest of the ride just like this eh?" he roughly jerked your head up and down his cock a few times by the makeshift ponytail he had gathered in his free hand before he smooshed your face against his lower stomach, his length buried all the way down your throat making an outline of his cock bulge through your throat.
it made it more difficult for deok-su to focus on driving with your warm throat hugging his dick but he managed, the thought of what he would do to you at home stopping him from pulling over and ruining you on the side of the road no matter how bad he wanted to.
⓪⑥⑦ ᴋᴀɴɢ ꜱᴀᴇ-ʙʏᴇᴏᴋ ⓪⑥⑦ (613)
Tumblr media
you could taste sae-byeok's sweet juices on your tongue as you greedily devoured her pussy, the crude slurping sounds making your pussy throb even more than it already was with sae-byeok's tongue buried deep inside your tight hole.
your body was laid over sae-byeok's sprawled out figure, both of your knees planted on either side of her head which was buried between your thighs, similar to the way your head was locked tightly between her slim thighs.
trying to recall how you had ended up in this position was a blurry memory, all you remember was laying on your bed next to sae-byeok while you two casually watched netflix and then you saw her absentmindedly chewing her gorgeous plump bottom lip and suddenly all you could think about for the rest for the rest of the movie was seeing her lips shine from your juices.
sae-byeok could always tell what you were thinking though you always tried to hide it, could always know what was running through your pretty little head with a mere glance at your face because she knew you. she had spent most of her life standing right by your side, she had learned all of your likes and dislikes, all of your little tells and she had quickly picked up on your perverse thoughts as she always did.
so in true sae-byeok fashion she made a show of rolling off of your bed, striped naked and sprawled herself out on your bed with a smug smile all the while you had gapped at her like she had just curb stomped your mother.
the seductive spread of her legs and the uttered command of "come here" was enough to knock you out of your shocked state, quickly jumping off of your bed and shedding your clothes as fast as you humanly could before trying to crawl between her parted legs, however they snapped shut before you could reach the prize hidden between them.
"no," she muttered out lowly, a dark smirk growing on her full lips, "i want to do something different this time."
and that was how you had ended up in the iconic 69 position with sae-byeok, lapping at each others pussy with the vibrations from the moans leaving both of your mouths driving you both closer and closer to your highs.
you were practically humping her face like a bitch in heat at this point, though she wasn't much better with the way she was bucking up into your mouth and gripping onto your thighs like a lifeline as you sucked her clit relentlessly. she tasted so fucking good on your tongue, her fingers fucking into your soaked pussy mixed with her tongue licking at your clit felt so euphoric it pushed you head first into an intense orgasm that consumed your whole body.
the taste of your juices exploding onto her tongue and your mouth sloppily lapping at her pussy mid orgasm triggered sae-byeok to cum, spurts of clear liquid unexpectedly gushing from her pussy into your mouth and covering the bed, your face and her thighs. your moans mixed together in the small hot room, still lapping at the others pussy while you came down from your highs.
"dude, you squirted!" you squealed excitedly, hastily hopping off of sae-byeok's relaxed body and plopping yourself between her legs so you could clean off her juices as she blushed, covering her face with her forearms to hide her flustered state from you.
she was too damn smart for her own good and you were to damn horny for your own, but that's what you loved most about her as it lead to situations such as this one.
⊕⊕⊕ ʜᴡᴀɴɢ ᴊᴜɴ-ʜᴏ ⊕⊕⊕ (983 words)
Tumblr media
jun-ho was gently holding onto your hair as you bobbed your head up and down his cock, shoving as much of it down your throat as you could without sputtering all while you stared into each others eyes with a shared loving intensity.
seeing as you were 6 months pregnant, your sex drive was through the roof right now. every second of the day you were craving jun-ho, always thinking about how good he would fuck you, about how pretty his cock was when it was rock hard and covered in your spit.
so of course jun-ho, being the sweet and attentive husband he is, let you use him as you please. not that he minded at all, who the hell would complain when their hot wife suddenly drops to her knees in the middle of the kitchen and sucks your dick. not him, that's for damn sure.
your swollen belly made the task at hand a bit more difficult but absolutely nothing would stop you from achieving your goal of having jun-ho's cum sprayed across your face and chest.
"look at you sweetheart, you look so beautiful when you're desperate for my cum." you moaned at jun-ho's cooed out words, his tip repeatedly hitting the back of your throat making you gag and causing spit to gather around his base which then slowly dripped down onto his full balls.
deciding you needed a little break as you had been doing this for a while you pulled your mouth off of his dick, strings of spit connecting you to him trying to catch your breath while still pumping his slick cock with your hand.
"you okay baby?" jun-ho asked you, lovingly stroking your bottom lip with his thumb as you nodded your head and smiled warmly up at him with your swollen red lips.
"m'fine, just needed a bit of a breather." your voice was raspy from how deep and rough you were taking his length in your mouth, he had let you set your own pace and rhythm for once which of course you had just shoved his cock straight down your throat and went to town on him without missing a beat.
sometimes you need to slow down, as much as you love jun-ho fucking your throat raw you wanted to savour the weight of his pretty cock against your tongue and the taste of his pre come spreading throughout your mouth, you just needed to savour him really. however now would not be that time, maybe later but right now you were way too impatient, you just wanted to suck his dick until you couldn't speak tomorrow and then be cuddled to sleep in his strong arms.
so once you had caught your breath you dove straight back in, licking a bold stripe from his balls all the way to his red leaking tip before slowly sliding as much of his cock into your throat as you could, stroking what you couldn't fit in your small hand while you looked up at his handsome face contorted in utter bliss.
for a while you had all the control, his hands only in your hair so he could keep himself grounded while you worshiped him on your knees, but as his orgasm crept up on him he could feel himself get more desperate to fuck your face each time your warm throat took him all the way in. eventually he started taking control again, his grip tightening in your hair so he could drag you along his cock at a steady fast pace.
you clung onto jun-ho's thick thighs for life when his pace got more frantic, fucking sloppily into your throat but making sure to be careful of you and the baby growing inside of you of course lest he hurt the loves of his life. tears were gathering in your glossy pleasure filled eyes, threatening to fall down your face at any second as he jerked your head back and forth.
"ah fuck baby i'm gonna cum, your mouth feels so fucking. good." his last words were punctuated with sharp thrusts into your throat, your eyes that were connected in a heated gaze broke off when you squeezed your eyes shut tight as he quickly pulled out of your mouth with a deep grunt and furiously jerked his cock, white ropes of cum spurting from his cock and covering your face and chest in the warm liquid a second later.
you couldn't open your eyes as some of jun-ho's cum had landed right onto your closed eyelids but you could picture him standing above you, abs shining with sweat and hand slowly jerking his softening cock while the hazy remnants of his orgasm made him twitch with pleasure, admiring the mess he had made on you.
after a few moments of content silence, you heard jun-ho move from his place in front of you before you felt a towel rubbing the gunk off of your face and chest. you unclenched your eyes to be met with the beautiful sight of jun-ho's lazy smile and gleaming eyes, holding a hand out to help you up from the kitchen floor.
"are you alright baby, i didn't go to hard did i?" jun-ho instantly went into fretting husband mode, pulling you up into his chest though your swollen belly kept you from pressing your body flush against his neither of you minded in the least.
leaning up onto your tiptoes you gave jun-ho's full lips a lingering peck, conveying all of your love for each other in one small kiss that meant everything to you both before pulling an inch away from his lips and looking into his eyes.
"i love you so so much, hwang jun-ho," you whispered against his lips, cupping his face as his arms wrapped securely around your waist, "but right now i need you to hush your gums and cuddle me."
⊕⊕⊕ ʜᴡᴀɴɢ ɪɴ-ʜᴏ (ꜰʀᴏɴᴛᴍᴀɴ) ⊕⊕⊕ (485 words)
Tumblr media
the black lace collar was tight around your throat but that was the least of your concerns right now, as you were in a room full of masked men taking in-ho's cock so deep down your throat you swore you could feel it in your stomach.
while humiliation should be eating you alive right now, being in-ho's pet you had long since grown used to the degrading and lewd situations he would put you in. face fucking you in front of the vip's, guards and waiters was one of the more tamer things he had done.
in-ho was harshly pulling you up and down his cock by the leash that was connected to your collar, uncaring of the gags and excess spit coming from your mouth as you squeezed your eyes shut, trying your hardest not to throw up around his dick.
"open your eyes and look at me pet." in-ho's stern demand was followed by a hard slap to your cheek, causing you to instantly follow his command and open your teary, glazed over eyes to gaze up at his black mask while he ruthlessly fucked his cock into your mouth.
"aww, look at the tears in your pretty eyes, is my little cock slut going to cry huh?" his tone was mocking and intended to make you feel inferior, and if that didn't do it then the condescending and amused laughs heard from the vip's spread out across the room most definitely did.
muffled wet choking sounds were the only answer to his question that he didn't even need an answer to as seconds after he had asked, the tears gathering in your eyes had started rolling down your puffy red cheeks, leaving streaks down your face and mixing with the spit and pre come gathered around your mouth.
the sight obviously affected in-ho tremendously as he let out a deep drawn out groan when he saw the shiny liquid run down from your eyes, quickly pulling out of your mouth and rubbing his wet cock against your tear covered cheeks before jamming his cock back down your throat and grabbing the back of your head with one hand for leverage to fuck your mouth as hard as he could, meanwhile the other pinched your nose so you had no way of breathing.
"oh look the whores crying, is your masters cock too much for you little girl?" the vip with the deer mask taunted you, his deep and accented voice echoing throughout the room as more mocking comments from the other rich vips followed his comments.
you were completely helpless right now, hands tied tightly behind your back and nose being squeezed between in-ho's long fingers, you could do nothing but take his cock down your throat and hope he would let up soon.
knowing in-ho though, he would do no such thing anytime soon. especially not with an audience to entertain and his favourite little pet in need of being used.
⊕⊕⊕ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴀʟᴇꜱᴍᴀɴ ⊕⊕⊕ (1,437 words) (how the hell-)
Tumblr media
you really should have known better than to ride on an empty train this late at night, creeps and dangerous people lurking around waiting for the right moment to strike on the pretty young thing sitting there all by herself in a short little skirt, nobody around to witness anything.
who knows what could have happened to you if he wasn't there, the thought of someone touching you in anyway angered him beyond belief despite you not knowing him. he knew you though.
he had been watching you for a while now after seeing you on your route home, it was late into the night; he was tired and his hand ached from all of the slapping he had done, he really just wanted to get home eat, pass out and then repeat again tomorrow.
however it seemed fate had different plans for him because when the train doors opened, instead of the occasional drunk or homeless person staggering in like they usually do at this time, you skipped through the doors and lit up the gloomy train within a second.
you had given him a quick glance in passing, noting the handsome man before taking a seat and pulling out a book to read, paying no further attention to him sitting in the opposite end of the cart. he was hypnotized though, completely enamoured and intrigued by you that he couldn't help but stare at you and imagine flipping up your skirt and fucking you right here on this train.
the thought made his dick throb for the rest of the ride, even when the disappointment spread through him as you got up and stood at the train doors, your cute hands gripping onto the pole to keep you steady while you waited for your stop to come. you gave him an adorable smile and a small wave when the doors opened and you stepped out, his eyes glued to your form walking across the platform.
the next night he took the same train at the same time, hoping and praying you would waltz through the doors again because you were all he had thought about since he saw you the night before, he needed to see you. much to his excitement you did, giving him another small smile which he returned with a charming grin before taking a seat on the empty train that held only you and him and pulling out a book to immerse yourself in.
again he stared at you for the whole ride, thinking of all the things he wanted to do to you as he hungrily looked at your exposed thighs in your little tennis skirt all the while you remained oblivious to his leering. and naturally, his cock got extremely hard very fast. he was almost tempted to touch himself right there but he didn't want to scare you off, no he had to wait.
that became somewhat of a routine, you would always get onto the train at the exact same time every night and greet the handsome man with an adorable little smile, which he would always return, before you would pay no mind to anything until your stop came. as your stop came up you would always give him a cute wave and another smile, and then after you were gone you would play on his mind 24/7 until he saw you again.
tonight though, he snapped. everything was normal at first, he got on the train at the same time as he always does, excited to see your pretty face and dick already semi hard when you had walked through the doors wearing your hot little skirt, sending him your usual grin.
the sound of keys dropping onto the grimy floor echoed throughout the silent train, interrupting you both mid smile towards each other. you looked down with a blush and quickly bent over to retrieve your fallen keys not realizing the view you were giving him as your skirt rode up, exposing your cute pink thong and perky ass to his eager eyes and causing his breath to catch in his throat.
he was overwhelmed at the sight, he had dreamed of seeing this countless times but nothing could prepare him for the teasing peek you had unintentionally given him of your soft globes. you picked up your keys and gave him a flustered grin, making your way to your usual seat completely unaware of the shocked and turned on state you had left him in.
his thoughts were reeling with the thought of you, the view of your backside forever imprinted in his memory. his head was foggy as he just stared at you, looking at your soft lips and cute face he stood up from his seat as if in a trance, approaching your smaller figure slowly unable to stop himself and honestly not really wanting to either.
your feet were dangling from the train seat swinging back and forth absentmindedly while you quietly read your book, having no clue of the riled up man slowly stalking towards you as if you were his prey. you only noticed he was in front of you when you saw his shiny black dress shoes stop over the edge of your book.
looking up, you saw the mysterious man hovering over you with his hazy eyes set firmly on your face. he looked detached, like he wasn't really there and it made you slightly nervous.
"uh, hello?" you were obviously confused why he was standing in front of you, his crotch a couple inches away from your face making your nose scrunch up and your cheeks darken. you're so cute.
"hello." his voice was deep and low, shocking you slightly though after he had uttered his greeting he did nothing but stand in front of you, leering down at you with a smirk growing on his face.
it wasn't really the response you were looking for, you were hoping he would tell you why he was invading your personal space but instead there was dead silence as you awkwardly stared back at him. you hadn't spoken to this man at all, the only communication was the smiles and waves you would give each other at the start and end of the train ride so you were wondering what he wanted and why he was looking at you like that. he smells good though and he's pretty cute.
after a minute of awkward staring and silence his hand suddenly wrapped around your small wrist, dragging it onto the pristine fabric of his dress pants and guiding your hand to rub slowly against his large covered bulge while he stood in front of you on the empty train.
"what the fuck!?" you yelped out, trying to pull your hand away though you could feel the spark of arousal that shot through you when you felt the size of him through his pants. his tight grip prevented you from pulling away, if anything it made him move your hand harder against his clothed dick and to be honest, you weren't trying your hardest to get away from him.
his pleasure filled eyes were locked onto your wide ones, his full bottom lip taken between his teeth as he practically humped your hand all he wanted and you just let him. after a while it seemed to not be enough anymore, he wanted to feel you against his cock so he undone his belt, pulled down his zipper and pulled his rock hard cock hastily out of his pants much to your shock.
before you could even speak, he took advantage of your open mouth and shoved his cock as far down your throat as he could ignoring the gags and sputtering you were letting out around his dick.
it had all moved so fast, he had gone from admiring you from a distance to balls deep down your throat within five minutes. he didn't mind in the least and it seemed neither did you judging by the way you gripped his thighs and moved your head along with his thrusts after recovering from the sudden action.
he could already tell you were such a good girl and your mouth felt like heaven around his cock, he might just have to follow you home so he could play with you there to. you were his now, your lips wrapped around the base of his cock and your pretty doe eyes looking up at him being evidence of that, you belonged completely to him in his mind and he was going to take such good care of his little girl from now on.
(i really really wanted to continue this but it was getting way too long for a reaction)
□△〇 ᴘɪɴᴋ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅꜱ □△〇 (544 words)
Tumblr media
you were laid out on your back, legs spread wide and knees pushed to your chest as a square guard hammered his thick cock into your used, cum covered pussy. you honestly could not remember for the life of you the amount of orgasms the guards have given you, barely being able to comprehend anything other than the cocks drilling relentlessly into your mouth and pussy.
this had been going on for hours, different guards taking turns fucking your mouth and pussy, some had even fucked your ass and pussy at the same time so to say you were exhausted was an understatement. you pushed on though, wanting to prove to them that you could take it.
cum from the previous guards who had fucked you mixed with your juices and spit creating a lewd squelching sound that filled the crowded room filled to the brim with pink guards, all of them lining up to have a go at you for the first, second or even third time.
the triangle guard's head was tilted back as the thrusts from the square guard hammering into your pussy fucked his large cock into your throat over and over again, his heavy balls repeatedly hitting against your nose and one of his hands wrapped loosely around your neck so he could feel his dick moving while your head hung over the edge of the bed.
under his mask you were sure his eyes were squeezed shut and his mouth parted in pleasure while bliss took over his body, feeling your tight warm throat wrapped around his cock and not even having to move a muscle through it all sending him into overdrive.
"open your mouth wide slut, yeah just like that." the triangle guards deep voice cut through the slapping and moaning sounds, pulling his cock out of your mouth and roughly grabbing your jaw to hold your mouth open as he tugged his cock a few times before aiming it into your mouth and squirting ribbons of his cum onto your tongue and face. "swallow it."
doing as he says, you swallowed it all down and lazily stuck your tongue out to prove to him that you had done as he had asked like the good girl you were. all you got was a soft pat to your upside down cheek before another guard stepped in his previous spot and shoved his long cock down your fucked raw throat.
hoping for a small break was too much then.
everything went black when your maybe 10th orgasm suddenly hit you, a dull throb of pain mixing in with the pleasure as the square guard pounded into you so hard the bed started to drag across the pristine floor. your walls tightened around him and your body started to thrash around on the cocks impaling you, taking them both into an orgasm right behind you and filling you with their creamy seed.
your body was aching at this point, every single part of you hurt to move and yet the pleasure that shot through you when more new cocks entered your mouth and pussy was more than pathetic. all of your holes have been stuffed with cum and you were on the borderline of passing out, but still you craved more.
a/n: i have no more room for images in this post and the pink guards gif wasn't working every time i made it so i have to make a new one for that lmao anyways some of these are way too long and i got carried away but i hope you all enjoy!! i really wanna continue the salesmans part though cause like damn he is so sos ooosososososo fine uhm also if anyone has any reaction ideas lmk please i need some so badly <3 stay safe everyone byyyyyyeee!!
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thenatsdorf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna rip ya ta shreds!...Ew...blech!”
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ccorvo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i ♡ milfs
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4gifs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Baby tries a pickle
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enhais · 16 days ago
hiya could i request yandere enhypen how they would punish their s/o? tysm!
how yandere!enhypen would punish their s/o
┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄
pairing: yandere!enhypen x gn!reader
genre: yandere
a/n: again, this is just fiction - the boys would never do this irl :)
┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄ ┄
Tumblr media
jungwon would punish his s/o according to the rule they broke. for example, if you broke a small rule like not kissing him goodbye, you’d get a few spanks, but if you tried to escape, he’d make you go without food for a couple of days. he needed you to learn.
“baby, kiss me.” his darkened voice demanded. you were tired from yesterday, still lying in bed with no strength to get up. he pulled you up over his lap and spanked you, “you’ll always give me a goodbye kiss.” his hand coming down harder with each word, “understood?” on the verge of tears, you nodded as he pulled you up to face him. he stroked away a piece of hair from your face and cupped your cheek, “i love you.”
Tumblr media
as you were spoiled with attention from heeseung, his choice of punishment was to treat you like you didn’t exist. he knew you couldn’t live without him, but you’d broken the rules, so he had to make you understand the consequences.
“heeseung?” your voice croaked out, broken from all the crying, “please? im sorry…” nothing helped. he was walking around the apartment, continuing with the chores, as you sat on the couch completely destroyed. “i want you.” you whispered and rested your forehead on your knees, receiving a look from heeseung. his heart was breaking, but he had to go through with it.
Tumblr media
freedom was not in the picture for you. not anymore, at least. you didn’t usually break rules, but when you did, he’d tie you up and leave you.
his usually soft hands were now rough as he tied the rope on your wrists. “you knew what would happen, yet you did it anyway, hm?” he made momentarily eye contact with you before continuing to your ankles. “maybe i should carve my name into your skin. make you know who you belong to?” you were scared to say the least. how could you be so stupid? “you’ll learn your lesson, won’t you?” he asked rhetorically before patting you on the head, “i’ll be back later, baby.” leaving you alone with your thoughts.
Tumblr media
jake is a bit more difficult i’d say. i think he’d prefer to get inside your mind, making you think everyone were against you and that you only had him. if you tried to escape, he’d get you back and guilt trip you, making you feel worse than ever. if you sent your friends a message without telling him first, he’d make it seem like they didn’t like you.
“you see? they aren’t your friends?” he showed a screenshot of a conversation between him and a couple of your supposed friends. what you didn’t know, however, was that they were fake. he’d made them in a program, making them as realistic as possible. tears formed in your eyes and your lips started to wobble. “you only have me… let’s treat me nicely, yes?” you agreed, not wanting to see your “friends” ever again.
Tumblr media
he has a list full of punishments and he’s happy every time he gets to pick one. sunghoon usually goes for mind games and physical pain. blood and bruises aren’t uncommon, but it’s only for you to learn to never disappoint him.
“baby, baby…” he sighed. he’d seen you on the security cameras trying to find the key to the door. you were unsuccessful, of course, but you still thought it would be a good idea. you were wrong. “what should we do today? knives?” there was nothing that could take you out of this situation. “yeah, let’s do that. go upstairs for me, will you?” you nodded unwillingly and went to your room, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.
Tumblr media
sunoo doesn’t like hurting you. not at all. he’d go with something easy, something that he could control the pain of. like spankings.
he was ready to sob at the moment you began crying. you were begging for forgiveness for accidentally breaking one of his favourite vases. “it’s alright, sweetie… come here.” he bit his lip to focus and motioned you to sit on his lap. “five will do, right? i won’t hit you hard.” he promised. you nodded against his shoulder before he bent you over. you appreciated him for not being hard on you.
Tumblr media
he won’t be as harsh as sunghoon, but he’s definitely in the top three. he would lock you up in the basement and leave you with no human contact nor food for a day or two. you had water and a bed, that would suffice, he thought.
“you were very bad, y/n… im disappointed.” he shook his head and tutted at your curled up form. you were sitting against the basement wall, curled up with your blanket and crying. “i want what’s best for you, i hope you know that, baby.” he caressed your cheek before slapping it. “i’ll see you in a bit.”
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girl8890 · 3 months ago
Hi! Can I request chishiya and niragi having an s/o who has a strong personality and is quite witty but when known better has a soft and genuine side and is friendly. Tysm! ♥
{ Alice in Borderland Master List }
Requested by: @lovesanmotion
Notes: I love this request! It isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I just started having fun with it. I thought about this exact senecio with them both myself, but wasn’t sure how to write it. Now that I have, I changed it up a bit. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Enjoy my Curious Cat ఌ
Rated: T
Summary: How Niragi and Chishiya would react if they saw you cry in front of them. You are considered a very strong person to them, and everyone at The Beach, so seeing you break down in front of them was not a normal thing. 
Tumblr media
Chishiya ♥️
He would be confused at first.
He’s so used to you always having your guard up, and never letting anyone see your emotions.
You were just like him in that aspect.
But now you're laying on the bed in front of him, crying because you just killed someone tonight.
It was because of a game.
Something he thought everyone got used to by now.
But instead of you getting over it, you were crying into a pillow and not saying anything to him.
When he first saw the tears stream down you face, he thought it was just sweat. Then, that “sweat” continued pouring out of your eyes in waterfalls.
Chishiya was frozen, at first. Not knowing how to react to your sadness. 
You thought you made him feel uncomfortable because of the amount of emotions you were spilling out. You leaped into the bed and buried your face into the nearest pillow. Not wanting him to see you cry so embarrassingly. 
It was silent in the room so you assumed he left. You thought he didn't want to deal with your bullshit of having to do something that everyone in Borderland has done before.
Then, you felt the bed dip next to you.
You thought it was just your mind playing tricks on you, but soon enough Chishiya’s hand was in your hair. Trying to sooth you of your sadness.
He nuzzled his nose into your neck and whispered against your skin, “It’s okay. You don’t have to be strong around me.”
In that moment, you knew you were totally in love with him. 
He scooped you in his arms and held you close to him until you fell asleep. 
The next day, he stayed close to you, and kept asking you if you were okay. Whispering to you of course. He didn’t want anyone else knowing you had a soft spot and seemed weak.
To him you weren’t weak at all. 
Chishiya could never love a weak person - and he was head over heels for you. 
Tumblr media
Niragi ♦️
“What the fuck?”
Those were the exact words that escaped his lips when he saw your tears run down your face.
He’s never seen you cry before. He’s never even seen you show any emotions that were connected to sadness.
He only got close to you in the first place because you joined the militants. 
You were a strong and caged in person. Ready to shot when asked. That’s just who you were.
And he loved every bit of you.
But now you're sitting in front of him in the meeting room, with your face in your hands, crying.
No one else was in the room, but you and Nirgai since the meeting hasn’t started yet.
Nirgai realized pretty quickly that you weren’t going to say anything or look back up at him.
 So, he did the first thing that came to mind.
He put his gun on the table and ran around the table over to you. He moved your hands away from your face and made you look at him.
“Hey, hey there. What’s wrong? Did something happen?” He paused for a second. “Did someone hurt you?” 
He went to reach for his gun, but you caught his wrist. 
You pulled him closer to you until your face was against his chest. He wrapped his arms around you, and rubbed your back to comfort you.
He’s never had to comfort someone before. Out of all the people he expected to have to do this too, you were the last person he thought he would ever have to see cry or need comforting for that matter.
You both sat in that exact position for a couple of minutes. 
When you finally calmed down a bit, you were able to tell Niragi what was wrong.
You almost died in the last game you went into yesterday, and it finally hit you. It was like the wall you kept up for so long just exploded.
From that day forward, Nirgai went to every game with you. He made sure you would never have to feel this way again. 
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vculy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jennie rare icons lq !
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ghosttiel · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pistachiozombie · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
[WIP- The Hobbit] Pop goes the wine! Preview from last week with some innuendo. I always imagine Bofur thrives off of seeing his wife in revealing attire, or lack thereof. ♥ Anyway, happy new year! (If you enjoy my animations, consider reblogging! Thank you in advance♥)
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strawberrytata · a month ago
you comfort them when they’re on tour ; bts
track playing : butterfly by sody
butterfly, it's a lonely night
i need someone to talk to
jungkook dials your number he usually does this in the middle of the night knowing that you will pick up
it makes him feel kind of guilty for doing this but you told him countless of times that you didn't mind
venting towards you is a way to cope with his stress
he tries his best to let everything out at once with no pauses so that he makes it short for you
it leaves him feeling empty like every word was thrown away so quickly
like he's going to be judged for feeling the way he does
that obviously doesn't happen
you know how to comfort him but the best you do is your will to listen to him
you remember every detail that jungkook just threw at you
that amazing memory & care is what makes jungkook's heart beat faster
it's like you know exactly how to make him feel better
it's a long distance hug
if only he could close the distance gap
Tumblr media
so butterfly, can you read my mind?
been struggling again, so
i came to find the wings you use to fly away
i wanna borrow them someday
taehyung calls whenever he has a break
it's when he feels the most bummed
he doesn't rant
he throws different sentences and you pick up the pieces of what his mind is doing
he feels like he's letting others down
like he's giving it his all but it's not enough
it's simply not true
popping up that bubble thought is hard
he really starts to believe himself but that's when you take his hand (metaphorically)
reassuring him that everyone around him knows how hard he works and how much he does for the group
the boys wouldn't like to see him struggle like this
with thoughts that are incorrect and quite literally everyone believes in him
that's what these conversations with you give him
more strength to push forward and believe in himself once again
Tumblr media
'cause i've been fighting all the time
i'm kinda feeling dead inside
but you, you believe me
jimin calls when the world's getting the best of him
when the stress & the holding on to no one around him is messing with his head
he doesn't talk regularly about how he feels but with you it feels so easy and he doesn't waste his chance to let the tears flow as he speaks
it breaks your heart to hear him and how down he puts himself
how he seems to think that he's bringing everyone down by mistakes that weren't even there in the first place
you're not there with him but you know he tends to make things a bigger deal sometimes when they're small details
it's hard not to do that when your head is fighting your body & your heart
you calm him down, give him time to think, to process what actually happened and to talk it out with the boys
they would never be mad at him over anything and mistakes can happen even if it's a lyric or a choreography gone wrong, you're sure they'll understand
jimin feels like a weight is off his chest when talking to you
he didn't wanna fight anymore, he wanted to pull through
and he was going to 'cause you believed in him like nobody else did
Tumblr media
and when i'm feeling down
you're always around
and you remind me how
real growth takes time
namjoon doesn't have a time to call but when he does he always calls you
being a leader can lead to an amount of exhausting requests that make his mind go crazy
he never takes time for himself, he's always busy trying to drown himself in work that sometimes isn't even that important
but to him his job is everything and he didn't wanna lose that
today wasn't a particularly good call since he felt like crying and breaking the stuff around him but as soon as he heard your reassuring voice, he just sat there
he just sat there listening to you, to your comforting whispers through the phone
how he needs to take time to process what he was doing
he was an amazing leader but everyone around him would want him to take care of himself, of his mental health
he feels so lucky to have you in his life
to be able to have someone who sees him as much more than just bts' leader
to love him unconditionally for being namjoon and just namjoon
Tumblr media
and when i'm feeling low
i see you and i know
still got a way to go
real growth takes time
hoseok takes his time when he needs to call you
he wants everything to be perfect but today when he wasn't feeling the most perfect at all, he couldn't put an effort
when you pick up and hear the tone of his voice, you know exactly what he's gonna say and what the rants are gonna be about
it's about feeling left out & out of place
when he's with you it feels like you two fit together like pieces in a puzzle but being so far away now, it complicated things for him
it simply felt like he was trying to follow a group dynamic that wasn't built for him anywhere except with the boys
sometimes he found himself crying over the fact that he couldn't seem to find a group of people that wanted him there
you knew clearly that hobi was insecure about something that he was only feeling cus you talked to everyone around him and you knew that having him in any room lit it up
you were gonna be there to listen to him and tell him the truth and that is that he was being listened to and adored by everyone cus you simply cannot hate him
you missed him like hell but you knew he was in good hands
and that brought a smile to his face and some unexpected tears
he felt on top of the world with such a supporting s.o.
Tumblr media
butterfly, sit by my side
'cause lately i've been falling
from heights and i'm terrified
i'm always gonna feel like this
yoongi wasn't one for calls but he loved hearing your voice
specially right now when things seemed to be going downhill
he didn't express himself the best way but you still caught glimpses of what was going on in his head
how he was exhausted beyond words and how sometimes his mind was left blank, no ideas, no thoughts, just zero inspiration
he felt bad saying those things when he had the most beautiful muse by his side but the tiredness in his body was making him give up on everything
if you could you would be at his studio right now dragging him but as far away as you guys were, you couldn't and you knew the boys were just as exhausted as he is
you told him that he didn't need to be doing work 24/7, he didn't need to be inspired because the inspiration comes from different places and he was gonna find it
he couldn't sit around and hope for things to get to him
those would find it's way naturally to him and to those amazing lyrics he always wrote, to those beats that he produced, to everything he did
yoongi felt the tears run down his face as he listened to you
you knew exactly what to say all the time
that might be why he loves you the most and why he feels invincible with you
Tumblr media
how did you learn to trust that
you'll become what you are destined to?
'cause i can't seem to find a way to get out of my bed today
but you
yeah, you believe in me
seokjin find it hard these days to call but when he did, it was because he really needed you by his side
it wasn't going well for him, it was hard to get out of bed and to make things possible for him to be excited about
he felt as if everything around him was changing constantly and he was so lost
everything moved on so fast and he was getting older and more self conscious of what he was becoming
he didn't know where to go or how to ask for help about this
you listened to every word as he ranted about everything & nothing but understanding exactly what he meant, you've been feeling it too
that sense of change in your relationship, with your friends and you told this to him
that he wasn't alone when he was being brought down by these thoughts
that you were right there beside him when the world was crashing down on you both
but asking for help wasn't wrong even if it was hard
he needed to get out of his bed and to talk to the boys about what was going on,
he couldn't be hooked on his insecurities and even if he did present himself as the most confident man, he had his breakdowns about not being good enough
he felt less alone knowing you were experiencing change with him and that you would be by his side
it wasn't perfect but he knew that with you it would be
you two were becoming untouchable
Tumblr media
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cilviae · 6 months ago
Yo can we agree the music/songs in Young Royals complimented the show so well. I legit watched it again just to Shazam them songs. 
1. Bad (ft. KillASon) by Farveblind 
Tumblr media
2. Wannabe Ghetto by FATA BOOM
Tumblr media
3. It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane by Omar Rudberg
Tumblr media
3. I see you by Nadia Tehran
Tumblr media
4. Blah Blah Blah by Armin van Buuren 
Tumblr media
5. No Tomorrow by Ty Frankel · Stephane Lo Jacomo · Myariah Summers 
Tumblr media
5. Alpha by Yung Titties 
Tumblr media
6. Äter Upp Dig by Musikens Makt
Tumblr media
7. Revolution by Elias
Tumblr media
9. Impatient by Duvchi 
Tumblr media
Samurai Swords (Acoustic Ver.) by Highasakite
Tumblr media
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hauntedmushroom · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
School of Rock (2003)
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thenatsdorf · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
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ccorvo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“se eleita, darei um tratamento de beleza para cada morador de malibu, tem gente que tá precisando mesmo” – 2014, Raquelle
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4gifs · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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enhais · 8 days ago
Hii I love your works!! How about yandere vampire Enhypen and their reaction to their s/o tries to poison them so they can escape but fails
yandere!enhypen’s s/o poison them to escape but fails
content: gn!reader, yandere, possessive behaviour, mentions of punishment, the reader tries to poison/kill them, manipulation
[im trying a new layout… let me know if you like it or not </3]
Tumblr media
you didn’t know about the cameras watching your every move and were therefore devastated that your pathetic attempt to poison him failed.
he came home from work and you offered him a cup of coffee which he immediately turned down. “you think you’re so smart, huh?” he backed you into the counter, making you feel weak underneath his stare. this was a talent of his and you hated it. with tears in your eyes, you knew you were gonna get punished, “im sorry…” you trailed off, voice quiet as you traced your eyes down his shirt instead. jungwon loved seeing you like this, it made him feel in control. he tutted, “what am i going to do with you?” before grabbing your wrist and pulling you to the bedroom.
Tumblr media
he was smarter than you thought. he had no toxins in the house, not even powerful cleaning products. he tended to use soap and house remedies, not giving you a chance to poison him.
you were looking everywhere, thinking that he had to have something. a few moments later you found it. nutmeg. a couple of teaspoons would result in seizures, irregular heartbeat, and nausea, only to name a few. you decided to make his favourite soup and use an excuse like “i just wanted to make you happy.” because that would make sense. he ate the whole thing and even asked if there was more, but you just smiled. he loved you so much and he was so grateful that you had cooked for him. it wouldn’t take long before he was breathing heavier and scratching his throat. “you’ll regret this.” was the last thing you heard before running towards the door. it wouldn’t open. not without his fingerprint. you were fucked.
Tumblr media
he saw you putting something in his food, so of course, he switched the plates before you noticed - making you the one to eat the poison.
a spoonful of food went into your mouth and you didn’t question jay sitting on the other side, smiling and waiting for the show to start. suddenly, you began choking. reaching for the water, jay cleared his throat, “you tried to poison me, hm? you tried to kill your soulmate?” panic flushed through your body, what were you supposed to do? you couldn’t stop couching, giving jay a pleading look to help you. “you want to live?” you nodded frantically, “let me kiss, and touch you without refusing, for an entire month, and i’ll give you the antidote.” as tears slipped from your eyes, you nodded yet again. “good pet.”
Tumblr media
he had no idea what you were doing. something was off, he knew that much, but what he wasn’t sure of. it was the way you acted, like you were covering something up. he had never seen you like this before and it worried him.
you had just put poison in his water and was going to give it to him before the quilt set in. looking into those puppy-like eyes of his, it made your heart break. why did you want him to die? “what’s wrong?” he asked concernedly, seeing how you were breathing unsteadily, “i- im sorry. i’ll give y- you another glass…” you answered before going back to the kitchen. he never found out what you did, but he had his suspicions.
Tumblr media
there was not a chance you were getting away with that. he had locked away all the vital toxins because he knew he couldn’t trust you. those were for him, and him only.
however, you were rather confident that you could open the safe, no matter how difficult he made it seem. you slipped away one night when the guys were over, telling your apparent lover that you were going to the bathroom. he squeezed your hand and nodded, letting you go. you went to your shared bedroom and looked inside the closet. there it was. your hands started to fiddle with the lock, but with no luck. after a while, sunghoon decided to check up on you, thinking something was wrong. “what are you doing, baby?” he cocked his head and raised a brow. shit. “please, im sorry…” he laughed and dragged you out to the living room, “you will be.”
Tumblr media
similar to jake, he wouldn’t think of his darling to be the kind to poison him. and you wouldn’t have the heart to do that to him either… but if you had to, you had to.
you didn’t know what to use, but you’d heard that bleach had an effect. it would make one vomit which would then lead to other problems. you had seen some bleach in the basement from the first day you arrived. sunoo was sleeping, but no wonder, it was three in the morning. you got the bleach and poured some into his morning coffee, letting it sit until he woke up. an hour passed and you started to regret your doing. he had been so kind to you, why would you want to leave? anxiety filled your body and you started to cry. “what’s wrong?” sunoo mumbled, a warm hand caressing your arm. “don’t drink the coffee… i- i made a mistake.” he smiled slightly, tracing circles with his thumb, “we’ll talk about this later, hm? get some sleep.”
Tumblr media
you’re fucked if he finds out. you know that, right? he’ll turn into the thing you feared the most. you wouldn’t see light for weeks. you tried to kill the most important person in your life and you had to pay a “reasonable” price.
you wanted to get out of this hell hole. he told you multiple times that he was the one for you, but it was rare to see him act like the person he told you that he was. he treated you with disrespect. he wanted to be the one on the throne, being worshipped and loved, instead of putting you up on a pedestal. you hated him and you had to get away. the poison was locked in a cupboard in the basement. you knew where the key was, but niki had a very close eye on you. when he found out what you were doing, seeing you poison his drink, you dropped the bottle. “you know what’s going to happen, right?” your eyes met the floor, but he bent down to look at you anyway. he had that sick smile of his plastered on his face, “i’ll try my best not to hurt you too much.”
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lightningbastard · 2 months ago
First Queen...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now King...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think i'm doubting Oda's credentials as a Paleontologist...
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Tumblr media
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1-crazy-dreamer · 2 months ago
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Missing Oliver Queen Edition ( 24 / ∞ ) | Arrow 1x01 "Pilot"
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anti-lucifer-league · 2 months ago
Obey Me Bro’s if You Sat on Their Lap
Tumblr media
This bitch definitely possessive
I’m not sure if he’s into PDA though…
If you sat on his lap, he would definitely wrap his arms around your waist, holding you to him
Would probably grin or smirk at whoever else Is in the room
If the brothers are there he would probably whisper in your ear
Embarrassed 101
He would bury his his face in your hair/neck
Would definitely laugh awkwardly and like, interlock your hands.
Would make sure everyone else in the room saw what you were doing
It depends on how forceful you are. If you like, force him to stay seated (with his consent ofc, no making Levi uncomfortable), he would definitely stay there all blushing. Probably bouncing one of his legs out of nervousness.
If you don’t make him stay, he would jump up and leave
That boy is outta there
Very confident
Would grin, scrunching his eyes up with like a feline possessiveness.
Would probably stroke your leg or your stomach.
This guy appreciates you and would love you to sit your fine ass down on his lap.
The avatar of lust would lose his mind if you sat on him
Not out of like, a sexual reaction. He loves when you’re close to him. It makes his heart do flips, mind clouding with millions of praising thoughts for you.
Would just hum and say something like “I love you”
Asmo is a praising partner
He’s sweet and loving and no one can take that away.
Sweetest beef cake.
He would just go completely red, and not even try and remove you.
Would go still and not move at all, trying to make sure you would be comfortable. Even though you would be a whole lot more comfortable if he relaxed
After a while he would relax and just sniff your hair or some weird shit.
Beel loves you but he’s… very awkward.
If there’s one thing Belphegor does doesn’t do well, is skinship.
Flustered unless he’s feeling really confident
Confident side of him would pull you closer, kissing your neck and rubbing circles up your arm, making your brain go haywire
Nervous him would just hug you and fall asleep.
Awkward? Fall asleep.
Nervous? Fall asleep.
It’s a fix all solution.
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daxnorman · 2 months ago
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