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#reaction meme
dimwitdecember · 2 hours ago
ranboo talking about analytics behind his face reveal:
me still processing he has a face:
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magpiec0re · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
wake up babe. new reaction meme just dropped
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idk-im-just-vibing · a day ago
When someone hurst my feelings as a “joke” and I have to pretend I didn’t get hurt by it
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samuslut · a day ago
Omg grower!osamu telling you “get me hard” 🥴 i would worship the way his cock grows n fills out my hand,,,, from soft cock to third leg i am there for all the stages!!! I will suck on that fat caterpillar between his legs until it becomes a big hard butterfly 😫
hhhh osamu telling you that while he’s sitting back on the couch, legs spread so you can kneel between them while he looks down at you with flushed cheeks and hungry eyes?? just seconds ago you were leisurely playing with his dick and admiring how smooth and soft it is, but suddenly the mood’s shifted and you’re feeling him harden in your grasp or in your mouth
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