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I notice that one of my patterns is to make myself wrong for having a reaction to people or situations. I close off, shut down or get angry and then seek to escape the discomfort.

I am learning to give myself permission to have reactions, to allow this inner part of myself that says “fuck off, I don’t like you” to be heard and seen. This is a part of myself that is hurting, that is in need of my own presence, my own care, my own loving attention - which may require giving myself the gift of lots of space and time.

By welcoming the reaction with non-judgment (no easy task), I start to open up to the deeper inner movements that might be occuring, I become curious about the root of the emotional reaction.

I can begin to explore the beliefs, habits and mental conditioning that might be the true cause of the reaction. As a wise person once said, “the other person or situation is never the true cause of my pain, all suffering is created by my own thoughts.”

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