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Writer’s Block


i appear to have reached a blank wall within my writing, and what makes it better is that it concerns an essay. the beauty of social studies.

I am more than halfway done with my essay and only require the 3rd body and the conclusion.

Yet there is something lacking that makes its flow sound out of place.

What is your advice to jump over this obstacle?

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You know those weekends where you feel like it’s going to be your last bit of calm before the madness of the approaching week? That’s how I’m feeling now. Trying to hold on to the laziness and comfort of Thanksgiving with slow lunches made of leftovers and hiding from homework with a novel. 

Currently reading: Red Pill by Hari Kunzru. 

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“Literature is the escape every Dreamer yearns for. You can live an alternate reality, embark on infinite adventures. In literature, dreams are reality. You can travel this world or the continents of another. Literature offers every path, every alternative, and yet the only ones who dare to explore them are those who are set aside, those who are deemed inferior in our own world.

It is the Dreamers that carry the weight of the world. Those who dare to defy the world’s, and society’s, standards. Those who dare to write, rather than follow, their own story. It is those who look to the sky and dream that the stars are infinite adventures, other worlds still yet to be explored, who will exploit the wonders that their own world has to offer. It is the Dreamers that dare to test the world.

We dare to love. We dare to lead. We dare to be different. And we dare to explore the places others testify to be less beautiful. Us Dreamers, we see every new adventure through a different lens, another perspective.

But this love does not come without a price. No, everything comes with a price, and the Dreamers pay the most. We dare to love, but with love comes heart break. With every book we open, we eventually have to close it. We fall in love with one life only to discover it was never truly ours to live. We embark on an adventure that we will eventually have to return from. Many underestimate the pain and the price. It is a price you do not understand until you are the one asked to pay it.

The price is quite simple really, an eye for an eye. You get to imagine, but you never get to live. You are gifted a mind, an imagination, that no amount of money could ever challenge. The price of creativity, of individuality, of innovation is no small cost; it is a price that we unknowingly accepted to pay after falling in love with words, with characters that will never live. It is a price we pay everyday. Our price for originality and happiness is what sets the foundation for the rest of world. Our dreams of perfection set the expectations of this world. But the expectations of this world are incomparable to those of my own. So we suffer. We suffer, because we will never be able to live out the realities we know we were destined to obtained, and that alone is enough to uncover the truth that the Dreamers never live.

Without Dreamers, the world would have no worth, no direction, no expectations. Life would not be worth living. And living… living is something the Dreamer’s believe to be non-existent. Because what is the purpose of living when we can dream? Why live when the adventures in our minds are more than we will ever experience in this existence? Dreamers unknowingly live for others. We live to supply others with happiness. We live to give those who do not know the beauties of this world, the opportunity to explore those of another.”

- Sarah G. David

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