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Prompt: you’re trembling


word count: 1.3K


I knew emptiness was dangerous. I knew that it wasn’t the way that it wasn’t for me, I longed for adventure, I longed for new experiences, I longed for someone right beside me through it all. I had been in relationships, but nothing ever stuck – I never had the right chemistry, or they ended up leaving. My family had teased me saying that I had chosen to live a loveless life, but I just had never met the right person.

I mean, I’m only 20 years old – I have plenty of time.


It wasn’t that I wasn’t actively searching, I mean I was. However, my last relationship ended abruptly and I was still in the midst of healing. I knew getting involved with a ‘celebrity’ was a bad idea, but I didn’t see Timothée as a celebrity. I saw him for what he was, and what I saw him as was a gentleman, a caring man, and someone who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I understood why he broke off our relationship, and we wanted to make it work as friends, but every time I saw him, whether it be in person or just photos online; it broke my heart. I loved him with everything I had, he was the type of person I would dream of when I was younger.

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QOTD - How many books did you read during May?

Overall, I read 8! I am quite happy with that number. My favourite read was probably The Ballad Of Songbird and Snakes. I know this book has a lot of mixed reviews, but I really loved it! I’m hoping to post a review soon…

The most disappointing read for me was If We Were Villains. I gave it 3 stars which is still quite high, I just really expected it to be a 5 stars. I found the book quite boring. I couldn’t relate to any of the characters, I guessed all of the “plot twist”, it was just average. I feel like James carried this whole book. It would’ve been a 2 stars if it wasn’t for the ending. If you’ve read If We Were Villains, what did you think? Did you like it?

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I finished King Tomb and honestly bit was underwhelming. However, I am moving right along and I’ll be rereading the Twilight books, which I am more excited for than I am willing to reveal to myself. It’s been over ten years for me and, though I truly hated the movies, I have fond memories of reading these books with my then best friend, staying up all night together to finish and dream.

I’m very excited to relive a happy part of my fucked up life. I’m also incredibly excited for Midnight Sun and I have a new friend to anxiously await that one with, though she admitted she has only seen the movies and I am just flabbergasted, honestly. I told her she needs to rectify that ASAP.

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The Trouble with Hating You

10/10 would recommend this book!!! I knocked it out in two days because I couldn’t put it down! The characters are amazing! Liya is such a strong, outspoken, independent woman! That even with everything that happened to her and with a narrow minded community she still had a good heart. And Jay such a loving, nurturing , yet hurting on the inside for something that happened in his past. I absolutely loved how Patel brought about strong subjects such as sexual assault and grieving. as well as how even to this time in day in many cultures women are still seen as only to be obedient wife’s and homemakers, that when one starts to be outspoken they are seen to be unfit which is utter bs. Anywayssss overall the book is well developed, it’s an enemies to lovers kind. Also I can’t wait for Sajni Patels next book that’s set for next year! Definitely an author to read!

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Alright I am finished with King Cave and am now turning to the last book in the first Forever Evermore trilogy. I am undecided on whether or not I will read the second trilogy, but I do know I’m not going to buy them right now.

I wasn’t completely enamored with the first book, but it did pick up some and in the second book we had some real action, so I am interested in seeing where this third book takes me, though it is quite a bit shorter than the first two which I’m not appreciating.

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“Okay, so. The second word is the answer.” 

[Matthew sitting on a couch with a finger extended. to the right is “Yeah, no” and “No, yeah” in a box with the second word underlined.]


[Remainder of answer below a read more because it is text heavy]

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The Undocumented Americans

10/10 would recommend this book! Villavicencio truly captured the life and stories of everyone’s story. She didn’t portray them like many others do that truly don’t know what it’s like to be a undocumented and to be treated they way you are just by your skin color and status. The true pain these people suffer and the abuse by people who take advantage of their status in the states to not pay them for their work or threaten them. From health problems all the workers that helped during 9/11 to not be recognized, to be denied health care due, to the people living in Flint who would drink the water because nobody told them about the lead contamination, to only find out about it by family members calling them. Just the rawness of this book is beyond amazing!

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For This Chapter:
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Non-descriptive demon fighting
Additional: Blood mention
Word Count: 1407
A/N: Reader is a tough badass and curses a lot. That’s the premise also lyric titles are a lifesaver cause I hate making titles lmao

Part 1/Part 2

AO3 Link: Part 1/Part 2

Whoever decided that your city would only have street parking and no parking lots or garages was on your shit list. Having to walk more than a mile to get to your car after work was the last thing you wanted to do when you left, but your only other option to get home was to walk the 5 miles there, but since the idea of walking just over 1 was terrible, the idea of walking 5 made you concede to your fate of walking down your city streets.

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