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Obey Me: Read My Heart Lyrics Interpretation

As always I waited for two translations to work from (Maon_ObeyMe and Lucifer Is My Bae), but I apologise on the delay for this one. I was feeling a little worried about doing more poetic interpretations but the official English translation for Celestial Ray was very reassuring ^^;;

Skip the disclaimer if you’ve been here before!

[As I mentioned for previous char songs, all translations are subjective, as no language translates directly into another. Anyone who’s fed a sentence into google translate through a few different languages in a row can confirm!

Further, without an official translation from the original writer, implied secondary meanings and subtext may be lost. Actual translating work that retains all of that is a huge skill!

For lyrics this is especially true, as it isn’t just a literal translation but a lyrical/poetic one, picking up on repeated themes and subtle changes ;__;

This is just my best attempt ^^]


I count every passing day,

Want to tell you to never fade away

I’ve read these words so often in books,

But I want to tell you, “I love you”

As with Lucifer, Satan subverts expectations by picking a ballad over anything more metal, and the fact piano features so much in Read My Heart is perhaps especially poignant given the instrument his father plays.

Satan opens with the thought that he is very aware of the passage of time, counting them as they pass, and that he wants to tell MC to never fade away - to not leave, to not forget him. This wouldn’t stand out particularly other than the fact that Satan - like all the demons - is an immortal being, and MC is not. To him, the centuries have passed with little concern… until now. With MC, he has a ticking clock, a finite amount of time to spend with his love, death ever looming. And so, he cannot help now but count every single day.

These are feelings he has read about in books, feelings of love and longing, pain and loss, but this is the first time he has experienced such things himself. He has read about love, but has never been in love, yet now with MC, he wants to tell them, “I love you”.

I didn’t know I couldn’t say it so well

until I met you

Before I knew it you had stolen my heart

Just like a cat

Satan underlines the fact he hasn’t said these words before, which is why he didn’t know that he could struggle to express feelings of love when he wanted to. It’s easy to read about characters professing their love, but it’s far harder for him to be vulnerable, to open himself up for possible rejection.


The last two lines I have two different translations for, probably hinting at a double meaning in the chosen words. He sings of MC stealing his heart, something only cats - his greatest love - have done previously. No person has done what MC has.

The secondary translation was that Satan has been hiding his true self, pretending to be someone he is not, but that MC saw straight through that to the real him underneath.

I thought there wasn’t a single thing,

a sight, a feeling, that I didn’t know

I met you, and I saw the world

Like a wave that breaks, it fades away

It’s greedy, but I want it all

Satan has emphasised before how important knowledge is, that if he learns enough he will always have power over others. This is interesting firstly because it suggests a discomfort with the fact he is the fourth most powerful of the demon lords, and because we know he struggles with the idea that he is not as “unique” as the other members of his family. That nothing about him stands out, is memorable. Nothing perhaps, other than his love of learning and his passion for his books.


However, in this case he has previously confused knowledge with experience, thinking that reading about great love was the same as feeling it for himself. The emotions that MC has stirred within him have confronted him with the realisation that he was wrong, and that this is an entirely new situation. 

Meeting MC, learning from them, experiencing new feelings and emotions, all of this has opened his eyes to a world he didn’t know existed, making even his familiar haunts richer and more wonderful than before.

Satan doesn’t have practise with these strong feelings, that wash over him like a wave, lifting him to dizzying heights then retreating back into the ocean. When MC leaves, is away for a time, is distant, his world starts to revert back to the way it was before. He wants to keep MC in his life so that they never fade from his life. And ultimately, he doesn’t want to let MC go, even in the face of their own mortality.

He acknowledges this as greed (a sin), but really, it is love (not a sin).

I count every passing day,

Want to pray that you never fade away

I’ve read these words so often in books,

But I want to tell you, “stay by my side”

A repeat of the first verse with two key differences - now instead of wanting to tell MC not to fade away, which isn’t likely to work given their mortality amongst other things, the demon says he wants to pray that MC never fades away. 

This is a hugely important word choice for a demon to make, because as far as we know in OM, demons do not pray, and have very little respect for the person designated as prayer receiver. But the fact Satan wants to is testament to the strength of his fear and his desire to keep MC with him, that the knowledge loving scholar is prepared to throw all facts out of the window in order to save MC.


The words he speaks of reading in books this time are, “stay by my side,” which very much sums up the main message of Read My Heart. And again, they are words he perhaps did not recognise the true strength of until now.

I didn’t know it wasn’t enough to tell you

until I met you

Before I knew it you had stolen my heart

Just like a cat

A repeat of the second verse with one change, instead of focusing on the fact he didn’t know how hard these words were to say, he recognises that the words alone aren’t enough. Many a romance tale ends on the words, “I love you,” but in real life the story continues, and it is actions and time spent, not words, that tend to be important.

Confessing love doesn’t solve all problems, it is the starter block for solving problems together, to sharing their days. And this isn’t something Satan knew until now. He again likens MC stealing his heart to a cat, with the undercurrent of not being able to hide who he is, but we’re beginning to see a disconnect - after all, a cat cannot say “I love you” nor does it require the relationship that Satan is now focused on.

I thought there wasn’t a single thing,

a sight, a feeling, that I didn’t know

I met you, and the world changed

Like a wave that breaks, it fades away

It’s greedy, but I want it all

A repeat of the third verse with one change, which means the song so far has been three verses twice each. This repetition is interesting, not least because of the small changes each time that show how Satan’s understanding of love is progressing. 

He has gone from wanting to say, “I love you,” and telling them not to fade away, to wanting to ask them to, “stay by my side,” and praying that they don’t fade away.

From the revelation that he didn’t know how hard it was to confess his love, to his understanding that the confession alone is not enough.

And from spotting that MC helped him see the world differently, to recognise that through his feelings for MC, the entire world has changed.

At the same time, the parts that haven’t changed are reinforced: his awareness of the passage of finite time; his worry that MC and their relationship will fade away; that his previous knowledge of love is only in book form; that MC has stolen his heart; that only cats have stolen his heart before; his surprise that after all these centuries he is experiencing new things; the impact MC has had on him/his world; a second focus on this all fading away; and that his want to keep it all makes him greedy.

Even when I stumble, unable to grasp

You gently show me the way

I want to embrace you for who you are,

Just like you did for me

The literal translation here is that Satan’s legs are entangled, stiffened or cowering with fear. However, this is more of a metaphor, similar to tripping over laces, tying oneself up in knots, unable to proceed as one is tangled in complexities. 

This is how Satan feels when he is navigating these new feelings, emotions, and experiences - because for the first time, his books can’t help him. Everything he thought he knew doesn’t match up with the reality he feels, there’s no manual or easy 101 guide to follow. The demon who places such importance on learning and knowledge, who believes these things are the source of power, is lost.

Yet, MC, kind and gentle MC, is there for him, holding his hand, leading the way, meeting him where he is, with patience and love for him. Satan is not used to being able to show vulnerability, to not have all the answers, to have to rely on someone else, and yet MC has accepted him exactly as he is. Not demanding he change, not holding him to the standards of others, not looking down on him.

And in return, it is the entirety of MC that he loves, not only the idea of MC, or the best version of MC. He loves his human for who they are, and wants to hold them close, to protect them, to keep them.

So don’t be like a cat

and suddenly disappear

The cat metaphor is finally completed here, revealing the true reason it was Satan’s chosen comparison. Because yes, he loves cats, and that in itself is an important part of his personality considering he is a demon that was created from pure wrath. His love of little kitties demonstrates he is more than his origins, that he is capable of empathy, compassion, love, affection, and more - that he is more than just one emotion.

Yet when it comes to love, Satan has only two - or three - experiences to draw on: his family, who do love each other but aren’t the most functional people; cats that he has helped, rehomed, nursed back to health, stopped to pet, visited him as a thankful ghost; and his father, who he calls brother and plots to kill, yet is overcome when an amnesiac Lucifer shows him love and gratitude.


Aside from his family then, the love he has experienced from lives that pass through his own, are towards cats. And without having a cat as his own, their time in his life is very fleeting. The cats come and go, and for an immortal being, their lives are sadly all too short. The wilful and capricious cat can disappear on a whim.

So when Satan experiences romantic love for the first time, towards a mortal human, his concern is not only with expressing his love - itself a new and daunting venture - but with keeping MC, of not letting them go, of not having them disappear from his life suddenly or gradually, whether like the alley cat or the fading of time.

Satan fears losing the one he loves, the person who has embraced him for who he is, who he is able to be vulnerable with, who he is able to be himself with. And who has changed his world.

It’s this fear that forms the backbone of the song, this fear that can be read in his heart. Not only a plea for MC to stay with him, to not withdraw from him (as perhaps he feels his father did), but also to overcome mortality and time itself.

I thought there wasn’t a single thing,

a sight, a feeling, that I didn’t know

A world dyed in your colors

I want to protect each and every one

A final repeat of this verse, with two more changes. Satan further underlines the fact that he was wrong in assuming he knew everything, which for a bookworm is a strong admission to focus on, and a humbling one.

The way he sees the world has changed, the reality of his world has changed, and now, finally, he explains that the way he sees the world is one that reminds him of MC, in every aspect, facet, and experience. The world is dyed in MC’s colours, changing both how he sees it and how he experiences it. And all these changes, the ones brought about by his love for his human, are ones he wants to protect, to keep… to not see fade away.

My love, this song is for you

And instead of singing of greed this time, of trying to assign his feelings of love to a sin, to worry that all he is doing is putting his own wants and desires first, he reveals the truth.

That all of this is not for him, but for MC. His worries, his confessions, his promises, his fears, his growth, and his love - all of it is for his human.

The one he wants to keep by his side forever, who he’d protect the entire world for, and who changed not only his world, but how he sees himself.


Repetition is the name of the game here, used to strengthen the various realisations and fears that Satan has, as well as subtle changes that show a progression and growth in his understanding of not only love, but of himself.

It’s a very honest song, with a few touches of metaphor as one might expect from a literary nerd, but it’s also strikingly straightforward. Like Mammon, Satan puts his feelings up front right at the beginning with no embarrassment at all, and like Levi he acknowledges his own shortcomings, and how he has learned what he needs in order to be true to himself.

All of the demon brothers so far have laid out their vulnerabilities, their fears, and their feelings. Interestingly, Satan’s song is closest lyrically to Mammon’s - fewer metaphors than Lucifer, less straight talking than Levi, but with the repetition, subtle changes, and upfront feelings of Are You Ready?

That perhaps isn’t too surprising when we remember that Satan himself says that Mammon is the best of the family, and my theory looking at Mammon’s role of the family’s emotional protector.

It is likely that along with Asmo, it was Mammon that Satan learned a good deal of his emotional intelligence from, and he perhaps finds Mammon’s emotional honesty admirable.

The choice of piano in Read My Heart is a nice touch, not only the calm opposite to Satan’s wrathful metal battle stage, but also providing a link to Lucifer, the resident pianist of the family, and Satan’s strained-relationship father.

Including cats too, reminds us of the love Satan has already shown, while also speaking to his fear of being left, of being forgotten, of not standing out, of not being worth enough…

But unlike Lucifer and Levi, Satan is able to embrace these issues honestly and share them.

Unkie Mammon would be proud 🥺😭


The songs so far are basically:

  • Arcadia by Lucifer - “I can only dream about showing my love to you as much as you deserve”
  • Are You Ready? by Mammon - “Imma tell the whole world how much I love ya, but hold my hand, I need ya!”
  • My Chance! by Levi - “I don’t deserve to be near you, I’m such a yucky- wait, come back, I love you!”
  • Read My Heart by Satan - “Please stay by my side forever, I’ll fight time itself if I have to”


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I wonder, am I the only one who just wants to sing along to Satan’s song? Doesn’t help that I found a lyric video with romanji. 

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It was really great! That piano was just beautiful and his voice was perfect👌

Don’t mind the MM text chat in the background😌

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As soon as this was released last 12:00am  I was moved, I was supposed to be finishing my drafts for my application but I was crying.

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Im looking forward to the translations and i have this feeling that i’ll love it even more 🥺

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Watch “Obey Me! - #04 Satan — "Read My Heart” -“ on YouTube


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<div> —  James Earl Jones </div><span>One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.</span>
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God knows I want to be nothing but just a museum itself filled with art, adorned by only the people who understand how much is hidden in nothingness and empty spaces. I want to be visited by souls who are more into city lights and spilled inks on the paper that says a thousand words about itself. The people who know everything, more than anyone can ever say in a lifetime but still the only breathtaking thing about them is silence in their eyes. Those one’s, who stare at paintings and poems for hours and come up with different stories and perspective every time. Who knows how important is a particular star in the sky even though it is filled with a thousand others. I wish I could merge all of them and keep them. I wish I could paint them and scribble them into the papers. The most important ones, who are needed by the world more than anyone else. Those who see the world differently, who doesn’t run away from death but want to become something that is almost death but still treat each breath as a gift. Those who are made of gratitude and compassion, built for happiness and bearer of pain. Those who are art themselves but also look for it in others too. I wish I become the museum filled with this kind of art.- Ayana Arora.

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This… pleases me. 🤔

Anxiety is accurate. Territorial swamp could be Shrek-like, but I prefer to interpret it in a Lovecraftian vein—minus the racism and xenophobia, of course. After all, the man was a shut-in, and that’s pretty much been me this whole year trying to avoid Covid 19 😷🦠

And I have always wanted to be an eldritch being. Some unknowable, ineffable terror that strikes fear into the hearts of bigoted men everywhere 😈😈😈 A little cult-like appreciation for historical and cultural knowledge wouldn’t hurt either 😏

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#don’t reblog. thanks#i feel so detached from everything and everyone#and as if everyone has a sense of what they want to do or something they are doing and i’m the only one behind#and i feel like i have no real connections or place i belong. but i can’t talk about that#and on top of it all i’m realizing being rejected numerous times about the things most important to me#have made me both realize what’s important to me is only important to me which hurts so immeasurably#but that also i’m afraid beinf rejected at such an intimate level so much has fundamentally changed me as a person#and maybe i can never go back to the way i was and how i felt and was so optimistic and in love with the idea of things#i shouldn’t have overshared or poured my entire heart into any of it right away. i was setting myself up for disaster#i’ve been setting myself up for disaster the whole time#god i don’t know why am i like this. i can’t even talk to anyone anymore#idk why i’m even talking about this in the end all of it is my fault#there’s just so much i need to talk about but i really don’t want to and i’m not prepared to have any conversations#even if i think i am i never am and then it’s just. lol uncomposed idiot is overexplaining or just the most awful person in the world#and i don’t want to annoy anyone with my problems god i talk too fucking much#i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know i’m sick of this. i want things to be simple. i want everything to just work#i wish my brain could just be a vegetable then i’d have no more problems#solve all my old ones and never have a new one#why do i never stop talking#if anyone reads this i’m really sorry
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