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30 Days Of Questions For Writers, Day 24

Here’s the list of questions I’m using! 

Question 24:  What’s your favorite movie/show adaptation of a book? Least favorite?

My favorite adaptation is the Shadowhunters show based off the Mortal Instruments. It’s so bad in terms of staying true to the book, but I wanted to like it so I started viewing the book and show as separate entities in different universes. The first season sucks a biy because Clary is kind of wimpy the whole time (I don’t remember her being like that in the book?), but it gets better around season two. My least favorite is the Percy Jackson adaptations. I’m sure if I viewed them with the same philosophy of “they’re separate entities” I’d be fine with watching them, but at least Shadowhunters didn’t cast people that didn’t look like some of the characters lol. That being said, I absolutely see Sally as a black-haired Catherine Keener. 

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(Part One)

A Popular Book I Plan On Not Reading


I know this is a really cliché pick for the “not reading” section, but I really don’t have any interest in reading a vampire, werewolf, and human be toxic to one another for 400+ pages. 

A Popular Book I Plan On Reading

Six of Crows

This book has been getting a lot of hype in the bookish community on TikTok and I’m really intrigued. I also heard that one of the main characters uses a mobility aid and it isn’t just for aesthetics, so that’s kind of cool! I’m a sucker for reading about friendships and bonds developing, so I think I’ll like this book a lot.

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Legend by Marie Wu was so good I finished it in one day.

About to start Prodigy.

I was expecting a mediocre teen dystopian story and I got compelling writing and interesting characters.

It’s not as good as the hunger games to me, but it’s superior to divergent, maze runner, the Uglies etc.

I really enjoyed the entire Uglies series and read it this summer. 4 of them? I forget if I logged them or not. Point is.

If you enjoy YA fiction and you want something compelling and enjoy tropes used well with a few surprises … You will probably enjoy Legend.

I hope Prodigy lives up to the debut.

I finished the trilogy for Echoes of the Fall. I did not enjoy the genre mashup or the ending but I would recommend the books with no reservations.

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The switch of perspectives, an utterly rotten setting, the return of various symbols, something about proper character crafting and should we even like Coriolanus Snow?

The first thing I’ve noticed was that people worried Collins might try and give Snow a redemption arc or use the new book as an excuse for his latter actions but I wouldn’t fret – doing so would only invalidate the universe she has built, would make one of the most important characters inconsistent. No proper writer wants that.

If anything, the way I see it, the book is intended to give us more insight on the beginnings of the system and state we (along with Katniss and Peeta, and all the rest) already know. Which is somewhat fascinating, as all well-crafted universes are.

We are given some more information on the civil war/First Rebellion that has spawned the Treaty of Treason but it (mostly?) doesn’t come in form of a history class; it flows quite freely with the main character’s thoughts and other characters’ conversations. There is no excessive detail or raw facts. Instead, we are presented with broken memories and broken homes, traumas, political and economical outcomes – and none of it is impersonal. Susanne Collins has successfully portrayed a society that has just experienced war. The streets that remain ruined years after “peace” has been achieved, the fierce… nationalism, I’d say? Though Panem is technically one state. What I meant was the approach of Coriolanus’ grandmother, almost teary-eyed over Capitol’s completely false glory, extremely hostile while speaking about the Districts. The “us versus them” mentality, the extremely protective kind of patriotism (post-war patriotism, I’d say). The state is trying to lift itself up, the old money families are attempting to regain their riches, and they are choosing the most cruel tactics to achieve that. 

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my journal entries
Here I am. All the times I thought about myself, funny as it sounds, I have never been able to picture myself being. Here I am, the thunder rumbles on and the lightning sometimes gets bright enough to momentarily blind me, but here I am. Whenever the wind knocks against my frail body, whenever it demands my body to lay down at its mercy, it stands up taller because here I am. When the cold raindrops fall upon my skin it never shakes because here I am. I am and I will be and I have been because I am.
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When I say I like enemies to lovers, I do not mean abusers to lovers.

I mean people who have preconceived ideas about each other learn the truth, and fall in love.

I mean people on opposing sides of a war realize they’re not so different, and fall in love.

I mean people who are forced against each other due to external circumstances decide they’d rather protect each other, and fall in love.

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September 18, 2020 || 16/30 d. o. p

  • 37/1000 Pages Read-a-thon

Today’s goal was supposed to be to finish the book I’ve been reading on and off for the last month or so. Starting on: page 61, I only got to page 97, because I needed to focus on my mental health first. I’m not sure if I’ll get to the end of this challenge, but I’ll try!

📀 sotd: Love is a Laserquest - Arctic Monkeys

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September 16, 2020 || 14/30 d. o. p

The sky was so blue it was blinding, with no hit of a cloud. I’ve almost surpassed the first half of this book! My afternoon are being spent between pages and pages and pages and pages lately.

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September 15, 2020 || 13/30 d. o. p.

I’m getting into reading more again, and everyday that passes I read twice the number of pages I read the day before. This challenge and another one I’m looking forward to partecipate in are sure helping!

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September 11, 2020 || 11/30 d. o. p

Read just a few pages today, but it’s still better than none at all. Tried some Ghibli movies inspired hot milk in the evening, to keep the warm cozy vibe going.

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September 7, 2020 || 07/30 d. o. p.

Today was the loveliest day. The sun was shining bright the whole time, accompanying by breakfast and my reading session. Had some Kashmir Chai, read Calvino, enjoyed the sunlight passing through the tree branches.

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Night Sky with Exit Wounds

by Ocean Vuong

Review | September 17, 2020

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️

this is a short poetry collection written by an acclaimed vietnamese-american poet that explores themes of family, maturity, and violence.

i read this collection in like 1.5 sittings. i initially gave this 3 stars, but i upgraded it to 4 after revisiting some of my favorite poems and absorbing the themes for a while. i can definitely understand why his poetry is highly acclaimed; i was impressed with the thematic elements that carried through the poems and the word choice was consistenly impactful. however, i felt like some of the poems were really hard for me to understand. and maybe that is just me being a bad poetry reader! but it did interfere with my enjoyment a little bit. nothing against his writing because he is obviously very talented, but sometimes it was almost too elevated for me to understand.

some of my favorite poems from the collection were: threshold, a little closer to the edge, in newport i watch my father lay his cheek to a beached dolphin’s wet back, on earth we’re briefly gorgeous, prayer for the newly damned, to my father / to my future son, notebook fragments, daily bread, and someday i’ll love ocean vuong.

tl;dr: i really enjoyed vuong’s writing and i think he is incredibly talented. i would especially recommend reading the poems i mentioned above. this collection made me even more excited for his prose novel that i recently ordered!

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Finally finished…

The Catcher in The Rye by JD Salinger

Oh boi. This one took the longest to read compared to the previous ones. That is because I had a shit ton of academic work.

The first chapters, I couldn’t help but cringe at Holden and he really irritated me tbh. Then around chapter 17, I started to understand the reasons behind his attitude and kinda felt pity for him. In chapter 23, being a ‘catcher in the rye’ was finally explained but I couldn’t really see where Holden’s sudden protectiveness came from? Maybe it is just me, I could not really connect with him but I did see the pattern behind his behaviours and thoughts.

Around the last chapters I think teenage depression was handled well because the author created atmospheres and places that enable you to put yourself in Holden’s shoes; I did feel that feeling of childhood’s loss, start of uneasiness and the lack of emotional warmth. Those parts reminded myself when I started university.

I am not an expert on psychology but the book touched on some sensitive mental health issues and we only read what the character is experiencing in a sincere and simple tone, like speaking to a friend about an issue that you can’t even explain well. So I hope that does not act as a trigger but as a book that understands and listens (like Phoebe does).

Overall, I guess I got my hopes way too high for this book but ended up cringing at a teenager for the most part. The ‘better’ chapters also did not leave a mark on me but I will remember this book.

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i’m looking for some writer friends/someone who wants to ramble about books with me! i made so many awesome pals the last time i put out a post like this so i thought i’d try again!

a lil about me: i’m 16, i’m a senior in highschool, i like to write, and i spend pretty much all my spare time reading.

so if you wanna talk literature send me a message, or leave a like/reblog and i’ll message you!!

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