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biisexualemma · 2 days ago
old friends. bucky barnes
word count: 1.7k
warnings: swearing, angst, mention of killing, guns, knives, lots of sarcasm and anger all the good stuff
requested: heey love! just saw that your requests are open and I thought I could request a Bucky oneshot because I am really in love with your writing. so, here's the idea: the reader is a skilled assassin herself but is more like an antihero. somehow she encounters the avengers, like Sam or Steve maybe, which is how she gets to know Bucky. They start to evolve feelings for each other blabla until one day buck looses control and beats her up like really really bad cause she doesn't wanna fight him back. I'd love to leave the ending and details up to you!
a/n: i have a couple other parts already written for this and while this particular part doesn't completely fulfil the request, it is the start of something along those lines so hang in there! this is just the beginning!
Tumblr media
you held your gun at arms length, eyes darting around the hallway as you scoped out your surroundings. your feet padded along the concrete hallway, your body clad in a skintight leather suit that was chafing your thighs like crazy. your bottom lip was caught between your teeth, turning another corner to find it empty like all the rest. you let out a humph, your eyebrows knitting for a second as you lowered your gun.
"what the hell?" you muttered under your breath. you tucked your gun back into the holster before continuing down the hallway until you reached a dead end and a single door. your hand hovered over your gun as you pushed the door. you rattled the door handle but it didn't budge. you took a few steps back before running at the door and slamming your shoulder into it with a thud.
suddenly the door cracked open and you went flying inside the room, stumbling over your own feet. your hand quickly grabbed your gun as you tried to regain yourself. your eyes travelled up, the same time you lifted your gun and in front of you stood a round of familiar faces. your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head as you straightened yourself out.
"oh god," you let out an audible groan. "what the hell are you guys doing here?"
"we could ask you the same thing," sam quipped back. you sent him a glare out the corner of your eye before redirecting your attention to steve who stood at the forefront of the team of avengers.
"god, you cock blocks always ruin my fun," your hand remained glued to the gun you held out aiming at steve, who was eyeing you up with caution.
"i wouldn't call disrupting a military organised rescue mission fun," sam couldn't help himself. you got on every one of his last nerves and you loved it.
you shrugged. "well that's why we could never be friends, bird man," you rolled your eyes back over to when he cleared his throat to intervene.
"enough," you sneered at the way he lowered his voice. "if you don't turn around and leave, we have no choice but to take you in— you know that."
"or maybe i could just go ahead and kill all of you," your smile dropped from your lips, watching steves frown deepen because he knew what kind of threat you were. "then you wouldn't have to do anything."
"c'mon, y/n," tony spoke up. you glanced at him for the first time since you barged in. the man you probably hated most out of them all. you didn't give him more than a glance.
"none of you have any idea who's dirty work you're doing here," you fought back, your grip growing tighter on the handle of your gun. your teeth gritted. "always blindly following orders, hm?"
"and what about you?" natasha couldn't hold her tongue any longer. you cocked an eyebrow, pursing your lips as the red head spoke up. "how long were you under dreykov's thumb for?"
you clenched your jaw, you took a few angry steps closer before swinging your arm so the gun faced natasha now. "you are a traitor and a coward, and you have no idea what you're talking about," you spat hastily. she didn't flinch, her arms remained folded across her chest, staring down the barrel of the gun.
"alright— enough!" steve intervened again, slapping the gun out of natasha's face. she huffed and turned away from you. "will you put that gun away for christ sake, nobody's killing anyone today."
you gritted your teeth, breathing through your nose to steady yourself. you had once gotten along with the avengers until they turned their back on you. and seeing them again was bringing back old feelings.
"you always did take her side in a fight," you dropped your gun down for a second, backing towards the door but you were halted. your back collided into another person, you turned around and saw a man staring down at you, blocking your way out. he had long, dark hair covering most of his face but the pair of piercing blue eyes was what caught your attention first. you took a step back as he towered over you, your gun slipping for a split second but you recovered quickly and tightened your grip.
"hang on—" your eyebrows knitted together as you came to a sudden realisation. "how the hell did you get your hands on the winter soldier?" your eyes trailed up and down him, his expression staying the same until you uttered the name. his jaw tightened as he glanced down at his feet for a second.
he shook his head, meeting your eyes again before he spoke. “that's not my name."
"oh really?" you teased, eyebrow twitching upwards. "we've met before, if you want me to jog your memory?” you followed his gaze as he tried to avoid your piercing stare. he shook his head a little softer this time. you gritted your teeth. "you tried to kill me."
he faltered for a split second but quickly tried to disguise it. he sniffed, shaking his head again. "i had no control—"
"oh, well that makes all the trauma you inflicted ok then—"
"y/n!" steve growled, cutting you short as his patience began to wear thin with you. it always did, you knew how to push every one of their buttons.
"cut it out, kid. you made your point," tony mumbled, his eyes struggling to meet yours. you shook your head.
"i can't believe i ever associated with you cranks."
"she was an avenger?" a voice you didn't recognise spoke for the first time, you frowned. it was young, girl-ish and wearing spandex.
"no," you narrowed your eyes at him and he seemed to shrink back away from you. you glanced at tony again. "you're recruiting kids now? that must be sitting nicely on your conscience, tony."
"i'm not a kid," the spandex clad kid in the corner tried lowering his voice to disguise himself but he'd already given himself away.
"have fun dealing with that weight when he gets killed, alright?" you teased a little too darkly.
"you never did know when to stop talking," clint chimed in for the first time.
"how's the wife and kids, barton? haven't paid them a visit in a while— 'they still living out in—"
he took a step forward, his hand moving to grab an arrow, his bow swinging up to face you but it was natasha who held out her hand to stop him.
"always so dramatic," you rolled your eyes, turning away from the gang and back to where the winter soldier stood blocking your exit. you look him up and down again. "steve, you wanna tell your guard dog to move out of my way or do i have to make him?"
"you can't leave, you're involved," steve was short, he was trying not to lose his temper with you. you made it incredibly hard for anyone to be nice to you.
"also, you just told us you came here to deliberately sabotage this mission," sam added. "we can’t just let you leave to finish off what you started."
you eyed them both up irritably. realistically you had no way of leaving if they were going to try and stop you. you were greatly outnumbered.
you humphed. "what're you gonna do with me anyhow? guarantee you'll be sick of me in a couple hours and you'll have wished you let me go right now."
"it's not up to us," tony shook his head. "you've got a lot of people looking to hold you accountable for some pretty serious shit."
you shook your head, chewing on your bottom lip. "assholes," you murmured, more to yourself than to them directly. you narrowed your eyes at him, eyebrows furrowing at the tone tony was taking with you. "if i remember correctly, you've all done some pretty serious shit in the past but i don't see that catching up with any of you."
"it's not the same—" tony shook his head but you cut him off.
"no because you have money, a shit tonne of it, so you can make it go away," you humphed, eyes dragging away from tony. "i don't see natasha being held accountable— and trust me—if you think i'm bad—“
"will you shut it," natasha snapped, her fists clenching at her side.
you let out a soft smirk, seeing her breathing heavy out the corner of you eye. "full house," you mumbled under your breath, amused that you got a rise out of every one of them in a matter of minutes. "you're all so easy."
"you're coming with us," steve ignored your comment, nodding to bucky. he picked up his shield and walked passed you without even a glance in your direction.
"fat chance," you scoffed, but before you could reach for your gun again, you were swiftly disarmed by the winter soldier. he tucked your gun away and made to grab your wrists, only for you to smack his hands away. you shook your right arm downwards, letting your backup knife fall from your sleeve and into your palm. you lifted it to his neck, the blade pressed up against his skin. "try to touch me again and i swear to god i'll kill you."
he didn't seem to flinch. he picked up on the slight tremble in your grip that might have gone unnoticed by anyone else. bucky gave you a second before catching you off guard and slapping the knife away from his throat, his hand catching your wrist before prying it out of your grip.
you huffed. "you're making the wrong call following them," you teased as he spun you around, yanking your hands behind your back and restraining your wrists with a zip tie. "trust me, you'll regret it. and i think you have enough regret to last you a lifetime, and then some.”
he turned back round to face him, his breath fanning your face he had leaned in so close to you. "why would i trust anything you say?"
you shrugged, your lips dipping down for a second. "that’s fair— you probably shouldn't."
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Greetings Raven-san, may i ask for headcanon: MC practicing their lead role and asks Jade, Azul and Ace to be their practice partner and things go love mood ~
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
You couldn't have asked for a better practice partner. Jade is like a chameleon--he's perfect at playing any role he is given, it's almost frightening how well he takes to it. Well... you supposed that an actor was just a professional liar, right? And who better to ask than a masterful liar himself?
The longer Jade reads his script, the more you find yourself coming to believe that he is his character, and that you are yours. You start to get really into it, putting as much feeling into your words and your expression as he does.
Swept up into the world of the play, you almost forget about the romantic subplot of the story until you hit the first line of it. Jade doesn't miss a single beat, and he easily executes his part, the confession. Gallant, chivalrous, sincere--just as his character was written to be. It's such a contrast to what his personality is really like that it throws you for a loop and has you pausing in your tracks.
"... Oya? You appear to be rather taken aback. Whatever is the matter?" he asks, cocking his head to one side. His smile, teasingly curious. "Have I misspoken my lines? Fufufu... Or, perhaps, have you found yourselves to be tongue-tied by my humble acting?"
Acting. Right. This was just acting. A show, a lie. You tell yourself that as you clear your throat and pick up your script, starting again from the top. Jade says his part a second time, his gaze bearing directly into you, and a mysterious smile on his lips.
You furiously blush, hiding your face behind your script--unable to keep the scene going. A few seconds elapse before you dare to peek out from behind it, only to be met with Jade's polite chuckling. You hesitantly ask if he meant what he said before, but he suggests, “Why don’t we take a break? It would be counterproductive to one’s health to continue pushing the body past a point of exertion. A break to rest and rehydrate would be most beneficial before we resume practice.”
He never gives you a straight answer, always dangling someone in front of you and then snatching it away again while you're stuck second-guessing and doubting his intentions. You're left on the edge of your seat, wanting more of him, and more of his addictive performance.
Tumblr media
Azul has his own ulterior reasons for agreeing to help you practice your lines--he wants to get in Vil's good graces, and what better way than assisting the lead actor? Surely that will put both you and Vil in his debt, and this octopus values such efficiency.
He's not the worst practice partner ever, but he's not the best, either. Azul recites his lines serviceably, but he has a tendency to be very theatrical (which sometimes comes off as "too fake" since everything, especially the smiling, is done in excess).
He overacts, putting emphasis on his words and projecting them clearly to an invisible audience. Azul also gestures or sweeps his arms about to gesture to important places on an imaginary stage, be it a prop or a detail in the set background.
When you finally hit that first romantic scene, Azul has to stop and do a double take just to make sure he's reading the script correctly. He squints at the words for a few seconds, then removes his glasses, wipes them off, and replaces them. "Hmm. An interesting turn of events," he notes, smoothing out the pages. "Trust Vil-san to add a dash of drama to his works."
Azul gets through the romantic scenes without much of a fuss, though you notice that he isn't adding his usual flourishes. His tone is much more serious, and his body language is much more self-contained, as he expounds on his "love" for your character.
When you recite your lines, you find that Azul stares at you rather thoughtful, giving you his undivided attention as he scrutinizes your performance. At the end of every scene, he, ever the perfectionist, provides feedback--and, in particular, hones in on the romantic bits.
"Now these are your weakest points," he explains, leaning over to tap a finger against your script. Your shoulders touch, your faces mere centimeters apart. "These lines could make do with more oomph. Summon all your emotion and speak from the heart--as though you are truly professing your love to me." There's a bit of a conniving glint to his eyes--another underlying motive. But what that motive is? You're not entirely certain.
Tumblr media
He rolls his eyes and acts like it's a big deal that he's agreeing to help you--but deep down, Ace is glad that you trust him enough to come to him! Once he actually has a script in his hand, though... He quickly loses interest, calling the contents of the play boring and lame. Too late now, he already agreed to help--
Ace half asses his reading, his eyes lazily grazing the script. He can't take the play seriously, so he does his own interpretation of it by reading all his lines in various funny voices. You can't finish your own lines without stammering or bursting out into laughter.
That really feeds into Ace's ego, making him puff up like a balloon. "I know, I know, I'm hilarious!" He'll top it off with a mock bow and a cheeky grin, reassuring you that he'll "be here all night" to amuse you with his superior comedy!
With his ego freshly stroked, Ace boldly swaggers into the love scenes. He reads these parts in a very nasal-y and high-pitched voice that makes you lose control all over again. When you’ve laughed so hard that your stomach hurts, you wipe away a tear and remind him that he should be treating this a lot more seriously than he actually is.
“What, it’s supposed to be this sappy? You sure it’s not meant to be played up for laughs?” Ace makes a face as he stares down at his script. “Like any of this stuff would happen in real life. Bold confessions, forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, happily ever afters... It’s all like something out of a fairy tale.”
He sighs, rolling up his script--and crushing it between his fingers. “... Hey. Do you actually believe in that stuff? Do you? Is that the kind of love you want or something?” But Ace doesn’t give you the chance to answer. Instead, he brings his rolled up script down on your forehead in a light tap. “Idiooot. As if it’d go that smoothly. Keep dreaming, you dork.”
He tosses the script on the table and claims that he has lost interest in helping you practice. As he bolts off, he feels a nip of annoyance in his subconscious, disappointment in knowing that he can’t be like the perfect prince in the play. Even so... Ace will relish in knowing that he could get you to smile as much as he did. That’s one thing no stinking pretend prince will have over him.
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heartchikara · a day ago
Tumblr media
[ 📂 ] — ——— confessions pt two (ft more third years) !
• this is the tokyo boys and shiratorizawa!! i think this turned out a bit better than the last part, so enjoy <3 a very slight nsfw for yamagata’s section, but other than that it’s just fluff!!! (also pls excuse my shitty spelling, tumblr really likes cutting off the ends of my words 😟)
Tumblr media
he would come up to you while you were sitting outside at lunch and quietly ask if you’d like to practice with him. you’re wondering if he got the wrong person (since to you it appears unlikely the ever-serious volleyball captain would ever talk to the likes of you) but then he tugs on your sleeve a little and asks again. a bit bewildered, you agree and once the final bell has gone you get changed and wander down to meet him in the gym. ushijima’s already there when you arrive but the net isn’t set up and he doesn’t seem to be making any moves to get it anytime soon. with a confused eyebrow raised, you ask him what’s up and he stays stoic & silent for a moment, staring you down with that blank look in his eyes. his next words echo off of the gym walls and are most certainly a shock to the system.
“i’ve been getting these strangely warm feelings in my chest whenever i’m around you. tendou tells me that’s what a crush is. this whole thing was his idea, actually — i suppose he got it from all that shoujo manga he reads.”
he falls quiet again, gaze trained straight at you and watching your every move closely. heat rises and prickles the back of your neck as realisation sets in, and the helpless sound of what was trying to be an aswer dies on your lips. you beckon him forward, mumbling a request for him to bend down a bit so he can rest his head on your shoulder as you wrap your arms around his neck. when he speaks again it vibrates against your skin through the thin fabric of the shirt you’d donned earlier, and you shiver just slightly.
“i’m quite sure this is the part where i ask if you’d like to go out with me.”
you laughed and pulled back just enough to rest your forheads together, the sensation of unfiltered happiness making you a little giddy. “i would love that. what time were you thinking?”
🖇 ⠀⠀TENDOU ~
the two of you would be in his dorm after school, the redhead sprawled out on the bottom bunk lazily flicking through a manga while you were in the middle of some homework that was due the next day. he kept losing his place in the story to sneak lingering glances and your blazer-covered back, head almost touching the wooden surface beneath you as you tried to make sense of the textbook sitting in front of you. he had reread a stammered love confession about six times before he huffed and placed it aside, sneaking up behind you and encasing your body in his long arms. resting his chin amongst h/c strands, he was deterred when he saw he hadn’t distracted you all that much but spoke up anyway.
“yknow what? i think you’re sweet, y/n-kun.”
that got him a hum, the boy underneath him tilting his chin back until they were almost nose to nose and grinning up at him.
“why thank you, satori. i think you’re sweet too, you know.”
tendou was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, tone bright with mischief as it always was.
“i think we should go out sometime! like a date! you wanna?”
y/n nodded, his grin relaxing into something softer. tendou was initially surprised at his own confidence, and worried that the boy was going to turn him down, but all that disappeared when he replied with a simple “that sounds lovely.” and turned back to his work, being suddenly interrupted by the barest press of lips against his before the middle blocker was lying face down on his bed to hide his flushing cheeks.
🖇 ⠀⠀REON ~
he’d be tutoring you in the library, sun beginning to set outside and it’s orange rays painting you in light as you complained about yet another question he didn’t get. reon could only stare, shaking his head with fond exasperation and taking the book from his hand to find that the premise of what was set was relatively easy. he told him as such and y/n flipped him off in mock irritation, letting his head fall to the table with a thud that sounded unusually loud. the wing spiker laughed when you arose again whining about how much that hurt, and slipped back into the period where he simply admired you. you were in the middle of a tangent about how either he should be moved down a class or the trachers should stop making everything so hard when he cut you off with a blunt statement that caught both of them off guard.
“i like you quite a bit. funny how i’m only just realising it, but there’s that.”
he was half worried he’d ruined it all when silence overtook your person. he was about to take it all back when you shifted closer and leaned into his shoulder a touch, asking him for help on another section while discreetly locking ankles with him under the table. and if you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before you both went back to your respective dorms that night, no one had to know.
🖇 ⠀⠀SEMI ~
he would invite you to his dorm and then pace around in endless circles whole he waited, muttering the words he was planning to say underneath his breath. his guitar, a little mixtape he’d thrown together — a compilation of all the songs that made the image of you swirl around in his head for hours, plus a few of his own short composition — and a letter sealed with ruby-red wax (that he’d regretfully asked tendou to help him write, only to kick him put again immediately after a far too explicit version was brandished in his face with an impish grin from tbe redhead) were all sitting on his bed, and the setter was sure they’d all be snickering at him if they could talk. he sneered at the offending items, even if they had done absolutely nothing in the first place.
he nearly jumped out of his skin when you knocked on his door one, two, three times and shakily called out for you to come in. you poked your head around the door with a beam, tone cheery when you spoke.
”hey, eita. what’s up?”
he gestured for you to sit on the bed and you did, an eyebrow raised in confusion but following his wishes nonetheles. he shoved the letter & cd case into your hands while looking pointedly at the floor.
”uh, here. i wrote you a . . love? letter? yeah. um. it’s fine if you don’t like, feel the same. i’m good. yeah.”
he avoids your eyes as you look over the gifts, smoothing a hand over the clear case and cracking open the envelope as cleanly as you could; not wanting to split the wax. he thought you were just going to leave, but was stunned to feel a soft weight on his lap and snapped his head up to meet your eyes, pulse racing and cheeks aflame.
“you gonna sing me a song now, eita?”
when i tell you he SQUEAKED
“uh— mhm!!”
poor baby would be a hot mess. he would barely be able to actually ask you out to the recently-opened fast food restaurant without stammering and fidgeting every half a second, but when you just smirked and said you would love to, he breathed the biggest sigh of relief and went to go relay the story to reon (who sniggered at him, so he hit him a little harder than intended on the arm and held his head high, preening about how he had to go and get ready for his date).
the entire way there he’d be holding an internal battle wondering if it was okay to hold your hand while you looked on in amusement, seeing as the libero practically wore his heart on his sleeve most of the time. you decided to take the first step and grabbed his only slightly sweaty palm, not missing his small sound of surprise when it happened and smiling.
when you got there you crammed together in a small corner booth, barely any space between you and conversations filled with laughter and shared grins. when he shyly offered to share his headphones with you while you waited for food, you held his hand again and let him pick the music, pulling him into your side and winding your hand around his waist, tracing mindless circles into his hip and taking note of how he shivers at the feeling.
when he walks you back to your dorm he’s practically in your arms, the warmth of your palms contrasting to his cold ones in a way that’s definitely pleasant as you sling an arm around his shoulder. the libero’s restless and whiny by the time you reach your door, not want you to slip through the cracks of his fingertips and out of sight for the night. his hands desperately grip onto the folds of your shirt, yanking you softly closer and mumbling nonsensical pleads onto your lips. once he kisses you once he can’t get enough, and you don’t let him come up for air; only split-second intervals that are really just broken gasps of “i— y/n, please—” and you adore it. he was melting under your touch, hair soft under your fingers and brown eyes unfocused but needy as you tug him backwards into your room, pleased you have him all to yourself.
🖇 ⠀⠀KONOHA ~
it would be you patching him up after yet another failed skateboarding outing, you snickering quietly as you stick a plaster on his knee and suggesting that maybe he should just stick to volleyball, yeah?
but of course he only sticks his tongue out and shakes his head petulantly, determined he’ll get it right soon. you laugh harder as he glares, but the annoyance fades when he takes in how pretty you look in that moment. before his brain can catch up with the rest of him he’s pulling you flush against him and burying his face in your chest, trainer-clad feet kicking back against the counter he was sitting atop. he mumbled something incoherent and you looked down in bewilderment, bringing a hand up to plsy with his hair and asking him to repeat himself.
“i said i like you, weirdo. not sure why.”
you make an offended noise in the back of your throat, and tilt his chin up to meet your gaze. you lean down until your breath is fanning against his lips and he knows his cheeks are bright red. “you’re very pretty, you know. rather irritating, though.”
it was his turn to be offended, furrowing his brow and grabbing your collar. “shut it! you gonna go out with me, or were you gonna ask first?”
you roll your eyes and shove his face back into your chest, successfully muffling his protests. “nah. i’m all yours, akinori. woo me good, or i’ll run away with akaashi.”
“mmf— you wouldn’t!” the look on his face is one of pure betrayal and you have to fight to keep the act together, a wide smile spreading across your lips as a purely evil glint appeared in your eyes.
“oh, i would.”
🖇 ⠀⠀ BOKUTO ~
“y/n-san!! wanna come get ice cream with me?”
he’s far too energetic and lively for someone who just had maths last period, but you find you can’t say no to his blinding grin and let yourself get dragged along to the quaint stall near the town centre. he absolutely insists on paying, brushing off the yen you hold out as thanks and instead handing you the cone. he takes your hand after pocketing his wallet and you stare down at them before looking back up to the ace. this is certainly new.
“uh, bokuto?”
he turns and tilts his head, not in the know whatsoever about what the problem is (not that there’s really one anyway — the volleyball captain’s palm is larger than yours and pleasantly warm, sending a little tingly feeling flowing through your body). “yeah?”
“why’re you . . holding my hand?”
he doesn’t pause for a second when he chirps “‘cause i like you! you didn’t notice? ’kaashi told me i was being really obvious about it.” and taking another lick of the cold dessert round the wafer to stop it dripping onto his wrist.
meanwhile, you stopped completely in your tracks, heat rushing to your face full force as you stuttered a response.
“i’m sorry, what? you were being obvious? you coulda told me in like, first year, koutarou!” the switch to his given name came with ease, and you noticed how the use of it made just a tad flustered. he still hadn’t separated your linked hands but at least had the dignity to seem embarrassed, pouting and tugging to get you to keep walking.
“m’ sorry, y/n! can we go to the park? i’ll make it up you, promise!”
you could only scowl half-heartedly and let him drag you away, the taste of cold ice cream sweet on your tongue.
🖇 ⠀⠀ YAKU ~
THIS MAN. would 100% just take you out wherever you wanted to go, not hiding the fact he kinda liked you but not really making it blaringly obvious, either. he would stay in the limbo hanging between and hang onto it, wanting to make the next step forward but worrying about the potential consequences. all of it went flying out of the window when you bent over laughing at one of his rants about kuroo and his stupid chemistry insults, sun hitting your frame and highlighting your features in a way that was surely fit for a model. he stood without words for a good few minutes (was looking like🧍‍♂️fr. get him some anti simp apple juice rq!!) and then muttered something you couldn’t make out, face red and mouth open just a little.
“you okay, yaku?”
that jolts him back to reality, stumbling even though he was stood still and rushing to walk ahead.
“what, me? i’m fine! we should go bowling!”
you, not noticing anything that strange about how he was acting, agreed and followed him to the bowl alley.
it was fun! it was close but he won in the end, but felt bad and bought you a teddy bear from one of the nearby arcade games. he confessed while holding it out to you, voice trembling but still confident.
“i like you, y/n! i had fun today, too. would you consider going out with me?”
you pretend to think it over, finger tapping your chin before you give up the act and sweep him up in a hug.
“i’d love to go out with you!”
he yanks on your sleeve and makes a get down motion with his hand after you let him go. a little bewildered you comply, and evidently rewarded with a feather-light kiss on the forehead.
🖇 ⠀⠀ KUROO ~
would attempt to woo you with chemistry pick up lines. which don’t work, because you don’t take chemistry. so he had a mini panic about that to kenma — who shrugged him off by saying ‘talk to him’ with a bland tone that suggested it was the easiest thing in the world. it wasn’t! he was reduced to nonsensical babble as soon as you so much as smiled at him, and so annoyed his best friend into helping him — which took a lot of bribery, a god awful amount. kenma had the Very Important task of leading you to the gym after school on a thursday, where him and the rest of the team (who he’d also bribed. his period before dating you wasn’t the most honest, but he got with you in the end so it was worth it). would be holding a banner that said in bright red & mostly legible handwriting: will you go out with me? <3
yaku and kai had helped, both restraining him from making the sentiment even vaguely chemistry-related. the fateful day had finally arrived and he was on the edge of his seat the entirety of last period, nearly tripping in his haste to get to the gymnasium after his teacher had dismisse him (earning glares from other members of staff he had passed, but no one stopped him to reprimand him so he considered it a job well done).
him and the others rushed to get it all ready in time, the team only just managing to get into position when the doors opened and in walked kenma and y/n. you stared at the banner, then at kuroo, and back to the banner again. he watched on in delight when he saw a helpless smile grow on your face, and as you walked closer you rolled your eyes at his ridiculousness.
”you.” y/n began, poking a finger into his chest repeatedly while he spoke. “are an idiot. but i like you, so i’m gonna date you anyway.”
his cheers were Loud. nekomata arrived, grudgingly congratulated the new couple, and then told them to get changed or face another round of drills. that sped them up effectively, although tetsurou was rendered speechless by you pressing a small kiss to his cheek and promising to meet him after practice.
“kuroo! get your head in the game, asshole!”
“yaku! he— he kissed me! kissed me! on the cheek!”
thank u for reading!!! will do a part three for anyone ive missed and again i hope u enjoyed <3 also wtf the first part got sm love im???? 🤨 was confused on How but I LOVE U ‼️‼️ lets go bowling. ahahah dont mind the self indulgent asf yamagata bit i just— Damn tbh. okjay au revoir
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traumatizedgaywriter · 2 days ago
Hi Hi! Can you do a Tommy x moobloom!reader with bee wings. Where Tommy stumbles upon reader hanging with a swarm of bees in flower field or something similar? Sorry to bother you if your requests aren't open :')
Bees and Buttercups
Pairings: Tommyinnit & Reader (platonic), Implied SBI & Reader (platonic)
Warnings: None
Features: Moobloom Hybrid Reader and Racooninnit
Summary: Reader is sitting in a field making a flower crowns when Tommy comes and claims it's his field. Fluff ensues.
You sit in a flower field, your fingers nimbly weaving together a flower crown. You feel at peace, like you always do in this biome.
The gentle breeze combined with the fragrant smell of flowers and the peaceful buzzing of the bees conversations makes you feel safe. To you, it's the image of tranquility.
You pick another dandelion and add it to the crown, full of cornflowers and multiple colors of tulips.
You start humming, a small tune your mother used to sing to you before she passed a few years ago. It adds to the serine scene around you.
A butterfly lands on your head and you giggle. A bee lands in your lap and you gently pet it's fuzzy back while you weave the crown. It hums contentedly. Another bee lands close to your legs and you put down the flower crown to scratch the soft fuzz on his back.
The bee in your lap starts to wiggle, so you take your hand off her back and she flies away. Another bee immediately takes her place, and you notice the air around you is full of the buzzing of the bees.
All you can see is their soft bodies, spindly legs, small black eyes, and translucent wings. You laugh and gather a few into your arms and hug them. Your own translucent wings start fluttering happily. It feels nice to be part of a hive again.
After a few minutes of being swarmed by the bees you softly shoo them away. At their dissatisfied buzzes you roll your eyes light heatedly. "I've given you all more than enough cuddles, I want to finish my flower crown."
Out of the corner of your eye you see a figure approaching. You hum, knowing the bees will protect you if you need them too.
The figure keeps approaching, and the closer he gets you notice that he's tall and blond, with small fuzzy little raccoon ears poking out of his curls. He looks to be around your age, but better taken care of than you. He settles down next to you. "What are you doing here?" he asks.
You look at him. "Um," you say eloquently.
"This is my field, bitch."
"Says who?" you ask.
"Says me." He hesitates a moment, then places a sign that says 'TOMMYS FIELD'.
You aren't entirely sure what the fuck is going on, but, hey, you're willing to roll with it. "Sure it is." You turn to the bees who are looking at the new person on the field with distrust. "Pst," you whisper to the bees, adding a slight buzz into your words so they understand you. "The new guy, Tommy, he loves cuddles. He can give you some while I finish my crown."
The bees happily hum and start swarming Tommy. Underneath their drone you hear a muffled noise, which you identify as Tommy. "What the fuck. What the fuck did you do," he pauses. "God damn it I don't know your name. Fuck, uh."
"Y/n," you laugh. "Okay okay guys," you say to the bees. "He's done. I'm almost done with my crown anyways, I can give you guys pets."
The bees fly away from Tommy, landing all over you, and you laugh while you pet a few of them.
"What the fuck did you do bitch?" Tommy seemed to have calmed down a bit now that the bees had stopped swarming him, but he still seemed shaken. Which, you could understand. It must have been a bit jarring for bees to just randomly swarm you.
"Well," you smile. "First, my name is y/n, not bitch. And I just told them you wanted some cuddles. They're very cuddly."
"What the fuck are you. You're clearly a hybrid," Tommy gestures at your bee wings. "But what's," he gestures vaguely at the buttercup on your head. "That. And what type of hybrid even are you?"
"Ah," you pull a face. "I was wondering when you'd ask that. I'm a moobloom and bee hybrid. And human of course. My father was a moobloom hybrid and my mom was a bee hybrid. So I can talk to the bees, have a few nonhuman traits," you gesture to your bee wings, the buttercup on your head, and your yellow cow tail which is gently flicking under the grass.
"Oh," Tommy responds, slightly surprised. "I've heard of mooblooms before, but I thought they went extinct a long time ago."
You nod. "Yeah, they went into hiding a long time ago, considering how much players hunted them."
"That fucking sucks," Tommy finally sits down next to you, weary of the bees.
"Agreed." You finish up your flower crown, and place it on your head. You immediately start on one for Tommy, getting the feeling that you two would be fast friends. You and Tommy sit and talk for hours, your personalities immediate clicking. You talked about everything, from your pets and friends to your favorite color. When the sun started to set you got up and started to set up camp, ignoring the trail of yellow flowers that spawn behind you where you stepped.
"What are you doing?" Tommy had gotten up and followed you.
"What does it look like?" You ask, not mad but slightly annoyed at Tommy for not seeing the obvious. "I'm setting up camp for the night. I need somewhere to sleep."
"Oh hell no," Tommy looks aghast. "You're not sleeping out here. With the amount of mobs? Fuck no. You're coming to stay with me and my family. You don't need to stay long, but at least stay the night."
You sigh, thinking over the offer. "Okay," you agree. "But only one night."
You end up staying for much more than one night and Phil ends up adopting you
Thank you for reading and requesting!
If you’d like to submit a request please read my rules (which can be found here) first
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angstama · a day ago
apple tree | chifuyu.m
pairing: chifuyu matsuno x reader
genre: angst, slow-burn, unrequited love, pining, fluff, chifuyu doesn’t love you that way :( 
warnings: as usual, heartbreak coming ahead <3
✧. in which you look back on the times that chifuyu had been the highlight and heartbreaker in your youth. 
Tumblr media
you were five when you first met chifuyu matsuno under the big apple tree one summer day. 
head deep into bending the fragile weeds into a flower crown when a blonde haired boy with the prettiest ocean blue eyes approached you. “what are you doing?” he asked curiously, licking his already melting chocolate ice cream while looking at the imperfectly balanced flower that you had spent hours on crafting in your hands. “making a flower crown.” you answered simply, not even sparing the blonde haired boy a glance as you were too focused in tweaking the branches. 
“woah that’s awesome!” he beamed in excitement, plopping down next to you instantly and leaning in closer to take a look at it. “yeah i know right!” you smiled in triumph, finally looking up to see whoever was showing interest in your little hobby and behold, there sat chifuyu in a rainbow striped t-shirt with his legs crossed and eyes gleaming with interest.
 in all honesty, your flower crowns were horribly ugly, but in chifuyu’s eyes it was uniquely you. perhaps it was maybe because he hadn’t seen anyone making an actual flower crown before or perhaps maybe he was just feeling sorry for the girl who always sat alone under the big apple tree that never bloomed a single fruit all year round. whichever it was, you wished that it was the first. “teach me how to make one please!” he grabs your wrist, causing your cheeks to burn under the scorching hot sun and heart rate quickening though you were clueless as to why it happened being only at the age of five, so you decided that it was okay to have him around. 
strangely ever since then, you were never seen alone under the apple tree in the park again. 
you were nine when you first understood the concept of crushes, with the help of your best friend, chifuyu matsuno of course. 
“it’s when you want to share the biggest chicken drumlet with them dummy!” chifuyu explained, voice muffled from stuffing his face with fried chicken one after another. you weren’t sure how the two of you derived at the current topic, though you remember the last you checked, chifuyu was rambling on and on about the new girl in your class. “so, you’d share this with whoever you have a crush on?” you asked as you pointed towards the biggest drumstick that chifuyu had saved for the last, as always. 
he nodded impatiently, grabbing the very same drumstick and ready to devour it but only to come to a halt when the two of you locked eyes. “want some?” he offered, waving the fried chicken in front of you. “wh-what?” your words fumbled, taken aback by chifuyu’s sudden offer right after the whole sharing of the biggest chicken drumlet explanation he had just made. “you kept staring at it. do you want it?” he asked, with innocence laced in his voice, oblivious to the shade of red slowly making an appearance on your pale cheeks. you huffed, “am not!”. chifuyu only lets out a snort, “yeah sure,” he chuckles boyishly, leaning down to rest on your shoulders, causing your body to stiffen upon the sudden contact. that afternoon, for almost an entire hour you were forced to sit as straight as you could, afraid that something was going to erupt in your tummy again as you could feel the bubbling sensation that threatened to explode. 
you were thirteen when you finally realised that you, y/n l/n, wants to share the biggest drumstick with chifuyu matsuno. 
it was christmas eve and chifuyu had invited you over to his place for a dinner, claiming that his mother had threatened to throw his precious romance mangas away if he didn't invite you. 
you arrived at the matsuno’s household ten minutes earlier than stated with a tray of roasted potatoes held in your hands and beads of sweat running down your forehead despite the freezing cold temperature outside. for the eight years of friendship you had with chifuyu, you’ve never felt this nervous seeing him and his family. it’s the cold, you naively thought, when the door swung opened, revealing your best friend dressed in a maroon striped sweater with suspenders. his eyes widened, not expecting to really see you when he was just opening to check in an attempt to ease his mother’s sixth sense. “y/n? why didn’t you knock?” he gasped, gently tugging the tray on your hands into his as he looked at you in surprise. “well, i was gonna but you opened the door before i could!” you scoffed a white lie, wanting nothing but to cover up the fact that you had been standing outside because you couldn’t get your heart to calm down. 
“chifuyu why don’t you give y/n the gift you got for her now?” mrs matsuno chimed, elegance evident in her posture and movement when she lightly dabbed a napkin across her lips which made you wonder how is it possible that she's the mother of chifuyu when chifuyu shared not a single bit of her grace when it comes to eating. chifuyu pauses briefly, “give me a sec,” he nods before stuffing the roasted potato that was previously halfway into his mouth and standing up to jog over to his room. “he cleaned the house for two months for it.” mr matsuno chuckled as chifuyu jogs out again, this time with a paper bag held in his hand. 
“you better wear it everyday.” he sent you a playful wink, handing you the brown paper bag. you carefully unwrapped the ribbon that bounded the paper bag and pulling out an overly oversized hoodie enough to fit you through a lifetime. you noticed that it was same hoodie that chifuyu often wears except that yours was in the shade of emerald green, the colour that chifuyu had taken the effort to remember that you had once claimed as your colour when the two of you had a heated discussion on what colour represents yourselves. 
“wow! now we have a friendship hoodie!” you beamed in excitement, pulling the oversized hoodie over your sweater. “how do i look?” you asked, posing a few turns at chifuyu as he took a good look at you. “pretty.” he held a thumb up before stuffing another spoonful of pasta down. 
your lowered your gaze upon hearing the sudden compliment your best friend gave, opting to look at the last piece of roasted chicken that mrs matsuno had offered you earlier just now before chifuyu could lay his hands on it. your lips pursed, not entirely confident to do it but eventually picking up the piece of meat and placing it on chifuyu’s already dirtied plate from all the sauces he had mixed with his food. “thank you,” you mumbled, looking anywhere else but chifuyu’s burning gaze on you. 
the butterflies were taking flight soon and you on the other hand had no idea how to contain it. 
you were sixteen when chifuyu first broke your heart on the first day of the spring season, openly declaring in front of you and takemichi that he’ll be confessing to the pretty girl sitting in front of him during lunch time. 
her name is haru.
“no way! you’re kidding!” takemichi gaped, leaning in closer to chifuyu as the close proximity between the two of them wasn’t enough for him to hear chifuyu clearly. chifuyu crossed his arms, confidence evident in his posture, “of course not! i’ve already decided, there’s no going back!” 
“be sure not to scare her away!” you stuck your tongue out to which chifuyu rolled his eyes in response. “eh? you’re just jealous that no one’s confessing to you!”, wiggling his head in a playful manner as he brought an ‘L’ sign up to his forehead to further anguish you. you raised a middle finger, wanting nothing more than to end this conversation for you weren’t sure if you were able to contain the effect of your heart dropping six feet down. 
you knew chifuyu succeeded when he came running to you after school with the brightest smile you adored, a faint tint of blush coated on his cheeks. “guess i’m gonna see you lesser huh lover boy?” you chuckled softly, shoving your textbooks into your canvas bag as he swung himself onto your desk with a smug grin. “you’d wish huh don’t you? but no, you’ll still see me as often when i’m off from boyfriend duties,” he sang happily. perhaps maybe because it was chifuyu’s own words, you believed wholeheartedly that you were okay with being just his best friend and being supportive of his relationship. so you watched chifuyu’s love for haru bloomed into something more than just the typical puppy love you often watch on romcoms. 
in just a blink of an eye, two years had passed and the next thing you knew you were spending your birthday without your best friend for the second time in a row. “this sucks,” you grumbled, throwing your phone aside when the time struck midnight, announcing a new day had just arrived. chifuyu’s words were just empty affirmations when you realised that you barely ever saw your best friend. you weren't sure if the two of you were even best friends anymore. it felt more like he’s just a friend that you talk to occasionally now. you see, chifuyu is a loyal friend and that’s a widely known fact and that’s what made it even more heartbreaking for you because chifuyu always does just enough to keep your friendship alive and you had no reason to hate him for that. 
you rubbed your temples tiredly, wanting nothing more than to run your aching head into the wall when a packet of your favourite watermelon mints was thrown onto your desk. “rough night?”atsumu, your beloved table-mate asked smugly. “you don’t say,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes at the obvious as you impatiently tore the packet open. “he didn’t wish ya happy birthday did he?” the freshly bleached haired boy questioned. atsumu got his answer when you didn't sat in silence, opting to look out the window to distract yourself from the threatening tears prickling at the corner of your eyes. and god do love to test you when the scene of chifuyu leaning in to kiss haru on the lips ever so gently unfolds at your sight. oh how you wished that it was you who he’s kissing right now. 
chifuyu always does just enough to keep your friendship alive. 
it was already late into the night when you heard a knock outside your balcony. your breath hitched when you saw that it was chifuyu who had disturbed your little movie marathon alone after the events that had happened lately. “hey,” he breathed, a soft smile wearing on his lips to which you returned it with an awkward one, inviting him into your messy room. “oh we’re in our friendship hoodie!” he chuckles nervously. your eyes travelled on him, realising that indeed he’s wearing the same hoodie that you were currently wearing right now. “it’s late chi, what’s going on?” you sighed, tone coming off harsher than you intended to. chifuyu nods slowly, face soon replaced with an apologetic look. “i’m sorry for missing your birthday, i feel horrible really,” he begun. “ i know i haven’t been around lately, so i want to make it up to you.” 
your brows furrowed at chifuyu’s apology, you knew he was being so sincere so why did you feel even much more upset hearing it? “that’s it? you could’ve just done this in school tomorrow chifuyu.”you sighed, trying your hardest to mask the pettiness within you with a tired voice. “ i know i know, but i couldn’t sleep knowing that i left my best friend alone on her 18th birthday.” he looked at you hesitantly as you quietly pulled your duvet over your lap. “how about let’s go hiking and watch the sunrise this weekend? just the two of us. i know you’ve been wanting to do that.” 
you wished you weren’t in love with chifuyu so that you wouldn’t give in so easily. you wished you were petty enough to make a scene and just be angry at him but you couldn't so here you are right now, hiking up the trail with your hand in chifuyu’s as you helped him up the slope. “your stamina really sucks,” you retorted to which chifuyu huffed in response. “it’s not that my stamina sucks, it’s that this trail is literally ninety-eight percent high slopes,” he pouts. 
“well you could've chose not to show up.” 
“no! i want to do this with you. what are you talking about?” 
you only smiled at his little defence. “whatever,” you mumbled as you quickly dropped your grip on his and walking ahead of him in an attempt to hide your blush. “hey! wait for me!” 
it was near autumn when one day chifuyu appeared in the wee hours of the night with tears streaming down his cheeks when he fell into your arms and hugged you tightly. you found out that haru was moving away to the states with her family and had broken up with chifuyu, refusing to try out long distance relationship. 
so like any other best friend, you let chifuyu cry into your shoulders as you sat in silence that night, heart breaking at the torn state chifuyu was in. he truly loved her. 
you were twenty when chifuyu held your hands and asked you to be his. 
“chifuyu matsuno! where the hell are my batteries?” your voice echoed through your shared apartment, causing poor chifuyu to jump and drop the eggs he was previously holding in his hands on to the floor. it’s been almost two years since haru and chifuyu had broken up and you had spent a great deal of time trying to mend his broken heart though you knew that it would never be fully healed. she was his first love after all. 
the two of you had moved in to a small apartment close to your university as planned since young, officially becoming roommates. “fuck!my eggs!” chifuyu cried out loud as he frantically lets go of the spatula in his hands to grab a kitchen tower and clean up the pool of egg yolk and egg white on the marble floor. you groaned in annoyance when chifuyu doesn’t answer your question, slamming the tools drawer shut and making your way towards the kitchen. 
“i swear chi-” you paused when you saw chifuyu kneeling on the floor with his pink kitten design apron tied against his body, a pout clearly evident on his lips. “what ever happened?” your head tilted slightly, annoyance slowly decimating. “you screamed like a mad woman. that’s what happened.” he retorted. you rolled your eyes, grabbing another kitchen towel and joining chifuyu on the ground. “well if you didn’t misplace my batteries, i wouldn't be screaming.” 
“if you looked close enough, it’s literally on your study desk.” 
“it’s not!” 
“it is!” 
“it’s not!” you huffed, getting up and stomping over to your room to prove a point but your eyes widened, horrified by the pure sight of your batteries accompanies by a fresh pack with a sticky note attached on top of it. ‘you’re welcome <3′, it wrote. you slowly walked out of your room with your head hung low, doing the walk of shame. “say it,” chifuyu taunts as he skilfully tossed the omelette onto the plate and placing it in front of you. you scrunched your nose, lips pursing and taking a deep breath. “i’m sorry,” you mumbled quietly, fingers fumbling at the ends of your shirt. “ah-ah i can't hear you,” you hear him sing, a little too happy. obvious that he’s enjoying this. you sighed in defeat, clearing your throat loud enough. “i’m sorry,” you said it loudly this time. 
chifuyu lets out a laugh in satisfaction, throwing his head back while you on the other hand could only pout at his triumph. but that didn’t mean that your heart didn't swell up at the expression of happiness he has on his face right now. digging in at the breakfast that chifuyu had made for you which had now became a routine, you couldn't help but to feel small under chifuyu’s intense stare on you. “are you not gonna eat?” you raised your brow, eyeing the untouched omelette on his plate. chifuyu rests his chin on his palm, looking at you with a look of as if he had something to tell you. 
“i will.” he hummed before reaching out to grab your hands. your body stiffened, dumfounded at what’s currently happening. “you know, for the last two years, life was a little less painful thanks to you.” chifuyu confessed earnestly, “ i guess what i’m trying to say is that, you’re my end game y/n l/n. i don’t think i would've came this far if it wasn’t for you so i’m going to ask you this once,” he paused, intertwining his fingers in yours as he gazes into your eyes deeply, 
“will you be my girlfriend?” 
your relationship with chifuyu wasn’t a perfect one but the two of you always made it work somehow. which is why here you are sitting against your bed frame with luggages packed by the side wondering what exactly had gone wrong along the way? 
and you realised that you were never meant to be chifuyu’s end game. you were never meant to be his forever. 
“you think that i don’t fucking know that you were always looking at her instagram when you think i’m not around?” you screamed, body shaking from the exhaustion that’s taking a toll on you both physically and emotionally. “i don’t see how it’s wrong wanting to see how my friend is doing?” chifuyu snaps. 
you scoffed, crossing your arms as you looked away. “yeah. as if you don’t still say her name in your sleep. as if you don’t fucking mess up our favourite food, as if you didn’t tell takemichi that you wished i was haru!” this was the last straw for you. you were too exhausted to try anymore. haru was irreplaceable and you were just a temporary band aid for chifuyu. 
it was as if you had hit jack pot when your lover went silent. “i’ve loved you for so long chifuyu. but loving you hurts too much. i’m so tired of this.” you finally allowed yourself to break down, letting yourself go loose on the emotions you’ve suppressed for years as chifuyu could only watch in remorse for tearing you apart till this state. 
you finally understood why the apple tree never bloomed any apples.
you were twenty seven when you decided to leave chifuyu matsuno. fifteen years of friendship and seven years of being each other’s significant other. you finally walked away, planting one last final kiss on chifuyu’s lips and shutting the door on your ex-lover’s sleeping figure. 
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fluffle-writes · a day ago
Lilia Surprise Kisses Headcanons
Tumblr media
I got an ask for a fluffy Lilia scenario, and it gave me an idea that kinda helped me punt away the writer's block a little bit so I figured I'd upload this now and sort out the scenario once I get home - I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Chu~ Surprise, fufufu. I suppose you have to surprise me back now… right, sweetheart? Good luck~”
You’d better expect surprise kisses on the cheek, forehead, lips, neck, and the top of your head…
All of the surprise kisses, basically. Lilia isn’t going to be shy with them, popping up behind you and placing a quick peck on your cheek before disappearing once more.
And he’s positively overjoyed when you decide to get him back with surprise kisses of your own…
(You’re pretty certain he knows whenever you’re coming up behind him, but he’s still happy to be the focus of your affections)
It becomes a competition at some point to see who can surprise the other with the most kisses
And while he’s winning by a landslide, you can’t find it in yourself to be bothered by it. After all, your adorable trickster of a boyfriend won’t stop giving you those sweet shows of affection that never fail to make your heart soar each time he does so…
And the soft laughter like chiming bells that follow the soft touch upon your skin is priceless. You can’t help but find yourself looking forward to the next time you’ll hear it…
But the best thing is when you manage to properly surprise Lilia, which is no easy feat.
You figured out how to catch him off guard during a quiet moment between the two of you, laid down together and basking in the calmness of the moment together – hands entwined and a small spell cast by the powerful fae to make it seem like you were resting in the cosmos – the surrounding walls and items hidden in a shroud of darkness speckled with pinpricks of light and painted with soft colours of pink and purple – as if you were resting at the centre of the universe together…
In one moment, the idea had emerged in your mind, the sleepiness of the moment and calmness of the surroundings being too perfect.
It only took a moment to turn and place a soft kiss to his lips.
The expression that spread across his visage was one you’d never forget – wide-eyed surprise with a rare dusting of light pinkish-red spread across his cheeks and managing to reach to his ears.
The look of surprise was an adorably rare sight, enough to make you feel your cheeks heat up as he smiled mischievously back at you…
By the time that you settled down to sleep, Lilia had smothered you in kisses and tickles as a form of payback – and you can be certain that he’ll be a fair bit more competitive in your little competition
“Oh? You caught me off guard, sweetheart? It seems it’s time for payback then~ Come here so I can kiss you!”
Tumblr media
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taiyakimmy · 18 hours ago
the todoroki theory || eraserhead, hawks & fatgum headcanon
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Credits to the owner of the gif!
Title: The Todoroki Theory 
Summary: Shoto's reserved behaviour isn't a 'no thoughts head empty' moment, but rather what he, as well as his classmates, describe as the 'Todoroki Theory'. Today's order of business—does (Y/N) have a secret love child and if so, are they in the school? 
Characters: Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead), Keigo Takami (Hawks), Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fatgum), Vigilante!Fem!Reader, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Mirio Togata, Eri, Fumikage Tokoyami, Eijiro Kirishima, Tamaki Amajiki + the rest of Class 1-A
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Humour (Todoroki being outta pocket), Swearing & Shitposting, BUT ALSO Topics of depression on Fatgum’s ver, so read at you own risk!
A/N: Ever wondered what Icy-Hot's thinking about? He has his big brain moments, which is why I've done three versions; Eraserhead, Hawks & Fatgum! ♡ Do click on the links (spoiler: there’s memes too!) for a better reading experience!
Disclaimer: Be warned—GRAMMAR ERRORS & occasional usage of last names, KIDDOS. I made this on a whim BUT I might make a one-shot/longer ver. for Fatgum’s, we’ll see :) Thanks for stopping by, my dearest cuties and enjoy this lil’ piece! ♡
Tumblr media
Shoto’s been pretty out of it, which was pretty uncharacteristic of him. Izuku wasn't the only one who noticed—the entire class did, even Aizawa-sensei but amazingly, he didn't call him out for it. So, when lunch break came around, his classmates, being good Samaritans of Musutafu, approached him in hopes of getting some answers.
"Ah, my apologies. I've been... thinking, that's all,"
"Mind telling us what it's about?" Todoroki didn't answer, almost a little embarrassed to do so. Before Izuku could reassure that he didn't need to, Shoto finally responded.
"It's about (L/N)-sensei," They quirked their eyebrows—one of the vigilantes who'd stop by the school ever so often?
"Well, what about her?" As soon as Shoto placed his elbows on his desk, hiding the lower half of his face behind his intertwined hands and put on his 'thinking face', they were more than curious.
"Do you think she's related to someone in this school?" He immediately laid his theories out, not even giving them a minute to properly digest before continuing, "I think that certain someone is somebody we know,"
"W-wha-?" Shoto raised his hand, silently requesting his classmates to wait a moment. Instantaneously, they slapped their hands over their own mouths.
"Do you think she has a secret love child?" Despite unable to comprehend his assumption, Izuku being the one to choke on his own saliva, which prompted Todoroki to pat his back as he coughed his lungs out.
"W-who do you think is the love child?" Ochaco tilted her head. Shoto looked out of the window as if he's trying to remember.
"Well," He began.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead)
"I believe it's Hitoshi-san,"
"He's seen with either (L/N)-sensei or Aizawa-sensei most of the time," 
"Orrr, do you think Aizawa-sensei's with her because she's part cat?" Bless Hagakure's soul, her assumption sounded so innocent, but some imagined it as a… less than kid-friendly idea.
Now, Hagakure's not wrong about your quirk, but she's not right either. Your retractable claws and occasional war cry roars are the reasons why many associated you with felines 
Which, yeah, you also love cats, like Aizawa and Shinsou
but you’re also a tough cookie, dammit >:[
Other than that? You look perfectly human!
But, since your first time in U.A., you're seen with Aizawa a lot, whether it's just him or with the addition of teachers like Present Mic or Midnight
So, in order to clear up the confusion 
One of them volunteered to ask Shinsou
and by volunteered
I mean, appointing Izuku as the man
"Shinsou?" He grunted, "Are you somehow related to Aizawa-sensei or (L/N)-sensei?"
Shinsou squinted his eyes, his eyes stared deeply into Izuku's soul.
"What makes you say that?" Shinsou raised an eyebrow, suspicious as he looked at him from head to toe.
'Oh, y'know, (L/N)-sensei's quirk which more or less associates with cats, everyone's unconditional love for felines, each and everyone's evil smirk even though it's how you actually smile...'
Is what he would've said if he was Denki or Mineta, instead,
"Well, no reason," He was unable to convince Shinsou with his nervous chuckle but the latter shrugged it off.
This is what I’m referring to
"Shinsou," Izuku's homeroom teacher called out with his usual bored tone. Shinsou waved at him before following Aizawa elsewhere.
When the day finally ended, class A-1 walked together and passed the faculty room
"This is papa, then there's you, then that's me in the middle of Togata-san and Hitoshi-san!" 
It's Eri!
Everyone took a peek in the room to find everyone she mentioned—you, Aizawa, Mirio and Shinsou huddled up to see the youngster's drawing.
You and Mirio were smiling from ear to ear whereas Aizawa and Shinsou, believe it or not, had the faintest smiles on their faces
"Training's as usual," Aizawa reminded Shinsou
"Then, we can have dinner together," You added, earning small cheers from excitement from both Mirio and Eri
*le gasp in quiet*
You can't convince me that Aizawa doesn’t have some sort of spider (kitty? har har) senses
because as soon as he was caught smiling from 'intruders'
man's eyes glowed red, his scarf ready and on guard
none of his students were fast enough to flee that day
f in the chat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Keigo Takami (Hawks)
Shoto didn’t respond, so they followed his accusatory gaze—Tokoyami.
“Hawks-san and (L/N)-sensei are quite close, aren’t they?” A Y O O O.
lmao. The biggest plot twist of the century.
But, now that he's mentioned it, let’s recap, shall we?
Cue Todoroki and his portable whiteboard that just popped out of nowhere.
Firstly, you and Hawks do have some big ass wings. His majestic red ones—the looming figure was both majestic and intimidating. The owner and his continuous flirtatiousness wooed the crowd, fan or not. A former lady-killer, if you will.
Keyword: former.
Then, you came around. Just your presence alone, wow—an absolute sight to behold. And those wings of yours? WOAH MAMA.
Okay, let me chill.
I don’t act like this, I swear.
Keigo, as did everyone else, were in awe. But unlike him, you were shyer than shy and the last thing you wanted was to be interviewed at every given moment. So, you thought being a vigilante was the way to go, right? But alas, everyone's beginning to recognize the darling with wings from a mile away.
So, when the press learnt that you and Keigo were together?
Honey, nothing could've prepared you for the title they've given you—the hottest winged couple of Musutafu.
Keigo, though? Man's wore that name with absolute PRIDE.
He’d scream it out to the world, if he had to.
Despite being a few years older than him, it's no doubt that he's the dominant one if you catch my drift (〃▽〃)
OKAY, anyway… This is where Tokoyami comes in.
Keigo was hella quick to recruit Tokoyami, no?
So, just like your significant other, he became your responsibility as well.
One thing you and Tokoyami had in common was disliking the idea of being in the spotlight, especially LITERALLY for him.
Mina, for some unknown reason, eagerly supported his theory, showing them a footage of you talking to Keigo while subconsciously stroking Dark Shadow's head
and him obviously loving it.
are you not embarrassed this is really embarrassing
*Dark Shadow has left the chat*
Plus, who is the FIRST person you'd always check up on whenever you'd visit the school?
Fumikage fluffing Tokoyami, that's who.
“My relationships with (L/N)-sensei and Hawks-san are strictly professional,”
His phone chimed.
“you up for dinner with us before we go patrol?” IT'S HAWKS
“Keigo! It’s still Tokoyami’s class hour D:” AND NOW IT’S YOU
“whoops, sorry :P”, Hawks replied as if he and you were bantering
Like.... old… married… couples…
Tokoyami knew it was time to skedaddle and he did just that
Leaving his classmates who, sadly for him, read everything
Tokoyami did, however, attend the dinner with two of you, explaining what happened with the class in embarrassment 
You couldn’t stop apologizing while Keigo, well, he couldn’t stop laughing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧・゚ Taishiro Toyomitsu (Fatgum)
"Kirishima," The red-head sputtered, "Are you and Amajiki-san related in any sort of way?" WHAT-
"W-what?! Why'd you think that?!" Shoto narrowed his eyes when his classmate didn’t deny his statement beforehand, so he pried further with a single word. 
Did Todoroki assume you were Kirishima's mother because of your diamond mimicry quirk? Sure, it's not so different from his Hardening quirk, but what other 'evidences' did he have, and what did Tamaki have to do with it all?
"She is someone I wished I had in my childhood," Now that sounded like tea waiting to be spilt.
So, he did.
How Tamaki's lack of self-worth hit too close to home—how he couldn't see himself out there as a hero when he's practically outshined by many others.
Then, little him came across an article of a hero that more or less resembled his own quirk.
How you called a journalist out for describing your ability as 'mere eye candy' even after saving a building worth of civilians. 
How you reminded the public, quirkless or not, to care less about the people who judge you for trying to do or even be better as a person. 
Kirishima worked hard from then on, and just like you said, to be better.
So, you can imagine how fast his heartbeat was when the first time he and Tamaki met Fatgum, you were there. 
One day, you happened to be around when Kirishima gave Tamaki a pep talk.
The poor third-year wasn't feeling like himself, as usual. 
This marked the first time they've seen your 'mother instinct' kicking in by having quite the deep conversation about self-esteem. 
Unbeknownst to them, Taishiro was listening all along, but he allowed the two to have a moment with you.
He listened and listened good—reminding himself the reason why he loves you in the first place. 
He, too, had his insecurities—what made you fall in love with him, of all people, who were probably waiting to ask for your hand in marriage? 
Your assertiveness not only saved yourself but also saved him and most likely his two pupils. 
Now, whenever Kirishima or Tamaki were feeling out of touch with reality, you were the first person they'd seek out. Tamaki felt like he was betraying his best friend but sometimes, he'd prefer talking it out with an adult, which, in all honesty, was just you or Taishiro.
"Kirishima-san," The entire class jolted before whirling around, only to find Tamaki peeking his head in the class. 
The sheer number of eyes that bored into his soul nearly took out his own soul.
"I need to talk to you," He whispered and in a blink of an eye, Kirishima was right next to him before disappearing with his senior.
Nosey 1-A couldn't help but slide the door open just a little, hearing not two but four voices, including yours and Tetsutetsu.
"Tai-kun and I won't be around for a while, but until then, you three take care of yourselves, alright?" 
'Tai-kun'?! 'Take care'?! 
Are you giving them hugs too?!  
Some cooed, others were still processing
Others like Mineta and Denki, again.
Kirishima and Tamaki escaped to the cafeteria together after you left, not wanting to know what’s in store for them if they return to the class of 1-A
✧・゚: END :・゚✧
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philomena-xi · 2 days ago
Imagine being short...pfft cringe-CRINGE
Also fluffy technoblade superiority :)
Tumblr media
(fine here's the colour version, still hate drawing on my phone)
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jay-jay-the-simp · 2 days ago
Cyno as your lover HCS
So I wrote a Cyno x reader headcanons, and I hope you enjoy it!
- Cyno is definitely the type of boyfriend who doesn’t have much time for you, kinda like Albedo, so don’t expect to be lovey-dovey with him all the time;
- When he does have the time for you, you’ll be rewarded with cuddling, kisses and maybe a few spicy things. Depends on his mood and how his day was!
-Cyno will only kiss you passionately, even outside, he is almost never embarrasse;
- Our little dog boyo acts more childish towards you, sometimes even leaves little pranks for you before going to the Academia, oh boy how much he wishes he was able to see your reactions…
- The guy is really touch starved, but if you’re love language isn’t anywhere near touching, then he’ll respect your boundaries;
- Altough Teyvat is based of off old earth where people were homoph0bic back then, we’ll say that nobody in Genshin is a homoph0be, and here is an example: With and FTM (like myself), Cyno will continue the relationship going, even if you‘re a guy! He‘ll comfort you everyday and say many encouraging words! Don’t expect him ever messing up you’re valid pronouns;
- Cyno Will always call you ‘Dearie’, no matter where you are, he’ll just embarrass you without even realizing!
NSFW Time!
- Cyno loves the cowgirl/doggystyle position, so expect those 2(two) all the time;
- He always does the act with you when Collei is asleep or when she’s away;
- The guy is obsessed with cockwarming, mouth or pu$$y, it’s always super good!
- He is really into Teacher/Student roleplay! Collei always questions why you guys use these professional and revealing clothes when the door is locked;
- He’s very soft with you, unless you don’t want him to be, then he’ll go REALLY rough.
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phantasmiafxndom · 2 days ago
Hello!! I would like to ask about your headcannons on how Leviathan, Satan, and Belphegor feel about having no wings, and maybe how Reader comforts them if there insecure about it.
The vicious, jealous parts of him hate having lost something. Whether he wants them or not, there’s still that lingering awareness that others have something he doesn’t— both the angels and some of his brothers. Leviathan obviously hates feeling left out, and while he tries to not care that he’s missing that part of himself, he sometimes is consumed with the envy of something he’ll never have back. Your praise and attention soothe him, though... not that he’ll bring it up. 
Because he’s never had wings, Satan doesn’t particularly care. How could he miss something that was never there? He’s fine without them and hasn’t suffered any kind of loss, so there’s no reason for it to matter to him. But still, that never had meant that he’s different from his brothers in a way he can never change, and deep down, that sometimes gets to him. He’s not really the type to need comfort over it, but your perpetual acceptance does make him feel a little more like he fits in. 
While he’s never going to miss that part of his existence (save for the loss of someone, not something), Belphegor still does have moments where the feeling of something being missing bothers him. He tries to block those feelings out, reminding himself that he never wants to go back, but still... there are times when it just feels wrong to be without something that used to be his. Comfort, for him, comes in the form of spending time with you and simply being conscious of his better life now. 
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lilliannmac · 2 days ago
A Night to Remember
F!Reader x Multi (Sub Zero, Tundra, Sektor, Smoke and Cyrax)
Warnings  ⚠️  Smut, orgy, gangbang, anal sex, double penetration, oral sex, gay anal sex, creampie, language
❗  There may be spelling/grammar mistakes, I try to catch them all but I might miss some.
I’m honestly not sure how this turned out.  I tried!  It’s pretty hard to write 6 people having sex (IMO) but I did try my best, hopefully it’s not completely terrible.
Tagging: @icy-spicy, @bihansthot, @weirdlittlecorner, @spring-soldier, @singlecelledthot, @onesillybeach, @legends-of-apex, @missroro, @poor-unfortunate-soul-85, @dontunderestimatemypoison
It was late and you were tasked with finishing up the cleaning in the dinning hall for the night.  Sighing as you made your way down the corridor, you were exhausted.  You had already spent the entire day doing laundry, you had hoped when you were sold to the Lin Kuei they'd so easy on you within the first week.  You were wrong.
Before entering the dinning hall you began to hear voices.  Five distinct voices, speaking Chinese.  You stopped in an attempt to hear what they were saying, but they were speaking Chinese and while you could get by if someone spoke to you slowly, you were nowhere near fluent.  You didn't recognize the voices either.
Continuing to walk into the dinning hall you noticed the five men sitting at a table, drinking and conversing.  Once you had laid your eyes on them you knew immediately who they were.  Other maids and servants had told you about them.  The best of the Lin Kuei.
You were told to stay away from Sub Zero and Sektor but the other three were generally if not nice, then at least not cruel.
You glanced in their direction a couple of times as you made your way to one of the tables to begin your cleaning.
You glanced over towards the men again and noticed, who you believes to be Sub Zero and Sektor staring at you.  You blushed a deep red.  The truth was that you would be more than happy to catch the eye of any of the men at that table.
You turned your attention back to your cleaning.  After a couple of minutes, you heard the talking began to quiet, almost like they were whispering something between one another.
You glanced towards the men again and noticed them all looking in your direction this time.  Immediately you turned your attention away from them, your heart began to race.
"You.  Girl.  Come here" you heard a voice say.  You turned your attention to the men once more, you couldn't be sure who it was who spoke, whoever it was spoke English with a strong Chinese accent, so either Sub Zero, Sektor or Tundra.
You put your rags down on the table and wiped your hands on your dress before slowly making your way over to their table.
You stood behind the one you believed was called Smoke and kept your head down.
"What's your name?"  Smoke spoke.
You gave them your name and you noticed Smoke, Sektor, and Cyrax smile while Sub Zero and Sektor remained unreadable.
"You're new here, are you not?"  Cyrax asked.
"Yes sir, I've only been here a week"  you said, keeping your head down.
Cyrax hummed at your response and you heard another man clear his throat, when you looked up, Sektor raised his hand and extending his index finger, beckoning you to him.  Walking around the table to stood in front of him. He moved slightly so his leg was hanging off the end of the bench and he was turned slightly sideways.  Grabbing your arm roughly, he pulled you onto his lap.
He placed a hand under your chin and raised your head slightly, running his hand along your cheek.  "You are quite the beauty"  he spoke.
"Thank you sir" you spoke lowly.
He laughed, and began to run his hand lower, across your collarbone and down to your breast cupping you lightly.  You jumped at the touch slightly, and smiled wickedly.  Continuing to lower his hand until he reached in between your legs, massaging your pussy through the material of your dress and panties.
He growled lowly.  "How would you like to keep me company tonight?"  he spoke.
You nodded, "Of course sir"
"Very good.   And what of my friends, surely you'll take care of them as well?"  he spoke again, removing his hand from in between your legs and grabbing your chin sharply, forcing you to look in their direction.
"Sir?" your heart was racing, surely he wasn't suggesting what you thought he might be suggesting.  You were by no means a virgin, but five men in one night was something you never
"You heard me girl.  You'll keep all of us company tonight.. won't you?"
It wasn't a question.  You nodded.
"Good"  Sektor spoke again.
He began to stand which caused you to stand in turn and be left slightly off balance.  Your head was spinning and you'd be lying if you said you weren't scared.
"Come with us"  Sektor spoke again, and began to lead you down the corridor, with the other four men behind you.
Once you reached a door, Sektor lead you and the others inside.  It was obviously his personal chambers.  It was large and lavish, you hadn't seen a room in the Temple this beautiful yet.  You didn't have much time to admire it however, as Sektor's hand grabbed your arm roughly and turned your around to face him.
"Take your dress off"  Sektor spoke.
You nodded and began to remove your dress, noticing the men also beginning to remove their clothes.  Once your dress was off you stood there, slightly self conscious and keeping your head up but avoiding eye contact.
Sektor took your hand and led you to a plush chair in the corner of his room by the fire place.  He sat down in the chair, and began to pump his cock lightly.
"Well what are you waiting for?  On your knees"
You blushed again and sunk to your knees in front of Sektor and lowered your mouth to his cock.  Sucking on the tip and pumping his shaft firmly.
You heard him moan above you.
As you began to take more of him in your mouth you felt a presence behind you.  Your eyes scanned the room in an attempt to see who it was, unfortunately you could only see Cyrax in your peripheral vision.
You felt a cock line up with your entrance, and you moaned as whoever it was slowly pushed into you.
You heard Sektor laugh from above you.  "You like that don't you?"
You looked up at him as you continued to bob his head on his cock, you moaned again, causing him to throw his head back and cuss.
The man behind you began to thrust his hips harshly.  You reached up and grabbed the arms of the chair, releasing Sektor's cock from your mouth and screaming loudly.
It was a stretch, but it felt so good.  Sektor laughed again and began pumping his cock.  The body behind, reached an arm around your mid section, pulling you flush against his chest.
You turned your head and noticed it was Sub Zero.  You moaned loudly as he slammed his hips particularly hard.  His other hand reached in between your legs and began to massage your clit.  You threw your head back onto his shoulder and bit your lip.
After a couple of minutes, Sub Zero's hips stilled and he removed himself from you completely.  He stood and grabbed your harshly by the arm, forcing you to stand and leading you to the foot of Sektor's large bed.
That's when you noticed Smoke and Tundra and your eyes grew wide.
Tundra was leaning against the door to Sektor's bedroom and Smoke was on his in front of the man with his mouth wrapped around his cock.  Tundra's fist was lightly clenched in Smoke's long hair and Smoke's eyes never left the man above man.
Sektor noticed you watching them and laughed, smiling wickedly.  "You enjoying yourself so far girl?"  he grabbed your chin and forced you to look at him, you nodded.  "Good, on your knees"
You sunk to your knees, glancing back at the two men by the door.  As your knees hit the floor you noticed Tundra's eyes flicker over to you briefly, before looking back down at Smoke.
A dark figure appeared in front of your then, it was Cyrax.  He was pumping his cock firmly and you reached your hand to wrap it around his shaft.  He was thick, your mouth watered, and you could feel yourself becoming wetter You began to suck on his cock and bob your head, when Sub Zero and Sektor appeared on either side of you, pumping their cocks respectively.
You knew what they were asking for and so you reached out with both hands and began to pump their cocks.   You moaned around Cyrax's cock as you attempted to take more of him in your mouth and throat.
Gagging a little you had to pull back, but kept your mouth on Cyrax's cock, bobbing your head.
You closed your eyes and moaned around Cyrax's cock.  That's when you heard the distinctive sound of kissing.  You opened your eyes and looked up to see Sektor and Cyrax locked in a passionate kiss.
Your eyes grew wide again, and you glanced at Sub Zero who was looking down at your with a wicked smirk.  He backed away and grabbed your arm to pull you off of Cyrax's cock, forcing to stand once again.
"On the bed"  he spoke.
You nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, backing up until you were sat in the center.
Sektor and Cyrax broke their kiss, but Cyrax's lips began leaving open mouthed kisses along Sektor's neck while the other man's attention was on you.
Smoke and Tundra has also moved from their position by the door.
Smoke tapped Sub Zero on his arm and Sub Zero moved slightly, so Smoke could crawl onto the bed.
Instinctively, you opened your legs, and your heard some of the men chuckle.
Sektor had said something in Chinese, you couldn't quiet make it out but you thought you heard the word "eager".
Smoke moved so that his face was in between your legs.  Sub Zero had also moved from the foot of the bed to right and climbed onto the bed.
Your eyes were darting from Smoke to Sub Zero, when you felt Smoke's tongue begin to lick at your folds.  You looked down at him, mouth slack and bit your lip to stop from moaning.
"I'll give you something else to do with that mouth of yours"  Sub Zero spoke. You released your lip and he scooted forward on his knees.  You took the tip of his cock in your mouth and began to suck.  You moaned as Smoke licked up your folds and started to suck on your clit.
When you moaned you heard Sub Zero moan above you.
To your left, you noticed Sektor and Cyrax coming into view.  Cyrax reached for a bottle on the nightstand by the bed, as Sektor grabbed a small stool nearby and placed it closer to the bed, kneeling down and placing his hands on the bed.
Cyrax began to oil up his cock and you became fully aware of what exactly they were planning.  You moaned again and Smoke looked up to see your attention on Cyrax and Sektor.
He looked up at Sub Zero, "She really is enjoying herself" he said before licking at your clit once more.
Sub Zero laughed, and you turned your gaze away from the two men for a moment, flickering between Sub Zero and Smoke.
Looking back at the other two, you noticed Cyrax line himself up with Sektor's hole and begin to push in.  Sektor moaned, and gripped the sheets beneath him. Cyrax pulled back slightly, before thrusting back in slowly.
You moaned at the sight, when you felt Smoke pull his mouth away from your want completely.  You removed Sub Zero's cock from your mouth as you watched Smoke get off the bed and move off to the side near the foot of bed, stroking his cock.
You hadn't even noticed Tundra crawling on the bed then, your legs still wide open, he grabbed your hips and lined himself up with your entrance.
Pushing in slowly, you moaned as you looked down, stroking Sub Zero's cock clumsily.
You heard the slapping of hips to your left pick up the pace and turned your head to see Sektor flush against Cyrax's chest, head thrown back on the other man's shoulder in bliss.
Once Tundra has bottomed out inside of your pussy, he stilled for a moment, before almost pulling out completely and then slamming his hips into you.  You threw your head back and moaned loudly.
You heard Tundra moan and Sub Zero laugh.  "Careful brother, don't break her, I'm not finished with her myself"
Tundra continued to thrust his hips forward, moaning as he did so.
You turned your attention then to Sub Zero and began to suck his cock again, causing him to moan and smile wickedly.  "Good girl" he said.
You didn't know where, or who in the room to look at.  You kept glancing from one to other.
After what only seemed like a few minutes but was in reality probably a lot more.  Tundra pulled himself out of you.  Sub Zero has pulled away as well. Sub Zero climbed onto the bed then, "I want you to ride me" he spoke.
You nodded and the two of moved so that Sub Zero laid beneath you.  As you straddled his hips and guided his cock into your pussy, the both of you moaned loudly.
As you began to bounch on Sub Zero's cock, you turned to see Cyrax pulling out of Sektor and the two moving out of sight.  Tundra and Smoke reappeared to your right and Smoke once again dropped to his knees and began sucking Tundra's cock.
Tundra moaned and grabbed Smoke's hair roughly.
That's when you felt a hand on your shoulder, pushing you down so that you were flush against Sub Zero's chest.
Sub Zero stilled, and you felt a cock lining itself up with your ass.
You had never done this before.  Attempting to sit up in protest, you felt that same hand wrap around your mid section, you recognized it to be Cryax, he brought you flush against his chest, and the change in position, caused you to moan, as you still had Sub Zero's aching cock inside of you.
"It might hurt for a second but I promise it will feel so good"  he spoke.
You took a deep breath and nodded.  Cyrax then moved his hand back to your shoulder and gently pushed you back down.  Placing your hands on either side of Sub Zero's head, he reached up with one hand turned you to face him.
Staring into his icy blue eyes, you couldn't resist yourself.  Slamming your lips to his, he eagerly reciprocated the kiss, as you opened your mouth to allow his tongue to meet yours.
At that moment, you felt Cyrax push into your hole and you broke the kiss with Sub Zero.
"Shit.." you whispered.  It hurt, the more he pushed in, the more it seemed to sting.  More than anything it felt.. strange.  Not necessarily in a bad way, just different.
Sub Zero began to slowly thrust his hips upwards, unable to wait any longer. One Cryax was fully seethed in your ass, he still for a moment, before he began to very gently, and very slowly find a rhythm, thrusting his hips forward.
After a couple of minutes of both men moving slowly and carefully, you spoke, "Faster.. please.."
Sub Zero breathed out a laugh and both men began to pick up the pace once again.
You screamed loudly as they matched their thrusts, slamming inside of you at a relentless pace.
You fisted the bed sheets tightly, you could feel your release coming.  Cyrax seemed to pick up on the fact that you were close and he reached a hand in between your legs and began to rub your clit in time with their thrusts.
You moaned loudly and it wasn't long before your vision went white and you were seeing stars.  Your head fell on Sub Zero's shoulder as the two men continued to pound into you.
After a few moments, and you began to see clearly again, Cyrax removed himself from you and Sub Zero lifted you by the hips and moved off the bed himself.
You turned to lay on your back, completely exhausted but fully aware, they weren't finished.
That's when Tundra climbed onto the bed.  Parting your legs and lining himself up with your pussy, he pushed in slowly, wasting no time.
You reached behind your to grab at the pillows beneath you, the over stimulation was almost too much.  Throwing your head back, you moaned loudly, not noticing that Smoke had climbed onto the bed near your head.
You reached over and grabbed his shaft and began to stroke it firmly.  Moving closer towards you, it allowed you to begin sucking the head of his cock.
Bobbing your head up and down, moaning as you did so.  You looked up to see the two men kissing, you moaned as Tundra thrust into roughly.  They broke the kiss and Tundra gave a couple more deep shallow thrusts before he removed himself from your pussy.
Getting off the bed, he moved out of sight, and Smoke moved from the side of the bed to in between your legs.
He lined himself up with your pussy and pushing in roughly, moaning as he did so.
He continued to slam into you, the two of you moaning as he did so.
"I'm close" you heard him speak and you looked towards him, biting your lip as you did so.
A couple more thrusts had him spilling his seed inside of you.  He moaned loudly, his breath catching in his throat and his finger nails digging into your hips.
You moaned at the feeling of him filling you up this way, your breath uneven, you reached in between your legs to massage your clit once more.
He looked down at you and smiled, before pulling out completely.
"My turn" you heard Sektor's voice speak next.
He crawled onto the bed and pushed into your pussy sharply.  You moaned loudly, as he began to thrust up into you frantically.
He was already close, you vaguely saw pre-cum on his cock before he pushed into you.  Moaning loudly and continuing to rub at your clit, you felt your second release coming.
"Faster.. please.."
Sektor adjusted his stance slightly, before slamming into you harder and faster.  It wasn't long before you were seeing stars once more.  Your pussy clenching at your orgasm sent Sektor over the edge himself and him too spilling his seed into your pussy.
He looked down at you briefly before pulling out and getting off the bed.
It was Cyrax now, climbing on the bed and positioning himself with your ass.  He pushed in slowly, grunting as he did so.
He began to move his hips in a rhythmic fashion, neither gentle nor harshly.  You appreciated the pace, considering you were spent already.
After a few minutes however, his pace quickened and his thrusts became uneven.  He gripped your hips tightly and stilled, emptying his seed deep in your ass.
He breathed out a satisfied sigh and leaned down to place a quick kiss on your lips.  You both smiled at the contact.
When he pulled himself out of you, and got off the bed.  He gathered his things and began to leave the room, leaving you alone with Sub Zero and Tundra. Walking to the bed, Sub Zero grabbed your ankles and pulled you down to the end of the bed.  Your feet hit the floor and you sat up.
"On your knees"  Tundra spoke.
You did as instructed, getting to your knees you could feel the cum dripping down your legs.
Tundra moved closer to you first and you opened your mouth to welcome his cock.  Sucking at the tip first before taking more into your mouth.
You moaned around his cock, and reached glanced to see Sub Zero standing nearby stroking his own cock.
Picking up the pace on Tundra's cock, you looked up at the younger cryomancer, before burying his cock all the way in your throat, gagging a little as you did so.
He moaned loudly but pulled himself out of your mouth, pumping his cock a few times before cumming on your face.
You closed your eyes instinctively and felt his cold seed paint your face.  Your tongue darted out a few times and tasting his cum.  You felt a cock at your lips then and opened your eyes, to see Tundra still in front of you.  Taking the head of his cock back into your mouth you sucked a few times before Tundra backed away.
He walked over to some fresh towels and then back to you, handing it to you.  You wiped your face briefly as Tundra walked away.
Sub Zero stepped closer then, pumping his cock and lining it up with your mouth.
Taking his cock into your mouth, you felt him place his heads on either side of your head, keeping you still.
He began to thrust his hips forward slowly, at first, but began to pick up the pace gradually.
Your hands reached around his thighs and held on as he continued to throat fuck you.  You moaned around his cock, and looked up to him looking directly at you, mouth slack and his eyes were unlike you had ever seen.
His thrusts became almost erratic before he stilled and emptied himself down your throat.  Your gag reflex kicked in then and you began to choke.  Ignoring your please, he pressed himself further into you, if that was even possible, but only for a moment before he released his cock from your mouth.
You began to cough and sputter out cum.  Your throat was tender and your breathing was uneven.
You heard Sub Zero laugh as he moved to gather his clothes from the floor. "Don't worry about the sheets, I'll send another maid to clean up the mess you made" he said, smirking.
"Yes sir" you said, while attempting to stand.  You were slightly dizzy and settled for sitting on the edge of the bed.
Sub Zero gave you a sly, "You can have the day off tomorrow", he spoke.  He opened the door to Sektor's room and stepped into the doorway, "But I expect you in my chambers tomorrow night"
You blushed and looked away as he left you there alone to contemplate what exactly had just happened.
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Tumblr media
Adult friday evening activities ✌
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profeyandere · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday! | Frank Adler
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.6k
Pairing: Frank Adler x Fem!Reader
Warning: None
English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistake and if you can help me improve it, I will greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it :D
Link to my Wattpad account to read it in Spanish:
My hands went fast as I saw the great moment approaching. The youngest of the Adlers was eight years old and I had been entrusted with the great mission of celebrating it in my house at the request of her uncle and Roberta, who specified what I had to bake so that the little one felt special on one of the most special days of her life.
I had met the Adlers shortly after moving in as the girl moved to the wrong house and went straight to mine thinking that she was his after a hard day working with the Scouts.
The excuse her uncle had for me not to get angry was that both houses were very similar, and she did not deny it, but the colours were a little more different besides that his house was closer to Roberta's than the one. mine; even so I did not give much thought to the mistake and forgot the matter in a matter of minutes.
I looked at the list Frank gave me last week, where it was written what the girl wanted to eat for her birthday. Cake with a drawing of the Disney princesses, cupcakes in the shape of unicorns and a special cupcake so that her cat Fred, along with her other two cats, could eat it.
They commissioned me to do things that I thought I would never do in my life, in addition to the fact that it only occurred to me to leave everything to the last minute, a fairly common mistake.
At five they had to get to my house and it was three-thirty. I had barely finished making the cake batter and the cupcakes hadn't even started. At least, the cupcakes for the cats were made and already cold in my fridge completely covered in a plastic container.
I put the cake dough in the oven, with its respective mould, and later I heard three knocks on my door that warned me that they had probably already arrived to enjoy the birthday.
"If it isn't even four o'clock!" I yelled, praying they weren't my two neighbours.
"I know it's not four o'clock, but maybe you need help," a familiar voice said on the other side. I thanked the one above for listening to that woman.
I went to the door and opened it, meeting the maternal smile of Roberta, who was holding a couple of shopping bags in her hands.
"Do you need help, honey?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, to which I did not hesitate to nod with a desperate smile.
I let her pass and she headed for her kitchen mess, following her, leaving the shopping bags on the floor where she had some papers for the cupcakes and some packets of yeast.
"What a mess you have here. Let's see, I'll be making the dough for the cupcakes while you clean the whole kitchen and living room" She ordered as she pointed out all the dirty places around my house. "You told me that your table was folding so, you are going to open it a little more, and you are going to put in different bowls what I have bought" I nodded as she went to a cabinet where she had the cleaning products, taking out the mop and broom. "As soon as you finish, you will be decorating the cake that you are baking." I nodded quickly again as she started me to do the tasks that she had told me.
Blessed be this woman and her great planning skills.
I swept and scrubbed the entire kitchen so that Roberta had more space and could do her magic more to her liking, while she did a deep cleaning in my fridge, throwing things away that I didn't even know how long had been there.
I continued through the room, sweeping up all the wrapping paper waste since the gift she was going to give Mary had taken me almost half my life to wrap.
My rounds around the house didn't stop until I had a full table for a snack with the Adlers and the landlady, leaving relatively large gaps for the baked goods.
"The cake is ready, (Y / N)," the landlady told me.
I turned around and went back to the kitchen, taking out the large rectangular cake that took up most of the oven, beginning to decorate it with icing, fondant, different coloured chips and, above all, with small chocolate balls.
Seeing the large cake decorated with the different figures of the Disney princesses and what characterized each one made my mouth water.
Snow White was accompanied by different coloured little houses simulating dwarfs, Bella had in her hands a small book whose cover had the number pi, courtesy of the house since the little girl loved mathematics, and many others which I cannot name because I'd be commenting for half my life.
They were all on the chocolate cake that was covered in a yellow layer, which was white chocolate with yellow food colouring. They were located randomly, but what stood out the most about the big cake was the supposed river, which it had created with more chocolate and too much blue food colouring, that formed the name of Mary.
"You have done very well, now leave it on the table and help me a little with the muffins. These are so special."
I rolled my eyes and did what she told me to do. I looked at the kitchen clock for a few seconds once I had returned to help Roberta and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets due to the time it was marking, it was almost five o'clock and I had barely been able to put the first batch of cupcakes in the oven.
Mary would be very angry with me.
"Don't worry, a few minutes ago Frank told me he had problems with Mary. He seems that he does not want to leave the house," she commented putting a hand on my shoulder, making my gaze still not change. "Maybe he needs a little nudge from his uncle, but don't worry, he won't get mad if the muffins aren't ready."
"They are cupcakes, Roberta," I corrected taking off the small apron that I used to bake, which was full of cheerful colours.
"It is a cupcake, they have always been called that." She said raising her hands with a slight smile. "Do me a favour and go get the two of Adlers, because it looks like Frank won't make her leave her room."
I shook my head slightly, rolling my eyes and smiling slightly.
I untied the knot from my apron and took it off, later hanging it on a small hanger I had in the kitchen.
I put on the first slippers I could find and left my house in the direction of Frank and Mary's, which was a couple of houses to the right.
My steps were fast. I ran the meters that separated us until I reached Adler's house.
"I don't want to!" I heard little Mary scream from inside, followed by a slam of the door.
I frowned slightly and walked up the steps to the door. I knocked on it four times, and after a few seconds, Frank opened the door for me.
The poor man had a face of despair.
"I'm sorry if we're not ready yet, it's that a certain person doesn't want to go." He said raising his voice in the last words for his niece to hear. "Sorry, come in."
He backed away from the door, walking into his house. I followed in his footsteps, closing the door carefully and greeting Fred, Loui and Chili in the process until I reached the threshold of the door that separated the kitchen from the living room.
"I'm sorry you have to come and tell us," he apologized, picking up the Lego pieces that he had scattered from the ground.
"Don't beat yourself up, it's fine," I told him when I saw how his face didn't change, he seemed to be attacked by nerves.
"Come on, Mary, get dressed or we won't make it to the party!" Frank yelled as he knocked on the door of his niece's room.
I peeked through the door that connected the kitchen to the living room and seeing the situation the two Adlers were in, I couldn't help but smile.
Frank was almost fully dressed, except for the missing shirt and Mary did not deign to go out since, according to her, there was nothing special about going to my house to celebrate her birthday since we could celebrate it at her house.
"I could try?" I asked to see how his face remained serious. "So at least you can finish dressing," I pointed with my index finger at his torso, which was covered a couple of seconds later by a shirt that was on the couch.
"Go ahead, see if you can make her change her mind."
I crossed the small room they had until I reached the door that separated us from little Mary. I knocked softly on her door twice, so that she understood that now it would not be Frank who would speak.
"I don't want to go," I heard her say in the form of a tantrum,
"That breaks my heart, Mary, I thought we were friends," she answered as she bent me down, putting me in a squatting position.
"And we are, but you are not going to want my cats to be with us in your house," she said apologetically, while she listened as she got up from the ground.
"What do you mean not? But if I have even made a cake for each one, they even have different colours so that we can differentiate them," I commented. Then I was relieved to hear how she unlocked the door so that later she would open it.
"Really?" She asked, to which I just nodded. "Okay, so he lets me put my shoes on and we go."
I nodded again with a big smile. I got up and looked at Frank as he listened to Mary run towards her slippers.
"I still don't explain how you get me to do it," she murmured, staring at me, a slight smile on her lips.
"I have tamed you," I said sticking out my tongue in a playful way, making a small laugh leave his lips. "Just kidding, I have a special gift where I control the little minds of children."
He raised a smile and, jokingly, Mary left completely ready for her little birthday party.
Frank and I took care of carrying the cats in our arms while Mary took the lead by having her uncle's present in a small bag.
"Roberta!" Shouted the little her as she banged hard on the front door of my house, getting a scolding from her uncle for her blows.
The woman at my house opened the door and let the three of us go inside. Frank and I went into the living room, which was also a dining room, and laid the cat trio on my couch.
"Of princesses!" The blonde girl yelled as she saw the cake she had prepared.
Why deny it? The birthday was a success.
Mary blew out her candles, brought by her uncle, and made a wish before beginning to ask that she also blow out the candles on the cupcakes for the trio of cats, which we could not deny because she put her candles on the cupcakes and was blowing three more times your candle before letting your pets eat quietly.
The gifts were immediate. Frank had bought her a big kit to play with the teachers, having a whiteboard to paint with a marker, a small robe, fake glasses and different books that were about mathematics because of the great desire that she had the little girl.
Roberta along with the two of us bought her the Wii U so that she could start to entertain herself with other things and discover the wonderful world of games. The two games we bought her were Just Dance and La Voz, which she loved as she didn't stop talking about the great scores she would get.
The last one was mine.
"Without fear, it is not so fragile" I said putting my gift on my sofa, making it cover most of it.
It didn't take long for her to tear up the paper and her gaze lit up. It was my old piano keyboard, which my mother gave me ten years ago, but luckily it was barely noticeable due to the continuous maintenance it had.
"My God!" She screamed sitting on the couch and putting the keyboard on her legs. "It's cool. Where did you get it?"
"It's mine, well, it was because now it's all yours."
I noticed how a large hand encircled my forearm and dragged me to the kitchen. I looked at Frank who seemed to have a face between annoyance and happiness.
"You didn't have to give it to him, it's yours and on top of that it was a gift from your mother," he said, putting his hands on his waist.
"I do not care. I have not used it for a while now that I have become fond of cooking and, also, I have the violin that I asked Santa Claus a couple of months ago," I commented with a big smile.
The Adlers saved money to buy me the violin I saw once we went to see the toys so Mary could write it on her Christmas letter.
"In any case, it's yours," I stared into his eyes.
"Everything mine is yours and you know it well," with my index finger I tapped him gently on the tip of his nose, making a smile appear on his lips.
"Of course I know," she placed her hands on her waist, drawing me to him.
"Well, then don't complain and enjoy your niece's birthday."
And so we spent Mary's birthday, with laughter, various songs and dances, private math classes from the little girl, and a little piano and violin duet.
The latter was not very successful since poor Mary was playing every button on the keyboard, but in the end, everything was great.
Nobody can stop the curiosity of a child.
"Then, the X moves to the right," explained the young teacher, turning around towards her blackboard.
"Thank you for bothering so much to do this (Y / N). I owe you my life," he whispered, taking my hand from under the dining room table.
"Seeing you happy is more than enough," I murmured under his breath to later share a small kiss.
"You two, out of class!" We heard Mary scream, who had caught us fully in our task of showing us affection. "If you want to do or talk about something after my class, these adults do not change."
Roberta's disapproving look was immediate, causing us both to look at her in surprise.
Yes, this has undoubtedly been one of the best birthdays I have ever attended.
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learn to love
chapter 12 - heartbreaker
summary: steve and y/n don’t get along. now, they have to.
pairings: au!steve rogers x fem!reader
warnings: DRUNK DRIVING, alcohol, depressive feelings/episode, general angst
a/n: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never drink and drive. it’s never worth it.
series masterlist
Tumblr media
steve had a rough summer, to say the least. after wallowing in self pity for a few days, he fell into a routine. he did just enough to get by at work, then would release his tensions at the gym before going home and drinking whatever bottle of alcohol he had grabbed from the grocery store in a futile attempt to forget her. when he closed his eyes, all he saw was her. when he tossed and turned in bed at night, her smell lingered. he didn’t know where it wafted in from or if it was just a figment of his imagination, but he reveled in every moment of it. on the rare night that he was sober, he would take his motorcycle out for a ride through the city. the fresh air cleared his head.
almost three months after he had returned from the trip, he finally began to unpack his suitcase which had been thrown in the hallway closet. he began shoveling the clothing into a laundry hamper when he came across the shirt she had worn to sleep. he ran his fingertips over the faded graphic. he could taste their champagne laced kiss on his tongue. he closed his eyes and released a deep breath. he felt his cells tingling as he relived the moment; the feeling her waist under his hands, the smell of the blooming flowers and the aftermath of rain, the way the dim lighting caused her eyelashes to cast a shadow on her face.
“oh, y/n,” he whispered.
he had never gotten his heart broken, before. he had always been the heartbreaker. he had never felt pain akin to the one that he was experiencing. it was as though he had left a piece of him on the curb outside of her apartment with her and her belongings. why didn’t she want him? what was holding her back?
often enough, he wondered where he went wrong. the question bounced around his head when he would thumb through his camera roll, looking at pictures of her, when he would be on his commute to work, and when he was in the shower.
the scalding water thrummed against his back as he washed the shampoo out of his hair. the temperature was almost painful, but he didn’t notice. suddenly, he heard her laughter ringing around the house. he paused, making sure he was hearing correctly.
“y/n?” he called out. he strained as he searched for her voice. he was craving her. he turned the water off, trying to hear better. “y/n?” no reply. he stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around his hips. he threw open the bathroom door and stepped out into his apartment. “y/n?” he looked around and discovered that his tv was on. she was not there.
he sat down on the couch and switched the tv off with the remote. he put his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands for a moment. where did i go wrong? he thought.
that night, he drank more than he usually did. his foggy mind decided that he wanted to go out for a ride. he looked at himself in the mirror above his dresser. he didn’t know who was staring back at him. he had bulked up due to the hours at the gym. he shrugged on his leather jacket and a pair of shoes, tucked his helmet under his arm and went off to the parking garage.
the drive started off as smooth as it could be in his inebriated state. the roads were mostly empty, the faint sounds of traffic in the distance. the fresh air wasn’t clearing his thoughts. he felt like he was being suffocated. he switched gears and accelerated. then, he saw it out of the corner of his eye; a cat. it darted out in front of him. he slammed on the brakes and attempted to maneuver the motorcycle to skid to halt, but he lost control. it slid onto its side and out from under him. he rolled to absorb the impact and saw, just in time, the motorcycle hitting a pole.
he stood up, catching his breath and patting his stomach and his sides. he examined himself. there was not a scratch on him. he released a shaky breath and approached the motorcycle. on the other side of it, the cat sat. it meowed at steve.
he sat down on the curb and removed his helmet, scratching the back of his head. he couldn’t process what had just happened. he reached into the inner pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone. the screen illuminated his face in a wash of blue light. he went to his recent calls, clicked on the contact on the top, and put his phone to his ear. he pressed his other hand against his thigh to keep it from shaking.
“hey, man. can you pick me up?”
sam came to steve’s rescue in his truck. they loaded the totaled motorcycle into his trunk and drove to sam’s place in silence. sam unlocked the front door and gestured for his friend to enter. “we’ll talk in the morning,” he told him.
he nodded while nudging his shoes off then headed for the couch. he draped his jacket over the arm and grabbed a throw pillow to clutch against his chest. he closed his eyes and when he fell asleep, he dreamt of y/n.
the following morning, sam woke steve up. the blond freshened up in the bathroom and returned to a cup of coffee. “what you did last night was unacceptable,” sam told him. “you could’ve gotten hurt or you could’ve died. what if there was a car? you could’ve killed somebody, steve.” the man stood with his arms crossed, leaning against the counter. “what’s going on with you?”
“i keep asking myself that,” steve answered. “i don’t know.”
“well, you have two options. go to rehab or i’ll file a police report. you can’t go on like this. you’ve been drinking heavily since you came back from bos-”
“i know,” steve cut him off. “you’re right, sam. it’s time for a change.”
and so steve took sam’s advice. he took a leave of absence from work and checked into rehab. he stayed there for two weeks and when he checked out, he felt more at peace with himself. his heart was still captivated by y/n, but his thoughts were no longer completely plagued by her. he would still lie awake at night thinking about her soft skin and the twinkle in her eyes right before she told a joke. most of the time, he was able to shake the thoughts off, turn onto his side, and fall fast asleep.
that is, until he saw her at sam’s house. the second he saw natasha enter his heart began racing. he didn’t see her but he could feel her heart calling out to his. he nervously greeted natasha and began fidgeting with a napkin. a minute later, she entered with sam, eyes trained on the ground. he couldn’t tear his gaze away from her. she looked up, her eyes meeting his. the floodgates opened and all his feelings for her came rushing back.
Tumblr media
infinity tags:
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For the yandere prompts, could I get P + Risotto? Thanks! -🦉
P - Puddles. There were puddles of crimson everywhere. It soaked into the floorboards, only to lead to a smile I once loved.
The fire was spreading too fast.
The screams of your village people rang through your ears as you stumbled over the familiar cobblestone walkways you'd grown up with, your head swimming dizzily as blood seeped from the wound at your temple. You had barely managed to get away from the Orc that had captured you, the reminder of their hands on your body, hot and soaked with blood causing you to heave and clutch a nearby wall for support. You knew you would have to run if you wanted to survive - the chaos and bloodshed happening around you wouldn't halt simply to give you peace to calculate your next action. 'How could it have come to this?' You wondered to yourself, helplessly gazing around, spotting several buildings that were all too achingly familiar to your weary heart. The heat of the flames flickered all around you and with each inhalation into your tired lungs, you could feel the strain and struggle from how much smoke entered your body.
"I need to keep moving... can't stall... got to survive," The words were a mantra under your breath, expending energy to psyche yourself up despite what precious little you had. Your entire body throbbed with pain, the adrenaline surging through your figure unable to keep up with how sluggish your movements were becoming from how hard and how long you'd been trying to fight. Pushing yourself away from the wall, you barely manage to dodge the cleaving strike of a sword, more blood splashing from the freshly made corpse beside you. You swallowed a scream and scrambled, your leg throbbing with pain as you desperately tried to run. There was no strength in your body, however, and soon you crumbled to the floor when something hard hit between your shoulder blades. The breath was knocked out of you and you wheezed to capture the smoke-filled oxygen around you, fingers gripping the blood-soaked stone beneath you to try and pull your body along.
Your struggles did not last long. A heavy foot planted itself in the centre of your back, forcefully pinning you to the ground and stopping your desperate attempts at freedom, "Stop squirming. It'd be best if you didn't try to run. I would hate to kill ya if you were the one we're lookin' fer," The heavy brogue of the Orc above you felt like it vibrated down his leg and across your back, shivers of pain and fear echoing through your entire body. You choked back the scream of rage that wanted to rip from your throat, especially when the foot on your back pinned you down with more of the Orc's weight.
From the corners of your eyes, you saw the escaping figures of dozens of humans; parents clutched their children to their chests, some rode horses to flee fast, a handful struggled, limping and wounded or helping their wounded friend, family, loved one out of the blazing inferno that encompassed the village. Your heart leapt into the back of your throat when you realised that not a single one looked back or tried to help, though you couldn't blame them for trying to save themselves and the people they loved. Perhaps it was your own fault, for you had never truly grown close to anyone in the village of your birth, not after your best friend was cast out and proclaimed a murderer in front of the council. The evidence had stacked against him, and at the time you were certain that the other village folk were trying to frame the kind Orc boy you had befriended as a child - only for him to confess to the entire thing without batting an eye. You still remembered how calm he had been, the details with which he'd spoken of his crimes, and when asked for the reason?
"They tried to take what's mine. Of course I had to get rid of them."
You shuddered as the memory came to you unbidden, recalling how he had turned his gaze to you, staring at you with the intensity of an obsessive love which you would never - could never - reciprocate. You had been too embarrassed that you had believed in Risotto's innocence, so much so that you had isolated yourself from the rest of the village. It may have been several years since that day, but your shame had never lessened, even if the villagers had all since then forgiven you and tried to invite you to join in their gatherings once more. Shaking yourself out of your guilty memories, you turned your head to face the other side of the village, hoping that you could gaze upon the golden wheat fields you had wiled too many days in. Now it was a field of orange flames and thick black smoke, the stalks of this years wheat withered and blackened as the fire fed on their corpses. Every breath that passed your lips was a concerning wheeze, but you didn't care, your eyes locked on the sight of the crops being engulfed and destroyed. 'The farmers and their families worked hard for that wheat,' you thought blearily, tears stinging your burning gaze, 'The harvest festival was meant to be next week... would I have gone this year with one of the men who asked? Would I have allowed myself that joy despite my pride?'
You supposed it didn't matter anymore. The village would be burned to the ground by the following morning, and all those who died there would be left to rot in the embers.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the Orc standing on your back, his voice gruff as he muttered an "Alley-oop. No strugglin'. I don't want to have to chase ya again," before hefting your limp body over his shoulder. You bit the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from screaming, the instinct to cry for help. The armour they wore dug into your abdomen, but you didn't dare try to shift your weight, lest they believed you were trying to make another chance at escape. You were silent as you were carried through the burning streets of your home, the Orc muttering something you couldn't hear over the blazing inferno surrounding you. The crackle of the fire, the smell of smoke and burning flesh, the bodies and blood you could catch from the corners of your eyes. There were children wailing next to bleeding bodies, their faces distraught as they held onto the clothing of what could be a parent, a sibling, or the person who saved them before they were killed before their very eyes. The sight of the carnage made you ill, anger stirring in the pit of your gut at the callous cruelty of the Orcs that had raided your village, your hands clenched so tightly into fists that the skin of your palms broke beneath your nails. Your blood dripped onto the floor, nearly sizzling from the heat of the cobblestone walkways, melding with the copious red fluid that stained them and pooled between the uneven cracks.
It didn't take long for you and your captor to make it through the tiny village and into a nearby building, one you recognised blearily as the mayors house. Aside from some damage to the front, it seemed relatively unscathed. You furrowed your brows, confused, only for the Orc carrying you to step past the broken wooden doors and into the foyer, and you had to hold back the urge to vomit from the sheer stench of death that coated the place. Blood, thick and rotting, coated the walls and floors as you were carried through them, decaying bodies from days ago bloated and furled every which way within the once pristine home. You realised that they all must have perished at least a week ago, the fact that the Orcs had been here, planning this raid, probably hiding in the mayor's home for who knew how long, sent shivers of pure fear down your spine. You could hear the sniffling and sobbing of several other villagers, saw their teary faces as you made your way through the winding hallways, each of them being held close to an Orc, as if they had been claimed as collateral damage. Some of them you recognised, their eyes looking at you with pity, the anxiety in your chest doubling as they couldn't bring themselves to meet your terrified gaze.
When you reached the largest door in the house, your captor paused and knocked strongly, his fist nearly crunching through the wood from the strength. There was a low, familiar voice rumbling out a "Come in," from the other side of the door, and you felt as if your mind might spiral into a void of despair. The Orc brought you inside, hefting your limp body up and off of their shoulder, their voice leery as they spoke to the one man you had hoped never to see again, "Here ya go, Chief. Brought exactly the human you wanted me to - was a little difficult cuz they're a fighter, but at least they're 'ere, ey?"
Puddles. There were puddles of crimson everywhere. More blood than you could have imagined coming from a singular person filling the space that was once an office and staining everything it touched. The desk you had seen the mayor sitting behind stood in it, creaking and red like the floor, practically sinking into it like a ship in a raging ocean. It soaked into the floorboards, and you were certain that even the fire would be unable to burn the damp wood from how much blood there was, stinking of iron and leaving you feeling sick to your stomach. A chuckle came from the desk - or well, the man sitting behind it, and you swallowed thickly, clenching your hands in your filthy clothing as you tried to calm the rapid pace of your heart, "Well done. You can leave us be. Tell the others to prepare to leave at daybreak tomorrow," His voice was achingly familiar, a deep brogue that once brought you comfort now only bloomed horror in your heart. Your eyes flickered with terror, your gaze trapped on the sight of viscera right in front of you before you allowed your gaze to wander upwards when you heard the scrape of a large chair being pushed back, "It's good to see you, tesore. Too long have I waited to have you here once again. I have travelled far and wide, only for my path to lead to a smile I once loved..."
"Risotto..." You murmured softly, your eyes locking onto a red and black gaze, fear trembling through your veins at the cold look on his face. For a moment, you thought he might kill you, his steps slow and purposeful as he came towards your trembling figure, eyeing you, studying you, as if he were weighing what to do with you next, "Why... what do you want from me?" You already knew that the answer to your question would frighten you, your voice pathetically shaky as you came face to face with the man you feared the most in this world. He smiled at you, though, something falsely tender, tusks large and gleaming, and you realised how different he looked now that Risotto had allowed his more Orcish features to grow, "Why did you do all of this?" You whispered, shivering when his hand cupped your cheek, a large thumb rubbing over your skin, feeling the tacky blood that had dried and crusted over the softness that he'd ached so long to touch.
Risotto hummed idly and shrugged, "Well, what else was I meant to do when I couldn't take you with me all those years ago? I gathered a clan of my own just to come and get you. You're mine, after all," You shuddered and swallowed thickly, the gleam of maddened obsession clear in Risotto's eyes, his hold on your cheek becoming tight as he sighed lowly, "And you're going to have to prove that all this effort was worth it, tesore."
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bolontiku · a day ago
"Heaven Undeserved"
Characters: Bucky, reader
Posted: Sep 22nd
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Tumblr media
He didn't deserve this.
Not you. 
Not the way you seemed to brighten at seeing him. Or the way you smelled like lilies. How soft you were in his arms. And god he loved to grab any part of you, your ample ass was just his favorite. If he could tug you in close, his hands would be on your hips, waist, or ass. 
You always squirmed a bit too, which he loved. The little noise you would make, the way your face turned a little warmer under his lips. You tasted like heaven, he was sure of it. Strawberries and cream, god he wished he was better at this. 
You tugged on the collar of his uniform, licking into his mouth, kiss turning hotter as he leaned into you. He could spend all day kissing you, as it was someone interrupted by clearing their throat.
"C'mon you two, we have a debriefing to get to."
You smiled against Bucky's lips as he grumbled. "Lets go lover boy"
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