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[Y/N pointing at Natasha]: Okay Romanoff, here is the deal.
Natasha: …
Y/N: We are gonna fight, I mean punches and kicks and whatever.
[Natasha raises her eyebrows]: …
Y/N: If I lose the fight I’ll buy us dinner tonight. If you win you can choose the restaurant. Meet me at the gym in 10.
[Y/N leaves the room]
[Clint looks at Natasha]: Did she just ask you out in the weirdest way ever?
╴╴╴╴╴⊹ꮺ˚ ╴╴╴╴╴⊹˚ ╴╴╴╴˚ೃ ╴╴
[Later, Y/N with a broken nose on their date]
Y/N: Definitely worthy.
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Y/N: [burst into the room and slams door shut clearly panicked]
Steve: oh my god, what did you do?
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I had this idea when I was having lunch so I rushed to write it down.
What if Genshin Impact characters are self-aware and when you play with them, they sense your aura, but one day you let your friend play with your Genshin Impact account and this is the cause of concern for your characters.
Fandom: Genshin Impact!
Type: Hcs!
Warnings: A little yandere.
Character: Childe/Albedo/Venti/Aether/Zhongli x Reader!
Note: English is not my native language, so sorry for any spelling errors.
Tumblr media
Under the maple tree, Aether took a quick nap to be ready for a new adventure with you, and when he woke up you opened the game.
Since your journey began with him, he will surely be the first to notice the difference in your aura.
He will be overwhelmed with negative thoughts about something bad that happened to you.(Try to comfort this cute puppy)
He tries as much as possible not to panic and don't call you all over Teyvat Continent so as not to be called him crazy.
Even if he's not on your team, he'll still think of you and call on the Archons to stay safe.
Your friend complains about the difficulty of playing with him, his inflexibility and the anxious facial features of the traveler.
As soon as your friend finishes playing and you take over, the smile will return to the face of Aether, and he will say sentences in which he praises you and expresses how long he is happy to have you back.
"I can't lose you again..."
Tumblr media
Venti was playing his guitar tune under a huge tree, enjoying the cool shadows and the cool breeze.
He has memorized your entry times so while you are offline he spends his time composing new songs to sing to you while you are traveling.
It's time to be online so He ready to welcome you.
He was surprised when he was met by an unknown aura and a voice he had never heard before, calling out his esteemed name.
While your friend is enjoying playing with Venti which he couldn't get due to a 50/50 loss, notice Venti throwing sarcastic words at him.
Your friend was surprised by the matter and called you to inquire if this was included in the list of phrases in the game.
As you approach the computer, your aura reaches Venti and he hears your words. Only then does he understand the matter and make sure he apologizes to your friend.
"If someone tries to take you from me, the wind will tell me at once."
Tumblr media
Child in short will be angry.
Ginger's head is accustomed to feeling your comforting aura around it while traveling, fighting, or just wandering around Teyvat.
When you let your friend play with your account,The eleventh harbinger didn't satisfy him because the force that was flowing through his body was no longer there.
At first he thought that something bad happened to you, so he kept thinking of a plan to eliminate this stranger.
Of course there will be sarcasm and mockery from Ginger's head about how poor your friend is at play and Child's wish to bring you back.
Your friend took Child to fight in the dungeon so you sat next to him watching him and shouting his name to win.
He was fighting valiantly in the hands of your friend and his damage to enemies is not as usual, but hearing your voice made the damage rise dramatically and achieve high numbers.
"I will kill everyone, no matter their position, for you..."
Tumblr media
During a sip of tea, Morax notices a significant change in the aura around Liyue.
Standing from the chair, facing the mountains, watching the sky as if looking at you from behind a computer screen.
Once your friend starts playing with him, Zhongli will not be willing to betray the bond between the two of you and serve someone other than you (I don't know which link, imagine what you want).
He will do two things: either make the game get stuck too much or reduce the durability of his shield so your friend loses the fight.
For a patient and wise man like Zhongli, he certainly wouldn't make judgments without first knowing the scenes.
He will try in any way to communicate with you to make sure that you are okay, not to belittle you, but to reassure himself.
All the time, Morax will be grouchy and give your friend menacing looks.
Even if he is replaced by a second character, he is the one who has the power since he is one of the former Archons.
He tries in any way to disturb your friend to feel your great aura again.
“I will give you the stars and the moon if you ask.”
Tumblr media
It's Albedo's habit to stay in his lab and do his research or walk around a bit and paint a painting of Hilichurl in a cold Dragon Spin.
Since you got this smart boy you've made him roam all over Teyvat just because you wanted to explore with him.
He didn't mind at all that you made him walk, climb, and fight monsters in the way to satisfy your curiosity (he had a leg pain after you left him, even if he wasn't in pain, I let him do it).
He was painting nature under the big tree, enjoying the chirping of birds and the gentle breeze as usual.
Until someone disturbed the serenity of the place, which turned out to be your friend.
Make your friend Albedo join his team just because he likes this character.
If you, the reader or the player, were the one who annoyed the Dragon Spin boy, Albedo would be satisfied, but the presence of this annoying stranger, and the worst of his annoyance while drawing, made your friend's guilt unforgivable.
When your friend finished playing and you came back, Albedo felt comfortable and wished with all his heart that this annoying wouldn't come back.
"Want to go exploring? I will accompany you…"
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Tumblr media
And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb
Steven Grant/Jake Lockley x reader
Your eyes are as round as saucers, a look of pure awe plastered across your usually stoic face. Your classmates are all gabbing on about the exhibits, but your eyes are dead locked onto one of the many Taweret plushies tucked on a shelf against the back wall of the gift shop. The States never had cute shit like this unless you went to a zoo. You’re thankful that you’re wearing boots with platforms because you spot an extra CHONK of a Taweret nestled on the top shelf. It’s a stretch but you think might be able to reach it. Your black-painted lips purse, arm outstretched. You’ve almost got it… almost-
Steven hadn’t expected a busy day for work, but that had all been shattered the moment Donna dropped a bomb on him that an American College was going to be visiting while on their class trip. Luckily you lot weren’t rowdy in the slightest. He turns after finishing a delightful conversation with your teacher, only for his eyes to instantly fall on you. Your knee high boots- fishnets- black skirt and tshirt. His mouth went instantly dry. It was almost as if Steven’s brain was short circuiting for moment. Your body was stretched as far as it could go, your Black painted nails outstretched in a desperate attempt to reach one of the super stuffed Taweret plushies. Steven quickly walks over to you, his hands behind his back, nervously pulling and twitching at each other.
“ ‘scuse me, miss? May I?”
You turn to look at him, bright eyes locking with his.
Oh….. his accent….
Your heart leaps into your throat and you turn to him.
Stevens eyes settle on your face. You’re beautiful- the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid eyes on, if he dare says. He’s completely vexed by you- your dark make up that makes your eyes pop, the velvety black of your lips that remind him of the night sky.
His been staring at your lips this whole time.
There’s a very obviously blush on your cheeks, you can actually feel it stinging against your skin and you have to force yourself not to break out in a nervous giggle. Okay- so the whole British accent thin is just really attractive to you, but this man- he himself radiates attractiveness. He seems kind- shy- soft spoken, and where usually that wouldn’t do anything for you- it’s something about him that just feels… good?
Your voice is a soft whisper at first but you correct yourself instantly.
“Yes, actually uh- I would really love some help. I um-“
You blush even darker and Steven can’t help but find it absolutely delightful.
“I want that really over stuffed Taweret… I’m just short. Even with these”
You kick out your leg a bit to emphasize your point, giving him an up close view of your supple skin, wrapped perfectly in black, thin roped material. He really hopes his gulp isn’t audible.
It is, and it cause a white-hot adrenalin to course through your veins. He shoots you a grin, and you notice the little almost-gap between his teeth. That, matched with his kind eyes and cute nose… and that messy hair-
“No worries, I’ll get it down for ya in a jiffy yeah?”
He steps in front of you, barley having to stretch at all- but when his does….
Oh. My. God.
His ass is perfect. You curse yourself for eyefucking a total stranger. This was your first day in London and already you were fawning over a British man. It was hard to explain, but it felt more than just the usual shy charm you’ve felt speaking with anyone else.
“Ah- there we go!”
He turns to you, a wide, toothy grin stretching across his freshly saved face.
“I present to you, Taweret, the Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility. She’s a good one.”
He winks at you. You almost die on the spot.
“Thank you… I- um Im (Y/N) by the way and you’re Steven,,? Ah! your name badge.”
You point to your chest, as if you yourself are wearing a name tag. He leans in, a playful glint in his eye.
“Yeah… with a V. None of that PH shite”
You actually try to stop yourself from bursting into laughter by clamping your mouth shut, but fail miserably.
“How long will you be gracin’ London with your presence?”
Your shyness has slowly transform into a warmth that envelopes your entire emotional being. It’s an odd sensation.
“I’ll be here for two weeks with my school but I’m not sure if I’m going home with everyone else. It’s our summer trip, I saved up enough to stay longer. Why go back when I can spend the entire summer somewhere new… besides..”
you hold the overstuffed hippo close to your chest. “I haven’t gotten to really see everything the measuem has to offer..”
Steven guides you to the check out counter. He scans the gift shop to make sure everything is still in order (which it is) before returning his attention to you.
“You like Egyptian Mythology then, yeah?”
“Always have. Since I was a child I’ve always been really interested in the history and ancient customs- it’s fascinating. Like they really just take a hook and-“
“Rip everything’ out the ol’ nozzle”
Your laugh gives Steven butterflies in his stomach. It’s silent again for a moment. He takes the soft plushie, ringing it up. He doesn’t bother putting it in a bag, he knows you’ll want to hold onto it. You hand him your Visa card, fingers brushing across each other slightly. This entire time all you’d been able to see was him, and all he could see was you. He didn’t want you to leave.
The two of you start at the same time. Tucking your hair behind your ear, you look up at him. You don’t want go back to your hotel. You want to stay with him. He looks as if he wants to say something, but he doesn’t. You thank him again, clutching your Taweret close and turning to walk towards your classmates. You feel deflated, as if you’d just come down from a high like no other.
Your body jolts when you feel a large, warm hand on your shoulder.
When you turn its Steven. His brow is furrowed a bit, his posture completely different than moments ago.
“Estoy enamorada”
You blink, suddenly cursing yourself for not paying attention in High School Spanish. What little you did learn you can’t remember.
“I dont understand…?”
He grins, handing you a piece of ripped receipt paper.
“Dinner, mi Amore.”
His number is scrawled across it. Your cheeks burn once more, something He seems to notice. You take out your phone, trying to calm the shaking of your fingers as you input the number. Y
“Cute British accent and you know Spanish? That’s the language of love I hear”
Your little quip earns a hearty chuckle from him. The noise makes your insides twist delightfully. Your classmates have already left you behind, no doubt walking to your hotel just across the street.
“I have to go but my evenings and nights are free. I’ll text you. Thank you for all your help”
He watches as you run to catch up with your peers, licking his lips. Jake knows he won’t be in control long- but he wasn’t gonna let Steven miss this chance. You were hot, your body language had been obvious to him, and he swears if he doesn’t get to see that black lipstick wrapped around his—-
You send him a text with your name, to which he replies with a time and address. You’re unfamiliar with where everything is, thank god for Uber. Your closer classmates playfully tease you about “The Gift Shop Man” in the elevator.
“Go get you some British dick girl, you know I’m right there with ya.”
“Oh shut the fuck up!”
You both laugh, chatting about Steven the entire way to your room. Once inside you kick off your giant boots and peel your fishnets off, tossing them on a chair. With Taweret tightly tucked under your nose and chin you fall onto your back, body bouncing against the mattress. With eyes closed you take a deep inhale. Much to your delight it smells like him.
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Tumblr media
ignite me, tahereh mafi
this part had me 🥺🥺🥺
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(New Young Adult Releases Coming Out Today! (May 17th, 2022)
Have I missed any new Young Adult releases? Have you added any of these books to your TBR? Let me know!
New Standalones/First in a Series:
The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes
The Peach Rebellion by Wendelin Van Draanen
Once Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho
Melt with You by Jennifer Dugan
Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle & Katherine Webber
How to Live Without You by Sarah Everett
Perfect Score by A.M. Ellis
The Days of Bluegrass Love by Edward van de Vendel
See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Practice Girl by Estelle Laure
Rising Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi Jones
Gideon Green in Black & White by Katie Henry
New Sequels: 
Wind Daughter (Echo North #2) by Joanna Ruth Meyer
Happy reading!
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fingering vil idia azul and riddle?
For all he acts confident, actually being in this position is stressful. There's no way he'll be able to keep up appearances like this, and the thought of being so vulnerable doesn't sit well. Vil tries to restrain his reactions and keep himself composed, but the steady stretch and shocks of pleasure ruin every attempt. He gets bitchy when he's nervous, but as you tell him how pretty he looks gaping around your fingers, that bad attitude is replaced with stunned compliance. He tenses up even inside, so obviously desperate.
Even though he's fantasized about this more times than he can count, actually having you between his legs is terrifying. Idia's convinced he's going to look stupid or do something wrong, and it takes ages to get him to relax. But once you're two fingers in, rubbing over his prostate in slow, firm strokes, he's too scrambled to think about nervousness at all. Idia's the type who can't stop rambling. He squeezes his thighs together for any touch to his aching dick, and sobs when you force them open and keep going.
It starts out with Azul doing his absolute best to act like he's fine. No, he's not nervous! Of course not! But all too soon, the warmth and stretch get to be unbearable. He'll whine for you to slow down, clenching up enough that it really doesn't help. It's not until you hit his prostate that he finally starts to relax, and even then, it's because the spikes of pleasure all but paralyze him. You can tease him a little, but be warned that drawing it out too much will end in stifled tears and a whole lot of shame when you're done.
He's a total baby about it, and so red. Riddle hugs a pillow to his chest while you open him up, whining half-hearted complaints about how cold the lube is and the sting when your first finger slips inside. It doesn't feel bad at all, but he's so tense and flustered that getting defensive is all he really has left. The second finger makes him yelp, and the noise repeats itself, much louder, when you curl them at just the right angle. In no time at all, he's shaking all over, muffling sweet little cries while he trembles.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Requested Anonymously by Multiple Flubbles
Hello, flubbles. I'm home.
Brown hair, brown eyes, brown suit. Pinstripes, for Pete's sake. So different from any of the Doctors you had known, and he was looking at you like you were the center of the universe. ‘Practically a baby!’ he had said when he saw you, and then he kissed you like you had never been kissed, and it was perfect.
“Don't you worry about a thing, sweetheart! You and I are gonna be brilliant!” he promised, and then with one last kiss, he left before you could get a word in edgewise. “Allons-y!”
Well, that was a load of lies, you thought, trying to forget the strange version of the Doctor you had encountered. Nothing seemed brilliant anymore, especially not you and the Doctor.
Rescuing the Doctor from himself had become a part of your day-to-day life ever since he regenerated. You rarely had to rescue him before. Four hardly ever had to be rescued, except from his own scarf, and even Five, that softy, usually held his own just fine as long as you helped him keep track of his plethora of companions. And Six? Well, Six was a surprisingly tough little marshmallow, you would give him that, but being tough didn’t get him out of botched political situations. You did.
Because Six couldn’t just shut up.
You had been traveling with the Doctor for a long time, and you had, more than once, considered leaving. But it was never a serious consideration. You never actually believed that you would quit. Sometimes you got frustrated or depressed or even injured, yes, and those multiple occasions of nearly dying had really set you off, but you had never thought that you would actually leave.
Until the Doctor regenerated, that is.
You had met all of the Doctors up to this point, thanks to timelines crossing and meddling Time Lords and a whole lot of other temporal quackery that would never make sense to anyone except for a Time Lord. It was Four who you had traveled with first, though, and then Five after that, and after you accepted that all of the Doctor were the same man, you decided that you were quite fond of all of him. Quirks and all.
Fondness very quickly evolved into something much stronger. It was there with Four, most definitely, but when Four became Five, if got much more difficult to ignore. Maybe it was Five’s youth that made him seem less untouchable, more available, but you kept reminding yourself that the Doctor was the Doctor no matter what he looked like. He was a centuries-old genius alien and just because he was willing to be your friend and show you the universe did not mean that he would ever actually lower himself to… to stronger feelings. Especially not towards you. No, certainly not. He could have his pick of anyone he wanted in the universe, if he wanted anybody (which Five didn't seem to, but that was that, wasn't it?). You knew it, too. But that was… okay. No, it wasn’t ideal, and if you could have your wish, it would be very different, but it was still okay. So, you loved him. Alright. A lot of his companions loved him, but they didn’t love him the same way, because they managed to leave him. You could do better than that, for his sake, if not your own. You could love better, or differently, or whatever it took. You could stay. It would hurt your single heart, but you would do it for him, because he needed someone to stay.
When you made that decision, it all seemed very brave and self-sacrificing and noble. Maybe you didn’t think about it that way, simply because you weren’t that arrogant and the Doctor would have found a way to get rid of you long before now if that were the case, but that was how it felt. Sort of. But that was all quite a while ago, and Five was gone. Now it was Six, and you were starting to regret just about every decision you had ever made in your life. Ever.
“I was doing quite alright for myself without your assistance!” the Doctor snapped at you as you dragged him by his lapel into the TARDIS. The door slammed behind you; the TARDIS was angry too, although not at you. "Your interference was completely unnecessary!"
“They were going to have you beheaded,” you deadpanned, letting go of his lapel like it was something slimy. “Regenerate that.”
The man had insulted the king. Not of a country, no. Not of a union, or even a planet, or even a solar system. No, Six had insulted the king of a whole bloody intergalactic empire, and that smug little sass in a Technicolor Dream Coat had the gall to pretend he didn’t think there would be consequences.
The Doctor crossed his arms, his angry expression bordering on a pout, and you had to notice that… well, he was sort of cute. He didn’t have Five’s angelic features or Four’s sharp, wild look, but with that mop of blond curls made a nice frame for a… nice-ish… face. He had pretty eyes, anyway, and a handsome enough smile. Now if you could find a way to burn that coat when he wasn’t looking, maybe he would be fashionably salvageable. Actually, he could keep the coat, if only everything he wore under it was less offensive to your eyes. The striped trousers really needed to be burned. Would it kill the Doctor to regenerate into someone who was willing lower themselves to wear jeans, like the common mortals did?
“I had everything well in hand,” he said, chin up and lips firmly pursed. He was all puffed up like a bullfrog. An angrily blushing bullfrog with really nice pouty lips. His cheeks were red and his curls quivered with rage.
That shouldn't be cute.
“Uh-huh.” You didn’t want to argue. You wanted to remind him that he wasn’t actually immortal, that there were consequences, that he couldn’t run around acting like the rules didn’t apply to him, that it was possible for him to die and not regenerate, but you didn’t say any of those things. Because you didn’t want to argue.
Bossy, you thought, trying and failing to reconcile the man in front of you with the Doctor you had come to know. Rude. Controlling. Arrogant. Impatient. Irritable. Insensitive.
The Doctor could be all of those things. You knew that. But never before Six had he been all of them at once. How had he become this? Where was the Doctor you knew, hiding underneath all that bluster and bad dress sense? You knew it was still him, but… you were having such a hard time seeing it. Where was he? Where was the kind stranger who had taken you in when you were lost and alone? Where was the explorer who was so full of wonder when he showed you the stars? Where was the gentleman who called you beautiful and taught you how to dance? Where was the sweet boy who convinced you to play cricket with him even though you swore you wouldn't?
The Doctor was glaring back at you as you examined him, but some of the fight went out of him when he saw your eyes soften. What did you see when you looked at him? He had to wonder. What were you thinking right now? Ever since he had regenerated, you had stopped talking to him about how you felt. You stopped saying 'I think’ and 'I feel like’ and 'Do you ever..?’ Six knew that he wasn’t as approachable as his previous bodies (even One, who was a real grump at times [almost all of the time], had been friendly enough in his own way). Was that why you hardly talked to him anymore? He was trying to catch your attention, but it seemed like all he could ever do now was make you angry or hurt your feelings. It was like you had regenerated along with him, and not for the better. But now… you were looking at him… almost like you used to, with such a soft expression and that almost-smile that had made Four grin and Five feel bashful and Six… well, it just made Six miss how things used to be.
You looked away when you felt your eyes start to sting. The truth of the matter was that you had been scared for Six. You almost hadn’t managed to save him. He was very nearly beheaded, and he was acting like- like-
Like you hadn’t come so close to losing him.
“Just….” You sighed heavily. “Just don’t scare me like that again, okay?”
“Scare you? Scare you? May I remind you that I was the one who nearly-”
You snapped.
“Shut up! Just shut up!” The burning in your eyes pushed tears up and over, spilling hotly as the Doctor recoiled from you. "I nearly lost you, Doctor! I thought that I lost you! Do you have any idea what that feels like? I turned a corner and you were gone and I thought you were dead and I’ve never been so scared in all my life! I can’t lose you, do you understand? I can’t handle that! You could have died and you would have been gone and I never would have forgiven myself and I- I-"
I love you, you git, even like this. No, there's no 'even' about it. I love you and that is all. That is everything. Why can’t you see?
The Doctor blinked in confusion, taken aback by your outburst. You had never shouted at him before, not like this. "You…”
You wiped the tears from your face, breathing deeply to calm the onset of pathetic sniffles that always came with crying. You didn’t want to cry in front of the Doctor - not this Doctor. He wouldn’t understand. Four might have told you to cheer up and Five might have said “brave heart, my dear,” but Six? You couldn’t quite imagine. He would probably tell you to get a thicker skin and stop sniveling, the prat.
"I..." His eloquence had fallen away in the face of your anger... and your tears. Oh, he couldn't stand this. He couldn't stand to see you crying; none of his bodies ever could. You had known One for all of five hours and he had been immediately enamored with you, quick as lightning to offer comfort and a neckerchief when you were upset. Six didn't stand a chance. "I didn't know that you..."
“Cared?” you finished for him, getting angry again. “Doctor, after all we’ve been through, you don’t think I’d be completely devastated if I lost you?”
The Doctor cringed. He hadn’t known, no. He had thought you were like the rest of his companions, and that you would eventually want to go home and probably never see him again. It would be beyond the best of hopes that you would stay. He had fantasized that it might be otherwise, but he had never thought that there was any truth to it. And the hopes that he had had when he was Four all went down the drain when he became Five and all of his aggression and drive and passion got tucked under the bed for the sake of being polite and sensitive, because poor widdle Fivey couldn’t handle anything. And he hated it.
“You know I met a future version of you?” you asked, seemingly out of the blue. The anger was still there, simmering, demanding that you speak all the words that you had been holding in.
The Doctor balked. “What? When did this happen?”
“Almost a year ago. You were out in London trying to track down the source of that mauve alert and another you came running in here, thinking it was his own TARDIS. You told me I was practically a baby.” You snorted. "I guess that means we're sticking together, eh?"
“Why didn’t you say…?” the Doctor trailed off, because, now that he was thinking about how little you had been saying to him lately, and how little he knew, it wasn’t half as much of a surprise as it should have been that he hadn't known about this.
“What would I have said? You ran in, chattered a mile a minute, realized that you were in the wrong TARDIS, and ran out.”
No, the Doctor thought. You were lying. Well, maybe not lying, but omitting information, at least. Something else happened. He could tell.
“What really happened?” he demanded, puffing up again.
Your lips tightened. “What I said.”
“There’s more to it than that; I know there is. Don't you lie to me.”
“That’s none of your business.”
“Oh, no?”
Yes. No. I don’t know, Doctor. I really don't. Do you even want it to be?
You were dying to find out if this Doctor kissed as well as the future one did. You wanted to know if his lips were as soft as they looked, or his hands as strong. More than that, you wanted to know if he cared anymore. You weren’t sure.
“No,” you said. “No.”
It doesn't matter if he kisses well. Future him? Kissed like a dream, made me see stars, but nobody kisses that well unless they've kissed a lot. Practice makes perfect, remember? Who had he been doing all of that practicing with? Hmph. Not with you, that was for sure.
It didn’t matter. The Doctor kept telling you that you couldn’t rewrite time, but he was always doing it, wasn’t he? So, it didn’t matter. What happened wouldn’t happen at all. The Doctor had kissed you, but he would never do it. If you never told him, then he wouldn't have the knowledge to create a paradox, would he? So, it didn't matter.
You were too tired to think about it.
"Tell me..." the Doctor began, and you prepared yourself for another ham-fisted attempt to extract information, but then he said, "what you want from me."
You looked at him, brow drawing tight in confusion. "What?"
"What do you want from me?" His hand twitched to grab yours, but you were out of reach. "I cannot say I know how you feel, but I know how I feel. You have stayed with me for longer than any other companion has dared and you have done so with the most exemplary courage."
It was probably the most honest thing he had said to you without being rude for awhile. You didn't know if you were relieved or horrified that he had asked.
"I want you to stay," the Doctor continued, "but I cannot force you."
"I didn't go anywhere," you told him, trying and failing to use the tone of your voice to soften the accusation made plain by your words. "But it's not your fault. I haven't given you a chance."
"No, you have not. And it wasn't as if I wanted to regenerate, but I am the Doctor, whether you like it or not," he snapped, but the bravado of the statement didn't stay with him. His posture fell again, as did his expression. There was something there, flickering in his eyes and the unhappy twist of his mouth, that made you think of Five. "It was for Peri. Was it wrong of me, to die for Peri?"
"No." You shook your head. Oh, poor Peri. She had left, finding the new Doctor intolerable. She wasn't used to regeneration, not like you were, and she didn't have the patience. Or the love. She liked the Doctor very much, and if you hadn't been there to assure her that you would take care of him, she might not have left. She might have stayed, to watch over him. But she didn't get the chance to learn to love him, and there was nothing that demanded that she stay. And that was the real clincher, wasn't it? It would have been easy for you to be like Peri and leave, if only you didn't love the Doctor. But you did love him, so you stayed, and you were patient beyond belief. "I'm proud of you for doing that, Doctor. I'm so proud of you."
His mouth quirked into a smile for less than a second at your confession of pride in his actions, but there was still a serious conversation at hand: "Then, what?"
Then what, what? Oh. He was asking you what you wanted. You weren't sure what that meant, but...
"The other you said..." You grimaced. "He said..."
The Doctor's hands lifted just slightly, reaching for yours but not daring to make contact. "What did he say?"
You sighed. "He said not to worry, because we'd be brilliant. And then he-"
How were you supposed to say it? You couldn't. He would get mad or something. Or- well, who knew? This Doctor was as fresh and as raw to you as if he had only regenerated yesterday. You didn't know him. You hadn't let yourself get to know him, hadn't given him a chance in the face of his unpleasant new personality, and now you were regretting it, because you didn't know what to do.
"He kissed me," you blurted out, not looking at the Doctor's face for fear of his reaction. "Twice, actually. Called me sweetheart."
The Doctor's breath caught in his throat and his respiratory bypass fluttered uselessly in his chest. But he didn't say a word.
Blast, you thought. All this time of him loving the sound of his own voice, and now he didn't have anything to say? Typical. And now he was probably going to throw you out of the TARDIS, or at least pretend this conversation never happened. But you had just opened Pandora's box. There would be no getting that information back into the privacy of your brain.
Well. In that case.
"Fantastic kisser, by the way," you said. "I mean, really great. Nothing's going to beat that. But, y'know, it was wonderful while it lasted. Something you get to look forward to, right?"
The Doctor just stared.
"It doesn't matter." Sure, your heart was stretching with the effort of taking on all this pain and humiliation, but it didn't matter. "I'll, um... I'll just... do something-"
"No," said the Doctor, soft and slow, "no. Don't run. Stay here."
"Forget it," you said over your shoulder, because you were already halfway across the room, ready to escape into the TARDIS's halls, ready to escape from him and whatever he was about to say and–
But the Doctor moved too, and he grabbed your hand, pulling you back to him. You yanked your hand away immediately, humiliation turning into painful, searing anger.
"You don't get to do this," you hissed. "You pushed and I answered you and now you don't get to do this. Leave me alone."
There was fire in your eyes and the Doctor was in awe.
"I can't," the Doctor told you, still soft, still slow, with a sinking gravity that took the very air between you and pulled. "I can't do that."
"And why the hell not?"
He reached for you again and you were too heavy and too tired to pull away this time. His fingers brushed over your cheek to wipe away tears, so sweet and gentle– so like he used to be– that all the anger crumpled within you even while your eyes still stung.
"Because I'm going to kiss you," he said, cupping your face in his hands, "and we're going to be brilliant."
And so he did. And you were.
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imagine-darksiders · 22 hours ago
Y/n: *being a simple modern woman who's always trying to do her best*
Draven: Are you trying to romance me?
Y/n: Wha- *looks him straight in the eyes when turning around*
Draven: *mesmerized* It's working.
Y/n *does nothing, kinda smells a little, greasy hair*
Tumblr media
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lilyundertaker · a day ago
April bullies day 21 - Never enough
Tumblr media
Pairing: bully!Sanzu x reader;
Genre: TokRev AU, smut, one-shot;
Warnings: 18+, angst, vaginal sex, anal, non-con/dub-con, implied breeding kink;
Note: this takes place in the orriginal timeline;
Sanzu was the loyal dog of Mikey, however, he was reluctant to doing his latest task, namely, attend high school for some educational purposes, however, his true mission was to spy on the police academy right next to his high school to learn about the latest tech of the special forces of police.
It wasn’t hard to get in there as he easily blended with the crowd, that is until you noted him as a foreign face of the academy. “I’m sorry, but which branch are you studying?” you interrogated. “The special forces.” He replied. “Huh, that’s weird cause I’m studying the same program and I haven’t seen you around.” Sanzu was worried as he had chosen the only branch he knew of, but thankfully his facemask hid his expression well.
The problem was that Sanzu was easy to anger and as hallways were empty, he forced you against a locker and harshly grabbed your jaw. “What I do is none of your business, so I suggest you leave me be.” He threatened and let you go with a shove. You of course went to your superior to ask about a man with a facemask, but the professor couldn’t answer straight as there may be other students who wear facemasks whenever they’re sick.
For a few days Sanzu returned to his high school, feigning that he couldn’t attend classes due to poor health. Taking that he was always wearing a facemask, no one could suspect him of lying.
After a week he returned to your academy, this time easily avoiding you and just for a little fun he managed to steal your journal, while you were in the bathroom. Once you got back you were devastated as the journal contained all of your schedules for this month as well as some info on important tech. This was a victory for Sanzu, who gave the journal to Mikey and in return his boss decided to make Sanzu’s term shorter.
Now Sanzu’s mission was to study. There was nothing more boring than that, but he had to get a decent grade to finish the other part of his task. The thing that greatly disturbed his mind was YOU. He couldn’t get you out of his head, thinking of how one day you might be a cop before going to the branch of special forces. It made his cock hard thinking of fucking you in your police uniform.
Not so long after he paid you another visit, this time he dragged to an empty room and pulled you in a harsh kiss, releasing a satisfying grunt upon hearing your unintentional moan. “Listen carefully you little harlot.” His tone alone made you scared. “I am a part of the Tokyo Manji gang and unless you want to end up dead you’re gonna do everything I say.” Once again, he captured your lips with his own, one of his arms holding your waist in a tight grip whilst the other one slapped your ass hard.
After that interaction you were scared, knowing the infamous gang that left no witnesses for whatever they did. You were also very sure now that this mysterious person was the one who stole your journal and should anyone discover that fact you’d be thrown out of the academy and punished for your carelessness. So you did the best thing for yourself and kept quiet.
For the remainder of the month before your graduation Sanzu, as he called himself, would frequently corner you on the street (it became suspicious for many people at the academy) and bring you to his house where he was finally able to fuck you without any disturbances. His favorite position was to fuck you from behind like a hound would take a bitch in heat. Whenever you’d refuse his advances he’d fuck you in the ass, making you nice and obedient for him.
After your graduation you finally received your police uniform, finally being able to fulfill Sanzu’s favorite fantasy. He discarded your trousers, leaving only the top of your uniform on, groping and squeezing your breasts through your blouse that was too tight for you. “Damn baby, you sure as hell are tight.” He said thrusting deep inside of you. “No matter how many times I stretch those walls it feels like you’re a virgin every single time.” You weren’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or a ridicule.
It wasn’t long before Sanzu sent an anonymous letter to your superiors about your missing journal, robbing you of your position and the future of becoming a detective. This gave you no choice but to lash out at Sanzu, crying about his evilness, but despite the outcome you had no place where to go except for Sanzu’s arms, who took you in with an evil grin.
That night you were cockwarming him as you two watched ‘Bad boys’ on TV. “Your one excellent cocksleeve Y’know.” He praised and it wasn’t long before he picked you up in his arms and brought you to the bedroom. He hadcuffed you to the bed and trailed wet kisses down your body, stopping at your pussy and giving it slow sensual licks. “Sanzu.” You moaned, earning a harsh slap on your nether lips. “What did I tell you to call me?” he shouted at you. “H-Haru” you dragged out, fearful for dear life. “Now that’s better baby. Don’t ever forget that ford!” he said and got back to work.
Your wet walls were pulsing from pleasure and you tried not to close your thighs around his head since he had ordered you not to. “Haru I can’t hold it for much longer.” You said teary-eyed. “Yes you can baby and you will, unless you want to receive more punishment.” It was tough love as he called it, always enjoying to deny you an orgasm. Whenever you failed this task he’d spank you until you shouted from the pain. Sanzu would then leave you to cry your eyes out only to return hours later high on pills and getting you in a warm embrace. He loved to cuddle with a blurry vision. “I’m sorry baby, I’ll go easier on you.” He promised.
Around a half year later he finally introduced you to the gang and Mikey made you an official member of Toman. You were the one working in shadows, using your knowledge on the police to help them make safer drug transactions and human trafficking. It made you sick to your stomach, knowing that you’ve become a horrible person, but the want to stay alive served as a motivation for you.
After this Sanzu became less discrete about your relationship. It became a thing for him to fuck you in your office, allowing other members to hear you loud and clear. For Sanzu it was staking his claim over you, making you bound to him forever, or so you thought when he was eager to cum inside of you.
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doctormacchiato · 19 hours ago
Drawn to the Surface - Part 1
Tumblr media
Inspired by @six-feet-sleep​‘s art of tattooed Silco that you can see here. Don’t try to tell me that man isn’t completely tatted up under those fancy shirts and vests. 
So many thanks to @of-the-argonath​ for supporting this. Means more than you can imagine. 
Young(ish!) Silco x Tattoo Artist!Reader SFW Therapy? What’s therapy? Anyways, look at my fresh ink!
You’ve finally finished wiping down your station and have just picked up your sketchbook, lead in hand, when you hear the bell ring out above the door to your little studio.
“We’re closed!” You call out absentmindedly as you shade in the scales of a new snake design you’ve been working on for a client. It’s several moments later when you realize that you haven’t heard the bell again. Your intruder isn’t leaving.
With an annoyed huff, you get up, sketchbook still in hand, still shading, and round the corner to emerge into the front lobby, inwardly cursing yourself for forgetting to lock the front door. That would have to be fixed imminently.
“I said we’re closed! And I don’t take walk-ins.” “Even for an old friend?”
Your heart skips a beat at the sly tenor of the voice, which had just enough grit that it couldn’t be described as smooth. Your shading pauses, caught in your surprise.
You’d heard so many different stories: ones that incriminate, ones that condemn. You’d told yourself they were wrong. The man you knew would have never—
But he had missed his last appointment, and every one after that. Then came the rumors, ones you wished were true and others you knew couldn’t be, and you had had no idea what to believe. He wasn’t supposed to have disappeared. That hadn’t been the plan.
Now? It’s been years. The shock and dismay have since faded into memories. What you were left with was anger, sadness, and more hurt than you were willing to admit.
Finally, you look up. Your sketchbook and lead fall from your grasp. You ignore them.
His head is cast downward when you see him, leaning unassumingly against the front desk. He is exactly how you remember. Tall and lean, betraying a secret strength you know he possesses. Wiry, you had once called him.
But he’s changed too. The sides of his previous, unassuming shaggy cut have been razored short, the rest on top having been pulled back neatly with a tie. You force down a memory of carding your hands through those same strands once upon a time.
Yet, you know this is not the same man that had spent hours in your chair in the back, as you discussed everything and nothing to make the time pass as you traced and filled in each design. This is not the same man that had spent hours in that chair decidedly not talking.
“Silco?” You finally say, almost like it was an accusation.
He looks up and your heart catches in his throat. He sees your expression and his gaze hardens. You don’t look away, despite the desperate need to do so.
It’s not every day you match a stare that can only be compared to molten lava as it pours out from the beneath the broken earth. Yet, despite the heat in his gaze, you are left ice cold.
You try to focus on his right, the eye with the shade you remember, a shade you’d once drunkenly told him could have resembled the Pilt if it wasn’t so polluted, or maybe the sky if it wasn’t filled with ash and smoke. He had laughed. You had relished the sound, the warmth.
“It... it’s been a long time,” is all you manage to croak out.
He nods sharply, before straightening himself up, still staring at you, staring through you, like he was trying to figure out who you are now. The dark scar reaches up towards his temple, you notice. The hair there is tinged with grey.
“A lot has happened,” he says.
You want to ask him a million questions. Where he’s been. What he’s been doing. What had really happened that night. Yet, no matter what the truth is, if he is here before you know, you want to ask him how, how could he have simply abandoned you like that?
But instead you say nothing, finally breaking his gaze to find your sketchbook on the floor. You bend over to retrieve it. Your lead must have rolled somewhere. You can’t find it.
He watches you, but doesn’t offer to help, keeping the front desk between you both. When you finally right yourself, you hope that maybe your tongue can find the words for all of the nuanced emotions that you are feeling.
You gather your thoughts, until you are satisfied that you will be able to string together a coherent sentence.
“What the fuck, Silco?” It comes out angrier than you had intended. He snorts.
“Now, that’s the girl I remember.” 
The corner of his mouth turns up slightly, but it’s not quite a smile. Still, it feel’s like you’re falling. And you’re not quite sure how you are going to catch yourself. You know if won’t be a soft landing.
You shake your head. He’s as infuriating as you remember.
“You can’t be here. You’re supposed to be...” you falter, unsure.
“That was certainly one of the options.”
“I can assure you I am not quite so easy to kill.” Silco says, his hand reaching up towards his neck before it wavers halfway and is instead shoved into his pocket.
It’s the first time you notice his attire. The material of his unbuttoned burgundy shirt may have been expensive at one point, but the edges are frayed with use and the sleeves have been sewn in several spots. Over it, he wears a patched vest that may have been black at some point, but has since faded to brown. Several buckles adorn it. One is broken.
He wasn’t easy to kill, perhaps, but he’s seen his fair share of hardships. That sense of sadness floods over you again.
You sigh, shaking your head. “Silco, what are you doing here?”
He stares you up and down again, as if dissecting you. You notice his eyes linger at the fresh ink across your shoulder, arching towards your neck.
He’s more intimidating than you remember, the eye certainly helps with that, but you refuse to look sheepish in front of this man. You cross your arms as you wait for your answer, coyly raising your eyebrow at him.
His right eye narrows before he turns away, stalking out through the front door.
“Follow me,” he throws over his shoulder, and then he’s gone.
You’re surprised when you don’t take a moment to consider, instead scrambling for your keys to look the shop behind you. You jog after him to catch up.
“Silco! Damn it, wait!”
He stops. “It’d be wise to stop shouting that name through the Lanes.”
“And it would be wise for you to actually explain what’s going on here,” you huff as you catch up to him. You refrain from reaching up to grab at his sleeve.
“Soon,” he utters.
And then, you’re following him. Out of the Lanes, through back alleys and over rooftops. It’s almost exhilarating to do this again, like you’d never even missed a day.
You can’t help admire him as he swings across a bannister and balances gracefully on the edge of a narrow stone wall. He holds his hand out for you. Without giving yourself a chance to chicken out, you jump. Your balance isn’t nearly as practiced as his, however, and you stumble, your arms swinging wildly as you slip.
But then a firm hand wraps around your wrist, pulling you forward until you’re stable.
You can feel the heat rise up the back of your neck and you snatch your hand away before he can feel it spread to your palm.
“Thanks,” you mutter, looking anywhere that isn’t him.
With a nod and a slight smirk, he’s off again, before you can even catch your breath.
“Jackass,” you swear under your breath.
You don’t question him further as you leave the Lanes. You’re nearing the old cannery, you realize, down by the docks. You eye the shattered windows and crumbling brick of its facade. Fitting, you muse.
Finally, you’re on solid ground, and then you’re going under ground. You hesitate a step, suddenly realizing where this man was leading you.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” Silco says with a roll of his eyes, as if reading your mind. He inclines his head towards the doorway. “Come on.”
“Thanks for the reassurance,” you scoff, as you follow him down the stairs, careful not to touch the odd purple vines that snake around the bannister.
You don’t know what you’d been expecting as you traversed underground. Maybe a damp, cramped basement? Perhaps. What you hadn’t expected was a wide expanse of a room that you can only describe as a lair. The ceilings soar and the walls and staircase are fitted with sharp, curving metal adornments.
You find tables cluttered with several vials and other laboratory equipment. Tall, glowing vessels are filled with motionless creatures you didn’t know how to describe. You cringe, not caring to find out.
The air is slightly sweet, you notice, not musty like you would have predicted.
Silco waves and you follow his line of sight to a gaunt man with safety goggles crouched over one of the desks. The man nods back before returning to his work.
“Don’t mind him.”
You nod sharply, before turning back to Silco, who is stalking towards the edge of the room.
Your reply catches on your lips, however, when you notice movement behind what you had originally pinned as a wall. It’s not a wall, however, but glass, a portal to what must be the River Pilt behind it.
Before you even realize what you are doing, you’ve stepped right up to the window, pressing your palm against the glass. Your eyes widen as your jaw grows slack.
It’s swimming just beyond the threshold of the grass. Calm. Composed. Its scales are as hard as armor, you think. You never knew anything could even grow that huge. 
“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”
Only Silco’s snaking voice would be enough to break the trance you’ve found yourself in, staring out into the depths. You tear your gaze away to find his own boring into you.
“I...” You stutter. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it. No one knows they’re there? How... how are they so big?”
Silco chuckles softly at that, which surprises you.
“I suppose they’re not the only creatures cursed by Piltover’s runoff.”
You quickly glance to his scarred eye, before catching yourself, biting at your bottom lip as you turn back to glass. In the distance, you see several long limbs, tentacles, dancing through the water. You swallow hard.
“I mean, thanks for the view,” You start, “But you can only imagine what I’m feeling with all of,” you wave your arm in arc over your head. “this.”
You mindlessly take a step towards Silco, who is now staring down at you through his nose. “A mysterious man, who was either dead or who I’m supposed to wish should be, showing up on my proverbial doorstep, a nighttime stroll over rooftops, giant monsters in an underground lair—”
You’re rambling, you realize, and so you take a deep breath. You take another step towards him, though you’ve crossed your arms again.
“I just... I’m still waiting on some answers here.”
Silco is motionless for several moments. His mouth opens and closes several times, and for once, you think he is uncharacteristically at a loss for words. He’s nervous, you realize. Somehow, that notion emboldens you slightly. You’re on more level playing ground.
“How... No matter what you did, what Vander did, whatever happened between you that day...”
You don’t get a chance to finish your sentence before Silco’s eye narrows and he shies away, turning sharply as he stalks to the center of the room, his back towards you. His shoulders are set back a little too far, his posture a bit too tight, hands clenched in fists.
He runs his hand over his hair to smooth back a piece that that’s too short to be held be the tie. 
You wait for the ball to drop, to finally get the answers you’ve waited years for.
“The thing is...” He falters.
You only barely restrain yourself from throwing your hands around his bare neck and strangling him.
“I was hoping I could... commission some work from you, actually.” It’s said softly, shyly almost.
That doesn’t stop the scoff that wells up in your throat before you’re able to stifle it. You stare him up and down, dissecting the state of his clothes, suddenly realizing that you have the power here. It’s refreshing.
You strut up to him. He can surely hear your heavy footsteps, but seemingly refuses to turn around to look at you.
“You sure you can afford me?”
“Don’t be insulting,” he replies firmly over his shoulder, turning his head just enough to catch a glimpse of the scarred eye.
“So that’s it?” You say, undeterred. You don’t hesitate this time as you wrap your fingers around his arm, pulling, forcing him to look at you. “After all this time.” You shake your head in disbelief. 
“You know, you could have just come into the shop like a normal person, and made an appointment.”
He’s quiet for a moment, staring down at you. You stare back.
“You and I both know that’s not true.”
“Yeah, fine,” you concede. “Still, did you really need to drag me halfway across the Undercity to make your point? I’m sure there are plenty of places that we could have found a bit of privacy.”
Instead of answering, Silco shifts his gaze to your hand, which has found itself in a vice grip around his firm bicep. He arches his right brow back towards you. You release his arm as if burned.
“Sorry... I—“ 
“Don’t be.”
“I uh...” you mutter as you walk over to one of the chairs by the edge of the room, throwing yourself into it. To think you thought you were going to get some sort of answers from this man. You’ve finally found you’re exhausted. Focus on what you’re comfortable with.
“Do you have any—“ you sigh. “What were you thinking of getting done?”
Silco’s follows you over. You don’t appreciate how he now looms above you. He seems to notice, however, and pulls up a chair besides you, straddling it, laying his elbows on the table in front of him.
“Why do you think I brought you here?”
At that, you follow his gaze back to the sea creatures drifting out in the dark waters. It was all starting to make sense now. Well, not why he had disappeared. That story is still lost on you, but at least you know why he has found you now.
“So... sea creatures? That’s what you want done. Gotta spot in mind?” Silco nods.
“All of it.”
“You mean?”
“All of it.”
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immathinkerg · a day ago
[Y/N looking at Jane holding the Mjonir]: Holy cow, look at those arms. Someone has been working out these past few movies.
Natasha: Eyes on the enemy, Y/N.
[Y/N still looking at Jane]: Yeah, yeah… sure.
[Natasha jumping in to protect Y/N from being stabbed]: What did I just say?
Y/N: Babe, no need to be jelly. She's cute, but you're cuter.
[Y/N goes back to the fight]
Natasha: I'm not jealous.
Yelena: Y/N is right, she is super hot.
Natasha: Shut up.
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spaciebabie · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
introducing...y/n and their animatronic wolf girlfriend (they don't know roxy has claimed them but will figure it out eventually)
did you know i'm also a roxy enjoyer? well, now ya do
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hauntedbystorytelling · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Johan Hagemeyer (1884-1962) :: [Johan Hagemeyer reading] [negative] selfportrait | src OAC
Tumblr media
Johan Hagemeyer (1884-1962) :: [Johan Hagemeyer reading in chair.] [negative] Selfportrait | src OAC
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kaelenlen · 2 days ago
It won't happen again
Theme - angst to fluff, established relationships, kaeya x gn! Reader, not proofread, belittling yourself(dont do that loves), hints of insecurity, hurt/comfort
This is just one the spot angst its shit its long my hands hurt but this mf story hurts me ah shit i forgot mentions of wife becos that blueberry wants to marry you mfシ︎
Tumblr media
Excited, walking down the halls of the favonius headquarters directly walking to Kaeya's office, a bright smile on your face, practically itching to see the blueberry gentleman, speeding up your pace you finally arriving infront of his office door, "Is Captain Kaeya busy right now?" you ask the guard who was outside his office, finding out hes not busy just helping Jean with her work load, nodding eagerly you didn't hesitate to knock before going in. Slowly opening the door, Kaeya took the notice of someone walked in " Hi Kae do you have time? I wanted to show you something" slightly looking up, seeing a bashful smile plastered on your face.
The cryo user sighed "Sorry y/n but Im kind of busy with these papers" motioning to his work, "could you show me later yeah?" he said with his typical smile, turning his attention to the papers. Standing there almost awkwardly and disappointed, now trying to convince him "Kae please? It's really something that I wanted to show you" walking up to his desk cautiously with a faint smile, definitely your cheery mood almost completely faded away, "Darling, I need to finish these, Jean wants them before lunch break and-" looking at the grand old clock he sighed "damn it its already almost lunch break, y/n please I need to finished this its urgent" Kaeya added slightly getting more irritated clearly his day was not the best today, "yes I know its important but just this once can you take a day off?" almost desperately pleading.
"Y/n, I already told you I'm busy can't you see here?" he said irritated, emphasising the busy slight harshly "yes I can see that but-" Kae slightly laughed "Your really are persistent today huh? You want me to take a day off when I took a few days off just a week ago barely taking time for me and now you want me to take a day off?" he spat harshly, almost glaring at you.
Your composure was great, being calm and collected, but your body wasn't with aligning with your facial expressions, your shoulders tensed, slight stiff from his sudden sharp remarks. "Yes I know that I was busy with my work so I-" before even finishing your sentence he interfered "listen, I know you wanna show me something but can we do that later hm? I have to fucking finish these papers so I can see it sooner don't you think?" he finally said, with the fakest smile you have ever seen from him, definitely his mischievous self was nowhere near to be seen, huffing his breath, Kaeya got back to work, standing there stunned at his statements, lowering your head nibbling you lower lip nodding in respond "I.. See, well then I should be going then Im not gonna bother you now Kae" you said hurrying to get out of his office.
Running his hand in his blue locks, Kaeya finally finished his duties for the day, though the argument was still fresh in his mind, clearly seeing how stiff you were. "ah shit, I need to talk to them" wincing at his actions earlier "yep I messed up didn't I huh" talking to himself more, standing up from his seat hoping you already forgot about the argument. Quickly going to yours and his shared house, Kaeya was welcomed with a dark living room and silence. This broke the blueberrys' heart, 'Ah.. It was more important than I thought it would be..' thinking that what you had prepared for him you really took the time for it only for him to snap at you. You see your not always like this in arguments, yes you and Kae had a few arguments though theew mostly banters or something minor about it but rarely it was serious, biting his lip he went inside, taking off his fluff coat(?) heading to the kitchen getting some water and going to the couch to sleeo for the night was his plan but no there was a surprising for him,, A table for two with a perfectly organised meal with a small cake with the phrase saying 'Happy Anniversary to us!' and a small box assuming was your gift for him, seeing what was arranged infront of him, he definitely regretted what he had done earlier and to add it up he even completely forgotten your anniversary, a heavy feeling in his chest, felt his heart shattered at the scene, walking towards the table now seeing a letter from you,
Hey love,
You might see this when you come home or when I'll show you but happy anniversary! I made us a dinner date, since I was so busy with my work and all so I decided make a homemade dinner plus a some wine I got! Though thank you for being with me and putting up with me and my shit dear, I truly love you remember that mr smooth talker
Your wife lover,
Y/n ♡︎
A single tear fell on the paper, noticing that he was already crying, you made all of this for him? "and I.. I messed up and dismissed them when they were so.. So ecstatic to show me" he sighed slouching covering his face with his hand, regretting everything, seriously how was Kae so lucky to have you as his lover? He didn't deserve that nor you. Standing up deciding to go to your shared room to see you were there and to his surprise you were asleep already, opening the door slowly, trying not to wake you up, walking next to your sleeping form, Kae saw a wet patch, oh "were they crying?" he furrowed his brows as guilt grew in his chest, he hesitantly placed his hand on your hair and kissed your forehead "Goodnight, snowflake. You deserve a to rest after my outburst" he chuckled lightly, feeling sorry for you. He was about to pull away from you until he saw sleepily waking up, "Hm.. Kae?" another piece shattered from his heart, your voice was dry, indicating you just cried not too long ago, still he smiled sweetly at you "Yes darling?" entertaing you while you were still half awake "when.. Did you came home?.. Did you see the.. You know" you said with closed eyes, whispering the last part, repositioning you self unsure what to do.
"Yes I did, I'm so sorry that I forgot all about it y/n I was so focused on my duties and completely dismissed you" sitting next to you as he pulled you into his lap, resting his head on you shoulder he kept muttering apologies and how he didn't deserve you, "oh Kae.. You know its fine besides you should priorities your work before anything else" you said sweetly almost baffling Kaeya, with your self-belittling sentence "oh snowflake don't say stuff like that about yourself, your my first priority" he clearly stated, pulling you closer, holding your waist tighter but you hugged him back as well.
"What do you say I make it up to you in the morning darling?" He added kissing your nose, smiling softly nodding at the suggestion "thats nice" smiling as you cuddle into Kaeya's chest falling back to sleep.
"I promise I won't forget any thing important to you snowflake"
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bookwormingparty · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.
Joseph Joubert
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phantasmiafxndom · a day ago
If your doing request for twst how about.
Ace or Jack or Sebek you can choose with a service top.Just soft control,breaking there ego. with Sweet touchs and words
Thank you for your work.
I'll do all three! >:3
. . .
He's a brat all the way. As in, Ace is determined to break your composure and get you to be rough. When you try to be soft with him, he can't help but want to provoke you into doing the exact opposite. It's not even that he wants it to hurt— it's just too embarrassing to lie there and let you spoil him. He winds up all red-faced and whiny when you're too nice, so he gets snappy and rebellious to spare himself some dignity. Not that it works. All the bad behavior does is delay the inevitable conclusion of him breaking down and finally trying to be good for you.
While he's not going to be a brat about it, Jack is still incredibly embarrassed by being treated so softly. But that's not to say he doesn't like it. Soft touches and praise leave him feeling much too small, hiding his flushing face against the sheets even while his tail wags hard enough to slap against the bed, easily giving away his true feelings. No amount of acting stern can make up for the full-body shivers and (ironically) puppy-eyed looks he gives you as you spoil him. Being the one to lie back and be cared for feels weird, but he quickly grows to enjoy how sweet you are with him.
In a lot of ways, it feels wrong to let you service him in any way. Sebek is convinced that he has to be the one to make himself useful to you, not act so spoiled. Beyond that, he gets so flustered and overwhelmed he can hardly take it. Your insistence on taking care of him leaves his prideful protests choking up in his throat, replaced with looks of shock and uncertainty that only fade when pure pleasure takes over instead. He winds up telling himself that this is another form of serving you— offering up his body in whatever form you want, even when it feels selfish and strange.
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“you‘re so quiet” baby i’m not even here. i’m fantasizing about a book i read weeks ago. move on.
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Y/n: Please, do not touch my-
Strife, putting a bullet through the toaster because it startled him: I’m sorry what?
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