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decaffeinated-musings · a month ago
How reading has changed me:
1. I come to understand who 'I' really am
2. I learn a lot about diverse topics
3. I learn how to apply the lessons
4. I escape to various adventures and different worlds
5. I quench my intellectual curiosity
6. I experienced overall self-development
I like Stories (fictional or nonfictional) and Philosophy.
These two genres inspire me more than any others.
Philosophy gives me the theory, and Stories give me the examples, to execute.
Combining both gives me the tools to actively take my reading and apply it to my life.
Some of my favorite books:
The Alchemist,
Tuesdays with Morrie,
Rich Dad Poor Dad,
The Kite Runner,
A Thousand Splendid Suns,
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.
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clumsysloala · 4 months ago
Patroclus:*decides to go fight as Achilles*
Achilles:Okay but promise me you would come back.
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apothecaryliterraire · 3 months ago
Okay so? Can I have a book recommendation sth similar to A Little Life? I mean sure it broke me brutally? But? Like? We love it?! So any similarly devastating book? TIA
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jaywrites101 · 4 months ago
Just Curious
Here lately I've been torn on why and how to self-promote. On one hand, I'm just a writer. I didn't sign up for the arduous task of selling people things they'd never heard of. It's toxic and frustrating, and most people just get annoyed by it, especially if they don't have any money, to begin with. Plus, it's super easy to just... not. And let the universe move on without your attempts to make it work for you.
On the other hand, I'd like money, and you can't be a writer full-time if no one buys your stuff. I own my own editing business,, and when things are running smoothly (aka never) it's great! ... but also... the need to self-promote has now doubled. I guess it feels a lot like promoting not one but two things that people barely want when everything's good, and I'm some nobody throwing my hat in the ring, just hoping somebody notices.... and even then, "making money," "surviving" and "profiting" are three very different things... and they are all only equal in the sense that if you do nothing; you're not doing any of these three things. Which, of course, inevitably loops back to: I want to be a writer. Not a social media guru, or a salesperson. Just a writer.
Does anyone else have this problem? And what are some of your solutions to it? I'm really curious to see some of your answers.
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decaffeinated-musings · 7 months ago
The paradox of reading: The books you read will profoundly change you even though you’ll forget the vast majority of what you read.
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