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soracities · 7 hours ago
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Angela Carter, “Black Venus”, Black Venus
[Text ID: “She was like a piano in a country where everybody has had their hands cut off.”]
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a-poets-darling · 5 minutes ago
August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.
Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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asikan · 17 hours ago
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💓Sevdiğin ana yemek gibidir💓
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Onunla hayata doyarsın
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gerisi çerezdir,sadece hayatına onlarla devam edersin.
Tumblr media
Değişmez kaç defa okursan oku AŞKIN kitabını.
DESTANDA yazsa kitabın sonu unutamazsın onu.
O son noktadır(💞.💞)
Cümlenin sonu. Asikan
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merlin-addict · 20 hours ago
"The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley ('Avalon series', 4 books);
"Le Morte Darthur" by Thomas Malory;
"The Once and Future King" by T.H. White;
"The Winter King: a Novel of Arthur" by Bernard Cornwell ('The Warlord Chronicles', trilogy);
"The Crystal Cave" by Mary Stewart ('Arthurian Saga', 5 books);
"Lancelot" by Giles Kristian;
"Celtika" by Robert Holdstock ('The Merlin Codex', trilogy);
"Child of the Northern Spring" by Persia Woolley;
"L'Enchanteur" by René Barjavel
"The Coming of the King" by Nikolai Tolstoy
"Le Pas de Merlin" by Jean-Louis Fetjaine (duology) [i'm sorry, I couldn't find the English title]
"King Arthur. The True Story" by Graham Phillips
"History of the Kings of Britain" by Geoffrey of Monmouth;
"The Druids - Celtic Priests of Nature" by Jean Markale;
"The Celts - Uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture" by Jean Markale;
"Women of the Celts" by Jean Markale;
"The Epics of Celtic Ireland" by Jean Markale;
"The Druids and the Mysteries of Chartres" by Jean Markale;
"The Wisdom of the Wyrd" by Brian Bates
"The Isle of Avalon. Sacred Mysteries of Arthur and Glastonbury" by Nicholas R. Mann;
"Symbols of the Celts" by Sabine Heinz
I hope this helps! Feel free to add new titles 😍
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st0nedl0ver · 15 hours ago
Headache | Remus Lupin
summary: Trying to complete an essay under the little time span of forty-eight hours was not easy. In an attempt to complete the horrid task, a pounding headache threatens you. Your loving boyfriend however, finds a way to calm you.
a/n: I feel as if I’ve been gone for an extremely long time. I’m sorry! I’ve just had no motivation to write really and I was suffering from Writer’s block and couldn’t conjure up any ideas. I apologise for the shortness of it, and sorry if the quality isn’t as great! It’s currently 11pm at night and I just finished editing this; although I probably made a few typo’s or errors. Enjoy! <33
It was a grand autumn evening. The wind howled and whistled as it gently breezed by the golden leaves of the branchy trees, and the sun rested assuringly amongst the mere clouds. You sat glumly on your bed; your eyes boring into the sheet of gold parchment that lay before you.
An a thousand word page essay was to be written just under the little time span of forty-eight hours, and the horrid pent up feeling of stress ran right through you. Your head ached terribly; as so did every muscle and part of your body.
Your quill tapped against the parchment, awaiting for ideas and thoughts to cloud your mind. It was no use of course; your headache beginning to ripple with such severity that your eyes squeezed shut.
Long-written essays like these were difficult; especially when teachers gave very little time on them. Of course, you came by a headache here and there; but never, had you experienced a headache this dreadful.
You hastily picked up your parchment and paraphernalia and placed them untidily on your desk; before sighing loudly and climbing into the chambers of your bed.
You threw your heavy bedsheets on you; lying in a pathetic slumped heap. Head pounding, muscles aching, and anxiety rippling through you all at once.
By now, the sun had began to set. Dreadfully noisy chatter filled the dorm corridors as students began to perambulate down to dinner. Groaning in annoyance, you dug your fingernails into your temples.
All you wanted to do was disintegrate into the bed; completely isolate yourself from the outside world. It felt as if a quaffle was smashing into your skull with such strong force; your eyes snapped shut, before you quietly sobbed into your pillow.
Why wouldn’t this cursed headache leave you alone? You hadn’t even noticed the door creak open, as you jumped at the gentle contact of a hand resting on your shoulder. “Love?”
The reassuring voice of Remus calmed you down, as your heart slowed it’s pace, and your thoughts were at peace. You let out a lewd hiccup , before turning your body and hugging the boy tightly.
The boy wasted no time to allow his calloused hands to rest on your back; rubbing it soothingly. Your sobs and hiccups diminishing as you felt a surge of relief course through you.
“What’s wrong, talk to me,” Remus asked, after a while of him holding you in his embrace. You turned your head upwards; a slight pound in your skull as a result. “My head hurts,” your words came out slurred, as you were quite tired and lethargic.
Remus pressed a loving kiss to your forehead. “Why don’t we get some medicine, hmm?” You nodded sleepily, before the boy slipped out of the room. God were you lucky to have a boyfriend like Remus.
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asikan · 9 hours ago
Üşür YÜREĞİM ......sensizlikten.. Bu koca ŞEHİR sığmaz yüreğime.. Sen yoksun; Ben yokum.. Dersin ya hani... Yalan... SEN YOKSAN.. Dünya yok gözümde.. SEN YOKSAN.. Benliğim yitik olmuştu bu alemde.. VAR olmalısın, VAR olmalısın ki Varlığıma SEBEP olmalısın..
SEN YOKSAN; Dünya da gözümde YOK......
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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soulful-guy · 14 hours ago
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starting new journey with this ✨Gem✨ i found on GoodReads while surfing.
Been feeling low lately and trying to find my peace by lurking here and there but i guess it will be found within myself.
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mathematicola · 9 hours ago
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Tumblr media
august 1st, 2021
happy august guys!!
august is one of my favorite months, as it's getting a bit cooler and nature's colors start to change. 🌻
what's also changing is my blog. i'm planning on posting more regularly and switching up my editing a bit. you may have noticed a new profile pic too! (it looks a bit like me if you've ever wondered how do i look like hah)
on the other note, i just hit 1000 followers which is incredible to me!! thank you to all of you!!! ♡♡♡
on the final note, the photos show exactly what i've been up to this month, as i struggled with motivation and low energy levels. but anyway, a good book is always worth the time. 📖
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bibliolectors · 14 hours ago
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Lectura entre sirenas (ilustración de Kamila Stankiewicz)
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asikan · 7 hours ago
Her ne yaşadıysak geride kalması yarın yeni bir güne yeni bir haftaya umutlarımızın gerçeğe dönüşmesi güzel olayların olması temennisi ile.....🌃🍀
İster müzik niyetine,isterseniz sadece keman ve müzik olarak ruhunuzu dinleyerek uyumanız dileğiyle.... İyi geceler
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lovelybluepanda · 17 hours ago
What is the best method to learn language by reading in ur opinion? My level in english is somewhere btween B1 and b2 but I want to be C1 in the end of this year (I hope it is possible), I can speak/write/listen very well but in reading... I think im bad :( I take 13 minutes to read one page from the hobbit
Just read. That's the best method: doing something, anything.
Don't focus on how much it takes you to read a page. Reading improves on its own if you keep reading.
Perhaps the level of the vocabulary is too advanced. Have you tried reading something else? Choose something that you enjoy reading. When i learned English (i learned it through reading) i was reading for at least 6-8 hours daily. I didn't choose this amount as a goal. I was reading fanfiction and because I love to read, i couldn't stop unless it was time to eat or go to sleep.
If your hobby is not reading, think of what you'd enjoy reading (fantasy, love stories, self-development books etc) or think of another hobby which you could improve through reading. (Books about cooking, books about the Japanese mythology, baking, yoga, drawing etc)
You can also ditch the books and read articles, fanfiction, wiki tutorials etc.
Try to make the activity enjoyable and you'll spend time on it. By doing so, you'll improve in no time.
Take care~
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fideliachamchi · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoy your first day of August ✨🧡📖
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stefito0o · 17 hours ago
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@bibliophilicwitch Sunday Tomes and Tea 1/8/21
Still reading the short stories I started back in Bulgaria, liking most of them, drinking a nice milk and fruits smoothie.
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chrysa1lism · 6 hours ago
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Tumblr media
started a new book today
kind of a switch for me since i normally read a lot of fantasy but i’m enjoying it so far!
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