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Libraries are the pinnacle of human existence. They are filled with knowledge and love, kingdoms and nightmares, fairytales and biographies, the rise and fall of empires. To say you do not like to read is to say you do not cherish the very being of being alive.
So, we must cherish the libraries we have now, because this is the knowledge we have access to. So many people in history were not allowed the blessing of reading and access to books. Read for the people who could not. Go to the libraries that still stand tall in honor of those that were fallen.
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Tumblr media
Wisława Szymborska, from “Our Century’s Decline”, View with a Grain of Sand (trans. Stanisław Barańczak & Clare Cavanagh)
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Tumblr media
"Yorulmam deme gönül mutlaka yorulursun.
Ortada seyrederken kenara savrulursun.
Zamanın tenceresi, penceresi çok farklı,
Temmuz’da buz tutarsın, Ocak’ta kavrulursun."
Abdurrahim Karakoç
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ت @kalbi-duam ت ⏰11:45 #kalbiduam
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eğer umudu körelmişse yüreğinin üzülme. dokun kalbinin üstüne sabret şükret ve dua et eğer nasibinde varsa her şey yeşerip güzelleşir elbet..
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Probably Henry Winter at some point.
Tumblr media
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eating chocolate feels like a religious experience to get closer to remus lupin
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godzilla-reads · a day ago
Tumblr media
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ashintheairlikesnow · 2 days ago
Has anyone ever read a book with a nonverbal main character? I have been thinking about this off and on all day and I'm not sure I can think of one.
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girls will be like, physically I'm studying chemistry on my periods, but mentally I'm sitting by the window at a nice cafe in the rain, sipping my dark latte, reading Oscar Wilde and scribbling my favourite Coldplay lyrics on to the window, fogged up due to the rain.
It's me, I'm girls.
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Lost Lamb /OG Sukuna x Reader/ .o6
Tumblr media
✧ Warning: Og Sukuna Ryomen, servant reader, Master x Servant, protector/predator x reader kind of relationship, more suggestive content, flustered Sukuna, touchy Y/n, another trip to a village (different one this time, with a name lmao)
✧ Reader: Female Reader
✧ Plot: A Master x Servant Fanfiction in which Sukuna, the king of curses, finds you snooping in his temple and he makes you pay for your crimes for the rest of your life..
✧ Words: 4.50k
Tumblr media
fic masterlist :: .o1 .o2 .o3 .o4 .o5 .o6 .o7 .o8 .o9 .10 .11 .12
Tumblr media
·A/n: I hope you guys haven't given up hope on you and Sukuna's love life cuz of the ending of the last chapter! Seriously, don't feel disheartened, it'll make sense down the road!! ^^
♡ Thank you for reading this bit! Enjoy! ♡
. . .
A few days later, Sukuna still sat awake, the sun beginning to rise and birds began chirping their morning songs, staring off at the wall with bloodshot eyes and thoughts racing through his head.
As days and nights passed, you were there. When he closed his eyes, teasing him with your smile and your gentle touches on his arms. Seconds later, his eyes would snap open and tear away from the sight of you in his lap again.
"Shit.." Bringing a hands up to his eyes, he let them rest there before taking a deep breath and swallowing his pride.
It wasn't a crush, he knew that for sure. Couldn't be sure it was love either. Lusting after someone and finding them a joy to be around were two different things; Sukuna knew that.
He enjoyed your cute smile, soft cheeks and cute figure. He loved seeing you smile at a joke or having fun, like at the festival. Seeing your flushed face when you entered the bathroom and saw him naked that one time didn't faze him...
Was he in love? The King of Curses?
No, this is just him being untouched for so long... Ha, lies.
Sukuna wished that was the case. He touched himself plenty, even had to yesterday thanks to you bending over. Usually, he was getting rid of any excess urges to rest soundlessly. That was until recently. Touching himself wasn't enough, he wanted more; he wasn't happy with his own hands and teases.
He wanted you.
You and your soft hands on him.
Touching and fondling anywhere you could reach, pleasing Sukuna with your hot breath and scent. Trailing your delicate fingers wherever they wished to be-
Okay, stop.
Sukuna shook his head, blinking a few times before giving himself another shake to be sure. Sitting up and gripping the bed's sheets the moment he could hear your noises from down the hall.
Turning his head towards his bedroom door, his lips twitched up in a smile. Standing, he quietly wrapped a small blanket around his broad shoulders and opened his door.
Uraume and Y/n are most likely asleep right now, so maybe he can have a morning walk!
But unlike his plans, his feet carried him towards your room. The sounds of you being frustrated with something upset him and he just wanted to make sure you were okay.
Not that had anything to do with this feelings thing he was going through.
Gently, he pushed the door open to see you tossing and turning in your sleep. And just as he thought, you were upset. Brows furrowed and cheeks flushed, and as if on cue, Sukuna smiled and took a delicate step inside.
You had managed to kick off your blankets and exposed your figure to him, which he quickly fixed before anything in his mind began to race and think up new and interesting things to torture him with later that night.
"Sleeping so soundly.." Kneeling next to you, Sukuna grazed a finger against your sweating forehead and chuckled. "You're a little mess, aren't you..?"
Warmth and happiness enveloped the curse in a tight embrace, forcing Sukuna's heart to flip. Even the sun couldn't compare to this heat in his chest. After feeling so cold for so long, he wanted it. It was an intoxicating feeling he enjoyed, though didn't know the name as of right now.
Slowly, Sukuna bit his lip, unconsciously staring down at yours. Watching your lower one tremble as you continue to be frustrated at whatever you were dreaming about.
They look so soft and nice...
Before he could even begin leaning forward in an attempt, your hand squeezed Sukuna's thumb. A small action that sent a chill down his spine, igniting a feeling deep in his bones as his cheeks flushed the same color as his hair.
He took a breath. Then another. One more time before he regained control over himself. It was hard to hold back, but he had to.
As seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into an hour, Sukuna looked up and saw the sun's rays tickling your face. No longer annoyed, you rested peacefully in your bed, your head still resting on his palm and fingers still wrapped around his thumb.
Dear Gods, I want to hold you..
Sukuna swallowed a lump in his throat, slowly moving his hand away and peeling your fingers off. The ache in his heart that stabbed him hurt so bad, but he had to leave. It was creepy enough as it was that he had even stepped in your room to check on you, and staying any longer would only worsen his mood.
Once he was sure that you were covered up and sleeping soundly, he left and closed your door, releasing a sigh and heading off towards his throne.
Within the next hour, you were up and happy like a little bunny. Even walking up to the throne and bowing deeply in your normal monk outfit, making an astonished look convert Sukuna's features in moments. Seeing that cute smile and those tired eyes, smile broad and wide as you waved Sukuna a good morning and asked if he was hungry.
"Do you want some mochi?" You questioned, folding your arms behind your back and not noticing how flustered you had made the curse.
"Uh- Yes, and hurry. My stomach has been growling all morning!"
You giggled at this, rushing off towards the kitchen and leaving the man alone to go through his thoughts. Even though he let a lie slip, he was still going to eat that mochi— he knew it. In Sukuna's heart of hearts, he didn't like to waste food, even if it was a simple snack.
And if you made it, he'd eat it with a smile on his face.
"Oh, that's right.. I have that thing to do later." Sukuna said to himself, scratching his temple and groaning.
I don't even want to do anything today..
"Master, I've finished your snack!"
Seeing your chipper form bouncing towards him made him chuckle, reaching out a hand to help you up the stairs and towards him.
"Happy this morning, aren't you?" He asked, taking the small plate and grinning. "Is this normal?"
"Today just feels different, sir." You answered, your eyes seeming to glow softly at him.
Sukuna, who had finally managed to breathe again, patted his lap and signaled for you to take a seat. "Here, share these with me. I'm not going to be able to eat them all, you know."
Your cheeks flushed red, blinking and looking down at Sukuna's thigh like it was sacred land you weren't meant to sit upon. A giggle slipped from Sukuna's lips, gently pulling you up into his lap and making sure you were comfortable before handing you the plate.
Plucking one of the mochi from the dish, Sukuna began to chew on it before a yelp made you look up at him.
"Is there chocolate in this?" He asked, peering at the sweet treat before sticking his tongue inside it and licking up the sweet substance with a blush tinting his cheeks.
"Y/n, I have to go to the village today —a different one, thankfully— and get some things sorted out."
You nodded, handing him another mochi once he finished his and began eating one of your own. Swaying your feet in his lap, already getting comfortable being perfectly placed in his lap like it was your personal throne.
Sukuna's eyes trailed your figure for a moment, blinking away his thoughts and coughing.
"And I'm going to take you with me." He said finally, running a hand through his hair. "It won't take too long, but I hope to be back before dinner."
Munching on your snack, you piped in response before taking another bite from the snack and looking around the throne room. Sukuna's eyes however, remained on you.
You looked so perfect in his lap, puffed cheeks while snacking and asking questions about his mood or if you were making him uncomfortable.
Numbly answering your questions, he was soon snapped out of his trance when he saw your cheeks turn a rosy red. Smiling to himself, he wrapped a hand around your hip and traced a finger against your cheek, pushing some stray strands of hair from your face.
"There," Sukuna teased, watching your face bloom a deeper red. "Prettiest rose of the bunch."
Seeing you flustered over his words —his voice— gave him goosebumps. You weren't the only one that wasn't affected by what he said, he found his speech embarrassing, too.
"Master, can you explain what that means?" You asked suddenly, looking down, avoiding his eyes.
Well, that's rude.
He pinched your chin, lifting your face back up to him. Brows were knitted together once he saw your eyes again, a snort leaving him. No matter how cute you were, you wouldn't avoid his gaze like that again.
"Don't look away from me when you're talking."
Quickly, you looked up at him and felt flustered again. "O-Okay."
Sukuna nods, signalling for you to continue and you sigh.
"I was wondering what you mean when you say that."
"Say what, Y/n?"
You hesitate again. "When you say I'm the prettiest rose of the bunch."
Tilting his head, Sukuna inspects your composure. You still look nervous, but he can't help being blunt.
"It means you're beautiful, Y/n. As pretty as a blooming rose."
Another silence passed between you both until Sukuna coughed, cheeks heating up with every beat of his heart. He gently stood you up, shooing you off with his lower set of arms as he himself stood up to ascend down the stairs.
"We'll be leaving shortly, so hurry."
Beautiful? Me?
You stood at your closet, looking at the mirror built into the door that faced your clothing and quirked a brow. Well, you didn't think you were ugly, but you didn't consider yourself beautiful.
Beautiful was like the moon mats you had hanging, or the blue tiger lilies Sukuna had sent you the other night.
That wasn't you. You were cute or pretty, but not beautiful.
Grabbing your hood, you lifted it over your face and slipped on your shoes. Fixing your hair and quickly making your way out, you mumble a quick goodbye to Uraume and headed off towards the exit.
Sukuna stood outside the shrine, waiting for you, and holding his hand out to give you a small pat on the head. He had a thicker coat on his normal wear that was made out of bear skin. The fur was well groomed and kept clean as to not smell or go bad.
It was Sukuna's personal favorite to bring on cold walks.
"Stay close, alright? The road down to the Hokkaido village isn't easy."
Giving him a nod, you stuck to your word and stayed close. Following him down in the opposite direction of the village you were used to. This path headed north, where the cold of winter would start sooner than most areas.
Every few moments, the road would be slick with ice and Sukuna carried you until the area was safe to walk on. And eventually, there was nothing but ice on the path, forcing you to be cradled in Sukuna's arms much to your embarrassment.
"Are you warm?" He asked sometime later, giving you a small squeeze and pulling his blanket off to wrap around you.
Objecting, you waved your hands around and shook your head.
"N-No, sir. I don't need that, honest!"
Sukuna scoffed, flicking your forehead. "You're nose is beet red, use it."
Admitting defeat, you wrapped the large fur around you and rested your head against Sukuna's chest. You touch providing him enough warmth in his core to last him a lifetime as he looks over your small figure in his arms.
The big muscles made you seem almost like a baby to him, he lips teasing into a smile as he thought this. As he walked the path, he felt this sudden urge that something was going to happen.
He looked around, and didn't see anything, but the feeling continued throughout his visit to Hokkaido village.
It was a normal visit, simple hello's with the chief and mentions of payment Sukuna made sure you didn't hear about. You knew about the sacrifices, but he didn't want you to witness them. Never in his life does he want that again.
As this was happening, you looked around and saw how much snow had already fallen.
"Thank you again, Lord Ryomen." The chief bowed, lowering his head and coming up again.
Sukuna gave a grunt in response, his stare cold as he looked around at the faces of the many villagers. Their shaken state fueling his ego slightly as he turned and looked down at your still form.
The crowd watched as he knelt down and pressed his thumb to your covered forehead. Thankfully, no one could really see your face, but many were astonished at the kindness you were being showered with.
"Let's get home." Sukuna finally muttered as he stood, hoisting you back up into his arms like before and turning to the chief once again.
"At the full moon, remember that, or I'l have your heart to dine on."
With that last threat, Sukuna turned and escorted you out of the village. Walking down the path away from the village, Sukuna's eyes kept darting around him and causing confusion and concern to course through your body.
"Master, is something wrong?" You asked, turning your head up to him.
He grunted, pretty much the only response you got until there was a soft crunch sound that was a little ways off from the path. Sukuna's head darted to the right. Wide, alert eyes staring off at the noise until he sighed and continued walking towards his shrine once again.
What's he so jumpy about?
Resting your head on his chest, you listened to his faint heartbeat and soon found yourself snoring.
Sukuna was on edge the whole time; looking over his back and the surrounding area. The forest he was so used to traveling was now unsafe. It wasn't the same, Sukuna knew it must've been a cursed spirit that had formed some ways off.
If only he could pinpoint it..
Taking a few breaths, Sukuna calmed himself and decided it'd be best to worry about later. He knew that this problem would rise again, but he couldn't afford hurting you over something that'd be so easily dealt with.
Once he had managed to find a safer route to walk, he looked down at you and noticed that you had fallen asleep in his arms.
The smile that lifted his pink lips was the brightest thing besides the snow. Pearly white teeth flashing as Sukuna's eyes softened and stared down at you. Images of you smiling in his arms and with flushed cheeks entered his mind, knowing that they were fairy tails to him as of right now.
You wouldn't love him; a monster with a death toll larger than life.
He took a few steps towards his shrine, the smile on his face didn't leave as he entered. Uraume was cleaning the floors of the main hall when they heard him and turned, seeing a sleeping you in his mass of arms and the smile.
"Uraume.." Sukuna started, a sudden flush of warmth on his cheeks.
Uraume returned the pleasantries and grinned, seeing the rosy color of the curses cheeks. "Did the meeting suffice?"
"Yes. Y/n fell asleep on our way back; I'll put her to bed. Wake her when supper is made."
Uraume nodded, watching Sukuna leave towards your room and couldn't wipe the smug grin from their face. They chuckled to themselves and picked up the sponge and bucket of water, watching Sukuna's last few steps down the hall before they couldn't see him anymore.
"The King of Curses has no weaknesses.. but he might've gained one today."
Making his way down the hall, Sukuna turned towards his bedroom and pushed open the doors without question. Taking you to his massive bed and removing the blankets with ease before placing you in the place he normally slept. Dragging the blankets up and over you before checking the pillows and standing straight, looking down at your sleepy figure and smiling again.
He wasn't going to last long at this rate..
"..My Y/n," Sukuna muttered, the sudden possessiveness in his heart coming to a simmer as he chuckled and let his knuckles rub against your cheek.
"Doesn't sound half bad to me, does it?"
You squirmed around, letting your cheek press against the back of Sukuna's hand for a moment, to which he chuckled at as you smiled and hummed in content. "I know, sounds nice to me, too."
Pulling away, Sukuna turned to his curtains and closed them, picking up his astrology book at the same time with one of his extra hands and left with a final whisper of a smile ghosting his lips.
Enthralled with this sudden happiness brewing in his soul, Sukuna left the shrine in search of the wretched curse that appears to have formed nearby.
No doubt in his mind that it was caused by a wrecked village, Sukuna headed to a nearby waterfall —towards the burning city— in search of this thing.
It was almost a whole hour of searching when he found a large entrance near the waterfall. The cracked wall marking a creatures presence seemed to have been made in the stone. It was dark, but Sukuna could sense the cursed energy. After much thinking, Sukuna started to head home —marking some trees beforehand— and left.
The moon had risen and shined against the shrine once he made his way back. Looking around a final time before scoffing and heading inside.
Paranoia wasn't something Sukuna often faced, as it wasn't normal for him. But having you around as a distraction, the cursed spirit began to forget the troubles he dealt with.
Killing the cursed spirits that spawned due to the villages the surrounded him was a part of his job. As long as the chiefs kept paying for safety, of course.
As he made his way inside, he took the stairs to his throne and sat for a while, contemplating his next move when he heard you voice through the darkness.
"Master, you should be sleeping," You said, standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking up at him.
"Why aren't you in bed? And why was I in your bed?"
Sukuna took a breath, scratching his neck and sighing. "No reason, human. What woke you?"
"Worrying about you, sir." You answered, the lack of hesitation making Sukuna's heart flip.
He could tell he was blushing, feeling the familiar rise of temperature in his face as he took in your worry. Standing, Sukuna waved a hand and got off his throne, going down the stairs and joining you.
"There's no need to worry about me," He said, giving your head a pat and smiling. "I'm sorry for worrying you, but I'm fine."
You have a nod, eyes sparkling as the moonlight poured inside for one of the shrine's windows. The statues of Sukuna seemed to glow too, but they didn't compare to the color of your concerned orbs. Sukuna took a moment to take in your tired figure, seeing the sleepy expression and the disheveled night gown, he decided to take you back to bed.
"Come, let's get you back to bed, young one," Sukuna said, letting out a sigh and wrapping an arm around you.
The protective and possessive touch flustered you as Sukuna pulled you into his side and guided you down the hall and towards your room. His cool kimono was pressing against your cheek softly, though your warm cheek couldn't even begin to calm as Sukuna kept you close.
That touch you have been dying for was nothing compared to the feelings blooming in your heart. Even after all the hatred and foul looks, you couldn't help but feel closer to him.
You wanted to be, more than anything.
Unable to even deny it any longer. You liked Sukuna, but you've never felt such emotions before. The word 'like' didn't even begin to describe the warmth in your chest or the shiver down your spine when Sukuna held you.
So, as he opened your door and held you into bed, you grabbed onto his hand and held as tight as you could.
"What is it?" Sukuna asked, his voice gruff but quiet.
You opened your mouth to let out the words, ones that you wanted to keep to yourself and never let him know your feelings. You didn't want him to know, but they were about him. He had the right to know about them, even if it was against how you felt.
"I want to tell you something," Anxiously, you squeezed Sukuna's hand and flushed pink. "Uhm, it's a little confusing to me.."
"Yes, mortal?"
Sukuna's questioning eyes and demeanor, leaning forward with eyes slightly wider than normal; you had to tell him.
"I've been feeling different recently."
He gave a nod, resting himself on a knee and looking at you with a brazen expression.
"I don't know why, but it's about you, Master." You let out, closing your eyes to ignore Sukuna's looks. He looks so pretty up close..
"My heart starts racing when you come near me, or touch me in any kind of way. I blush every time I think about your smile.. I'm so confused.." Is what you wanted to say.
"I've been worried about you," Is what you muttered out, opening your eyes and seeing Sukuna's rather hopeful look flash into a disappointed one.
"Worried?" He questioned, a subtle squeeze from his hand. "That's all?"
You gave a nod as a small sigh escaped you, though you still felt tense. Sukuna saw it too, but he decided to not push you. Whatever you wanted to say to him, he had to be patient to hear. He couldn't push you into saying anything, Sukuna knew that.
"If that's all, I'll be leaving now." He said, standing and heading towards the door. "Goodnight, Y/n."
You replied with small farewells, though Sukuna's ears didn't catch them as he trudged down the hall and towards his room. He couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, but that was his own feelings wanting to erupt.
Seeing your tensed body, he knew that you were hiding something from him, he couldn't help but be annoyed about it. You hiding something from him, and him being annoyed that you didn't feel like sharing it?
Flopping down onto his bed, Sukuna stared at the ceiling and sighed, he had to sleep.
He rolled over onto his side, not even bothering to bathe or get fresh clothes on, he went to sleep. Though sleep didn't find him until he had found himself in a fit of moans and whimpers.
Touching himself to try and tire himself was the only thing he could think of, and thankfully it worked. Images of you in his lap were stuck when you woke him for the festival a week ago, to the soft lips he dreamed about kissing and biting. They struck him hard and he let out groan after groan until he released and sat in his bed panting and weak.
"Y/n.." Sukuna let out a final whimper, looking down and seeing the mess he made of himself. Letting out a shaky sigh, Sukuna sat up and let go of him.
The white stickiness that was now covering him made Sukuna freeze, suddenly wondering about female anatomy and the reproductive system until he blinked and got up to wipe himself. He had to get a hobby that didn't consist of him being alone with his thoughts.
While Sukuna was dealing with his mess, you were up reading your romance novel and coming to the 'confession' part of the story. This so called confession seemed a little vulgar to you, seeing that the man and woman began to do this things called 'making love.'
You didn't understand it, but you could always ask Uraume in the morning..
. . .
Tumblr media
a/n:: I am SO SO sorry that Lost Lamb .o6 took this long! I wasn't feeling myself and wanted to take a break from writing until my mind was cleared and back on track with this story! I have officially started to get back on track with writing and things will be uploaded soon! ^^
[Hope you enjoyed the specials + Toji things! I also have something planned with my OC staring as a side character!! >///<]
taglist for Lost Lamb:: @okkotsufav, @gojoscprsaviour, @cafeinthemoon93, @im-a-killer-queen, @lucyrocks86, @pulchritxde, @watermelon-online, @xx-intothevoid-xx, @taetropchou, @pipopeew, @noblemaidenheart, @aepinkoutsold, @tojidilfs, @mageyboo, @zatrinaxxx, @jiminjamms, @north-st4r, @itadowriii, @pulchritxde, @kawaiipenguin20
Tumblr media
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soracities · 5 hours ago
The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all round him. She had become a physical necessity.
George Orwell, 1984
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bookaddict24-7 · 14 hours ago
Libraries are our friends.
Neil Gaiman
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blondebrainpower · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bookworm-on-rainy-days · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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feminismandmedia · a day ago
Anyone want to do some buddy reads for LGBTQ+ books in June?
Audiobooks, ebooks, paperback, hardbacks, all welcome. Start when you want, just finish by the end of June.
I'll be doing them on storygraph, so if you're interested, reply to this with your storygraph username & which buddy reads you would like to be added to.
Read Between the Lines by Rachel Lacey (Adult Contemporary Romance), Sapphic/WLW Relationship
Gideon the Ninth by Tasymin Muir (New Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy), Sapphic/Lesbian/WLW Relationship
I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuinston (Young Adult Contemporary Romance), Sapphic/Bisexual/WLW Relationship
One for All by Lillie Lainoff (Young Adult 3 Musketeers Retelling), Sapphic/Bi/Ace/Lesbian
She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen (Young Adult Contemporary Romance), Sapphic/WLW Relationship
The Brilliant Death by A.R. Capetta (Young Adult Fantasy), NBi/NBi Relationship
Cemetery Boys by Aidan Thomas (Young Adult Paranormal Romance), Achillean/Gay/Trans/MLM Relationship
Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust (Young Adult Fantasy Romance), Sapphic/WLW Relationship
Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé (Young Adult Mystery/Thriller), Gay/Queer
Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett (Young Adult Fantasy Romance), Achillean/MLM Relationship
I won't be starting any of these until June 1st, and I'm hoping I can get through all of them! :)
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Tumblr media
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silverystardustt · 2 days ago
there’s just something so captivating for me seeing a boy oh so captivated by a girl and be willing to put themselves on the line
i know that’s just me feeling as though no one’s ever been that way towards me but oh well
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the-forest-library · a day ago
Tumblr media
Of course, I couldn’t pass up this anthology of short stories based on Jane Eyre.
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genderoutlaws · 2 days ago
heyyy! long shot i know but do you or any of your followers happen to have the version of stone butch blues with the SA parts highlighted? would love to read but my own issues with trauma wouldn’t let me get past the first chapter :( thank you! 💗
i don’t personally but i’ll put this out for any followers who have notes of sections/pages with SA ?
edit: thank you to @kingclown for the link!
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