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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Jyler Oneshot

The chilling breeze felt like ice on Tyler’s shoulders and he held onto his elbows as his teeth chattered. Only he would decide on wearing ripped jeans and a loose tank top in the middle of winter.

Leaning against the balcony with a long sigh, Tyler scanned the cityscape. The silence in the air made his once-tense-body relax, despite the shaking in every movement he made.

He thought quietly to himself, letting his mind be distracted by the mesmerising view.

Something soft brushed against his arm, causing him to jump. Turning his head around quickly, he took a deep breath of relief after finding it was only Jasper who had decided to join him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Jasper’s voice was quite deep, though he kept it hushed as if it would scare Tyler if he talked normally.

Tyler let out a shrug and watched him clasp his hands together as he rested against the railing. The wind ran through his jet-black hair smoothly and Tyler stared at his pale profile.

Jasper’s blue-grey eyes were focused on the city, with his thin eyebrows furrowed and his strong jaw tightened in the slightest. His tawny-brown coat lay neatly around his collar and he let out a distressed sigh.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jasper shut his eyes.

“They’re so loud, it’s enough to drive a person insane.” Was all he said. Tyler knew he was referring to Bianca and let out a small laugh.

“You get used to it.” He shrugged. Jasper turned to him, raising an eyebrow and scanned his face—nose red and cheeks pink from the cold. His eyes met Tyler’s hazel ones and the corner of his lip curled only just.

“I suppose.” Jasper pulled off his coat as he talked and Tyler stared at him curiously. He held the fabric between his fingertips and gently draped it over Tyler’s shoulders.

Tyler felt the coat fall reposefully over his tanned skin.

“Aren’t you cold?” He wondered, looking up to his friend.

“A little.” Jasper admitted. “But I’m not shivering.”

He gave Tyler a shrug before a smile appeared on his face, pushing up his cheeks. Tyler noticed a small group of freckles which had accumulated over the bridge of his nose. Only someone close enough could see them.

With a second’s hesitation, Tyler rested his head against his side, and felt Jasper’s arm raise in surprise before curling around his shoulders and pulled him closer.

The two didn’t say a word, too afraid to ruin the moment with their awkwardness. Instead, they just shut their eyes, enjoying the wind caressing their skin and the warmth of the other’s company.

The silence was enough for Tyler. He smiled to himself and his heart raced in his ears.

Jasper observed his features carefully, ignoring the heat rising to his cheeks, and rested his chin on his head.

“Are you all warmed up now?” Jasper decided to ask, keeping his voice in nothing more than a whisper. Tyler didn’t open his eyes and let out a small hum.

“Not quite.”


Was bored and needed fluff so I wrote some. It isn’t proof read or anything so that’s why there might be a few mistakes or flaws. Anyways, I thought this was cute and wholesome. So, enjoy :)

-Robin ☆彡

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Right now, she is asleep in her bedroom, windows cracked to let the summer air is followed by a breeze of wind to bring relief. Her frail body takes up a fraction of the king bed, the other half covered by swimsuits too large for her, Summer clothes I still look at with envy. 

At one point or another, I get to decide whether or not I will let resentment rule my mother and I’s relationship. 

Any sane human would say no, do not let it rule you two. 

Anyone who knows us might say, how could you not? Look at you two.

Sometimes it is intentional, more often time not. 

She is naive about her own actions until I play them out on her behalf. After all, I am a creature of habit. 

We all are. 

She likes to open the microwave before it finishes the cycle. Leave 4 seconds on the clock, and let the four seconds sit there until the next person goes to use the microwave and bugging gets frustrated as to why the buttons are not working, then eventually realized the clock needs to be cleared because someone left four seconds on the clock. 

It never bothered me before, because I did it too. Thought nothing of the thing. Then I moved in with my best friend. It bothered her incessantly. I’d be in the bathroom, and she would yell my name, one quarter joking, three quarters annoyed. 

Eventually, I learned. I stopped. 

Now, I am back home and every time the damn clock is left with four seconds on the clock, I want to scream out her name. 

Resentment builds. 

We sit down for dinner, lately at the kitchen island. Me in the middle, Mom on my left and Dad on my right. This is not our usual dynamic, never was, never should have been. 

Patrick is away at school, 500-piece puzzles take up residence on our kitchen table, and rather than look at each other, we look straight ahead at the kitchen cabinets and out the two-pane kitchen window onto the dogs chasing birds away from the bird feeder. 

Then again, I take that back - Dad and I look straight ahead. Mom looks to her left, inserting herself into my space of privacy, interjecting the conversation with ‘what’s and whys’ with linguine half-chewed in her mouth. 

She slurps on her food. 

She talks with her mouth full. 

She talks with her mouth half-full. 

She makes this lip-smacking sound when her mouth leaves the glass of milk or Coke Zero she is drinking. 

She sticks her lips to her bowl of pasta, washing down remnants of her meal. 

Resentment builds.

I do not think it is intentional. At least, I do not want it to be. I love her. This may seem skewed, a little fucked, or maybe even a scapegoat for everything else I have written. 

It is not. 

Resentment also deteriorates. 

I come home from taking the dogs out before dinner, the smell of sauteed onion and pancetta fill the air. To my right, Dad sits in his cheer, a book in his hand, and chocolate milkshake with a purple straw on his side table. To my left, My mom’s frail figure takes up the whole room.

Walking toward the kitchen, she lets out a howl, sticks her wooden spoon at me, moves her body left and right. From sauteing to dancing, she switches back and forth, never forgoing her attention to detail on cooking the Fatima. 

Annie Lennox blares over the house speakers, and I watch her move. 

She is in her element, who am I to disturb it? 

Watching her now, resentment washes away.

Who am I to judge a woman who raised our family?

Who am I to shame her for doing it wrong? She had not raised one before?

Who am I to negate her experiences and laugh at her flaws and imperfections?

I am her daughter. 

She, my mother. 

I am her, and yet, I am none of her. To resent her is to resent my own existence. 

Resentment builds, and so does it deteriorate. 

So, maybe I will let it burn. Watch it deteriorate. 

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Books are sometimes the best way I have of communicating how I actually feel. And this hits deep.

Sure I may be an adult, but John Green will always be there to help me put my experiences into words. And in this case it comes out of the thoughts of this high school aged girl in Turtles All The Way Down.

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Charles Fourier coined the word feminism.

Feminism is asking for a balance in these scales of corrupted “equality”, so to use ‘fem’ in the ‘ism’, is to give females the boost that they have been lacking for centuries throughout innumerable cultures.

Humanism essentially focuses on how wonderful the human mind can be and how humans need not rely on religion, supernatural beliefs or an invisible entity to conduct their lives.

Had males historically suffered the same amount of discrimination at the hands and will of women or from a matriarchy, perhaps the name ‘meninism’ would be acceptable.

Misandry stands for “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e. the male sex).”

While Feminism stands for “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

So let’s stop confusing misandry with feminism.

Feminism is not just seeking equality between all genders, it seeks to give back women everything they have been denied.

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🌟 Reblog if You Practice Magic 🌟


Originally posted by amandaherzman

I’m looking to follow more active magical blogs, and not just witchblr this time! So do reblog if you post about any of the following:

💫 Magick

💫 Tarot

💫 Mysticism

💫 Witchcraft

💫 Spirituality

💫 Supernatural and Occultism

💫 Spirit work

💫 Deity work

💫 Ancestral veneration

💫 Paganism

💫 Shamanism

💫 Divination

Do share a bit of your path and your blog if you’d like!

I’ll start! I’m Kalila, and I’m an islamic mysticist. I mainly work with spirits and I incorporate traditional Indonesian shamanism into my craft. Other than that, I enjoy spellwork the most. All my posts are informative ones regarding magic, mysticism, and witchcraft, all of which are properly tagged. My ask box and DMs are always open !

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