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#reagan ridley x reader
cognitos-handbook · a day ago
Just got a fantastic suggestion from a lovely pal that I think will be a great kickstarter to this blog :p
Okay I got permission to out you @nfxtuated enjoy this :p
Nsft below <3
“Using a remote control vibrator/sex toy on the gang in the middle of a meeting”
Yeah, she would 100% be an awkward mess during this, I’m sure
Especially considering this is her meeting. That she called. To talk to the entire group about some pressing matters and a new mission
Oh boy
How you managed to get her to agree to it, nobody really knows
But she did, and so she had to try and tough it through the meeting while you lounged off to the side, being a smug little shit with the vibrator controls pulled up on your phone
She’s not awful at hiding it, mind you; she’s pretty decent at acting like nothing is going on, actually, but you definitely could catch her off guard
The way she suddenly lurches forward when you decide to jump the settings after having them on low for a while? The glare she sends you while she tries to awkwardly laugh it off is so worth it
Just spend the entire time edging her, please
It drives her up the fucking wall and you could practically feel the frustration rolling off of her in waves
(Don’t be put off by all the glaring and looks you get though; she wouldn’t easily admit it but fuck if she wasn’t actually enjoying it)
She ends up sorta rushing through the end and wrapping things up
While you kept the vibrator on high
She fucking drags you out of the room the second she can and yeah, you’re in for a hell of a night; especially when you just grin and fuck with the settings again, possibly setting her over the edge
There’s no way in hell she’s letting you get away with that without retaliating >;)
He’s actually the one who was interested in trying out the toy, but when you bring up using it during the meeting? Dear lord
He’s down without much if any hesitation, that’s for fucking sure
Mans is very lucky that the attention is on Reagan for the meeting (that or on that gang’s phones as they pay no attention what-so-ever lmao)
This isn’t anything super crazy considering just how many out of pocket things he’s done and dealt with through all his hazing, but it def still gets to him
Mainly because it’s you doing it to him, really
He’s a bit of a squirmer, definity, and chews on his lip a lot when you change things up on him
It helps him fight making noise, especially when you push the settings at random intervals (mostly when you notice him getting too relaxed)
It’s especially fun when you sit right next to him and are able to watch him squeeze his thighs together and shuffle around in his seat, restless as all hell but trying way too hard not to let anyone in on the know
Does he cum in his pants? Probably, yeah
But don’t worry, feel free to keep it up! His wide eyed look when you grin at him is too perfect to pass up
This ends up being something you try again. Probably several times
Would love to try it on you in turn
Honestly? Between the two of you it was probably a mutual idea, really
Could see it as a sort of competition, trying to see how well Gigi could last and if you could make her break her resolve
But man is that woman a hard one to break
She’s confident from the moment you start up the vibrator, a small smirk on her lips when you look at her
Try changing and messing with the settings however you can and however much you want and it seems to do nothing
But if you know her well enough? You know her tells? You can see the little things that give her away
Little things that nobody else would bat an eye at, like how she fixes her shirt a little more often, shifts her gaze a little more than necessary…
No matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to work, though towards the end of the meeting? After pushing all the right buttons (haha) and relentlessly teasing her the entire time?
You see some of that begin to slip a little more
She crosses her legs, still elegant as ever, though her jaw is clenched, and you can see her watching you from the corner of her eyes
She still wins and keeps composed through the entire thing but when y’all get out of there? She’s making sure to have fun with you <3
The king of conflicted feelings about the entire idea
Of course he’s super down and obviously ends up agreeing, but man he’s nervous as all hell holy shit
He’s canonically had sex dreams about everyone (which is still fucking hilarious we love u dude) so I’m sure this shit would be right up his fucking alley no matter how much he may be in denial LOL
I definitely see him as having possibly the hardest time keeping it together out of all of them
The guy is sweating fucking bullets from the moment you walk into the meeting room, and nothing has happened yet
When you actually start it up, even at the lowest setting, he’s already losing his shit, but like hell if he isn’t gonna enjoy every second of it, even if y’all end up getting caught/called out
The gang definitely ends up noticing something is up when he gets all antsy, unable to handle just how much you toyed with him
Turn it all the way up and he nearly breaks the table, gripping the edge of it so hard that his knuckles turn white, gritting his teeth
They do end up just brushing it off though; weirder shit happens all the fucking time, he’s probably just tripping or something
He ends up cumming pretty hard when you finally push him over the edge (tease him about it, it’s funny)
Oh but if you think this man doesn’t end up getting his revenge? You’re dead wrong ;)
Oh he’s definitely the one who came up with the idea
And got super giddy and excited when you agreed to it, just as down and eager as he was lol
He’s absolutely done much worse shit so this is an absolute breeze for him
Honestly this man would be so fucking pleased the entire time LOL just absolutely blissed out and enjoying every second of it
He’s already a pretty fidgety guy, so nobody thinks twice about all of the shuffling around he does
Encourages the hell out of you to fuck with the settings as much as you want and try out as much as you want to/can
Turn it up whenever he has to speak, trust me
He's good at keeping his composure for the most part, but his voice probably jumps an octave if you time it and hit a spot in him just right
Stupid fucking grin on his face the entire time. He has zero shame about any of this whatsoever
Honestly feel free to make him cum during the meeting honestly; he won't flip like some of the others might
Def gives you a look tho
And you know damn well more shenanigans like this are bound to happen again
And that he definitely returns the favor later on :D
(We're not gonna question how this would work with where shit is hidden LMAO)
His entire job is literally just getting off in front of people
So really he doesn’t even hesitate or question it when the suggestion is made; he’s all for it
He thinks its funny if you think you can get any sort of reaction out of him during the meeting, or if you think he'll even draw any attention
Calm, cool, collected and annoying as fucking ever the entire fucking time
Makes you sit next to him for the fun of it and you can see him twitch a bit every once in a while when you really ramp up the settings on him
He keeps one of his arms on you the entire time, on your thigh probably, and totally uses it to his advantage to be able to tell what's coming
Make him pay for that!
Either turn it up high enough on the right setting, or turn it down so it's a really dull, slow pulse
You'll feel his arm clench around your leg and he'll snake another around you to pull you a bit closer to him
Maybe whispers some vague, meaningless threats at you for being a little shithead
Just grin and keep fucking with him my dude 
He won't do shit that you both wouldn't end up being into LOL
With him it's 100% guaranteed that he ends up trying it out on you at a later date, and knowing him, he's much worse about it <3
Myc knows. He absolutely fucking knows and he thinks it’s the funniest shit in the world.
He comes around and calls you out on it later, laughing his ass off the entire time. May even out you to the rest, if he feels like it.
What a bastard <3
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cognitosclowns · a day ago
Could i pls get Andre and Reagan's fav cuddle position and what they like to do while cuddling with their partner? Thnks, your writing is legit amazing btw
She can't handle feeling cramped!! it freaks her out if shes being squeezed for Too Long and Too Hard
THIS MEANS SHE USUALLY ENDS UP,, FLOPPED ON TOP OF YOU?? like a lizard on a hot stone smdnsd when she sleeps its usually on her stomach so like,,, it all works out perfectly
face down, half-on half-off you, an arm lazily drapped around your waist?? face slumped against your chest?? <333 shes dozing off so fast lmao
she might also,, lazily play with your hair?? just,, gently fiddling w/ some strands bc it's super soft <33
ALTERNATIVELY?? you laying on HER. You all,, soft and cozied up in the nook of her shoulder?? Or snoozin against her stomach?? Positions where she still has a bunch of room but <33 can still have you close?? <333 yea
AHAHA <333 its an absolute jumble of limbs. Just a fucking pretzel lmao.
Legs curled with yours, arm is up and off to the side while the other one is wrapped all the way around - his face is most definitely in your chest and he's 100% making jokes about it
tbh <33 his face is gonna end up either really close to yours, or hidden in your clothes <33 HE LOVES HOW YOU SMELL. your smell is home and safety and when he's had A Day he just,, wants to fall asleep
probably a nice lazy makeout tbh!! just some super tired, clumsy kisses on your bottom lip, chin n jaw!! eee you can feel his stubble and its VERY TICKLY <33
Sometimes his eyes'll open and just <33 this super excited smile when he sees your face?? <333
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mantitsinmymouth · a day ago
The Gang reacting to you falling asleep at work
She gets it honestly she’s stayed in her lab for days without sleep to get work done
Sometimes they have to force her out so they can get her to shower
And working at Cognito Inc. is very tiring so she can see why you’d fall asleep
If she found you in some place more ‘public’ like the break room she’d probably try to wake you up so nobody tries to draw shit on your face while you sleep
She’d be saving you from Myc
If she came into your office (if you have one) she’d try her best not to disturb you
She’d probably come back to you at the end of the day to wake you up and tell you to go home
She might offer you a ride home seeing as your tired and all
And it’s totally not because she wants to spend more time with you
If Brett found you asleep he’d probably nudge you and ask if you’re okay
If you wake up he’d probably tell you that maybe it’s time to go home if you’re overworking yourself
He’d be v worried abt you
If you don’t though he’d probably stay with you for a few minutes in case you wake up
He’d probably drape his jacket over you while you’re sleeping so you’re warm
If he walked in the break room and saw you sleeping he would probably ignore you for the most part to do whatever he came in there to do
I have a feeling he’d just awkwardly glance at you from time to time while you’re sleeping
If he stayed in there for some time after he’d probably get bored and start poking your face to see if you’ll wake up
Or he might say stupid shit like “if u don’t get up I’m gonna post this embarrassing picture of you” to see if you’re actually sleeping or not
At some point he’s gonna go get Myc to help him draw dicks on your face
Your face will look like a school desk when you wake up
Gigi would probably ignore you for the most part
Tons of people fall asleep at work so it’s not like it’s new for her to see
I feel like she’d be like Reagan or Brett in a way
Like maybe she’d stay there with you and just stare at anyone who walks by
Eventually she’ll wake you up whether you like it or not
She’ll ask if you’re alright and if you need anything
She’d tell you not to fall asleep again though
If you’re sleeping on the couch he will either throw you off of it, push you on the ground, or if you don’t budge he’d probably just jump on top of you and stay there if you don’t wake up
Would probably take a picture of you and post it on his Twitter to make fun of you
Let’s say like a month later if you see he still has that image on his phone and you ask him about it he’ll say he forgot to delete it
Just like Andre did, he’d draw crude drawings on your face
When you wake up he’ll make fun of you for drooling or making weird faces
He’s an asshole, but he’s a lovable asshole I swear
If he likes you (romantically or platonically) he will find a spare blanket for you to sleep with
He might watch over you while you sleep, threatening anyone who might get too close to you
Or he’d scream in your face telling you that good soldiers don’t sleep on the job
And maybe to drop and give him 20
Honestly him waking you up might be like,,, the most gentle he’s ever been in his life
He doesn’t wanna scratch you with his claws
“C’mon, kid, wake up.”
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vrisrezis · 2 days ago
Reagan with a s/o who also has a shit dad
Both of y’all can rant about your daddy issues! Isn’t that great? She’s willing to listen, and complain to you about not only her father but yours and always sides with you when you have issues with your father. Aside from this though, she sympathizes a lot with you for obvious reasons. It makes her feel less alone tho tbh? That’s why she feels a close attachment to Brett as well. She feels bad, you deserve a good father.
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brettsshrimp · 15 days ago
so I've been having many thoughts about like a sweet yet kinda oblivious reader with the group. These are just general ideas but if anyone wants me to elaborate on any let me know:o
cw // drug mentions
• bringing everyone their favorite coffee in the morning and always having little snacks
• when Brett starts working there, you ask what his fav coffee is, and he doesn't think much of it, thinking it's just an ice breaker or smth, but the next day you come in with his fav drink along with the others and he's just,, stunned. like,,, he didn't think anyone would do that since he's knew,, he's just like?????hmsnxj,,
• also having bandaids and wipes along with the snacks in a little backpack or purse
• Brett comes to you a lot with a papercut or some other minor injury and a pout on his face asking for a bandaid. he loves the care that you give, wiping the cut then carefully putting the bandaid on,,, he's soft,, especially after the smile you give him, telling him to be careful,,
• helping Glenn with his divorce therapy if he really wanted to work on his personality after the body switching thing. like helping with listening/ trying not to yell ect.
• when a session goes really well you take him out to dinner, or something he's been talking about wanting lately. even if a session doesn't go as well you remind him that's okay!! progress isn't linear and you're still proud of him!!!
• being shopping buddies with Gigi, and getting your nails done together. Also trying to help with like making media trends, whether it's like memes or fashion, she likes hearing any ideas you have
• Myc and Andre have tried to make dirty jokes and innuendos but they always fly over your head. it used to drive Andre crazy but Myc was always amused seeing your confused face, trying to understand the joke. At first Andre thought you were just messing with him but Myc confirmed that you really just didn't get it
• I like to imagine that one day while you were still relatively new to the job, Andre came up to you and was like what the hell are you on?? since you've always seemed so happy, patient and just? over all bubbly. and you're just like "??? on what??" Andre just kinda laughs until he realizes your serious
• he kinda wonders if you even know more than 5 drugs. I also like to think that at some point he takes the time to teach you how to tell when someone spiked your drink, even if you don't go out much. he just wants to make sure your safe and having a good time<3
• he's also like hey, if you ever decide you wanna try drugs, hit me up! he'll make sure you have a good and safe time,,
• going off the dirty joke point, one time you were trying to learn more about Myc's species and Myc found out, and he was like hey, if you come over to my place tonight, I can show you a thing or two. rather than being flustered or smth along those lines like he was expecting, you just kinda got excited in an innocent way, wondering what he could show you
• he even put a tentacle on your shoulder and there just,, wasn't a single dirty thought in there. it was just you wondering what he could show you, and what snacks he might like hnfhfj
• hanging out with Reagan, listening to her talk about a new invention or something her dad did. or if she's not in the mood to talk/ focusing on her work you're happy to talk about random things
• also bringing her drinks and food, making sure she isn't overworking herself too much
• Reagan tries really hard to keep you away from her dad, even if it's impossible. she doesn't want him hurting you in any way or trying to manipulate you into doing something for him,, she wants to keep you safe from him,,
• doing their nails and hair on (somehow) less busy days. even though Myc doesn't have either, you still decorate him with little accessories so he isn't left out,,
• I like to think Myc and Glenn call you kiddo. Myc uses it more to just tease you while Glenn does it more out of seeing you as a kid he never had(though he won't admit it just yet)
• you and Brett totally get together and plan little surprise parties. like nothing extreme just a little thing for everyone to calm down. like there's everyone's fav food and drinks. even if it isn't a birthday party or Christmas, you get little gifts for everyone, even Brett who didn't see it coming:(<3 (he might tear up a little hnmsdjd,, I love him)
• Myc probably read your mind once while you and Brett were planning a surprise party and totally spoiled it for everyone. he got the cold shoulder from you for a day or two after,, was it a little overdramatic? yeah
• also!! being excited to go to the 80's town too! even if you weren't born in the 80's, or really understand the hype of it like Reagan, seeing Brett be excited about it has you getting a little excited too. you totally dressed up with Brett which made him so happy
• lord have mercy on anyone that makes you upset. if any of them finds out someone hurt you in any way, that info spreads like a wildfire to the rest of the team, and you have to stop them and reassure them you'll be okay before they completely ruin the person's life jsnshk
• they just really appreciate you being there for them and wanna be there for you too:(<3
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Y/n: Wha-
Y/n: Why are you screaming?!
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yandere-toons · 20 days ago
I love inside job!! Could you do romantic yandere headcanons for Reagan? I feel like if she found someone she really liked, it wouldn't take much for her to go yandere lol
Yandere Reagan Ridley (Romantic Headcanons)
TW: Cyberstalking, Mentions of Incarceration & Death, Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - Trapped in office, surrounded by corruption, low on morals.
Tumblr media
Scarcely a thing that Reagan does is not first deliberated and tested, mentally or physically, with the scientific method. In private where presumably no one can listen to or see her, she rehearses a multitude of conversations that she either wishes or expects to have with her partner in the future. The risk of allowing her excitement to get ahead of her mid-sentence and blurting something that upsets them is too great for the scientist to ignore.
When it comes time to apply what she practiced, Reagan is at a loss for how to approach them and hold a meaningful conversation that furthers the relationship. As a result, early interactions with her tend to be stilted and disorganized, with the scientist either creating an abrupt excuse to leave or falling into an awkward silence until her partner or another colleague ends it.
Reagan wants her partner to have a favourable opinion of her, but thanks to workaholic and perfectionist tendencies fueled by years of neglectful and manipulative treatment at the hands of her parents, her social skills are abysmal. Nevertheless, the scientist is, no matter how much she likes to deny it, desperate for their validation and seeks to attain it through the only mode she understands, her inventions.
Once she becomes more assertive, Reagan does not shed her prickly nature. The conversations that she initiates are dominated by explanations and, at times, demonstrations of her latest creations in hopes that her scientific prowess will gain their respect. A dismissive, or not sufficiently encouraging, attitude towards her accomplishments reminds her of her father, and it is the quickest way to inspire vengeful frustration in the scientist.
Noticing his best work friend's distress, Brett Hand offers to roleplay as her partner to help her grow more comfortable with speaking to them. Reagan opposes the idea of making herself so vulnerable to criticism and making Brett privy to such personal information. She rejects any direct assistance but occasionally asks for his opinion on the effectiveness of a method, and Brett supports what he believes to be a mutual relationship.
Reagan was neither taught nor properly learned how to manage the majority of her emotions in ways that are not self-destructive. Anger leads to brainstorming sessions about framing a murder as an accident, and sadness leads to binge eating and not leaving the couch for days. Envy, such as when her partner voices admiration for the feats of others, is an overwhelming experience that Reagan struggles to process.
The scientist's go-to coping mechanism is marking the offender for an extraction team, thereby condemning them to lifelong imprisonment at a shadow government black site. If the offender is an executive or a close colleague, however, Reagan concedes that they have a certain degree of immunity and settles for acting passive-aggressive and, assuming she can legally get away with it, exceptionally rude.
An unwilling ear is lent in the form of ROBOTUS, who is subjected to rants about failed attempts or people Reagen views as competition. The genocidal robot is apathetic to his creator's troubles and tunes out after a while, but he is inclined to hack into a perceived rival's private files and compromise the integrity of her partner's social media if she baits him with more of the television series Friends.
Reagan develops a profile of her partner, one that is constantly broadening as additional facts and theories are added. Government surveillance and online tracking are exploited to research every action, every piece of information they ever shared with the internet. Analyzing their digital footprint is, to her tech-savvy and borderline paranoid mind, the key to melding their preferences with hers and bonding with them most swiftly and proficiently.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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froggy-frogz · 10 days ago
soooo i was thinking maybe possibly perhaps you could mayybe write about how Andre, Brett, Reagan and/or Gigi would treat an s/o with lots of body hair?? sw and nsfw if you’d like :))
A/N: I, myself have a lot of body hair, but I couldn't even think of nsfw for it, I'm sorry :,)- My brain has had to come up with a lot of nsfw hcs lately ajhksdfsh- I feel like they'd be too general and not so much focused on your ask if I did nsfw. ANYWAYYYYY hope you enjoy it!
Doesn't mind it. Like at all.
He actually likes you with body hair, it kinda evens you two out. Cause if you couldn't tell, the only body hair that Andre can grow is a few facial hairs. Not much else.
If you don't like it though, he'll help you shave, but hell, if you do, he's fine with it, you will hear no complaining from him.
Though the only way he'll ever say something about it, is if someone gives you issues. It doesn't matter who they are, he'll sass them right back. Hell even if Glenn says something, you might have a little work brawl. He won't let anyone talk shit.
He loves body hair. Like not in a weird, offputting way, he just thinks it's cool, no matter what gender you are.
Brett will be kinda envious, as the body hair that he grows is very sparse, more than Andre, but certainly not enough to make him content.
If anyone says any snide remarks, Brett isn't too fond of confrontation, but he will reassure you that you're beautiful and that person is just a fucking idiot with obviously no eyes.
He loves you for you, and honestly, if you didn't have any body hair, nothing would change.
Doesn't care.
Not in the "I don't give a shit" way, but just in a way that she doesn't really mind.
She doesn't grow a lot of body hair, as she probably has lower levels of testosterone, so she can't really say that she knows the experience you're going through.
Oh boy.
If anyone says anything to you though, she's going to go absolutely fucking nuts. That person is going to have the fear of God put into them.
You're probably going to have to physically pull Reagan away from that person, and that's going to be hard because she's absolutely fuming.
Thinks it's cool.
Doesn't really mind though, she personally doesn't like body hair on herself, but she adores it on you. Says it adds to your already amazing personality.
Though if you ever get sick of it, she'll help you either wax or shave it off, up to you. But she'll never force you to!
If someone ever says something to you, they're going to regret ever walking past you two or saying something to you.
That person's life is pretty much ruined.
Gigi won't necessarily say something to them, but she'll be able to find every single piece of dirt on them to ruin their life.
Please stop her. Or if you don't want to, at least join in, it's kinda fun.
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ray-writes-sometimes · a month ago
Got any dating Reagan HCs?
Tumblr media
i hope its alright i combine these! they seem similar enough
Masterlist/WIPs - Rules/Fandoms
ok. so reagan
we all know shes touch starved asf right?
like shes touch averse with most people but once she really trusts and cares about you? completely different case
gather up your pillows n blankets cus this woman loves a good cuddle nap
lord knows she needs the sleep anyways
cough cough at your place though shes not letting you anywhere near her dad if she can help it
not a big pda fan tbh, she far more comfortable alone with you <3
her ideal date night is staying in, dressing down, getting take out and just being able to chill the fuck out with her partner, binge watching tv or something like that
speaking of chilling tf out: give her massages
the tension in her shoulders built up from the stress of her work just melts away, its great
like just.. all of her goes slack she seriously needs the relaxation time
you'll get lots of thank you cuddles in return ofc
expect cute little inventions to help you out with daily tasks (ah, the perks of dating a mad scientist)
ok now some specifically before/beginning of your relationship hcs since they dont exactly fall into the request lol
she isnt the best at articulating her feelings for you? especially at the beginning of your relationship
and i imagine she doesnt even realize shes crushing before someone tells her LMAO
she mentions you while talking to brett (after many times she accidentally gushed to him about you) and hes like "oh yea that person youve got a crush on"
and shes like "whaaat haha what are you talking about." then it hits her
queue the infamous italicized oh.
then brett becomes her wingman fjdskj
i hope you enjoyed :)
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cognitoinc · a month ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ . masterlist . ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Tumblr media
୨୧ — brett.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — reagan.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — gigi.
nothing yet.
Tumblr media
hc reqs are open ! [ request here ]
rules & guidelines.
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cognitosclowns · 16 days ago
THE POST ABT THE GANGS LAUGHS KS IMMACULATE here's a couple other prompts. the gangs hugs, handshakes, or sleeping habits just bc I love your characterization!!!
Tw : brief weight mention!
So if you're her close friend or s/o? YOU,,, MIGHT GET AN ACTUAL HUG? Not just a little Pat Pat? LIKE ARMS FULLY AROUND YOU? Quite Shocking Quite Surprising
She tends to wrap around and grab the shoulders!! It's One Firm Motion that slowly disconnects, like a hydraulic press?
'don't die, I'm too tired to plan a funeral' SHE CARES SHE CARES she really wants you to get home safe <333
HE LIFTS YOUUUUU STRAIGHT UP. He makes a big 'H-yup!'
HE HUMS ALL THROUGH THE HUG <33 he smells So Strongly Of Axe Body Spray but,, its ok bc he's grinning like an idiot. So happy. Hugs rock.
He'll like,, bounce his knees?? Like going up and down?? MNSDMS ITS HARD TO DESCRIBE.
HE ALSO DEFINITELY LAUGHS. just a happy little giggle <3 he loves hugs, idk what you expected. Might nuzzle his nose into your shoulder!
'one of us has gotta let go, or you'll never get home ! :)'
OH,, just,, the happiest hugs. She hugs like she's got Pure Joy flowing through her. Saying goodbye is never a sad affair with Gigi Thompson!
'If people keep getting taller im gonna need new legs.'
'if you wanna stick around i could just shove you in my purse <3'
ARMS RIGHT AROUND THE WAIST <3 synched in like a belt!
SHE DOES LA BISE <3 she picked it up from living in France for a few years for a Big PR Campaign she working on, and it stuck!! A kiss on the cheek before you're off <3
he'll tackle you onto the nearest couch and just lay there with you
'sorry i can't let go ://// tragic guess you've gotta take me home with you now <3'
SNBDSNDB HE'LL LET GO EVENTUALLY. until then it's a buncha jokes
'Nice weather huh?' while his face is Accidentally Buried In Your Chest, etc. HE ONLY LETS GO WHEN HE MAKES YOU SMILE <33
If He's Not Out For Blood lmao, HE THROWS HIS ARMS AROUND YOUR SHOULDERS. he's pretty lanky so it gives him a leg up for Yanking ppl in!!! Big, tight Squeeze before letting go.
'GOTCHA!' TENTACLES ALL TENTACLES WRAPPED AROUND YOU. Feels like you're being JUICED with how tight his hugs are.
he might do some,, like,, tricks? Like turn you upside down or smth and be like 'watch outttt,, might drop you ;) its okay if you hit your head you don't have a lotta brain cells left to lose'
(DW,, he'd never drop you. His tentacles are surprisingly strong, he's just a dick <3)
'ok ok ok ok..' while he brushes you off after, fixes your hair a bit. Might make some comment about how you shouldn't take a specific road bc it's gonna be clogged, etc, etc.
He Does Care, Hes Just A Brat.
'hate to see ya leave, but i love to see ya walk away' IS SUCH A LINE HE'D SAY. I HATE IT. HE'D ABSOLUTELY SAY SOME SHIT LIKE THAT. <3 INSUFFERABLE.
God,,, you could just melt. The warmest, softest thing in the WORLD. He might even pick you up and swing you around, if he's feeling particularly fuzzy <3
THIS,, REALLY LOVING, HUMMING LAUGH?? it cracks him up that most ppl are tinier than him?? Look up and it's all teeth <3
doesn't matter your weight, he's gonna mention you need to put some meat on those bones!! It was too easy to pick you up!!
'Be safe soldier' grgkrkg <3 lots of shit like that. Just,, half-teasing army slang n stuff?? YEA THAT'S HIS JAM <3 Maybe a little,, Two Finger Salute and a wink when you exit out the door.
He,,, might not be that good at hugs-
HE DOESN'T DO THEM OFTEN OKAY? When he says goodbye he much prefers,, A Dainty Kiss on the Cheek, A Handshake. hugs are not his first instinct smdnsd.
When he first wraps his arms around you,, it's kinda tense?? He doesn't Squeeze first - he wants to see how hard YOU squeeze, and work around that.
It's still gonna be a Little Too Strong, sorry. Kinda knocks the wind outta you.
HE,,, is actually soft and warm?? You definitely wouldn't expect it bc he's 99% metal but above that metal is SILICONE. HE'S ALSO A COMPUTER SO,, he has the same Dull Warmth of pressing your hand to the side of a computer.
Fussing With Your Clothes When you Two Pull Away IS A Love Language. He'll passively adjust your shirt n sleeves with,, the Barest Of Smirks.
feels like,, hugging a bushel of twigs. He's extremely lanky smnds. Very little softness except a bit at his stomach
he just,, automatically Sighs happily <3 even if you two are saying goodbye, it's so nice to get a hug once in a while.
he either rests his head on your shoulder, or head. Either way you're getting some nuzzles.
It's like all the energy in his body Drains when he gets hugged. his brain is usually moving a mile a minute, and hugs kinda reset that? Doesn't matter how he was before, The Hug sends him down to Baseline. His shoulders slowwwllllly droop, His muscle lax, <3
'got everything? Keys, wallet, phone - I could spot you a cab...' THIS IS HIS WAY OF SHOWING HE CARES <333
Even after you two pull away, you're getting some Tight Arm Rubs while he takes you in <3 He'll always tell you too Be Safe <3
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kxifeplay · a month ago
test post since I haven't written anything since 2019 :'3 its kinda short and slightly off-canon bc I needed a warm-up
i do plan to write more and maybe open asks? for now, here's a little something
BUT anyways I'm gay for Reagan and I bet others are too so let's gOOO
✨ Reagan Ridley x Reader 🥼
x - - - - - - - - - - - - - x
First day at work! One black bag over your head and you were wisked out of your own personal minimum wage hell and into ... the Deep State. It was a change- a drastic one at that.
Your alarm clock woke you up; 4:30 AM felt like the worst time to get up. Mornings felt like a drag already, but this was just too early. It wasn't everyday you were up before the sun, and yet it's become your new norm.
You let out a groan, shutting off the alarm, lifting yourself up with your arms to stretch. First, breakfast.
One bowl of cereal and a good shower later, you threw on your clothes and grabbed your car keys. If you could be out the door by 6, you can merge into the D.C. traffic and be at the office a little before 7, giving you about 10 minutes to bullshit in your car before going in.
First day jitters were really starting to set in, you realized it was making your stomach churn as you grabbed your car keys off the kitchen counter and went out the door. Going from rotting behind a register to assisting in pulling the strings that keep the world together, all because what? Some random dude liked your smile and thought you had "initiative and loyalty." No pressure, none at all. Really, you wondered what you got yourself into. What could you give that they didn't already have? In all honesty, you barely knew what your new job exactly was.
You pushed the doors to Cognito Inc. open and walk into the lobby, carrying your belongings at your side. The lobby, if you could even call it that, seemed dead. The modern, sleek white interior and monotone welcomes of what you could only assume were robots only added to the fear factor. You heard the door behind you open, your body relaxing once you were no longer alone. It didn't last you long, however. A woman came through, seemingly in a hurry as she brushed past the robotic welcome desk and went straight for an elevator. Not wanting to be left behind, your feet picked up and you briskly made your way to the now open elevator before it closed.
You couldn't bring yourself to look up at her. Being in a tight space with a stranger is awkward enough, but with a pretty woman? Yeah, no. It's worse. Much worse.
Quietly, you adjusted your grip on the laptop case hanging from your hand, trying to comfortably get in the elevator, but also as far into the corner as possible as to give her space. The doors closed, and the floor dropped.
"Sorry, first day-" was all you could manage to choke out.
"And you're not being introduced with a bag over your head? Hm. Impressive, actually," she glanced over at you, her eyes not making their way to your own.
"Is that... Normal?" You blinked.
"Oh absolutely. Most new recruits are just dropped in on the job."
Shit. Well, at least you weren't essentially kidnapped into your job. There was a hint of playful sarcasm in her voice. It didn't come off initially as brash, but it was enough to keep you thinking into her words. The elevator filled with silence for a moment, before your eyes widened as you peered outside the glass at the scene ahead of you. Aliens? Monsters? Whatever they were, they were roaming everywhere, intermingled among the people navigating the office. It was nothing like you'd ever seen before. The woman in the elevator noticed your awe, and let out a chuckle in response.
"It really is your first day, huh? Well, I'm Reagan," she held her hand out to you, almost in a cinematic way. "I run the company, kinda. Welcome to Cognito Inc." she extended her arm to gesture outside the glass towards the scene in front of you, a soft smile across her face. You felt your own face darken, admiring her for a moment before your gaze was ripped back towards the sci-fi in front of you. This place really wasn't like anything you'd ever seen before.
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vrisrezis · 19 days ago
Inside Job req! I headcanon that Reagan as wlw and I was wondering whats your take on her developing a crush on a girl for the first time and being a gay disaster?
yessss <//3 love it love it! Goddd we need more wlw content on this acc we love to see it <3 also while the gender is female, I didn’t use she/her pronouns !
Tumblr media
- Reagan has never really.. thought about romance tbh.. never really thinks that it’s totally weird she has no interest romantically in any guys she meets up with or anything of the sort .. she starts to think she’s just not really into dating .. and then you come along
- it becomes clear to her, but not at first. She in fact doesn’t even realize she has caught those feelings.
- but it’s so obvious, she’s blushing and staring at you like some highschool girl, she does that nervous thing where she plays with her hair or puts a strand behind her ear, all of that bro
- she also gets kinda awkward mid conversation and laughs awkwardly before leaving the conversation. She has a habit of wanting to talk to you so she will talk to you for such a long time even if there’s nothing to talk about lol . Let’s hope you’re a good talker
- also since you totally work with her cuz duh, she actually cuts you slack unlike the others. Like everyone could be high as shit (you included) and she’ll yell at them but not you
- she talks about you a lot when you aren’t around and it’s so obvious she’s into you because she’s not only smiling like a dork but she ends up gushing about you. Mainly talks about you to robotus and Brett but sometimes the others too but they usually tell her to stfu (Gigi will tell her to go on tho)
- “god… aren’t they great…? Such a talented woman..” She says with a dreamy smile, elbow on desk, cheek smushed on her hand.
- she twiddles with her thumbs sometimes when talking to you, she was already bad at eye contact but holy fuck it’s so much worse and she’s even more awkward around you
- she doesn’t realize she likes you until brett suggests she ask you out and she’s like “wait what why would I……. Oh shit…”
- as to which she’s now in panic mode because holy shit she likes girls? Like girls for real and not boys? Has she ever even liked an actual boy? Like really genuinely liked and thought she’d end up with forever and marrying and having kids with?
- she’s also panicked becsuse should she ask you out? Holy shit what does she do? Girl is at a loss
- she really doesn’t wanna fuck things up this time though, no robots to practice on this time!!! She’s just going to ask you out like a normal person would… but should she?
- she ends up saying fuck it and does ask you out :)
- “l-listen I’m really new to the whole … romance thing alright.. I .. especially with another woman.. I’ve never done this before but I’ve never felt this way about another woman before and it would mean everything to me if you’d be mine?”
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brettsshrimp · 14 days ago
since I can't sleep I've been thinking of Christmas headcanons since it's almost that month ww
• you and Brett go all out with decorating the office!! and at first everyone's like???? it's not even December wtf but soon enough they get dragged in by puppy eyes and pout from you two. they'll all eventually get into the spirit and enjoy decorating
• ngl the office will probably look like a disaster to people outside of the group nshmsjk like, everyone has their own personal touch that they wanna add, whether it's for jokes or not. it's v chaotic but you wouldn't have it any other way<33
• the tree is huge btw, and it's absolutely covered in ornaments and tinsel
• Also!! going down to where Robotus is and decorating the basement!! at first both Reagan and Robotus are like?? what's the point???? but Robotus does appreciate it even if he doesn't admit it,, makes him feel included even if he isn't actually there
• like setting up fairy lights that change color, giving him his own tree, asking if there's anything he wants on the tree or what topper he wants
• convincing Reagan to give him Christmas movies to watch too!!
• omg you know that story where someone played what's new pussycat on a jukebox over and over with a different song in the middle??? Myc would do that and play all I want for Christmas is you on the speakers on repeat with one other Christmas song that plays after like 8 times. he's enjoying watching everyone go insane
• imagine walking by the office and just hearing "I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then everyone just collectively losing their shit hnshdkbd
• Glenn probably ends up breaking the speakers smnsksb everyone just sits there like,,, it's so quiet now,
• baking sugar cookies cut into Christmas shapes for the gang and bringing frosting and sprinkles so they can decorate them!!
• it either turns into a frosting war or a competition of who can decorate the best cookie ever. either way, wherever the decorating is happening, it won't stay clean
• also, the thought crossed my mind 'oh! what if they all baked together!!' and it seemed cute at first but then I realized that's a horrible idea shsnkdhk not just the kitchen, but the whole place would be a complete mess
• Brett comes in one day with a bunch of ugly sweaters that he picked for the group. at first everyone's like,, I don't wanna wear that, but he convinces them to, and they won't deny, he did a good job picking out sweaters for them
• getting presents for them is gonna be hard because Myc will absolutely try to read your mind and find out what you're getting everyone. everytime you're near him you have to distract yourself or actively think about other things
• he's teasing you like come onnn you know you wanna think about it~ it must be tiring thinking of all these other things~ just oneee little thought? I promise I won't tell<3
• I'm sure he doesn't care too much about Christmas, but he does appreciates the dedication you have to make sure what you got him stays a surprise. probably not a lot of people have done that
• spoiling everyone with presents!! they probably aren't used to it, or really done this with eachother (sure they've decorated the place a bit but not to this extent) so when they see presents under the tree they're like oh,,? we're supposed to get presents? and they start to! when Christmas arrives there's just a huge stack of presents for everyone
• always making sure everyone feels included and as happy as they can be
• like, I'm thinking,, I'm not sure about the others, but Brett and Reagan probably never really had a proper Christmas so like,,, I just wanna let them have a good, proper Christmas hmmgehrh,,,,,
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Reagan: Everyone raise your hand if you thought y/n and I were dating.
Reagan: Y/n, put your hand down.
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cursed--cherry · a month ago
Wow! I haven't used this account in forever! Anyways after watching Inside Job I had to write something for it, so here we go! Reagan Ridley x Reader fic (NSFW):
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froggy-frogz · 27 days ago
please write ANYTHING that's reagan x reader i am dying to read more about her. i dont know if this request is too general for your taste but if it is, feel free to ignore this aaa
thank you anyways<3
A/N: It's not too general!! I wanted an excuse to write more Reagan lover fics ahjksdhfshdf- If this fic is a little too thrown together I wrote this at like 1 am helpppp- I hope you enjoy!!
You had an embarrassing secret, one that was making it so difficult to get any work done. You had the most giant crush on your boss, and it made it so that you couldn't even be around her.
"So what do you think about it, [Y/n]-"
You jump at the mention of your name, letting out a small squeak of surprise, and flip your head up to see some very worried faces.
Jesus, now you must look like a weirdo to them. Not that they could judge you cause they were a bunch of weirdos, but still, you couldn't help but feel embarrassed at your lack of awareness today.
"Sorry, sorry, didn't sleep well last night." You half-lie. Well. It was more of a truth than a lie. You couldn't sleep, but it wasn't for insomnia-related reasons or anything. It was because you were thinking about her again. You were almost at that point where you felt like a school kid with a very innocent crush on their best friend.
"Huh. Well, I can't say I blame you, but you have to pay attention, this next mission is kind-" You drown out her words as they just all now sound the same, but continue to nod along.
She was stunning. Sure she was covered in coffee stains, probably hadn't showered for a reasonable amount of time, and her hair was a complete mess but hell, you were in love with her.
"Ughhhh-" You quietly groan. You had early thought about telling her how you felt, so that maybe after she rejected you things could go back to normal, but it was so nerve-wracking. You didn't want to be the cause of ruining your relationship with her altogether.
In your train of thought, you hadn't noticed that everyone was now done for the day, and they all knew either cleaning up to leave or loudly chatting with each other.
Everyone but Reagan though.
She was standing right next to you.
You jump in your seat, and turn your head to her, trying your best to hide the noise that caught in your throat.
"Can I talk to you real fast? Like in my lab if you don't mind."
Her lab?????
You had never really been in her lab before- well, alone with her anyway. The thought of being alone with her drove your heartbeat almost immediately up the wall.
"Sure, m' not busy." You get up and follow her, praying to whatever God was listening that this wouldn't be the end of you.
"What's up? I figured I'd ask, try to check in on you now that I'm officially your boss now." Reagan snorts, pouring herself a cup of coffee, before passing you a fresh one.
You take it gratefully and sigh, leaning yourself against the wall, "I don't know. Intrusive thoughts I guess. It's not really a big deal, I just need get over it."
Reagan raises an eyebrow and takes a sip of her coffee like she was waiting for you to talk more.
"It's nothing really. You don't have to worry about it."
She clears her throat and snorts at your statement. "That's bullshit. [Y/n] I've known you for a long time now, I can tell when something is actually wrong. You can talk to me, I'm not going to judge you like other people would."
Talking to her was one thing, sure, but telling her that you liked her? Yeah, a whole nother thing. Grr. Why is relationship shit so hard?
Was this the universe's way of it trying to prompt you to tell her? Cause it felt like the universe was trying to peer pressure you because you felt your resolve crumble around you.
"Er, yeah you're right." You set your cup down, but you seemingly can't make eye contact with her, it was sorta hard to find the courage to look her in the eyes. "It's well, I was wondering-"
"Didyouwanttogooutsometime?" You slur your words together, wincing at what a fool you just made yourself out to be.
"Uh, sorry?" Reagan blinks and you can see the apparent confusion on her face.
Oh god, you had to repeat yourself- C'mon Reagan.
"I was, was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? Like, on a date?" You wince again, the words rushing out of your mouth.
There was a silence that filled the lab, and you could feel a pit growing in your stomach, making it churn.
Only after what felt like an eternity did Reagan finally open her mouth, "A date? I, with me? I mean sure- I didn't really think you saw me like that.... Like, hol.. holy shit."
You blink and look up to her, and even though you let out a giggle, out of everything you could have responded with, "Uh for a brilliant scientist, sometimes you're a little clueless."
"Yeah, I guess I am." She smiles at you, and you manage to meet her gaze.
Jesus, her smile was really pretty.
"Would tomorrow work? We can go grab dinner. There's this Italian place I've been wanting to try." She says after finally looking away from you, and you had to squint, but you thought you could see the tiniest bit of red on her cheeks.
"Yeah! I'd.... I'd love that." You finish your coffee and hand the cup back to her, "Thanks for uh, agreeing to go out with me, and thanks for the coffee."
She rolls her eyes at the part, but smiles, "Anytime."
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keylimeimagines · a month ago
small announcement
since i finished watching it last night, i am now taking requests for Inside Job (please go watch it, it's so amazing)! i'll mostly take brett requests bc hes my husband (canon) but i can do other characters too (whether it be x reader or just normal headcanons) <3
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