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#reagan self insert
Y/n: Wha-
Y/n: Why are you screaming?!
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nfxtuated · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Gigi comforting an overwhelmed by work A.T. and giving her a lil confidence boost bc why not maybe this comes in handy when trying to romance Reagan right HABDBKSN
I saw this and wanted to draw it HAHAHAHA just thought that this would be more fitting for A.T. and Gigi
Tumblr media
Either way would’ve fit ngl HAHAHHA
Bear w me pls it’s one of the first times that I draw Gigi I still need some practice ;;; fr tho I love her she’s so much fun to draw too alsbelrn
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agendergrubsblog · 12 days ago
AYYEEE...inside job self-insert 😵🤨🤨
Tumblr media
I made my Inside job self-insert 😳👍😼🤜💥
Their name is Xinophe (Zin-oh-Fee) phenoix acllander, they are the adopted son of JR!
His pronouns are they/he/she/any neos
She is agender, transmasc and is queer & ace
He is a demonic incubus, his bio mother is the goddess of love, lust, and desire and his bio dad is Satan cause I think it's funny 🚶
I ship him with Andre & Gigi,,,, mostly Andre cause I'm gay as hell..but Gigi is my wife
Zey mostly work as a body guard for cognito because of zeir strength, vey also take dRUgss from hell for andre when they visit veir father...
I'm still working on her backstory so its still a work in progress
But yeah, inside job has now ruined my life and I'm obsessed now
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thermodynamiclawyer · 6 months ago
hi i reallyike your isaac self insert, would you be okay with people drawing fanart of them?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i don’t have any more content of them other than these two (the second being a rly old drawing) but that would be super awesome :D you gotta show me!!
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orionndjarin · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Hereeee she is my self insert Inside job sona.....
Lux ✨
She works with SFX disguises? Realistic robot faces? Sets and props?? She's all over it.
Taking care of the robo pigeons was their entry level job but they like her for some reason and can be seen on or near them most of the time (shes always had beef with pigeons but that cooled down since discovering they are not sky demons but robots)
Has a collection of patterned shirts and earrings to match them
Originally was on board with Reagan's suspicions about Brett but saw him draw faces on his fingers and have a conversation with them for an hour and said he couldn't be a spy if he tried and maybe fell inlove.....
OK that's all for now outfits and a tiktok remake next :D
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dandylion240 · 4 months ago
All of the story asks please :) (Character specific ones I'd say up to you, but would love to have them be Jonah/Cecil or my usual favorites ;) )
what’s the last screenshot you’ve taken for your story?
Tumblr media
2. describe your story in three words or less
Family, Angst, Drama
3. describe (insert character here) in three words or less
Jonah - unassuming, brave sensitive
Cecil - insightful, supportive, caring
Evan - self-sacrificing, helpful, innocent
Jayden - protective, stubborn, active
4. how did you choose the name of your story?
I try to use titles that is kind of thematic of the story I'm writing. It takes me forever to come up with a name and sometimes the name changes multiple times before it gets posted.
5. how do you choose your characters’ names?
It depends upon the story. For my Reagan family stories (TS4) I use the parents names. It's kind of a family tradition. For instance Jonah/Ethan. All boys will start with E and the girls will start with J. In my TS3 stories I sometimes choose a theme for names and use that. Like next gen of NSQL the theme is nature.
6. how long have you been working on your story for?
Well it depends on the story. With my Reagans I started writing for them in the summer of 2019. For my TS3 legacies I started in 2014 I think.
7. whats the biggest risk you’ve taken with your story? did it pay off?
I think my biggest risk is my current story Into the Depths of Darkness. I wasn't sure I could pull it off and the story has changed from what I thought it would be and the hero of the story has changed from first conception. I'm happy that Jonah is the hero of his own story and it's given him so much character growth and he's becoming more of what I always invisioned him being. I owe a lot to @mahvaladara to how the story has progressed and the ideas she has contributed. It wouldn't be what it is without her.
8. what about your story are you proud of?
There are many things I'm proud. Mostly that I continue writing even though sometimes it feels like I'm ripping my heart out to write some of things I write about and also that I don't quit even when it's hard.
9. what about your story are you looking to improve on?
There's always things that can be improved. Writing is a process that the more you do it the more you learn and get better. I could say pictures but I'll admit the storytelling will always come first over pretty pics and sometimes I just can't find the right pose to fit. Maybe one day I'll be able to make my own poses but I'm not there yet.
10. is your story fully planned or are you still working things out? is there a definitive end?
It's a work in progress. I start writing from an outline of how I think the story should go but it's loose enough for me to rearrange things or remove/add things to it as the story evolves.
11. why have you decided to tell this story? are there any messages or meanings within it?
I just like to write. If there's any message in my stories it's that family is important and no matter awful things you might face in life if you have people who love and care for you that you can endure it. But mostly that you can rise above your circumstances and still be a healthy, functioning person despite everything even if you have a mental or health problems, you can still be happy, loved.
12. do you actually play the game or do you just use it as a storytelling medium?
It's mostly a storytelling medium for me. I do play it sometimes but tbh though TS4 lacks so much depth and gameplay I find it boring after a while. I've gotten into playing TS3 again now that I have a better computer that it doesn't lag as much.
13. from basic planning to a finished post, how long does that take you?
I don't honestly know. I've never stopped to consider how long it takes.
14. do you have any regrets about your story so far? if you could go back in time, how would you fix these?
No I don't think I have any real regrets. Sure I go back and think I could have written that better or edited that picture more but for the most part I'm happy with my stories.
15. what have been the highlights of creating your story?
The highlights have always been the people who become involved in my characters lives.
16. what about the process do you enjoy?
Seeing my stories come to life. How my characters change as the story progresses.
17. what about the process do you hate?
When I struggle to write a scene and it doesn't flow the way it should. It's generally because I'm coming at it wrong. Once I figure that out than it flows. Sometimes the seeming lack of interest in what I write from the readers is hard to overcome and I feel like quitting. But the few who comment I thank because that always revs up my motivation to continue.
18. choose a song that reminds you of your story
Just one song....that's really difficult say. There are so many songs out that fit my current story. This song fits Into the Depths of Darkness because where there's a lot of darkness there's still hope to be found.
19. choose a song that reminds you of (insert character here)
Ok I'll do this for Jonah - Fight Song
20. choose your favourite shot from your story so far
Tumblr media
21. choose your least favourite shot so far
Tumblr media
22. choose a favourite character from your story so far
Jonah is my baby. It may not show it by I love him.
23. choose your least favourite character so far
Hmm this is difficult because there were characters I created purely to be hated. Currently my least favorite is Ethan but it's not because I don't love him but it's because of his roll in the story.
24. are there any characters who remind you of yourself?
Not really. There are certain aspects of me in all my characters or people I know in them but none are an incert of myself.
25. what inspirations have you drawn on for your story?
There are so many. I draw inspiration from people around me. From movies and TV shows I watch. The books I read. Sometimes from the people I interact with on here mainly @izayoichan @mahvaladara @jenpants and @legendofsim They've let me bounce ideas off of them and their input helps me in my stories.
26. have other sim stories inspired you?
Yes they have. See above. All their stories have inspired me.
27. what genres would you describe your story as?
Modern fantasy drama??? I have no idea if that's a thing but it best describes what I write.
28. if you could reproduce your story in another medium (movie, novel, comic, etc.) what would you choose and why?
Hmm I'd say novel or maybe series. A movie would be cool too.
29. what would your story’s rating be? (G, PG, M etc.)
Hmm interesting I'd like to say its somewhere between PG-13 and mature just because of some of the topics.
30. if you were leaving simblr and had to choose another creator to continue the story for you, who would you ask?
I think either @izayoichan or @mahvaladara for my TS4 stories since they've helped me write some of them and they would keep true to the characters as they love them as much as I do.
For my TS3 stories I would say @legendofsim since for a long time our stories had been intertwined.
31. drop some random trivia about your story
Ethan was supposed to die trying to save Jonah
Caiden was supposed to have played the part of the hero instead of Jonah
Cory was going to heal Jonah's broken heart over the of Ethan.
But as they say the story changed...
32. give a light spoiler
Someone will be heartbroken at the end of the story.
33. recommend another creator’s story!
There are so many: @izayoichan @mahvaladara @nikatyler @justkeeponsimming @amuhav @legendofsim @simlit @lilyshadowwriter @wannabecatwriter
Please don't be upset if you weren't listed on here. I love everyone I follow but these are my favorites. I have others but some aren't active anymore and stuck with the ones I'm always waiting for the next installment, even if I'm behind on a few of them.
Thank you for asking!
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Google's monopoly rigged the ad market
Tumblr media
The quest to bring antitrust law to bear against tech companies is finally paying off, but it's been a long, hard slog. At the vanguard have been two legal scholars: Columbia law's Lina M Khan linamkhan and Yale's Dina Srinivasan.
The first watershed moment was Khan's Jan 2017 Yale Law Review paper "Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox," which laid the groundwork for understanding the inadequacies of Ronald-Reagan-style antitrust for tackling platform capitalism.
In Sep 2018, Srinivasan went one better with her Berkeley Business Law Review paper "The Antitrust Case Against Facebook," which made a compelling case that even under the narrow antitrust Reagan created, Facebook was still an illegal monopolist.
I've just read Srinivasan's followup, a preprint of a forthcoming Stanford Law Review paper called "Why Google Dominates Advertising Markets."
It was first made available last Jun, before the DoJ announced its antitrust case against Google, and if the DoJ didn't rely on it to frame its case, there's a hell of a coincidence at play (even Google's countermoves since could be ripped from its pages).
Srinivasan's paper’s a very deep, technological dive into the way that Google has structured the ad-auction market that it dominates. This automated marketplace was based on the computerized stock exchanges that supplanted trading floors, but its volume outstrips all of these.
And yet for all that scale, Google's marketplace has none of the safeguards that financial markets employ to prevent the market owner from cheating buyers and sellers.
Indeed, even when compared to other online marketplaces, Google is especially bad, continuing practices that other serial offenders like Amazon abandoned as too nakedly anticompetitive.
Marketplaces like the realtime ad-placement system are complex, involving publishers, advertisers, sell-side brokers, buy-side brokers, and the markets where they come together. Google manages to insert itself into nearly every element of the system.
When you see an ad on a website, it is often the case that Google brokered both the advertiser's bid and the publisher's acceptance, in a marketplace that Google controls, and (through AMP), Google may even host the page with the ad on it.
Srinivasan documents how Google has muscled out competing brokerages, exchanges and hosting systems by citing benefits to internet users: privacy measures had the (surely not incidental) side-effect of making it impossible for rivals to target as well as Google does.
Measures aimed at improving load times (AMP again) forced publishers to choose between giving up 50% of their ad revenue or giving up on being visible in Google search results.
And all of this has the (again, not coincidental) side-effect of giving Google access to proprietary business information that lets it compete with, squeeze, and sideline publishers.
All of this points to the foolishness of "link taxes" - proposals in the EU, Australia and Canada to make Google pay for the right to link to news sites (and to find a way to force Google to go on linking to those sites rather than not paying the tax).
Srinivasan makes a really compelling case that Google's multiple conflicts-of-interest - sell-broker, buy-broker, exchange operator, host and search tool - has shifted huge amounts of money from publishers to the company.
But she also demonstrates that when there IS competition (for example, when publishers were briefly able to solicit ad bids on multiple simultaneous exchanges), publishers can double their revenues (and advertisers can lower their ad costs).
All this suggests that the answer to Google isn't to force it to provide charitable payments to the press that is supposed to be reporting on it and holding it to account - but rather to force Google to halt their anticompetitive conduct.
If we did that, Google couldn't afford to float the news media - but that would be because the news media had shifted a giant share of ad revenue from Google to itself. Publishers wouldn't need Google's charity - they'd have its revenues, instead.
Recall that the reason Google (and other tech giants) have been able to dominate our digital world is that Reagan neutered antitrust law, allowing companies to form brutal, all-encompassing monopolies without fear of state action.
The DoJ's antitrust action against Google suggests that we may be able to restore the more muscular, trustbusting version of competition law, but Srinivasan's not waiting for that to happen.
Instead, she closes her paper by reminding us that Google's ad-market was explicitly based on stock markets, and that these markets have a well-developed set of regulations to prevent the self-dealing that accounts for most of Google's profits.
While we're waiting for antitrust to reinvent itself, Srinivasan suggests that we subject the ad market to financial laws. Doing so wouldn't just address Google's abuses: whole swathes of our economy are disappearing into these algorithmic marketplaces (like Ticketmaster's).
Srinivasan suggests that all of these markets should be regulated to prevent the exchange operator from cheating the buyers and sellers.
It's a very interesting idea - and the paper is beautifully written and argued.
I have two reservations, though:
I. The financialization of other sectors of the economy is Not Good. Rather than reforming Ticketmaster's abusive marketplace (or Google's), why not prohibit it? I don't want "fair" financialization, I want NO financialization.
II. Google's moves - third-party cookie blocking, bans on merging user identifiers, downranking sites with lengthy "surveillance lags" generated by complex ad bids - really ARE good for users. I'd love to find proposals to fix this stuff WITHOUT creating monopolies.
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tekkai · 9 days ago
🍉+ you and Reagan! :3
send me a 🍉 and I’ll give you a random fact about my self insert
Ahhhh thank you so much Ren! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
Lucifer hates being locked inside an office. It makes them irritable and antsy (Which has contributed to their less than savory reputation). Before their promotion, Lucifer worked almost entirely in the field surveying habitats. While their new positions has its perks, and they don't regret transferring, they do miss the freedom of working outdoors. Determined not to let their talent for tracking go to waste or allow their equine partner to decondition, Lucifer has begun volunteering as a Mounted Search and Rescue on the weekends. 
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oujibat · 8 months ago
your post about lostinsantacarla came up on my dash and i read it because i was following her (i’m not now, i’ve blocked her) and even talked to her once or twice but i don’t know, my anxiety is getting the best of me so i have to ask, what’s your thoughts on writing reader-insert things for the boys? i’m a blog that does that simply because i love writing for my favorite character and it’s all just fun and games you know. i, myself, am a bisexual girl and just, this is all jumbled up but i’m all just worried that i’m in the wrong for writing things like that for this fandom because i’m really not trying to cause any harm. if you could respond to this privately, i’d appreciate it but like it’s totally cool if you wanna post this publicly if you feel the need to. i apologize for bothering you.
There's no need to apologize! I can’t respond to this privately because you’re on anon, but I don’t think you need to worry; this is a very tame ask and I don’t think you’re going to be upset if I answer this publicly. I personally think that self-insert and self ship stuff is fun and harmless and should be embraced; if you care about and connect with a character that means the character was well written. I really don’t understand why there’s contention when it comes to self inserts and self ships, they’re a fun way to engage with media and characters you like. It’s all fantasy and it’s all for fun; it’s a good way to create and express yourself. The issue with LISC isn’t that she self ships or inserts herself into the media she likes, the issue is that she polices others in the fandom and makes fandom spaces unsafe for lgbt fans and especially lgbt minors by insisting that she is the authority on the piece of media in question. She is a cishet white woman policing the fandom of a film made by a gay man with heavy commentary on a lot of contentious issues that were on the rise during the Reagan administration that directly effected LGBT people; the film is quite literally made by and for LGBT people, but she is a cishet woman claiming that she knows more about the film than any LGBT fan and that all LGBT fans are just delusional and selfish for seeing themselves reflected in these characters.......... when the creator himself said that the characters live on the outskirts of society, etc, specifically because they were meant to represent the “othering” of the lgbt community at the time(that still persists). Basically LISC is a bad person because she’s an abusive homophobe, not because she likes to self insert or self ship. There’s nothing wrong with headcannoning these characters as whatever sexuality you want and engaging with them in your writing however you want, the issue arises when a straight cis woman starts shouting over the LGBT fans of an LGBT film made by a gay man, claiming that the film is for HER, that she knows more than everyone, and that the film isn’t for LGBT people to connect with and that LGBT people are delusional and wrong for identifying with LGBT-coded characters in an LGBT film made by a gay man for LGBT people to connect with.
(Edit) I should also note that she's got a pretty bad habit of rping with minors and justifies it by claiming she's a "fandom mom" and that it's the kids' responsibilities not to engage with her nsfw content and not her responsibility. Which is contradictory imo bc if you're a "mom"..... wouldn't that MAKE it your responsibility doubly so?
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Reagan: Everyone raise your hand if you thought y/n and I were dating.
Reagan: Y/n, put your hand down.
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nfxtuated · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
finally had time to drAWWWW AAAAAA you have no idea how much i wanted to draw this weeked I'm glad I had time to do so today
I wanted to work on my sona's 80's outfit and fjdkajfkal I'm so happy with how it came out aaaa it was so much fun to do <3 I used one of Madonna's outfits from the 80's as a reference <3
I have more ideas so I'm gonna be uploading often (hopefully fjksdl) specially now that I finally made an art tag for my stuff
Also I found out I love drawing Andre, he's so much fun to draw, he's officially one of my favs also yes A.T./I'm Japanese
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angel-archivist · a year ago
sometiems you make a character thats just. a lot of you even if theyre not exactly self inserts they just have a piece of you in them. what im trynna say is which one of your ocs do you kin most
physically i actively avoid making my characters look like me bc it weirdly gives me?? dysphoria?? and i immeditatly hate their design DESFHGYFHFG but ig Newt physically looks the most like me!! 
I kin reagan real hard though, probably bc hes got jon sims energy and i kin jon sims aggressively dhfghfguhifggf 
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author-light · 10 months ago
Deconstructing Frank Miller - Used Ghost Writer? Bastardised Heroes & Repetitive Tropes
Tumblr media
So, I've read Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns(TDKR), Batman: Year One(Y1), The Dark Knight Strikes Again(TDKSA), and much of his All Star Batman & Robin(ASBR).
So, I want to leave my honest opinion on the writer, often eulogized as a comic legend.
1. Horrible Sequels; TDKSA & ASBR
How on earth as a writer do you deteriorate from the quality of TDKR & Y1 to crappy work like TDKSA and ASBR? How do you as a writer not see that the book you just
finished is terrible compared to the previous ones you were hailed for, and you proceed to submit it?
Writers & Artists age like fine wine, their craft improve with age. Even after they peak, they don't just plummet, they plateau and eventually stagnate. Miller's sharp decline in his
post 2000 AD Batman's stories is strange, if not somewhat fishy. And there's could be a few plausible explanations, viz;
Frank Miller likely isn't the true author of TDKR or Y1, but he;
a)used a ghostwriter and took all the credit for the works. b)had better authors whispering plot ideas in his ears as he wrote.
Neither of these is far-fetched. It is not uncommon for fiction authors to get plot idea recommendations from other authors or hire a ghostwriters to write for them. For example,
the female robin in TDKR reportedly wasn't Miller's original idea, it was a recommendation he got.
2. Utter Disrespect & Contempt for Superheroes
It is easy to forgive Miller's portrayal of Superman in TDKR as just a one off, but as we follow him with Batman, we see a pattern. And when we get to ASBR, we're convinced
that he not only dislike superheroes, he humiliates them. He prefers street level crime fighters like Batman, Green Arrow or Daredevil. To Miller, Superheroes are a metaphor for
powerful, yet good for nothing people in the world that out of conformism or stupidity fail to do what is necessary to change the world for better.
You can say that Miller's Batman is self-insert. Because up till TDKR, Batman dealt with Superman and co. not as rivals or even competitors, but as family. Then comes Miller with
his own Batman, a vessel to present typical superheroes as buffoons and losers. Not only to the superheroes, Miller's Batman is a dick everyone - Alfred, Robin - except for maybe Jim Gordon.
Also look how he treats heroines in his stories; Cat woman is a prostitute, Wonder Woman is misandrist who yet have intercourse with Superman in the sky.
3. Repetitive Tropes and Plot lines
All Frank Miller's stories follow the same formula - Batman is at war with the government authorities who want him to cease his vigilantism, a few of his rogues are featured in subplot, and one or more of the Justice League appears to confront him.
Again and again he employs this basic formula to replicate the charm he created with TDKR but reaping little to average success. He can't craft out the type of Batman stories we get from Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder or even Jeph Leob. He's not so much a flexible writer as other legends like Alan Moore. And thus he won't write any of the other superheroes because they don't fit with his formula or tone, which further reinforces his aversion towards them.
This is it.
Oh, one last word. This goes for the comicsgaters, or just any comic fan put off by the overtly pro-Leftist & Anti-Trump message in recent years' comics. You can thank Frank Miller for inspiring such trends. TDKR released in 1986, during the tenure of Ronald Reagan, and it is entirely Miller's critique of Reagan administration in dealing with the cold war.
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ozma914 · a year ago
The news that used to be print to fit
Someone recently asked me, "Has the world ever been crazier?"
Yes. Yes, it has. And to prove it, I dug up something I wrote eight years ago, when I found myself with a collection of little news items just begging to be made fun of. Keep in mind, this was 2012, but it still covers everything that made 2020 such fun: politics, death, and racism, not necessarily in that order.
Tumblr media
Coming in December: Attack of the evil Santas.
          A video clip of Adolf Hitler giving a speech was recently used in a commercial to sell shampoo. Okay, did they even look at that guy’s hair? Did he ever use shampoo? The Stalin themed conditioner doesn’t seem appropriate, either.
          Speaking of inappropriate use of historical figures, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, responded to a protest by pulling the bobblehead doll they were selling. It was a figure of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated Lincoln. The figure carries a gun. It would be roughly equivalent to showing that Adolf Hitler commercial at a Holocaust Museum.
           An explosion in Georgia killed a man known for fighting to keep chickens on his property. Police list Colonel Sanders as a person of interest.
          A study of more than 222,000 people indicated that sitting too long can kill you. Four out of five of the researchers doing the study ... died.
          Another study found that eating red meat can be unhealthy, especially to cows. After all, zombies eat red meat, and they look terrible.
          Federal agents recently shot dead a man involved in a murder for hire plot. It’s perhaps ironic that they didn’t get a bonus for it.
          Nobody’s talking much these days about the US government’s “Fast and Furious” program, which sent thousands of firearms over the border into the hands of Mexican criminals. It’s nice to know the Obama administration’s doing something about our international trade imbalance.
           An Easter egg hunt in Colorado was canceled because of rude, selfish, pushy behavior – by the parents. In related news, fifteen years later a riot broke out among parents trying to be first in line to get the diploma at high school graduation. (Hey, we still have seven years to go--it could happen.)
          North Korea is downplaying the discovery that their “weather” satellite had lettering on it that translated to “Insert bomb here”. Top officials, speaking anonymously, are embarrassed that they forgot to insert the bomb.
           The largest known breed of rats in the world has been discovered invading the Florida Keys. Weird. I thought that state’s Presidential primary was over.
Tumblr media
Wait. Is that a ... locust?
          Scientists recently announced that most of the Moon seems to be made up of material it got from Earth. NASA astronauts were immediately dispatched to serve the Moon with an IRS audit notice.
          The comedian Gallagher has retired after having a heart attack. Maybe if he’d eaten the fruit instead of smashing it …
            Speaking of retiring, another man is accused of sawing off his own foot in an attempt to avoid working. You have to admire his non-work ethic, but wonder about his lack of imagination.
           It was recently announced that liberal activist Jane Fonda will be portraying … wait for it … Nancy Reagan, in a movie. Also cast is Alec Baldwin as Ronald Reagan, and Newt Gingrich as Jimmy Carter.
           New rules say beach volleyball players will not have to wear bikinis at the 2012 London Olympics. This was followed immediately by the networks scheduling beach volleyball during prime time. Then they discovered the rule does not permit nude volleyball, and that in fact the players might actually cover up more. Beach volleyball is now scheduled in the 5 a.m. slot.
          Recently two asteroids, one the size of a tour bus, buzzed by the Earth on the same day director James Cameron made the deepest undersea dive ever. Coincidence? Or an act of self-preservation, by going to one of the most dangerous spots on earth to escape a possible collision, thus proving Cameron brilliantly insane? Probably coincidence.
          I recently read an article asking what might happen if all 350 million toilets in the United States were flushed at the same time. I can only imagine a humor columnist facing a deadline came up with that question. Unfortunately, the federal government got wind of it (ahem) and is now organizing the Department of Hydraulics (DoH), to mandate guidelines that will prevent any future mass dumping. I don’t think they should go up that creek. Especially without a paddle.
           Apparently the person who bombed Kim Kardashian with flour is a member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). No word on whether they were planning to bake her or fry her.
           Water ice was recently found on Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun. Insert Uranus joke here. Or maybe I just did.
           That’s the news roundup … generally everyone made it through unharmed, except for John Wilkes Booth fans. The sad part of that is that there probably are some.
Tumblr media
But what ever happened to global warming?"Mark R Hunter"
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realhankmccoy · a year ago
Resentment Against Men
Talking with one of my boys and he mentioned I have resentment against women.  Now, I respect my boy’s point of view but one way we differ is when I hear almost any utterance at all in a leftist space, I immediately am skeptical and consider how the framework of leftism may have already destroyed every semblance of sanity within a 100 mile radius, left the soil permanently toxic, and made everybody and ever single idea or expression, especially the psychological ones, crazier than shit.
Now, leftist diagnoses of social disorders or mental disorders are particularly dangerous, as I think the mental health of all America’s leftists clearly shows, but this one, despite its danger, had me intrigued.
Leftist solutionizing is usually like homoepathic therapy -- not coincidentally, something that hippie and socialist leftists, more than sensible right-wingers with strong heads on their shoulders, might be prone to fall for.  What happens in homeopathy?  The philosophy is that like gets treated with like.  So, say you’re a socialist suffering from being beaten to a bloody pulp by communists in Weimar Berlin.  Back in those days, the socialists were like today’s liberals and the communists were like today’s socialists.  You come into the hospital, head gushing blood all over the floor, saying ‘those goddamn communists!’ in an incomprehensible rant.  The doctor, who happens to be a communist himself, thinks you clearly have probably been being naughty due to your anti-commie attitude, diagnoses you with anti-communist mania and hatred, and throws you in the asylum until you profess to see that communism is man’s future destiny.  “The Future Is Communist”.
Excuse the crude comparison here.  Here’s a better one:  at best, you’re treating the common cold with Boiron.  Not what the doctor ordered, but maybe your cold goes away on its own.  At worst, you’re injecting cancer cells into a body that has cancer... but what happens when that results in Stage IV: Terminal Leftism?
So, I got to thinking ‘Do I really have resentment against women?  Or is this case no. 767 of leftist thought -- the iron clouds of the leftist iron sky that control all individuals -- wanting to do as much socialist and feminist damage to the world as possible and gaslight everybody who says, hey, that’s not really true, or hey, that kind of hurt, or hey, you’re literally destroying my life in the name of an ideology that millions of people just like you subscribe to and war for every day?
Here’s a little background on me: I was raised asking for My Little Pony instead of G.I. Joe.  I used to snuggle up with a Cabbage Patch Kid in bed.  I am more well-read in feminist literature than anyone I’ve ever met in real life, public speakers not included.  I did a lot of sewing, long stitch and latchhook, primarily, even in second grade.  I spent most of my 20s warring loudly against men on behalf of women.  I spent most of my 20s carting my elderly grandmother off to grocery shop, and spent more time with her in the trailer court than all of her granddaughters.  In music, I wore dresses and sang Babes In Toyland songs.  I voted for Jill Stein against Obama.  And yet, though I have never heard that resentment against men is one of the problems of my psyche, I have heard, 767 times, that I have resentment against women.
Hmm.  The plot, predictable as it is, doesn’t exactly thicken, but reveals itself to be the case that the leftist mind, so clouded by feminist and socialist-colored glasses, is worse than colorblind, thinking a red for a green on a good day... and a red for a black death spiral on a bad day.
Why does leftism bother to express anything at all when we already know the assumptions and assertions it’s going to make?  And the more it doubles down and bloodies in its own name, well, one day all may end up on pills and we may all be just a frazzled puddle of goop, having been assaulted on so many sides from all leftists.  One leftist I saw -- call him transgender M to F woketard -- was literally cutting his penis into chunks, dismembering it, and selling them on ebay.  Google it if you want a horror show.  The leftist freak show, in its myriad of permutations, is interesting to observe, but the challenge is to observe it without being poisoned by it and turning toxic yourself.
Thus, when you hear a leftist say some words, try to consider the opposite may be flush in line with the truth.  In my case, doubting an assertion that came out of a leftist space led me to the truth: I have resentment of men, this is my problem, this has always been my problem, and this may always be my problem.  Look at my personal life: I cut my father out of my life back in the ‘00s, I resent my brother, at family events I only associate with the females and avoid the men, feeling there will be too little in common for communication to even exist between us, I work on all-female teams on the job, I rarely open up to men in person and avoid them in all social situations, I never do manly things, I avoid physical labor, I work incessantly to defuse masculinity in both the voting booth and in an endless crusade against every recreational guns, etc. etc.
In short, I have a resentment of men problem. Especially faggoty men. I have repeatedly decried the increasing masculinisation of American culture, in which all women now seem to be suffering from penis envy and strive to do male things all the time, from traditionally male sports to shooting guns just like a man to wanting to ride motobikes just like a man.  And here’s me... the little old lady who wants to walk and order tea.  On travel, I am always that little old lady, the feminiser, watching, baffled, as the white women, with their thick, mannish arms, have abandoned my feminine interests and all gotten in league with the boys to tear up the town on ATVs and motorcycles.
What is this Mannish New World coming to?
I grew up when Barbara Walters and Connie Chung, women, were my reporters.  I feel so sentimental about them both.  But in our Mannish New World, look what runs the show on television now: men.  Tell me this isn’t a man.  “Uh, um, uh, DUH....(insert gallons of fraud and gaslighting)”... that’s a man, folks:
Tell me Ann Coulter isn’t a man, as many have noted. Tell me Megyn Kelly isn’t a man.  Look at the cover of Settle For More, where it’s ready to engage in fisticuffs. Laura Ingraham is the most mannish of all.  Tell me it’s not a man.  I only wish I could hit those low frog croak bro sounds and rumble with LEBron:
Look at this angry man.  It may not be as baritone and thugged out as the rest, but she’s still thugged.  That’s still a man talking, a take no-shit man:
Tell me Lauren Southern’s not a man.  ‘Her’ voice is much lower than Rubin’s. Even at half his age she’s far more masculine and commanding in every way.
And look at recent NRA spokesman, Dom Raso, compared to the traditional masculinity of the 1950s.
Tumblr media
Look at Bill O’Reilly going on a tear compared to mild-mannered Walter Cronkite.  Look at Bernie Sanders when he gets cranky.  Look at Donald Trump compared to John F. Kennedy or even The Great Pussywillow, Ronald Reagan. Tell me America isn’t on as big of a quest for masculinity as Soviet Russia was. Tell me Socialist Democracy and Marxism aren’t in part the reason for this disposal of the feminine and the rise of the masculine.  I first noticed we were really approaching The Foundation Pit, the classic by Andrei Platonov, about a half decade ago.  I was on Long Island, after shopping around, just little a little old lady, for a moon cake for my Latina friend, a stay-at-home mom who I’d known since my goth-industrial club days in the early 00s.  I brought her the cake and hope she’d be delighted.  She told me, in the most heart-rending manner she could muster, all about an illness that had ravaged her legs during pregnancy and permanently scarred her legs.  I wanted to express how much I cared about her, so I said ‘you poor thing,” softly, warmly, and kindly, like the woman I am.  Like an insect, a preying mantis rapidly molting from an egg, she rapidly shook herself alert, aghast, seething, preparing to rip my head off.  I had offended.  I had been ‘condescending’ without realising it.  And here that Moon Cake had cost $12, and I had come all the way out to see her.  Her role: sit there and be offended. “How had I erred?” I wondered, so feminine, I, that it did not even occur to me that perhaps it was rude of her to insist that I should feel like a dog that just pissed on the rug.  I later figured out she was one of the early pioneers of getting steamed to the max over ‘condescending’ speech, which is how all compassionate, feminine speech is now thought of.  In the Russification / assholeification / masculinization of America, nobody can express condolence or compassion anymore without walking on eggshells and doing backflips to get it just. right. for. the. man. For they are all men now.
My sense of compassion later got me in trouble on the job with a ‘poor Emma!’ remark over a tragedy that befell a coworker, which led 3 high-powered corporate drones to seethe and hiss, like a red alert button had been pressed.  In another instance, my heartfelt expression of ‘best wishes for you during this time’ had a boss of mine seething.  For the ego is so high, so masculine, now, that no vulnerability is permitted.  Nothing is permitted to make the other feel... feminine.  Not even for an instant!  This masculine mask that they all wear is continually, renewably enraged at my sensitive, warm, caring, feminine self.
I only see one way out of this mess.
As patriarchal as many of his policies may be, Donald Trump does want Ivanka to be president someday.  Mr. Ivanka and her little bitch, Jared Kushner, basically run the country already.  Just read Vicky Ward’s book.  Ivanka, a biological woman with a man’s assertive traits, has any number of proposals to help women and destroy the gay family.  “Women Are Smarter Than Men” is one quote her father, Donald J. Trump, has made.  I suggest that since the left cannot be trusted to do anything but masculinise America even further, we support Trump in 2020 and at least compromise with Ivanka as America’s first female president.
Voting for Donald and Ivanka has the extra bonus of leaving queer men, who don’t really matter anyhow, out in the cold and ruining their shot at paid family leave and forever destroying any notions they might get that they’re the equal of women.
While I work on overcoming my awful resentment towards men, queer men really aren’t men, they’re all on that spectrum, right?  Part-woman, part-man, they don’t know what they are.  They’re definitely way less manly than real men.  And almost everything I write is fired up by resentment of queers, too.
Trump 2020 MAGA, you cocksuckers
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gunkyengines · a year ago
2&5 for the insert game 💞
NOUGAT!! TYSM for asking this!! ^^
This is a mega long post so... I’ll edit in a cut here!
2. Does your insert have a very strong relationship with a f/o, maybe more than one? Tell us a little about the dynamic they have! This can be a bond that’s romantic, familial, or platonic, anything - even an enemy would count as a strong relationship!
Ok so! I couldn’t decide which SI to write about, so I decided to write about all of my identifiable SIs thus far (feat. one of my more recent OCs)!
Bellamy Amplexus – Final Fantasy XV SI
-Bellamy is one of my least developed OCs/SIs, and I honestly know next to nothing about the Final Fantasy universe at the moment, so I can’t give much input on them. However, I can tell you that they’re very, very close to the Chocobros, mainly Ignis. Very close. (Wink wink!)
Also, Ardyn stinky, I think. lol
Ayame Otsuka – Golden Kamuy OC
-Ayame is one of my most recent characters in the vein of selfshipping, and she’s got a couple of interpersonal relationships that I’ve figured out—that being said, I don’t actually have anything written about her, so I just know this:
Her and Sugimoto are very platonically involved until about 3 years post-canon (all the while living together and even sharing a goddamn bed), at which point they stop silently pining and actually realize that they’re into each other romantically and sexually. This results in a pregnancy. Yeeah.
Ayame regards Asirpa as a daughter/little sister, effectively becoming a second guardian figure for her alongside Sugimoto. The relationship is a bit of a strangers to found family slow burn, what with Asirpa’s reservations towards randos stumbling into the group’s dynamic, but all is well in the end.
Her and Shiraishi have what I’d describe as a… complicated friendship? You know that one friend, who’s a friend of your close friend, and you only know them via said friend, so it’s kinda weird when they start cracking dirty jokes about you? And especially when they start encouraging your close friend to fuck you? But other than that yeah all’s chill with her and the Escape King.
There’s more to come though, I swear.
Junko Hisayo – Persona 5 SI
Post-canon, Junko is dating and eventually marries Haru Okumura. YES, my gay little heart fluttered just typing that out.
Junko is actually very good friends with my beautiful bestie @dancing-with-my-dreams ’ S/I, Reagan Miyasaki (who’s dating the amazing Ryuji Sakamoto)!
She’s got a pretty solid relationship with the rest of the PT too, considering they’re good friends and literal partners in (ethical!) crime! (Also, if the PT knew the P4 investigation team, she, Naoto and Kanji would be good friends, bcos GNC/AFAB-but-not-fem-aligned buddies and wlw/mlm solidarity, bro!)
However… Junko’s got a really rocky if not totally garbage relationship with Akechi Goro cos y’know… he fucking killed her then-crush-now-girlfriend’s father. (This isn’t to say Junko has any merciful feelings towards Kunikazu Okumura… but that hurt Haru, goddamnit! Also, group traitors are fucking abhorrent.) (Note: I personally don’t hate Akechi, he’s a character I can play around in the grey zone with, but my vibes about him are off-kilter cos of the hurt he’s caused. Especially to my girl.)
She has an enemy in another OC I made to add a villain to her arc—her reason for being with the PT in the first place, Hideo Sunjaya. He’s… he’s an awful, awful character that’s essentially a mini Kamoshida, and I based him heavily off of a person I knew IRL who I used to think of as a friend. He’s the ruler of the palace that she gets her persona’s awakening in. So, I guess he’s good for something… ah, fuck it, he’s a bastard regardless.
Elizabeth Beaufort – Red Dead Redemption 2 SI
Lizzie Beaufort, the only SI I’ve ever used my own first name for. What can I say about her relationships…?
Who am I kidding: she’s deeply, desperately, hopelessly in love with Arthur Morgan. He’s her gentleman, her darling, her angel and her husband. He’s the father of her children and a kind and supportive man… You can tell that I really enjoyed playing RDR2, yeah? (Also, they’re wlw/mlm solidarity of the most powerful kind—two bisexuals deeply in love and supporting each other. Because it’s 1899 but bitch I’m still queer.)
Well, she knows Charles Smith and Sadie Adler well, as friends, through Arthur. Since RDR2 totally definitely ended with Arthur and Lizzie moving to a nice tract of land and starting a ranch nearby the Marstons, she’s close to them as well.
She wasn’t present during the canon plot events don’t @ me.
Gillian Wright – Red Dead Redemption 2 SI
Gilley is Molly O’Shea’s Casanova darling. Loves her dearly, APPRECIATES HER LIKE SHE SHOULD BE APPRECIATED. RDR2 totally ended with her and Molly living in Saint Denis and saving up to move to Ireland because Molly is fucking miserable in America and Gilley has nothing tying her to the country.
This may come as a surprise to you, but Gillian Charity Eustace Wright fucking despises Dutch Van Der Linde. And canonically shot him in the foot. And stole his girlfriend right before his gang fell to pieces. So yeah.
Gilley has an alright opinion of Arthur. Hes a cool dude. That’s all.
She honestly thinks Bill is an annoying prick because she gambled with him and he didn’t fucking pay up when she won.
 5. Does your insert have any magical talents or otherwise special abilities? Are they passive, like the ability to befriend animals, or dangerous power that the villains want? Or if theyre evil - any powers the heroes want to stop?
I only have one SI that has any particular “special abilities” in the vein of magic, but I’ve decided to bend the rules a little and use a looser definition of the term “abilities”. I threw in some OCs with powers that’d help me fill up this space a bit better.
Junko Hisayo – Persona 5 SI
Junko’s the only SI I can identify with any particular “magical” abilities. She’s a persona user, wielding the power of a persona whose 1st tier* is based off of Anne Bonny, a famous pirate from the 1700s. She also uses flintlock duelling pistols in the metaverse.
*Her 2nd tier is Lilith and her 3rd tier is based off Mary Read. Junko’s arc is largely related to gender identity and justice, so I thought, why not center her persona tiers around crossdressing pirates and a supposed demon queen who, apparently, was just demonized cos she wanted to be equal to Adam?
Chisato Sato – My Hero Academia OC
Chisato has a quirk that allows her to produce and control a red, slime-like substance that carries an electrical current. Thanks to one of my friends, I’ve now dubbed this power “Taser Jelly”.
Etsuko Kuwata – My Hero Academia OC
Etsuko has a quirk in which she’s able to become in tune with the emotional wavelengths of animals, and this power is dubbed “Animal Empathy”. (She took up psychology and became a therapist because she wanted to understand people just as much as her quirk allows her to understand animals.)
Hoshi Hibiki – My Hero Academia OC
Hoshi has a heteromorphic quirk that gives him bat-like features, such as an upturned, heart shaped nose and set of large fluffy bat ears. The ears in particular give him hypersensitive hearing, which would be a good power if he wasn’t a wannabe villain who became the self-proclaimed nemesis of Present Mic.
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lily-orchard · 2 years ago
I once heard a theory that said people get more Conservative as they get older. I brushed it off, thinking it was bull. But now my mother supports Trump, hates Democrats, and tried to argue with me that racist people from the past shouldn't be criticized today because it was 'normal' and 'accepted' back then, and we shouldn't judge by today's standards, and some slaveowners actually treated slaves with respect and many slaves actively tried to work on those farms and WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?
The idea that “people get more conservative as they get older” is fueled by three things.
Baby Boomers (particularly white baby boomers from middle class families) who only joined Hippie Counter Culture for the pot and partying and generally left once they got older and the money ran out.
General human stubbornness to change vs the march of societal progress.
Historical revisionism
Ironically the Pre-Reagan America was considerably more socialist with heavy regulations, high taxes on the wealthy and good worker rights. It was the Reagan administration that tore up all those regulations and tax laws in order to make his wealthy donors and friends vastly rich and decimated entire classes of the country. Most of America’s dystopian capitalist nightmare is a result of Reagan making it that way and establishing it as the new normal.
But the kicker is: This conservative shift in an aging populace only happens among straight, white, cis people. Everyone else tends to shift further left because they have shit to lose.
As straight white people get older, they tend to get a lot more easily offended and personally selfish. Think about some of the shit that baby boomers get so worked up over. And nothing embodies that more than the politics of white fragility. I’m gonna take a guess with only a 3% chance of being wrong that your mother IS white, straight and cis. Therefore criticism of white people, even in the past, is criticism she takes as a personal insult. This is the reason that she’s pivoted so far right: Because nothing is more offensive to those with privilege than minor criticism.
Look at how much your mother’s beliefs are built around either finding excuses not to criticize bad people, or trying desperately to find “good slave owners.” A lot of white people really want to find that opening of “nice slave owners” for no other reason than feeling less guilty about being descended from them.
Is this sounding familiar? Because it sounds a lot like fanboys and fangirls who are so terrified of the idea that liking a bad show makes them a Bad Person that they either desperately claw for excuses as to why they shouldn’t read criticism, or go Scorched Earth like Sarah Z and try to slander people doing the criticism. 
That level of inserting yourself into a conversation that isn’t about you, simply because it could eventually be about you.
Your mother desperately wants to make that “Don’t criticize the past” normal so that she won’t be criticized when it’s her turn on the historical examining table. And that desperation to keep up the ruse of “I’m a good person” is so omnipresent that she’s turned to flat out supporting a fascist for no other reason than because she doesn’t want to pop that bubble of ignorance.
People don’t get more conservative as they grow older. Certain kinds of people become attracted to conservatism because it lets them continue to live in ignorance. That kind of self-importance is specific to certain kinds of people and manifests in everything they do. 
The kind of person who says “Well it was a different time” and “political correctness is cancer” and “So am I a bad person if I still like SU?” and “I just want people to see that I wasn’t this evil bitch who did everything to hurt her” isn’t someone who grows more conservative as they get older. It’s someone so terrified of criticism and personal improvement that they will reach to increasingly desperate measures to avoid those things.
People don’t get more conservative as they grow older. People who can’t take criticism just get more desperate.
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starcrier · 2 years ago
I was tagged by @rogue-elven-jedi and @lady-stormbraver! I’m using my lunch break to answer these questions I hope you guys are happy.
Favorite snack? I will put AWAY those delicious gummy peach rings. And I’ll eat just about any kind of spicy chips. 
Favorite place to go on vacation? Anywhere near the beach. I don’t particularly enjoy swimming, but I love the vibes and the relaxation and the water, and eating alarming amounts of seafood. 
What’s a song that makes you dance immediately? Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain. (Stop looking at me like that, yes I hate country music like any sane person but 90s’-era Shania slaps 1000%)
Tea or Coffee? And what kind? Neither, gross. 
Do you play an instrument? Nope! 
What’s your favorite type of personality? People who are genuine and who don’t take themselves too seriously. 
Favorite Comedian? Tim Hawkins, John Mulaney, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Reagan, and most recently, Nate Bargatze. 
Gummy candy or chocolate? Yes. 
What did you ‘want to be when you grew up’ as a kid? Thanks to Nancy Drew, I wanted to be a detective up until I was around twelve, by which point I’d written so many self-insert detective novels that I finally caught on to the idea that maybe it was the story itself that I loved, rather than the idea of being actively at the center of the adventure and the danger, haha. 
What’s your favorite physical feature about yourself? I think I have really pretty blue eyes. Also my hair is suuuuuuper long now which is what I’ve wanted for ages so I’m listing that too. 
When was the last time you watched a show or movie on a TV? I watched Jason Bourne with my family Sunday night. 
Unpopular Opinion? Pizza, Oreos, and Cheetos are all super gross. Don’t @ me, I will not be taking questions at this time. 
Are you scared of bugs? Spiders and wasps, but I’m chill with most other bugs as long as they stay in their lane. 
Cats or dogs? Dogs, as long as they don’t shed. I’m not allergic, it’s just gross. 
Are you allergic to any foods? Nope! 
Does the description of your star sign match your personality? Listen star signs are bogus BUT I do tend to align eerily well with descriptions of scorpios. 
Favorite type of accent? I think French accents are super pretty! 
Name the first song that comes into your head! Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. 
Who is the sexiest famous person to you? I hate this question, I’ve got a categorized list and everything. Um. It’s a tie right now between Keanu Reeves and Tom Hiddleston. Tom Hiddleston is always at the top and has not moved since probably 2012, but who he shares the limelight with rotates on an almost daily basis. (Benedict Cumberbatch is also freaking beautiful and I’ll die on that hill, come at me @rogue-elven-jedi) 
Cake or pie? Pie, cake is boring.
When was the last time you read an entire book? Late April, I think. I read a LOT of fanfiction. 
Favorite junk food? Fried pickles! 
Do you like your height? Sure, I guess. 5′2″ is a little on the squatty side, but my mother is even shorter so it could be worse. 
Apples or oranges? Oranges.
Do you like salad? Sure, preferably if there’s something spicy in it - but I guess that’s true of most things I eat. 
What person inspires you the most? My dad, hands down. 
What is a song that has made you cry? Where Were You by Ghost Patrol. 
Tagging: @ourladyoftheundcrground, @littlelatte, @fangirlintheforest, @meetmeatthecoda and anyone else who wants to!
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