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#real cooking sounds
kadyfastrecipes4 months ago
Tumblr media
Do you have 1 Egg and Tomato ? make these incredibly delicious Dinner 馃お
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tenshindon5 months ago
tien cant cook for shit We Know This but in the universe-b-ass timeline where he can he would absolutely be the kind of mfer to never use modern tools ever and would insist on only using ingredients that he can grow from home
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h0peless-semanticsa month ago
Did I just unmatch with a girl because she said she doesn't like seafood? Yup! We're walking away after the first red flag. No exceptions.
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chrishansenfromdatelinenbc11 months ago
I'm just a bunch of mental illness and some fun snacks taped together by my basic knowledge of body sciences and yet. I'm thriving
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sensory-ovvverload11 months ago
listen. i LOVE a good cooking/baking show. watching people make food is so calming. BUT i always have to skip the tasting parts because theY MAGNIFY THE CHEWING SOUNDS AND I WANT TO SCREAM AND POP MY EAR DRUMS LIKE BALLOONS
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chimericarchitect10 months ago
鉂 request denied. what does this weapon do?
Perfectly despicable of you.
#answered asks#anonymous#Let me tell you a tale of edible glitter.#For a while after I'd been freed of my previous living arrangements I took a fancy toward cooking food myself with fresh ingredients#And recipes and bakeware and the whole shebang. In particular I had a fondness for the idea of homemade chocolates. This has absolutely#Nothing to do with the edible glitter but it does mean that I was watching a lot of cooking videos for various treats. I also picked up a#Lot of skill with more 'standard' dishes during my stay on the ship. You know. The meal kind. Pasta and vegetables and meats of all sorts.#I've always hated working with eggs as they are both merciless and unpredictable. Unfortunately they are also a key component in a great#Many culinary efforts. I didn't know they came in cartons for the longest time! No more opening the awful vessels of condensed chicken#Intent. It was absolutely absurd stuff. (Thank you Wicked for the tip! It remains a real game-changer. 鈽) Anyway! I watched a lot of cooking#Videos (as I said) and that led me to observing a particularly curious set of two-tone beverages. (This is the part where the glitter comes#In.) The drink I am thinking of in specific was this really lovely purple to blue fade? A very sparkly little thing full of stars. Do you#Have any idea how much I wanted to muck about with one of those? Absolutely dashing. Speaking of dashing please imagine dashing one of these#Artistically crafted sunset beverages into the face of someone you'd like to engage in fisticuffs. For just a moment it would be so lovely.#And then for the moment to follow it would be a very different sort of beautiful if you're into that sort of thing. Because of the way my#Psi works I have a great fondness for liquids bearing charming hues. This has nothing to do with anything. Maybe you've caught on by now#That I am fucking with you. Stalling as it were. If you've read this far then you're probably going to read all the way down but I will make#You work for it. That's just how it is! So anyway. I was on the hunt for edible glitter after I saw one of those terrifically sparkly drinks#And at first I didn't even know that 'edible glitter' was a thing. I thought those silly little aliens were eating plastic crinklespecks.#Could you imagine? That sounds dreadful but I wouldn't put it past half the chaotic youths and decadent ancients that make up the population#Of the stars and beyond. It was a pleasant relief to find edible glitter and then to utilize it. I ran into a problem where I kept using too#Much. My sparkle-bound hubris knew no bounds. I was the modern Icarus of the kitchen. Edible glitter adds a nice and elegant touch when used#In moderation but sometimes you just have to make thirteen too-twinkly disasters in a row and refuse to learn any better. It had to contain#The absolute MAXIMUM amount of dissolved excellence (the weapon is a type of E.M.P. in function so to speak) in order to appease me. I did#Not want to settle for less than that. Thirteen attempts is still well within the bounds of scientific pursuit as opposed to idiocy.#Sometimes you just have to pour a whole tablespoon of pearl dust into a flower vase and that's just fine.#I remember running out of tags to write in once before and now that I'm doing it on purpose I find that was kind of amazing of me.#You go you mouthy little cuss. I wonder what the raw hell I was rambling about that time. It couldn't possibly have been anything good.#What's nice about edible glitter is that it has no taste which means you can add it to anything. You want gay spaghetti? BAM.#Take your pasta and get lost-a. They do have a texture though! That was the problem with my thirteen attempts at drinkable art.
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little-seed7 months ago
about an hour鈥檚 worth of more songs for Nap!
Making up Words - Bug Hunter (writer mood)
Would You Rather - Crusher-P ((the single version with the person smiling in the window on the album cover) file under songs that apply too specifically to personal happenings? :^) yeah,, but it鈥檚 a positive reminder.)
The Fool - Ryn Weaver (fic song !!)
Shame Limbo - Convent Bonfires (KAGEYAMA BROS ANGST ANYONE?? it鈥檚 not a happy song but OH BOY does it make me excited in the worst way.)
Imaginary Friend - ABSRDST (???% and Mob LITERALLY MY FAVORITE UHH kinds of character songs just. hmmmm!!!! wanna draw a picture based off this song. would love to get a good enough grasp on words to write a story based off this song. love ???% LOVE ???% LOVE SHIGEO i wish there was 5000x more content exploring ???% and mob鈥檚 relationship.... shigeo鈥檚 relationship with himself)
Huwag Kang Matakot - Reese Lansangan (this song is soft and usually helps me fall asleep on nights it hurts to process words anymore but still wanna hear people sounds. maybe it will help you in your sleep endeavors too (if you need it) as life adjusts to your new work routine)
Overtime - Cash Cash (is this u)
I Am Water - Masakatsu Takagi (sweet-and-energetic piano songs yea or nay?)
Punks and Poets - Elliot Root (shou and ritsu)
(edit: ok the acoustic version really is so much better. it is, it is, it is. who cares about "high spirits"--we all need a moment to be calm and a little forlorn sometimes. the acoustic is way better.) Hugging You - Tom Rosenthal (ffffffic songgggg (THE ACOUSTIC VERSION W/ BILLIE MARTEN IS ALSO RLY RLY GOOD (tbh i like it a little more??) but it鈥檚 a tear factory it鈥檚 a crying song it鈥檚 a Missing People Song and may as well be a tribute to 2020 despite having been made in 2017 geeeez. geez! this version--the one im showing you--feels more... enthusiastic! high spirits.))
Togenkyo To Taxi - Mega Shinnosuke (thought: funky Japanese music? Nap listens to that!)
valentine (prod. flavors) - atlas (tis the season~ also, idk any of their other music but atlas is popular and uses they/them pronouns! how cool is that!!)
Sugar Popped Sunshine - Static-P (not to be confused with Crusher-P?? (anime album art... im getting weird Cleveland, Ohio, bot music vibes (only half /j (Crusher-P makes a lot of vocaloid music.. bot.. get it :^P (im rly funny))) BUT what was the point here... OH the first time i heard this song i wasn鈥檛 listening to the lyrics and thought 鈥渙oo a good villain song鈥 but upon looking up the lyrics, it鈥檚 actually a rly sweet, simple, encouraging song??? idk you might like it!)
GMF - John Grant (this song is so teru it hurts. it's so teru it's funny. it's a painfully slow 5 minutes and 13 seconds of lungs seizing on the brink of laughter. this is premob teru. and teru-meeting-mob teru. literally every line is like "wow there is no way this could get more funny/relevant" and then the next line happens. IT'S SUCH A SLOW SONG THO. but teru listens to rock. it's fine.)
Fred Astaire - Jukebox the Ghost (fun! dance! funtime!)
co-opting your swooshies
when you sent me that song list the night before my trip, with all those annotations, it really made my morning (as well as a fair bit of the following weeks), and i鈥檝e been too distracted to find a way to tell you that you doing that meant a lot.
hope you have an easy sunday, hope you have a good week :^)
okay now i鈥檓 the one who has things to do in four hours!! goodnight! 馃寵
and goodmorning. 馃尀
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avatarofthepininga year ago
i have 998 followers and i feel like i should Do Something to "celebrate" when i reach 1k but what would i do? i have no real marketable skills and no money.
[ray toro "i'm not okay" voice] i can't sing, i can't dance, and i don't know karate.
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