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#real life shit posts

Me everytime I set my alarm or timer.

Me : I better set my alarm so I don’t over sleep.

: 7:00am ? Too early.

: 7:15 ? Too late.

: 7: 10 ? That’s it that’s the perfect time to wake up, get enough sleep to function and leave on time.

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You consumed my thoughts all day, and you can’t even send me a fucking text? It’s 2:24am and I’m so afraid when I close my eyes I’ll be faced with you, and it will be beautiful. We will laugh and I’ll feel your lips once more, the sunrise is the ending of the only good times I have with you now. I miss you, all before.

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Ah the good ol’ drunk writing, yeah first time drunk last weekend had me feeling some kind of way. Just putting it here for safekeeping. 

The knife in his hand is colder than the air. 

The lines on his arms are red, and that’s good. They are markers he can use, places he can trace and press and push to bring him back to himself. The cold seeps into his hand and the blade sinks deeper, but not deep enough. 

No one will understand. They will agonize and plead and worry at the marks, but nothing will help. Nothing but the pain and the blade and the sight of crimson against skin. 

Get help, they say. 

But I’m fine, he thinks, I’m just fine by myself. 

I’m dealin’ with all my problems and everything is well. 

But I’m a stranger to myself.

Oh well. 

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Alright I think that I might be digging my own grave saying this but fuck it I have to get this out: I don’t see captain marvel as an actual great feminist icon. I think the character is flat and superficial, she doesn’t have much personality and being a strong woman or a strong female character isn’t just “being a superpowerful kickass” and just that. I believe there needs to be more than that and the fact that many people in this website or in general I guess, worships the character so much as if it is the best female icon ever and there weren’t any before (which some are even better) makes me sick.

A woman (or a person in general) can be strong in different ways not just having a superpower. Loyalty, intelligence, talent, devotion, being a good friend, being a good person, being charismatic, having a strong spirit, being strong phsysically or emotionally (or both!), being pround of what you defent, of who you are, being a good leader, protecting others, being imaginative, funny, energetic, introvert, extrovert, shy, whatever. But in the case of a fictional character they can be evil too but still being a great character and it depends in their charisma, personality and writing. I mean, a character can be a bad person but still a good character (and beloved like it usually happens with a lot of villains). And a character can be a good person but a bad character! And that’s what I felt in this case.

They don’t have to be perfect of course and They don’t have to be ALL of what I mentioned, they can be some of that but They have to have SOMETHING in them you know? They don’t need to be super funny or extrovert they can be serious but still have some spark in them, something that feels natural!

And I feel like captain marvel is not the case. To me she seems like a superficial and flat character (yeah I know I already mention that) and just an entertainig movie and it’s overrated (The movie and specially the character), like being superpowerful is her only personality. I feel like marvel and hollywood were like this: “aaaah yeah you want a female icon in the mcu who leads a movie (yeah let’s forget that Black widow exists) Well aaaaaah yeah uuuuh I guess give to her super fucking huge power to punch everybody aaaaaaand yeah I think that’s enough, now give me money”

Want some examples of great and better female icons?

The powerpuff girls

Wonder woman

Leia Organa (well I admit that in the last movie I don’t think they did justice to the character but still everybody loves her)

Sarah Connor

Minerva Mcgonnagal

Hermione Granger

Ginny Weasley (specially the books ginny)

Luna Lovegood (Everybody loves her)

Bulma From Dragon Ball Z (she’s a fucking super smart rich scientist with a strong personality who made a goddam alien warrior extremely pround prince fall in love with her! She’s Just awesome!)

Ellen Ripley

Imperator Furiosa (I love her and the movie)

Black Widow, Gamora, Valkirye, Pepper, Nebula, the women from Wakanda.

Fiona Gallagher, Svetlana, Mandy Milkovich, Veronica Fisher from the tv show Shameless (well maybe you might not like some of them because these are very grey characters but everyone in shameless is like that and sometimes exagerated situations but you can’t deny this are fierce , strong women with remarkable personalities who also faced really hard lives)

Temari From Naruto (did’t get the protagonism she deserved but at least deserves a mention) and Tsunade.

Mandy From the Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

THE GIRLS FORM AVATAR TLA: Toph Beifong, Katara, Suki, Mai, Ty Lee, Azula (The last one is a shitty person but well written and interesting, not mentioning very smart and talented despite the fact that she’s a bitch lol but there has to be shitty people in stories and that includes devilish women)

The protagonists from the movie Booksmart I liked that movie.

Beatriz Kiddo From Kill Bill


Lisa Simpson (at least in the old seasons, she was awesome and I loved her as a kid, I grew up with that character and the old Lisa makes me pround)

Velma and Daphne From Schooby-Doo (I believe Daphne was smart, maybe not the same way as Vilma but for example, she always finds an original way to open locked doors to scape or enter places)

Asami Sato, Lin and Su Yin Beifong, Jinora, Iggy, from the Legend of Korra

Harley Quinn

Princess Atta from Buggs Life

Princess Bala from Antz

Elsa and Anna From Frozen


Shego and Kim From Kim possible (I admmit I didn’t use to watch this cartoon much as a kid or neither an adult but I have being watching some clips or episodes this last month and I like them specially Shego. Also people seems to love them so here they go)

Raven and Starfire

Kida, Helga and Audrey from Atlantis

Nani from Lilo and Stitch

Megara from Hercules

Mérida from Brave

Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Marceline, Bubblegum Princess, the Flame Princess and Lumpy Space Princess.

The girls From Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin: Mickasa Ackerman, Anne Leonhardt, Hange Zoe, Historia Reiss, Ymir.

Seras Victoria and Integra from Hellsing

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

The women from Game of Thrones

And well I got tired but I know there are many many more, but I also know that many of those I didn’t watched the anime/TV serie/movie etc so I don’t have a complete opinion (for example the girls/women From Full Metal Alchemist I heard a lot of good views of them and the story but a didn’t finished it. I believe it won’t dissapoint me though). Or I just forgot jahahaha.

Well, I read somewhere something between the lines “trying so hard to write strong female characters is ruining strong female characters”. I think that line summarizes this topic. In the last years people have focused so much in showing female characters strong and as leaders that they put aside the rest which is their personality, charming, wharever that makes you like someone and not make them look fictional rather than real.

I do believe there needs to be more female great characters but not in this way. People are applauding empty puppets and I hate that.

I’m a woman and I don’t like this fake feminism (sorry but that’s what this stuff transmits me)

Now getting that out I want to clariffy that this is just a rambling and I wanted to get out a feeling and a thought I had inside for a while. But it’s ok if you like Captain Marvel I never said you can’t like her. If you identify with her or wharever, it’s alright of course you can and you have the right to like wharever character/story you want.

I Just feel upset of what society is doing with this topics. I think people specially young women are treating like godlike things that actually aren’t that great and which just give a feeling of “meh”.

This is my opinion.

Sorry if the text is too long lol and if there are grammar mistakes, english isn’t my first language, I hope I wrote it decently.

Transmition finished my dudes ✌️✨

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Personal Post

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything regarding my personal life on here. I shut down a few weeks ago after fandom drama turned its ugly head in my direction. I started policing what I posted on my blog, because I didn’t want to give certain people the satisfaction of knowing they got under my skin.

But the truth is, it hurt me deeply. And I haven’t been okay since. In fact, I’ve been in a dark place ever since. Which in turn has affected my progress on writing almciyv.

Today I realized that this is my blog and I can write and post whatever the hell I want to. And I also remembered today that several readers have told me in the past how much they enjoy how open I am with everyone on my tumblr.

So I’m going to be open and honest in this post because I desperately need to get this off my chest so I can move on. This story I’m writing is my baby. It’s not just a fanfic to me. It’s not just a story I’m writing. It’s my therapy. This story has been inspired by my own real life experiences. My original intention for writing this has been to re-write my own personal story and to give Arya and Gendry the happy ending I didn’t get. Yet.

I’m very protective of my creations, especially ones that I’ve poured my heart, soul and tears into. Whether it’s a photograph, a homemade indie magazine, photographic wall installation or this story, they are my children. So I take it very personally if any of my creations are attacked in any way. I’m an artist. We feel passionately about our art because they are an extension of us. Sometimes literally.

I just had to get this out there and off my chest: I’m hurt. I’ve been hurting. And I’m tired of it. I have been through the absolute toughest 7 fucking months and I’m exhausted and nearly depleted from it. I don’t have health insurance, therefore I’m trying to heal and fix myself on my own without a therapist. I’m doing the best that I can. And yeah, I’m strong. I’ve been through even worse shit than what the last 7 months have dealt me. But goddamnit, even I get fucking weak.

With that said, I hope whoever reads this and finds that this post resonates with them and their current journey can find solace in the fact that you’re NOT alone, you’re NOT the only person in the world who feels this way. It’s okay to admit when you’re not okay. I promise you there are so many more people in this world who are also suffering in silence with their depression.

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honestly i’m so depressed, i feel like i need to give up with noah. i don’t want to because i love him but i feel like nobody else does?? like every time i post a meme or a starter call or like someone else’s starter call, or try and plot with someone nothing happens. i’m just so sad. it hurts to pour all your energy into making a character and hardly anyone responds to it. 

i’m sorry this is a horrible thing to post but it’s just how i feel right now. 

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Gonna take some adult classes and become a vet assistant I think! Any tips??

Be strong. Dont go into this thing thinking it will be all puppies and kittens. It’s not. It’s sad, and painful. The small creatures you love so much are in pain, sick and dying. Most of the time they are scared of you, learn the body language of animals, know them and their behaviors. Learn to react before processing what’s happening, a lot of animals dont growl before they attack or dont have a tell. You will/get/be scratched, bit, pissed, vomited, diarrhea, anal glanded, and blood on you. People WILL be mean. And I’m not talking about regular old Karen at Michael’s arts and craft stores, I’m talking about vicious people who will tell you you’re not a real human, you don’t care about animals, that’s you’re only in it for the money and they will turn around and leave without treating their cat who is dying a sad death from kidney failure or worse. Patients you care for and bond with without speaking to will die after a week of intense treatment, and then you will have to put them in a bag.

This job is not for the faint of heart. I did it because I knew that since I was Technician caring for them, they would be treated with love until their last breath, and then I would be the person to lovingly bag them for cremation or I would be the person who delivered them back to see their people again, happy, healthy.

And in light of that sad shit— there will be puppies and kitties who need vaccine updates and they will give you all the kisses so it evens out. 😂🥰 and you will learn so much and feel so proud of yourself.

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