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#real love
depoesiaypoetas · 6 months ago
Es una proeza descubrir que quizá el amor es más paz que oleaje; un corazón tranquilo que una taquicardia; una sonrisa real, un apapacho sin pretensiones. Es increíble creer que lo que te llena de calma importa más, que las descargas pasionales. Que el amor es revolución, sin caos, es calma, y probablemente la sensación de plenitud tras la merienda, que te dice que no te hace falta más...
Clara Ajc
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fuhhlame · 9 months ago
loving yourself means putting yourself first wholeheartedly. being willing to let go of things that do not serve you, and not wincing at the thought of never looking back. loving yourself means if anything is at your expense, all bets are off.
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wakeme-up-free · 6 months ago
"I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me."
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ludmilachaibemachado · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Paul and Linda in the 80’s🌼⭐️
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drklord · a month ago
Tumblr media
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sassyduckqueen · a month ago
Screw Destiny- For LBSC Lukanette Sprint Challenge
Soul-mark/mate AU with a twist.
Prompt: 'We are written in the stars' 'Yeah, well, the stars are stupid' and 'We're not soul mates but we still love each other'
Warning!!! Self Harm is shown and mentioned in this story. While it isn't too graphic, please be aware that it might act as a trigger.
Luka sighed as he looked in the mirror as he thought about his plan. It might not have been the best thing to do but he didn't know what else he was suppose to do. The last week had been awful and now he was faced with a choice that he thought he would never have to make. Either been unhappy or become a no mark. He traced his finger over the small bumble bee that rested on the inside of his wrist. It was his 'soul mate' mark. He didn't know why they existed, only that everyone had them. Some people loved the idea of been made for someone who was considered their other half. Of always been in love and together no matter what. His sister and her girlfriend Rose were those type of people but they had good soul mates. Rose was the sweetest girl he had met and Juleka was kind and gentle. Sure, she was shy but she was good. Their songs were as sweet as a bird's morning song and they balanced each other out. Rose brought Juleka out of her shell and Juleka calmed Rose down. They loved the whole soulmate thing. However, he was not that type of person. He didn't think it was romantic. He thought it was controlling and creepy. He didn't like the idea that he would be forced to be with one person for the rest of his life. It wasn’t that he was against marriage or been faithful to one person. He just hated the idea of that he couldn’t pick who that person was. It went against everything he was and all he believed in. He was what one might call a free spirit and believed in complete free will. As far as he was concerned, Fate could take it's plans and shove them where the sun didn't shine. He was the master of his life, destiny and will and no one in the universe could control him. However, he had hoped that his soul mate would be someone who was creative and kind. If he didn't get a choice in who they were then he hoped was like him. Unfortunately, his soul mate was Chloe Bourgeois. The very girl who bullied his sister, Rose and their friends. He felt sick the moment he realized. He had rushed to the bathroom and threw up after meeting her. Her song was awful and she was nothing more than a brat. However, she had been pretty pleased about him been her soul mate. She stated that he was attractive but commented that he would need to stop 'dressing like trash'. He didn't like how she saw his clothes as trash but due to the magic that binded their souls together, he had to agree with her. It felt forced and wrong when he nodded. After spending a day with her, he felt drained and there was no way he could do this for the rest of his life. Whomever had decided that she was his perfect match must have been high that day because they were completely wrong for each other. He always been taught that soul mates were meant to complete each other but he felt like she was a triangle and he was a circle. They didn't match and there would never been a true connection between them. Their songs would not sing in harmony and Luka would feel trapped like some beast in a cage. He would only ever be a piece of eye candy on her arm for all to see but he would never truly be loved by her nor would he ever truly love her. He couldn't do it. He was a free and creative soul and Chloe wasn’t. She was everything he hated. That had what lead him to where he was. He looked at his reflection again as he thought his choice over one last time. He was deciding if he wanted to become a no mark or a mark destroyer as they were sometimes known. A No Mark was a person who had destroyed their soul mark, breaking the magic and connection to their soulmate. His mother had done it with his father but she was the only one he knew of. The problem was that the only way to destroy a soul mark was to physically remove it and then there were the rumors. Some say that once you removed your soul mark, you lost the ability to ever love again. His mother had cut it out of her arm and had never bothered been with someone after that. Luka wasn't sure if it was because she couldn't love or because of choice but she was happy and free. He looked at his mark again before looking up at his reflection. He narrowed his eyes and picked up the lighter he planned to use to get rid of it.
 "I am the master of my own life and destiny," He stated, holding his arm out and lighting it. He held it to his arm, causing it to burn. He cried out as the fire burnt his skin but he kept going. His eyes widened as he felt the connection shatter as his skin burnt. Soon, the bee was gone and all was left was a burn and blood where it had been. Luka shakily dropped the lighter and ran the cold tap before carefully placing his injured wrist under it, cleaning. He hissed as it hurt before he took out an antiseptic liquid and cotton wool pads. He used it to clear the wound before wrapping it up in a bandage. Once that was done, he ran water again and splashed his face before looking up at his reflection. He was afraid that it would feel bad and he knew he would be considered a freak but he honestly felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and that he was truly free. With a certain and determined look, he glanced back at his reflection and repeated the words that had become his mantra. "I am the master of my own life and destiny,"
 ~A Few Years Later~
 "I am not in love with you anymore," Marinette gasped as she pulled away from Adrien. He had been her soul mate but she realized it had been come a burden that was slowly ebbing away at her and breaking her down.Firstly there were the people who wanted to have him as their soul mate. Some hadn’t been too bad but one girl had made it her life’s mission to harm Marinette because of it. Then there was the issue with Adrien himself. He was what you might call sunshine personified but not in the way she thought he was. He was burning her and destroying her. She thought he had been a dream come true but now he was a wish she wished she had never made. It was one of the reasons why she had decided to become a no mark. Another reason was because of how controlling his father had been. He understood that she was Adrien's soul mate but she had to meet his expectations. He had tried to mould her into someone she was not. She had learnt very quickly that the Agreste men had decided she should basically be a doll. She would need to look her best all the time, she would never speak out of term and she would never work. She was expected to provide an heir and act as the perfect wife but that wasn't who Marinette was. She was chaotic and smart. She loved getting involved and wanted to be a designer. She hoped to run her own fashion house one day under the name MCD but Mr Agreste had told her she would be a designer under his label and not her own. It was part of what would be expected about her if she married into that family. All of that plus the girl out to destroy had been enough to push her into thinking about becoming a No Mark but the final straw had been when he had insulted her family. Adrien hadn’t even tried to defend them and she was expected to accept what Mr Agreste had said. Well, no sir, she would not. That night she left with the intention of becoming a no mark and she did. It had hurt but she sliced across the paw print that was her soul mark to Adrien and severed their connection. Within minutes of tending to the wound, she had phoned him and broke up with him. Boy did it felt amazing. She felt truly free to become whoever she wanted. She had even met a lovely musician who she had started a budding romance with. However, even months later, Adrien still hadn't gotten the message. He stood there, looking at her as she tried to get into the cafe where she was suppose to be meeting her date. "Adrien, move,"
 "No, I'm not moving!" He gasped as she stepped around him and inside. However, he followed her. "Marinette, please! Hear me out!"
 "I'm not interested," She declared in an emotionless manner before seeing Luka by the counter. He was speaking to the barrister and dressed in a blue shirt and black pants. Her heart fluttered as she looked at him. He might not be her soul mate but she was definitely finding herself falling for him. The best part is she knew this was real. He was a no mark like her. Adrien, however, blocked her sight as he stepped into her vision, making her groan in annoyance. "Adrien, seriously. Go away,"
 "I can't, mi'lady!" He gasped, actually getting down on his knee. She felt sick from the nickname he gave her. "We're meant to be! We're soul mates!"
 "Not anymore!"
 "Mari, you can't be serious!" He gasped as she walked away from him. He looked shocked as she did. He jumped up and grabbed her arm, making her roll her eyes. "But we're written in the stars!"
 "Yeah, well, the stars are stupid!" She declared, shocking him again. This was not his Marinette. She torn her arm from him and rolled up her sleeve, revealing her damaged mark. He winced as he saw it. He had felt it when she had done it. "Did you forget that I became a no mark?!"
 "Our love is stronger then a mark,"
 "No, Adrien, our love doesn't exist and it never did! It wasn't even real!" She gasped, making him look back at her with hurt. If she still had her soul mark, she would have felt guilty and been compelled to say sorry and make it up to him but since she was a no mark, she wasn't bound to the same rules anymore. She was free. "You wanted a wife who wouldn't question you or your father. Well, news break, Adrien! I'm not that girl! Now get out of my face! I'm already late as it is!"
 "Mari-" He started but a hand landed on his shoulder, making him look behind him as he came face to face with a young man with blue and black hair. He had a harsh look in his eyes as he started at Adrien before he looked over at Marinette. A soft expression took over his eyes. It made Adrien feel sick as he looked at her.
 "Is this man bothering you, Miss?" He asked, making him blink.
 "I'm not bothering her!" He gasped, yanking his arm from him. He frowned as he saw the scar on his inner wrist. Great, another no mark. "I'm her soulmate,"
 "Hmm... soul mates are overrated," He stated as the harsh look returned in his eyes. "Now kindly leave my cafe and this young lady alone before I make you. She is obviously not interested in you,"
 Adrien blanched in shock before looking back at Marinette. She turned her nose up before he let his shoulder sink and walked away, leaving the cafe. As soon as he left, the tension lifted and Marinette broke into a smile before gently kissing the young man's cheek. He smiled back at her as she blushed.
 "I'm sorry that I'm late, Luka," She smiled shyly, pushing her hair behind her ear. His expression turned to one of ease and happiness as he held out his arm to her.
 "Don't worry about it, Mari," He smiled, making her giggle as she took his arm. "I made your favorite today,"
 "You're the best," She grinned, walking over to a table with him. They sat down as Marinette played with her hands. Luka reached out and gently took hers in his. She glanced at the scar on the inside of his wrist before looking at the cuts over hers. "That... that was my soul mate... Adrien..."
 "He seemed delightful," Luka grinned sarcastically, making her giggle. "Mine use to be Chloe Bourgeois,"
 "Oh no wonder you decided to be a no mark," She gasped before covering her mouth. "I mean-"
 "Oh, it was exactly like that," He grinned, making her feel better. "Maybe it's because I am no mark but I don't get it. It seems so wrong and forced to have a soul mate already prepared for you,"
 "Right?" Marinette gasped before looking at Luka. "But I like spending time with you, Luka. It feels real and genuine,"
 "That's because it is, my melody," He smiled, making her blush at the nickname. She knew they weren't soul mates but she also knew she was falling in love with him and judging by the gentle look in his eyes, he felt the same.
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federalbureauofislam · 9 months ago
Often, when we say, “I love you” we focus mostly on the idea of the “I” who is doing the loving and less on the quality of the love that’s being offered. This is because we are caught by the idea of self. We think we have a self. But there is no such thing as an individual separate self. A flower is made only of non-flower elements, such as chlorophyll, sunlight, and water. If we were to remove all the non-flower elements from the flower, there would be no flower left. A flower cannot be by herself alone. A flower can only inter-be with all of us… Humans are like this too. We can’t exist by ourselves alone. We can only inter-be. I am made only of non-me elements, such as the Earth, the sun, parents, and ancestors. In a relationship, if you can see the nature of interbeing between you and the other person, you can see that his suffering is your own suffering, and your happiness is his own happiness. With this way of seeing, you speak and act differently. This in itself can relieve so much suffering.
- Thich Nhat Hanh from “How to Love”
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ludmilachaibemachado · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lovely pictures of Paul and Linda🌼❤️💙🍀🌹🌺🌻✨🧡💜
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lionslo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
It took me 7 years to love myself, and I swear to who’s ever in charge of this life, I will never go back to how I was.
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