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purplehazejxsworld · a year ago
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magnificent-winged-beast · 4 months ago
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Another reason to love Misha. We may not watch him in front of the cameras, but he will be doing that is right and will make him happy to achieve.
Text of the Link:
Deon Taylor’s Hidden Empire Film Group to Produce and Finance ‘The Daryl Davis Project’ (EXCLUSIVE)
HEFG produces alongside Misha Collins, Trish Hofmann, Victoria Vantoch, Philip Schneider and Hilary Swank.
By Angelique Jackson
Deon and Roxanne Avent Taylor’s Hidden Empire Film Group is set to produce and finance “The Daryl Davis Project” alongside Misha Collins, Trish Hofmann, Victoria Vantoch, Philip Schneider and two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank.
The new project tells the true story of Daryl Davis (pictured above), a Black pianist who uses music to forge unlikely friendships with members of the KKK with the mission to turn their hearts away from an allegiance to white supremacy. Davis began his mission to fight racism in the 1980s, and he now proudly owns the hoods and robes of more than 200 former Klansmen who turned them over to him.
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The film will be adapted from Davis’ autobiography, “Klan-destine Relationships: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan.” Hofmann and Collins first optioned the story from Davis and the producing team is now actively seeking a writer to pen the film’s script.
“This story couldn’t be timelier and the fact that it’s real makes it even more compelling,” Taylor tells Variety of the project. “Daryl is one of those great examples how one individual can make a massive change in the world no matter who they are, where they come from or their color of skin.”
Hofmann and Collins add: “What we love about the story, is that it’s about a man who combats racism head on by going directly to its most overt perpetuators, and treats them like humans — thereby forcing them to discover that hatred is impossible when there is connection,”
“Finding our commonalities is so important in this day and age,” Swank concludes. “When we find what can unite us, we can help delimit what can divide us. This story is a shining testament to that. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be developing Daryl’s story and we are thrilled to have Deon and his team to shepherd this to the screen.”
Taylor is represented by UTA and Artistry Collective; Collins is represented by UTA and Management 360; Hofmann is represented by WME; and Swank is represented by WME and Management 360.
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intramoon · 3 months ago
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I made a little cover for cat & dog posts for my story page c: 
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withlovetohiddleston · 2 months ago
Wonderful Hank Williams played by Tom Hiddleston🤤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this look…
Tumblr media
so handsome and broken
Tumblr media
I’d die if he looked at me this way💕
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everydaystoriesblog · 29 days ago
ثريا ❤️
واحدة من أجمل الفتيات التي قابلتها أثناء فترة عملي بين كل دول أفريقيا.
ستبلغ عامها الخامس عشر مع حلول العام ٢٠٢٢، تقطن جزيرة زينجبار مع والدتها التي تولت مسئوليتها بعد وفاة والدها الذي كان يعمل صيادا. تتمنى أن تصبح طبيبة بيطرية في المستقبل لتعوض عائلتها عن بعض ما واجهوه من معاناة.
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energysoda · 4 months ago
Ok time to talk about the wattpad shit that happened to me today at school, except this isn't a fake tumblr story this actually happened and I feel like y/n.
Basically I was walking to my last class of the day, theatre, and in the hallway this person randomly gives me a scrap piece of paper. On it was her introducing herself and also that they thought I seemed cool and that they would love to talk to me. It also had their number, snapchat, and instagram on it too.
Anyways needless to say I was so happy, my face definitely felt warm when I got to my theatre class. Idk if I was being hit on or if this person just wants to be friends, but either way I'm so baffled that someone would go out of their way for me like that.
Also I'm pretty sure earlier in the day she waved at me but my dumbass thought she was waving at someone else because I didn't know her 😭
Anyways yeah if this is the start of some wattpad romance, I am completely baffled. Guess y'all can call me y/n now <3
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thetwiceexceptional · a month ago
so i watched spiderman yesterday and when andrew garfield was cracking tobey maguire’s back this twelfth year old in the back said “what are you doing, stepbro?”
Everyone in the audience went dead silent after that until andrew actually said “I’ve always wanted brothers” or something like that and i just burst out laughing
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hp2001 · 6 months ago
“No flaquees cobarde nos falta mucho por recorrer, nos falta mucho por conseguir, nos falta mucho por lo cual vivir.”
Fueron las palabras que le grite a mi corazón cuando estaba dejando de latir.
Michelle Díaz
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zer0-is-me · 5 months ago
kaminari: we're lost.
Mina: we are not lost.
Kaminari: I'm sorry, i don't see the car anywhere?
Mina: we'll find it.
Kaminari: no yeah we're lost in a frICKING PARKING PARK
Kaminari: ... wait what
Kaminari: wait wait what's it actually called??
Mina: get in-
Kaminari: but whAT'S IT CALLED
Mina: i said gET IN-
(i feel ashamed to say that this is what happened between me and my brother, me being kaminari. Update: it was called a parking lot, or a fucking car park. however, i like the name parking park and is now how i shall refer to parking parks. sry not sry-)
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romangoldendreams · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Last Duel (October- 2021) by Ridley Scott 
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calixa4 · 3 months ago
Sarah is the victim of exclusive and abusive custody of her five and a half year old son by the father.
Help Sarah find her 5 year old son Edward!
Sarah is a childless and desperate mother.
Her son Edward, who had lived with her in Switzerland since his birth (declared "born without a daddy", the father recognized since) was taken away from her during a stay with his father in France, in February 2020.
The latter has always been in the process of having sole custody with a request for the prohibition of all contact between the child and the mother, with great threats to the Family Affairs Judge and "I will not let you go as long as I will not have custody ". Justice had so far refused this request.
Against all odds, when Edward, 4 at the time, went on vacation with his father in Nice, the Swiss justice granted custody to the father with immediate effect with a ban on all contact between mother and child. Reason put forward: the mother is supposedly suicidal and capable of committing collective suicide with Edward, a child she has raised alone since birth. Sarah does not have a psychiatric history, however, and has never failed in her parental duties - her eldest daughter, 20, is a student and is doing very well. No evidence or medical certificate corroborates this allegation. Conversely, Sarah obtained certificates from doctors denying any psychiatric problem, which she brought to the attention of the ASE and the courts. Edward's father obtained this decision through threat, usury and manipulation, including lies and false documents. He also drew up false papers for the child, with his name on it.
Edward is the victim of an abusive transfer of custody, worthy of an organized kidnapping.
In this illicit transfer of custody, the denial of Swiss justice is clearly visible (arbitrary decision, abuse of power and lack of respect for the rights of the child and that of Sarah as a mother and as a human being).
However, in France:
While Sarah no longer has custody, a report is made by the Maternal and Child Protection of Nice about the neglect and physical violence towards Edward by his father. Concerning information is ignored / closed by local social services.
Sarah had already observed very visible mistreatment of herself (weight loss, traces of beatings) when she found Edward after the visits to her father in Nice, but also behavioral problems in the child, aggression towards others and towards himself.
Sarah is on social assistance in Switzerland, the father did not pay alimony, her income does not allow her to settle the international lawyer who will intervene at the European Court of Human Rights. She therefore needs donations, and has little time because the lawyer is claiming his fees by October 14, or in 15 days.
The story may sound incredible, but it's not so much: Men like Edward's father are manipulators. Their lies become truths for others: they are thus able to reconcile the complacency of lawyers, judges, social workers and psychiatric experts. The lack of training of all of them is also for a lot. These professions remain, like society, very patriarchal and often the result is absurd decisions favorable to fathers, even violent ones.
Cases of childless mothers are frequent, through abusive placements or transfers of custody.
Mothers are sometimes even accused of "parental alienation", a false syndrome invented and used by masculinist "experts" to discredit the words of mothers and children. There is therefore nothing exceptional in this story, which is that of many women.
Sarah's personal message:
Edward is out of place with his father. He complains of the violence suffered by his father, both physical and psychological. My son has been stolen from me and I am determined to get him back but, alone against all of them, it is extremely difficult for me.
Help us, help my child. THANK YOU.
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falaaafeels · 3 days ago
You have soup for dinner once and then you are having soup for the rest of your life
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padfootspuppy · 6 months ago
Random kid: I fucking hate u stfu
Sirius: *dramatically bows* THANK YOU THANK YOU
Remus: wha-
Sirius: tut tut
Sirius: a loyal band of followers is just as important as a loyal band of haters
Sirius: how else are you supposed to know you’re famous?!
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cennettendusenbalik · 8 days ago
Belki sende haklısın. Ben seni seviyorum sen başkasını. Ben seni severken gözüm başkasını görmüyor, belki sende onu severken gözün başkasını görmüyordur.
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lifeofdesiacademia · 24 days ago
Is it possible to want a person in your life but not the responsibility which comes with it?
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darkstar-november · 5 months ago
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Lockheed Martin’s ASTRA
Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft (ASTRA), Air Vehicle Six (AV-6) 90-2414, Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, 1994.
Although there's never been any official confirmation as to the existence of ASTRA, there’ve been numerous eyewitness accounts, strange sonic booms heard over Europe and grainy images of aircraft similar in shape and design posted on the internet. The aircraft is able to fly at ultra-high speeds, Mach 5 and beyond, and operated from undisclosed sites in the US, and occasionally overseas, during late 1980s and throughout the 1990s.
The most significant sighting of AV-6 occurred on the night of September 26, 1994. Taking off from Runway 23 at the Wiltshire test establishment, a malfunction of one of the engines following the application of military power caused the American crew to abort. Eyewitnesses say the aircraft’s nose-wheel collapsed as a result of the excessive braking, leaving AV-6 stranded on the runway.
What followed was one of the largest security operations in the UK, with areas inside and just outside Boscombe Down sealed off by members of the Special Air Service. Within hours unmarked US Government-operated Gulfstream jets began arriving at airports within the local area, after which their passengers were driven straight to Boscombe Down.
The aircraft was quickly removed from the runway and stored in a hangar until a USAF C-5C Galaxy, diverted from Ramstein AB, Germany, arrived to take it back to the US. The Galaxy departed Boscombe Down on the evening of September 28, using the non-standard callsign ‘Lance 18’ for KPMD, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) airfield designator for Palmdale, California – better known as Air Force Plant 42 and home to the classified assembly lines of both Lockheed Martin and the then Northrop Advanced Development companies.
Cockpit: The tandem cockpit arrangement seats a Reconnaissance Systems Operator beneath an SR-71 style rear canopy, with very little forward vision. The pilot has a more conventional fighter-like canopy, although unusually it hinges forward to allow access. Eyewitness reports from Boscombe Down said that when the aircraft was in the hangar following the crash, the middle section was covered with a tarpaulin, leaving the tail and nose areas exposed. It’s presumed that the crew members wore David Clark full pressure suits similar to those worn by personnel in the SR-71 and U-2, as the ASTRA flies at even higher altitudes and speeds.
Tail Section: The outward canted tailfins were new to aircraft designers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but improvements in military flight control systems (FCS) enabled the outward canted twin tail arrangement to become fitted as standard on the Lockheed Martin YF-22 Lighting II and Northrop/McDonnel Douglas YF-23 Black Widow a few years later.
Nose Area: ASTRA has chines extending from the forward nose section similar to those on the SR-71 Blackbird, it is presumed that the stealthy leading edges of these sections contain passive intelligence or EW gathering systems.
Size: The size of the charcoal-coloured AV-6 is open to debate, but it is believed the aircraft fits into a USAF C-5 Galaxy with some small-scale disassembly. The Boscombe Down example was transported back to Air Force Plant 42 in a C-5 in just one flight.
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jasonsthunderthighs · 9 months ago
Jason: *Wraps a bungee cord around the doorknobon the inside of the room, hooking the hooks of the cord to where you can only open the door so much* HARPER, C'MERE!
Roy: *Runs to the door and tries to open it but can only open it a little bit* I SWEAR I HAD A DREAM BOUT THIS SHIT! *Tries to unhook the hook*
Jason: *Starts laughing* You can do it!
Roy: Why must you hate me so much?
Jason: You almost got it! *Still laughing*
Roy: *Goes through the gap and into the room* Ha!
Kori: *Takes out tourniquet and starts snapping everybody with it*
Roy: Ow! My finger!
*Kori tries to hit Jason and he goes to the door to try to escape, whilst Kori laughing her ass off and hitting Jason and also Roy*
Roy: Ouch!
Jason: Ow!
Roy: Ha! That's what you get for tryin to lock me out! Karma's a bitch, ain't it???
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hp2001 · 6 months ago
Y dime a dónde nos ha llevado nuestra rivalidad?…
Exacto ambos sabemos que nos hicimos daño de distintas maneras alguno de nosotros lloro más que el otro, alguno de los dos perdió más que el otro y sin embargo seguimos presentes ante la brisa fresca de un nuevo despertar.
Ambos nos hemos enfrentado a miles de dificultades como diversas experiencias que no nos incluían eran solo más que simple pasado. Tendríamos que ser perfectos para actuar distinto pero somos humanos y cometemos errores, vaya bien lo dicen de los errores se aprende se hacen valientes las personas. Se qué llegaste a estar dañado tal ves aún lo estás ( bien no lo sé) yo puedo decirte que la herida de mi corazón y mi alma sigue profunda y por más que intento no a querido sanar y cicatrizar, tal ves en algún futuro desprenda todos aquellos destrozos de malas palabras, de golpes, malas miradas y rechazos para que al fin pueda sanar. También se y estoy totalmente consciente que llegue a lastimarte con mi rudeza en mis palabras en aquellas ocasiones cuando te dije un no te quiero más, perdón de todo corazón si te hice daño pero me sentía presionada tan sólo quería volver a respirar aire puro y fresco. En ocasiones durante el día oh durante la noche me pregunto qué hubiera sido si ese día hubiera sido distinto que sería de nosotros en estos instantes… exacto no tengo la respuesta.
No obstante todo este proceso me ha demostrado las verdaderas caras de la vida y la realidad tal ves porque me sentía una persona viviendo en un cuento de hadas donde creía que todo lo que deseabas podría hacerse realidad, sí que ingenua verdad.
Solo quiero que nunca olvides que las miles de veces que te dije un te amo eran totalmente reales, verdaderas. Que llegue a sentir mucho más de lo que yo misma imaginé, que por las noches me imaginaba en un futuro aún que no lo decía. Qué te soñaba a mi lado con nuestras pieles arrugadas y nuestros corazones a punto de dejar de latir, si te falle en algún momento te pido una disculpa he aprendido a pedir perdón a quien he dañado porque nunca sabemos cuándo será nuestro ultimo día cierto.
No lo sé, literalmente solo sé que desearía que detuvieras el tiempo observarás mi mirar, mis manos temblorosas al verte. Y REFLEXIONAR SOBRE EL PERDÓN Y EL NUEVO COMIENZO. Qué tan solo abrieras tus ojos y mirarás el daño que nos hacemos con todo este proceso, observa, reconoce, admite y perdona.
Comenzar de cero siempre será una buena elección.
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sorrowfullygoth · 3 months ago
Me: *goes to the bathroom*
My dad: *seizes his opportunity to go into my room and look into my stuff*
Me: I wonder why do I have trust issues
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mr-system-of-a-downer · 6 months ago
she’s gaslighting me I know I saw league of legends on her computer
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