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🔸Kirtan Meditation: Elevation of Consciousness

Hare Krishna Hare Кrishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Video by @kirtanoasis

#bhakti #middleast #meditation #yoga #yogi #travellingmonk #vedic #monk #musician #kirtaniya #kirtan #reconnection #personalgrowth #spiritual #realisation #yugadharma #quote #travel #chanting #HolyNames #education #heart #spiritualsound #soul #transcendental #bbgovindaswami #bbgs #govinda #swami #govindaswami (at Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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“Always choose the right person. It does not matter you are choosing it for the wrong thing or the right thing.”

Everyone is better than you at something. This is a fact of life. Someone is better than you at making eye contact. Someone is better than you at quantum physics. Someone is better informed than you on geopolitics. Someone is better than you are at speaking kindly to someone they dislike. There are better gift-givers, name-rememberers, weight-lifters, temper-controllers, confidence-carriers, and friendship-makers. There is no one person who is the best at all these things, who doesn’t have room to improve in one or more of them. So if you can find the humility to accept this about yourself, what you will realize is that the world is one giant classroom. Go about your day with an openness and a joy about this fact. Look at every interaction as an opportunity to learn from and of the people you meet. You will be amazed at how quickly you grow, how much better you get.

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🔸Friday Night Kirtan Premiere !!
Tomorrow, 16th October 19:00 PM IST

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

#mahamantra #chant #nectar #bliss #happiness #kirtan #bhakti #meditation #HareKrishna #mantra #yoga #guru #vedic #monk #personalgrowth #spiritual #realisation #chanting #HolyNames #heart #soul #transcendental #bbgovindaswami #govinda #swami #govindaswami #govardhan (at Govardhan)

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“Grandfather, is it alright what I do?”

Govinda Swami‘s grandfather was a Christian missionary. A year after taking up bhakti-yoga and joining the Krishna consciousness movement, the family had a reunion where the grandfather decided to ask his dear grandson about Krishna…

🔸Watch more videos on

#staysafe #keepupthespirit #nectar #bliss #happiness #kirtan #bhakti #meditation #HareKrishna #mantra #yoga #guru #vedic #monk #personalgrowth #spiritual #realisation #chanting #HolyNames #heart #soul #transcendental #bbgovindaswami #govinda #swami #govindaswami

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I was wrong. Sometimes, when a person is both sorry and thankful to you at the same time it’s because they really are. They are not being mean or selfish or harsh. They are in pain. A mixture of their own pain and also that they caused you pain. For that they are truly sorry. The fact that you choose to forgive them even a little or help them in a way they really need? That provides them relief. Relief that’s life changing but also burdened with guilt towards you so. So yes, there will be times when a person will be both sorry and thankful to you at the same time. It’s okay to not like it or even them but you know what? It’s okay to be human. The fact that you understand even if you don’t like…that makes you a class above all. But baby, listen to me carefully. Other times, there will be people who are both sorry and thankful and they won’t be so because they have a drop of sincerity in their heart. It’s because they are manipulative. How will you know the difference? You’ll know it. You have got a way to smell it on them…the shame and the earnestness. You’ll figure it out. Maybe not instantly but in good time. Which is why you should take your time to respond and speak. A few seconds and sometimes a few weeks. Maybe a few years? But you know it’s not the worst thing. Being sorry and thankful towards someone at the same time. You have been too, haven’t you? And that’s why you know how much it can hurt to bear that burden. To know you’re only human and that you’re taking something from someone that you really need but you haven’t been able to give them what they need. To know that nuance of human emotion and nature and to not take it for granted…I think that’s what makes you a grown up.

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I was hiding in my washroom reading a book because it had adult stuff and was also watching out for my parents and then I realised wait I’m 20 I can read this stuff, I threw myself on my bed to read in freedom but then I realised I live in a brown household and went back to my washroom.

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let’s be honest. i am easy to manipulate. i have no clue of life . i am not brave and i cant open my mouth at work related areas. and i am f****ing sick of this side of me.

i want to have courage. stand my own grownd and have an idea and live!


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